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Timothy Brian Wimbley
is a freelance artist, poet,motivational speaker and co-owns his own event management company (TNT Convention Services).

He believes that art is everything and everywhere. And so is creation, ....and so is GOD. If we just create the time and space, if we just look we can find beauty in anything. we can find art and poetry in all of us. From the way our blood moves through our body to the way we take in air. Art is.

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Ode to a Father- A Father Like You
Ode to a Father- A Father Like You

Ode to a Father- A Father Like You

A Short poem dedicated to real fathers. Send this to those you know who are doing it right! #realfathers #poetry #bearenzo9

“Time” by Timothy B. Wimbley   (Created in 1992).

“Time” by Timothy B. Wimbley (Created in 1992).

More from me. #bearenzo9 #artist

More from me. #bearenzo9 #artist

Custom steering wheel design by Timothy B. Wimbley. #bearenzo9 #artist #hummerh2

Custom steering wheel design by Timothy B. Wimbley. #bearenzo9 #artist #hummerh2


Friend Pseudopodia?

I thought you were a friend
To infinity and beyond
But that all was just a toy story
We ran together
Without ever running and shared both pain and glory
We hung out until the hanger failed and the train we rode derailed
Now times got crazy and things got hazy and the roses once sweet now smelled
We danced to the same beat
And listened to the same songs
And together made the ground shake
How so confusing (maybe to you amusing) how all of that now seems fake
Now I’m not pointing fingers as thoughts still linger of the friendship I thought we had
I’m just trying to be the best I can be and shake thoughts of being mad
At me, not you, for felling this way when I was the best I could of been
As I am moving on, still singing songs and dancing once again!
So the next time I see you, if I ever do, I won’t hold any negativity
I’ll just smile and enjoy your presence with positivity
And if you never hear these words that I have set out here for all to see
It’s ok, I’ve spoke my peace and now at peace- I will be
Peace - Out

Timothy B. Wimbley
#spokenword #greatness

All about the details.

All about the details.

Photos from Bearenzo Designs's post

Photos from Bearenzo Designs's post

Art of life.

Art of life.

Back at it. Art is therapy! #bearenzo9

Back at it. Art is therapy! #bearenzo9

Bedroom door has so much more. Lol. Graffiti Bridge II by Timothy B. Wimbley.

Bedroom door has so much more. Lol. Graffiti Bridge II by Timothy B. Wimbley.


God has a plan
By Timothy B. Wimbley.

Baby dies and we wonder why ?
God has a plan
A woman leaves a man and he doesn't understand ....
that God has a plan
You lost your job and you got robbed and you feel like your in quick sand.

Remember - God has a plan.

The baby that died went to become your guardian angel and sing.
The woman who left was never yours and
A better woman God will bring.
you lost your job and things were taken they'll be replaced 10 fold
And the quick sand you feel isn't taking you under it's pulling you into the new -from the old.

Because God has a plan
We may not understand.
But stand under Him
and we can
never go wrong.
So , Listen for your angels song....
And rejoice all the day long
And Remain steadfast and stand.
Because God has a plan.

(Have faith and all things will work for your Good. )


Dirty Seeds Rise
by Timothy B. Wimbley

The ground is dirt but that's where seeds go
With the weight of this earth, wind, rain, sleet and snow.
Come down on the seed - but then the seed goes
Into a metamorphic transformation and begins to grow.
As for the seed it's not easy- the struggle brings pain
Seeds can not grow without the rain
And if we aren't planted then we are in vain.
After patience, love, and time will come " the gain.
So daily we die - buried alive
But God brings sunshine to help us survive
And through his mercy we again will rise
rise .... Rise .....RISE!!!


In Love
( dedicated to those who are in love and looking for words to express it).
By: Timothy Wimbley

Looking at you
I see nothing else
All time and space disappear
Gravity attracts me to your soul
And draws my spirit near.
If I see you, I want to hold you.
If I hold you, I want a kiss
If we kiss I feel your love
And I drift into bliss.
And my world becomes yours
As the heavens open from above
I see nothing else but you
Looking at you ...I'm in love.


The stairway to Love
"By Timothy B. Wimbley

Your eyes are a stairway and I'm climbing each " stare".
Even when they are closed. I see my reflection still there.
And when you look at me I feel the gravity that love makes
When you are in my arms it makes my earth quake.
You are so beautiful you make my heart bake.
Even when I sleep my love is still awake
.....Because everything I do. Everything I am. Everything thing I see, everything I want to be ...

Is for the love we have. The love we make.
Lets climb the stairs together.

