OFFSIDES Improv OFFSIDES Inc. We wish to foster and model true community through our fellowship and art and in so d

Improvisation and Sketch comedy group with the majority of members living near Orlando Florida.

Come to SAK Comedy Lab on April 4th at 9:30pm to watch OFFSIDES (Jamie Root Black, Jenni McIntire, Stephen Kadwell, Rich...

Come to SAK Comedy Lab on April 4th at 9:30pm to watch OFFSIDES (Jamie Root Black, Jenni McIntire, Stephen Kadwell, Richard Regan Paul, Jose A. Rodriguez, maybe Mike Aviles will surprise us from LA...we miss and love you Greg Yates) headlining in the Hotsauce At SAK Show! Also performing Friends Without Benefits & Low Rider. You DON'T...want to miss this show! For more info and tickets:


For any OFFSIDES fans that didn't know, the MainStage at SAK Comedy Lab was dedicated to and named in memory of our very own Greg Yates on Sat the 26th.


Kayla and Stephen will be performing at the Shoebox Festival in Philly in April. We're going to do a 2 person Noir show and were looking for a good name for it. Any suggestions?


Looking for festivals to attend this year. Hit us up with recommendations and look for us on the circuit!

GIF 2017 - hopefully there will be a GIF 2018! With Stephen Kadwell Jenni McIntire Richard Regan Paul Jamie Root Black a...

GIF 2017 - hopefully there will be a GIF 2018! With Stephen Kadwell Jenni McIntire Richard Regan Paul Jamie Root Black and a persimmon. Absent Jose A. Rodriguez, Michael Aviles and Greg Yates whom we dearly miss.

What a great night!We (Jamie Root Black, Jenni McIntire, Richard Regan Paul, & Jose A. Rodriguez) started the night meet...

What a great night!
We (Jamie Root Black, Jenni McIntire, Richard Regan Paul, & Jose A. Rodriguez) started the night meeting up and catching up with each other like we always do...while trying to figure out what long form structure to do. We decided we would do a Montage inspired by a motto...since Greg Yates had left us such a great one
We arrived at Coal...what an awesome space this is...if you haven't gone check it out! Thank you Alexandra Love Sarton for creating and providing such an amazing space.
We met with our amazing hosts Low Rider (Sean Rice, Gregory Coleman, Jessica Marie, Devan Seaman & Joshua "Should've taken an earlier flight from Boston to be there" Hurtado) and we started warming up. We did our set and it was awesome...we missed you Stephen Kadwell & Michael Aviles. We then sat and watched our hosts do their set...they were great. Then our hosts invited us to play with them in a jam...and what a FUN jam it was!
As we were done, Alexandra Love Sarton gave us a Surprise that Bob Kodzis had left for OFFSIDES. (picture credit: Amanda Wirtz)
Thank you to all that came out!
Greg Yates, we miss you....Till we meet again!


What festivals should we do?

Stephen may be in Chicago, but he's still in Chicago. Here's what he's been up to:
The Murderer

Stephen may be in Chicago, but he's still in Chicago. Here's what he's been up to:

An exciting new series. Starring: Zach Scot & Kayla Kadwell Directed & Edited by: Stephen Kadwell Written by: Kayla Kadwell Police Sketch and many thanks to:...

All 28 episodes of Wisdom From The Curb are up. Watch them! (some are only 25 seconds long so it won' take too much of y...
Wisdom From The Curb 1 - Great Uncles

All 28 episodes of Wisdom From The Curb are up. Watch them! (some are only 25 seconds long so it won' take too much of your time). If you like them, spread them around! Thanks!

This is a series about what happens while waiting for your parents to pick you up.

Dreamboy/Dreamgirl (Video Parody)
Dreamboy/Dreamgirl (Video Parody)

Dreamboy/Dreamgirl (Video Parody)

Johnny O & Cynthia rocked this Freestyle song back in the day. We loved the song so much, that we made a video Parody, with Angie Morales, Mike Navarro, Jose...


