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The Last Baptist Church This is a book that i wrote and i hope you guys enjoy it.....

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He said i believe you son and further more Arkansas has a dept. of censorship where as everything you read has been censored from your text books to your daily newspPERS. However i have a collection of books in a home that has not been censored and if you promise to stop stealing my comics i will let you read them. Also son you must never tell anyone where you are getting these books because i could be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor because many books are banned in the south. At first my jewish mentor was spoon feeding me books thai i could understand by black authors such as native son,and bigger leaves home by Richard Wright. In between these he would feed me books by jewish authors such as civilization and the history of the jew by rabbi araba eban,the wandering jew by protect the rise aand fall of the third rike,by Albert Speer and mein kemp. I said that i would help you but first i had to hurt you before i could help you so keep reading even as you curse me out. Finally my mentor gave me a book to read with warning,he explained that the book was banned in the south and it was unlawful to even possess it. The name of the book was Killer of the dreams it blew my mind completely and then i began to ask questions and think outside the box. The author was a highly acclaimed southern white lady by the name of Lillian Smith and she was the author of the best seller strange fruit.


This preachers son was headed for a life in prison and crimes. One day i was caught stealing reading material from a retail store and i met a wise old man that turned my life around completely. He was a Jew but i knew no Jews so he approached me in a way that i could neither run nor fight. Like all theives i had a plan to run if allowed to but if not i had a knife and i would hurt you. However he said in a calm way son if you dont mind i would like to have a word with you. He went on to say my clerk has informed me that you are stealing my comic books. I am not having you arrested because i asked her what else were you stealing, and she said that was all. So i decided that i would have a word with you. I wanted to tell you that we have a colored library here in Pinebluff Arkansas where you can read books for free so you dont have to steal my reading material. I told him my brother and i both had library cards and were allowed 3 books each week so reading 6 books a week i had read every book in that stinking library.


I am a blind agnostic. My grand daddy wand my daddy were ordained baptist preachers and my son a senior pastor of a large church and a t.v evangelist. My mom was a saint that believed that if the bible said it then i beleivev it and my mind is nailed shut! She also believed in applying the rod so i got a whipping daily. To make money after my father had passed . I would pick and chop cotton, mow lawns,dig fishing worms and steal.


I have wriiten a 300 page book about black religion humor, I created two fictious characters I call Rev. Cheesehead Brown and Deacon Jones. Its a fictious church in a make believe Arkansas town named Turkey Scratch Arkansas. In the end you will split your sides laughing but to understand where I am coming from you have to understand my background. And the time and place that i was raised. I am going to help you to but first i have to hurt you before i can heal you. Your first reaction will be to throw this book away and to curse me out but thats the pain we all must endure to past the denial stage.


Pine Bluff, AR


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