"Dance" by Timothy Wimbley

"Dance" by Timothy Wimbley


The Well
By Timothy B. Wimbley

I fell down a well
And can't get out
Silver-linings on clouds
But now I have doubt
"God are you sleeping" I shout
As Angels take me another route
So, I stop to follow
Instead of trying to lead
I stop looking for fruits
And start planting seeds!
I confess to God
That I have needs
And I start doing away with greed
Now, Although I am down
And feeling low
I've been here before
And now I know
That he is working on me
And I'm starting to grow
When he is finished
I will surely go
And out of the well
To... well... and good
Amen !


A Mothers Love
By: Timothy Wimbley

My mother knows
The things I don't show. The things I never say. The things I hope and pray....FOR
My Mom worries when I hurt inside.
She feels the pain that to the world I try to hide....FROM
My Mom is always their with and unconditional ear. Waiting with open arms....LOVE
FOR...FROM LOVE she gave birth. And knows my worth. And is waiting to help and heal... ME
God bless you Mom.

Here is a quick  10 min. drawing that i made to capture the feeling of Puerto Rico.

Here is a quick 10 min. drawing that i made to capture the feeling of Puerto Rico.


A Demon on my Shoulder
By: Timothy B. Wimbley

There's a Demon on my shoulder and an angel at my door
the demon is never satisfied
and always whispers more
he comes to take my soul
and steal destroy and kill
he wants me to worship him
and submit to his will
the angel stands in silence waiting for me to let him in
he has the light of knowledge
to lead me away from sin
both are in a fight for my soul
and for my soul to take
the decision is in front of me which one will I make
the demon tempts with worldly things
the angel shows me heaven on high
so I reach unto the angel
And the demon begins to cry
he tells me if I go to the angel
I will surely die
as I reached into the light
I leave my flesh behind
and step into my new form
as an angel now I find me
as now I wait at your door
will you let me in
as the demon on your shoulder is tempting you with sin.


To the Rose
By Timothy B. Wimbley.

Wondering in the dessert
With nothing but empty space
I noticed a rose in full bloom
And so the rose I did embrace
As I noticed that she began to wilt
she needed water to stay alive
So I loved the rose so much
I began to cry
And my tears fell on the rose
And fulfilled the rose's need
thorns then pierced my heart.
As I began to bleed.
And buzzards began to circle
As my life began to fade.
As the day turned into night
And the horror of the shade
Caused my eyes to close
As my last breath I gave
And now In death find freedom
To the rose I'm no longer slave.
To the rose.


"Afraid of needles" by Timothy B. Wimbley.

U may not like needles but you reap what you sew-may not be hungry but eat what you grow. You may not want to leave but sometimes you must go. You may not want to cry but sometimes you must show .....
The sadness of times and the loss of a friend
The heartbeat of love lost
And the realization of an end
But then a new starts to begin
And it changes everything even the skin that your in.
And the needles sew a new clothing that's true. And changes your life to a better new you. So always lift others up and watch what you do. And when others are falling Part then give them some glue. And God will change your skies from black to blue. And his love will be the light that always shines through. So when the world seems empty and you don't know what to do. Wait on on The Lord and he will see you
A new.


Walking on Water
By Timothy B. Wimbley

When the storm is all around you
And your boat is being rocked to and fro.
When black are the clouds about you
And it seems you have nowhere to go.
Then focus on God and walk on water and tell the storms be still.
And God will do his work if you align yourself with his will.
( God is living water. And if we stand on His word. We can never sink into the abyss of darkness. We can never die. His voice hovers over the deep not in it. If we just awaken Him within ourselves- He will take our hand and not only show us how to walk on water, but he will be there standing with us. And with putting him first we can calm the storm, speak with His authority and power to subdue every evil, every storm this world can create. And bring ripples of peace and awareness in our lives that will collectively create a tidal wave of change for the world we live in. This doesn't mean that the storms won't continue to come. It means that when they do God in and through you will bring sunshine.)


Route 67....(66 was busy. )
By Timothy B. Wimbley

You put gas in my engine
And the key in my ignition.
And we went on a journey.
Now that same fuel is a fire
That burns off my love and drives me away.
As I leave the state of love to the land Of
confusion. I stop to find some food.
And find hitchhikers along the way.
Do they just want a ride
Or are they looking to help me move forward. Am I a stepping stone or a resting place? The difference between help and hurt is just three letters. (U R - two of the three )
It's dark outside now
And my gas is running low
And I'm getting tired of driving...
And the light comes on....
So,I stop the drive and get out of the car
To stand on he highway of life.....
Waiting .... With my thumb out.
Waiting..... For you!