Hey All!

David Razowsky will be at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando giving workshops in June!

Shape/Gesture/Tempo: Viewpoints Elements in Action – Whether you’re an old pro using Viewpoints, or you just wanna be mindful of these, using Shape, Gesture and Tempo creates instant character, dynamic and scenes without you adding anything but your awareness (which you’re already bringing!). No previous Viewpoints classes needed for you to take this workshop to begin your new way of feeling/being/acting/living! Saturday, June 23rd from 12-3pm

Sharpen your Point of View – The very first exchanges of your scene tell you all you need to know about who you are and where to emotionally and energetically go. Are you aware of that? Are you listening to yourself at that time? Hmm? Are ya’? This workshop will guide you to your point of view, and have you following yourself confidently, bravely, excitedly, and easily. It’s as simple as that! Saturday, June 23rd from 3:30-6:30pm

Pro-(Positive)Choices – A toolbox contains more than a hammer, so shouldn’t your scenes contain more than anger and conflict? Find creative freedom when positive emotional choices drive your scenes. Guide your scenes forward without a need to conjure up an argument, defend your side of the story, or your need to have your ego intact at the scene’s end. It’s not about winning our losing---it’s about keeping the scene alive. Sunday, June 24th from 2-5pm

Exposition is Your Friend! – How much info is too much info? How much do you need to define to get your scene going? How much “who-what-and-where” do you really need, and how do you know when you’ve offered enough? Know that you know, and this is your chance to know that you already know! Sunday, June 24th from 6-9pm

Each workshop is 3 hours and is $75.

Call SAK for more info, etc! (There is a discount for taking more than one workshop)


Old one but a goodie!
zebra cake

Old one but a goodie!

not enough to go around


Thanks to the Gainesville Improv Festival for having us back again this year! We enjoyed seeing so many familiar and friendly faces and so much rockin' improv. Thanks for welcoming our two-person show switch up with open arms!


GIF is coming!


Merry Christmas, from OFFSIDES to you!


Friday - Bonkers - DeLand - OFFSIDES - You - $5

We're back in DeLand on Friday! Come check out our last show of the year!

We're back in DeLand on Friday! Come check out our last show of the year!


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
We'll be back in Deland on Dec 16th!


Thanks to all who came to the show last night! We had a lot of fun!


Tonight in DeLand! Show starts at 8:30!


Just Two days to our show in DeLand!

This Friday!

This Friday!


OFFSIDES would like to thank Bob Kodzis for the new Logo! He's an awesome artist and an all around good guy and we kinda love him. Thanks Bob!


Orlando, FL



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Come hang out with us tonight at 7pm(ET)!
1 Year of Fresh Indie Improv in Orlando!

Featuring special guests:
Amanda and Emily
Friends Without Benefits
Low Rider

Hosted by:
Max Herskovitz

Not only are we featuring some of Orlando's top improv talent, but we'll also have giveaways, special merch for sale, and even some special guests. This show will be a little longer than our normal Hotsauce shows, but for the same great price and the same great place at Coal!

This one might very well sell out, so we suggest getting your tickets ahead of time (
OFFSIDES Improv! Now on @ Hotsauce!
The 2015 Miami Improv Festival presented by Just The Funny is now accepting submissions from improv and sketch acts for consideration for MIF 2015!

MIF 2015 Includes
- 2 Performance Slots per Group (with a 10% split of the door)*
- Dinner for Performers prior to their performance(s)
- Tickets to MIF 2015 Performances**
- VIP Passes to all MIF 2015 Parties and Social Events***

For more information on what MIF 2015 includes (and all of the asterisks) go to:

The submission fee for MIF 2015 is currently $30 and will go up to $45 on Wednesday, October 22, so save some money and get your submission in early! To submit your show go to our new website at:
Calling all improvisers!

