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FlipSwitch Games FlipSwitch Games are the creators of the EmergeNYC Game and the Emergency 4 Modifications "Manhattan/Brooklyn Modifications" This is a non-profit modification for Emergency 4.

A real time strategy emergency simulator. This mod shifts the gameplay from a small German town (the original setting of the game) to the middle of NYC. The mod brings along some of the most famous landmarks and emergency services in the world! Play as either NYPD, EMS or FDNY. Over 40+ new to Emergency 4 buildings, 35 completely new units, new scripts, new map, try it out for yourself!

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EmergeNYC New Game Engine update available now on Staging Branch for testing!EmergeNYC is back and on a new game engine!...

EmergeNYC New Game Engine update available now on Staging Branch for testing!

EmergeNYC is back and on a new game engine! I’ve been working hard behind the scenes updating EmergeNYC from Unity 2018 to Unity 2021. New with this update is major optimizations and performance improvements in Single Player and Multiplayer on all maps. The UI has been completely redone to be more user friendly and intuitive. The fire hose mechanics have been completely redone and optimized. They look, feel and handle much more realistically and most of the issues with them are now obsolete. The UI has been completely redone to be more user friendly and intuitive. Graphics and post-processing have been enhanced as well making the night lighting, fire and smoke look realistic and beautiful. The critical issues in the current public release have been addressed. New bugs and glitches are to be expected after the game engine update and will be addressed in hotfixes and patches. Some previous features are missing while I am optimizing them and will be readded in upcoming patches. Daily patches will be addressing the issues reported, tracking down & fixing remaining problematic issues and lag spikes/lag. You can find a summary changelog below.

Change Log 0.9.4

New revamped and user friendly UI with tooltips

You can now return to main menu and switch between maps without issues

Updated & Optimized hose system

Hoses now have a more realistic effect when charged with water

New graphics and lighting

Improved character camera (Camera is now always aim in third person and first person and can be toggled back to old style by clicking the middle mouse button)

Improved siren sounds (Added doppler effect, and echoing off buildings when driving at high speeds)

Doors are now randomly locked or unlocked

Reintroduced Forcible Entry with Halligan

Reintroduced kicking down doors

Doors can be smashed with an axe

Doors can be cut off their hinges by cutting the hinges with a K12 till the door falls off

Changed outline system when placing AI units

You can now pick up the logs that you cut off fallen trees with the mouse and move them out of roadway

Airbag case and cribbing bag are now only found on units with those tools and are not always on the player

Much More…


Tiller Ladders work super smooth in Multiplayer now

Major performance, and stability improvements

Joining in progress is more reliable and functional now however not 100% always working

Tower Ladders are synced properly in Multiplayer

Ladder pipes are synced properly in Multiplayer

Roll up doors are synced reliably in Multiplayer

Many more optimizations, fixes, and improvements


Massive performance improvements (Up to double and triple the previous frame rate)

Crashes should no longer occur on 8GB Ram systems when loading all maps (This is done by forcing the players texture resolution to low if the game detects they have less than 7GBs of RAM available to prevent crashing due to running out of available memory)

Improved unit loading times

Improved scene loading times

Rewrote much code of the game to improve performance..

General Bug Fixes

Fixed PA300 manual siren bugging out after respawning rig

Fixed dying when spawning a character in Montgomery County

Fixed purple crib in projects building in Brooklyn

Fixed Bureau of training engine having tutorial objects when skipping tutorial

Fixed grabbing ladder on Squad 28 spare without opening the compartment

Fixed Traffic cones, now they will always be upright when dropped

Fixed Engine 30 Spare, Engine 222 old, Engine 32 Old, and Squad 28 Spare deck gun not being mountable

Fixed odd popping sounds when siren is off

Hundreds of bug fixes related to the switch from Unity 2018 to Unity 2021

Vehicle Changes

New Engine 234

Ladder 123, 132 and Squad 252 now have chrome rims

Ladder 74 now has a Q Siren and Chrome rims

Vehicles using new loading system which should allow for people to reskin them again

Things that are being optimized & readded in upcoming patches

Exhaust hoses using new hose system

Optimized pedestrian system

Dynamic traffic lights

Collapse calls upcoming AI update introduces true real time strategy gameplay to EmergeN...
EmergeNYC - 30 Minutes of New AI Gameplay

The upcoming AI update introduces true real time strategy gameplay to EmergeNYC. AI firefighters and paramedics can auto respond to calls on their own, follow commands, and assist you on the fireground. Firefighting is a team sport and up until now, the single player experience in EmergeNYC has consisted of trying to do everyone’s job alone. Now you can easily assign tasks to AI controlled companies and firefighters and complete all the objectives at a fire simultaneously.