March -22-2013


Knocked Down... But not knocked out
( Dedicated to Pastor Gabriel Padilla's Sermon on 3/23/2013)
By : Timothy Wimbley

The devil is laughing. I can hear her voice.
She thinks she is winning. She thinks I have no choice
T'is an evil season - won't last much longer
In the end it will make me that much stronger.
Life changes happen without notice or clue.
Throwing unexpected punches both false and true.
I may be knocked down... But I'm not knocked out.
Touch the hem of His garment and with faith remove all doubt.
And trust in God. And see it through. And wait on Him. Holding fast and true.
When I'm falling apart he'll be my glue
And turn the devils face from red to blue.
Leaving her cold and alone. Always wanting more
Never satisfied with any score.
Turning sunshine and beauty out of all this gore.
And showing me why and what all this suffering is for
As I become burnt in the fire and the sounds of her harp
I am made pure gold. And my sword is sharp.
As her laughter now ends in a bitter cry
As even the devil begins to die
And I hear the trumpets as the seals are broken
And my God Reveals ... (As HIS word is spoken)
Who I really am. And what things will be.
As I a blind man... Now an angel I see
And I no longer here the devils voice.
She is locked away and held by force
Never to be in my life again
The victory is won. And in the end
I win.
And you!
Now get up ….Rise!!


Counting Eyelashes...”

By Timothy B. Wimbley

162 are the number of eyelashes on your “left eye”
I count them as you lay against me in sleep.
I hear the slow love song as you breathe in and out
As you rest in my arms - my soul you unknowingly keep.
And my eyes close to hear Luther in my head
Saying…” if this world were mine….”
I understand that even in the darkness of this room
That you are my sunshine….
They say grown men don’t cry
But the happiness in me begins to overflow
And the tears fall from my spirit to my eyes
And like rain down my face they go
And like never before -awaken my very soul.
Your sun with my rain together make a rainbow
And a new level of love( like I’ve never seen) begins to show
And takes us to a place… that we’ve always wanted to know
Because we have never been in this type of love and so
I hold you tight and hold you long… and together we begin to grow
Until we can grow no more…and then some more we go……

And now… I’m counting the lashes on your right eye…


"When you are angry"
by Timothy B Wimbley

I am angry right now
But I know I can change my view.
I will read this poem to myself
And turn black clouds into sunny blue.
If ever you find yourself in my current situation.
You might want to read this poem -without hesitation
You see.....
Anger is a monster
And Love-Love is a blessed beast
If you feed either one with your time
It will surely feast
If you starve either one from your thoughts
It will surely die
Or at least fade into the shadows
Until the next meal - can u deny?
So starve anger and feed love
And your world will have more peace
let love grow from the inside out
And your life will have a new lease.
Become quiet when you anger and your anger won't win the score
Think and focus on the positivity in your life
Wait .....I'm not angry any more.


A Night of Love
By: Timothy B. Wimbley

I put It all on you
And you said why
You put it On me
And I couldn't deny
Just holding you
Felt like I was found
In between our thoughts
Together we were bound
And our bodies left the ground
As we touched heaven in a silent space
As we touched a dream and found the place
Where peace and love meet face to face.
Where God unites souls by His grace
United in Love and the making thereof
As we watch the night turn to sunshine.

As we watch the night turn to sunshine.


Homerun ....
By Timothy B. Wimbley

The day is done.
The time has come
The work is over
The victory is won
It's time to move ... Time to run
home ....


face booked ... love
By Timothy Wimbley

I saw your face and like a book
To every page I gave and looked
And read each chapter with my heart
As I got to the end I didn't want to part.
So back to the beginning I started again.
As the words of your love I read over and over and then
There is so much joy in repetition.
and so I cried tears of love.
And as the tears began to reign
I closed this book of love.
And I'll never be the same.
Now the book is closed but not forgotten.
For the memories remain.
As I cherish the memory
Of .. Face -!


Somebody died today. Somebody lived. Somebody took and somebody did give. Somebody cried today while Somebody did smile. Somebody complains while somebody made everything worthwhile. The question for anybody is are you somebody true. Somebody.....yes somebody is the question of you. Timothy Wimbley.


Real Love ( Ode to Valentines Day)
By Timothy B. Wimbley,

Love me in the day, and the night and everything in between. Love me in my darkest day, when I’m dirty as well as clean.
Desire me with your passion. Hold me with your love. Wrap me in your covers and sing to me a song from above
Whisper to me with your hands. Call me with your heart. I’ll answer your commands with my lips and yes the river will start
to flow into the ocean and turn into a hurricane ..sweeping up me, you and all the things that exist in the present rain…
the present that’s a gift. And in your arms I live and die. I promise to never drift …. I will float forever in the sky-
of your love and the angels smile when we are together.. because true love is a rare jewel that in this world is seen almost never…
but heard of so often. And searched for so much. I wish you heaven and may God continue to touch.
Real … love

my latest wall mural. at Michael Charles' Car Wash in Deland Florida.

my latest wall mural. at Michael Charles' Car Wash in Deland Florida.

My latest work of art and poetry...together.

My latest work of art and poetry...together.

I wrote this poem for those in love to read and share ...enjoy..

I wrote this poem for those in love to read and share ...enjoy..


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