Groups needed for a PAID show on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26th at 7:30pm. "COMEDY DEATH MATCH" features 3 local groups competing against each other for pride and prize! Each group will be given 20-25 minutes to put on their best show. Anything goes! Short form, long form, weird form, it's all acceptable. Bring your group out to The Venue and kick some comedy tail. Winner of the show automatically has the option to move to be in the next show in April! Each group will receive 10% of the profit from the event and a sweet trophy to show off.

Directly after the COMEDY DEATH MATCH we will be hosting an all-play elimination style Improv Royal Rumble for anyone else who wants to get on the stage for a chance to strut their stuff.

What are you waiting for? Sign up below!

The venue is located at 511 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, just north of down town.
EXCITING NEWS! iO is holding their wildly popular iO Intensive here in our backyard in Miami at Just The Funny Theater & Training Center!

iO is one of the big improv schools and theaters in the world, and twice every year they hold a weeklong improv intensive in Chicago. These intensives are wildly popular, with people traveling from all over and spending a week in Chicago, in either the Spring or the Fall. To attend one of these intensives is great, but with it comes the cost of airfare, hotel, transportation and food. Cut to this incredible opportunity.

The iO Intensive focuses on the Harold and iO's unique approach to improv, all taught by their veteran instructors. In trying to build our community in Miami, South Florida, Florida and the Southeast, we have been incredibly privileged and lucky to have Charna Halpern (co-founder/owner/instructor at iO and author of Truth in Comedy and Art By Committee) offer for the first time in the US, the iO Intensive outside of Chicago, with the iO Intensive in Miami. Here are the details:

iO Intensive in Miami
Host Theater: Just The Funny Theater & Training Center
Dates: Monday, March 10th through Friday, March 14th
Duration: 5 days
Times: 12:00 pm - 6:30 pm (all 5 days)
Investment: $405 (the equivalent of $81 per day!)

Additional Events: student performances, Charna Halpern book signing, iO instructor performance, and more!
Registration Link:
Contact: David Christopher - 305-951-1875

Slots are filling up so if you think you will, know you will, or are toying with doing it, do not wait, as space is limited. This is an incredible opportunity. Don't miss out!

*The iO Intensive is conducted and operated by iO, all registration, instruction and content will be provided by them. Just The Funny is the local host and presenting theater company for the event. iO will close registration when they reach capacity or see fit.

If you have any questions, from the intensive, to hotels, restaurants or the Just The Funny Theater & Training Center, or anything else, feel free to reach out to David Christopher, either through: Facebook, e-mail: [email protected], text or phone at 305-951-1875.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in Miami in March!
Ummm...spotted this last night on my way home from SAK, so I stopped in. This store out on Colonial in Bithlo says that if you attend the SAK Brawl for ALL Charity Boys vs. Offsides Improv Tie Breaker!, get selected as a Judge and make sure Charity Boys LOSE, you'll get free vodka for a year. Mike Carr, isn't this over the line? Chris Dinger, you guys better watch your backs!
More corporate sponsors for OFFSIDES, which is GREAT but...Hooters in Bithlo? Really??? And -- don't you guys think you should dial down the rhetoric? I'd hate to see Mike Carr have to impose some sort of gag rule or restrict these activities...and the Charity Boys seem to be taking the high road...anyway, really looking forward to the next SAK Brawl for All: The Rubber Match and Third Place! , aka SAK Brawl for ALL Charity Boys vs. Offsides Improv Tie Breaker! at SAK Comedy Lab!
Wow! Greg Yates, you and Jose A. Rodriguez and the guys of OFFSIDES really scored some MAJOR CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP! This is the sign at the WENDY's near VALENCIA in East Orlando! Great going!
Ok... I will be the first to admit my disappointment at seeing a team of two come onstage tonight after loving every minute of your (hilarious!) six-person team last year. BUT. You two absolutely ROCKED it! What a fantastic, truly funny and well-woven set. Everything you did was genuine and smart. Thanks for making the trip!
We had a great time at the show! My friend Fumiko loved it! She's typically very quiet and reserved but could not stop talking about the show the whole hour and a half car ride home! Thanks for making her first improv show memorable.

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