Real Time Strategy

This update has taken all of my years of modding Emergency 4 and used those influences when creating the Real Time Strategy aspect of EmergeNYC. Since the beginning I’ve had the vision of blending the simulation genre with the Real Time Strategy genre and creating a strategy/simulation game where you can play as an incident commander with an overview of the scene, assigning commands to companies and members, while at any time being able to select any member or unit and control them directly. AI firefighters are capable of being assigned all of the same tasks that you have been able to do as a lone firefighter in the past.
No longer do firefighters need to spawn in individually and despawn when you change roles. All companies are staffed when spawned and you can seamlessly switch between roles and AI will take over that firefighter instead of it being deleted. AI is toggleable meaning you can easily enable or disable AI firefighters and continue to play the game as you have since the beginning if you prefer.

Auto Respond

Units will auto respond to emergencies based on if they are on the run ticket. For every call I placed individual parking positions for all of the on map units to respond to. Companies will read the ticket and determine if they should respond as well as determine how quickly and if they should gear up depending on if the call is for a reported fire, or if it is a more minor emergency. No more needing to drive each company one by one to the call or place all of the respond to positions individually. If you are playing as an individual in a company, the AI will not drive off until all members are on the truck. If you are playing as the chauffeur of the company, all of the members will gear up and board the truck and wait for you.

Improved AI Driving

Since AI will be driving most of the time in the new update, I improved the driving mechanics and now companies can arrive much faster to emergencies with less margin for errors like crashing into trees and buildings. AI will now only brake at intersections they are going to be turning at and not every individual intersection which greatly reduces response times. Engine companies can swing turns with minimal braking which can get your units on scene much quicker than before. Options for different response speeds & urgency have been added. The slower speed has a slower max speed and move at the speed of traffic and have minimal siren and horn usage, while the faster option moves much faster and responds much more urgently with a lot of siren and horn. The normal option is somewhere in between the two.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes

I spent a lot of time optimizing the current mechanics of the game including vehicle physics, hoses, fires, and getting rid of some of the more severe lag spikes. There are still more things I can do to profile and eliminate and reduce lag spikes, frame loss, and memory usage and I will continue to improve on that aspect. So far the performance improvement has been a success in this update and allowed me to be able to fit all these units with entire staffed companies without causing significant frame loss. The majority of major issues from the previous Rescue Update have been fixed and will be included in the AI Update when it releases. Many people may have concerns over performance, crashes, and bugs and I am aware of each of these issues and working diligently to address them, clean up and polish the project while continuing to progress the game forward in the direction of progress and fulfilling my original promises of features in the game which include the AI and eventually the PD Mechanics which are some of the final things that need to be completed before we move into the alpha and beta stages and eventually a full release. There will be no new units or features that don’t contribute to the core purpose of the game being added as focus is shifting into completing the features and mechanics that we promised you at the beginning of the project, cleaning it up to run as smoothly as possible, and making the game an enjoyable experience.

Recently assets that don’t belong in the game or are not properly licensed have been pointed out and acknowledged. These assets and brandings will be removed from the game but will not impact any of the current gameplay. I want to make sure the project is heading in the right direction and avoid any shady business.

The upcoming AI update introduces true real time strategy gameplay to EmergeNYC. AI firefighters and paramedics can auto respond to calls on their own, follo...


0.9.2D & E now live on All Branches! 50% off for Summer Sale!
EmergeNYC is the cheapest its ever been for 50% off! Only 13$!

A hotfix was published to fix some issues reported on the staging branch. Now all branches are on the latest build including the public default branch. The steam summer sale is now in full effect and EmergeNYC is the cheapest its ever been for 50% off! Only 13$! Now is the perfect chance for you or to tell your friends to get into early access! Our EmergeNYC Sirens and Horns app are also on Sale on the IOS Appstore and Google Playstore for Android!



Fixed game breaking issue not being able to drop hoses
Added traffic sliders to all maps and improved functionality of them
Fixed Ladder 111 Automatic Sirens being super quiet
Fixed Double calls in Manhattan
Fixed house roof through road in Montgomery County
Fixed a call that was on by default throwing errors in Manhattan
Fixed Engine 1 PA300 Manual Siren


Fixed lag while using the Heavy Rescue
Fixed some buildings across from Rescue Engine station that had no collisions
Fixed floating MC Fire station props
Fixed not being able to extricate patient on Central Ave car wreck in MC
Fixed Ladder 33 ladder being controlled while near other vehicles
Fixed Engine 1 Manual Siren (Hold it down, it still might bug but it will fix itself)
Stretched Rescue Engine house to be able to fit Heavy Rescue and other units in it
Fixed missing MC Patients on calls
Updated home screen
Fixed Bucket Truck EMS call on Brooklyn having wrong map location
Fixed a side flasher on Engine 33
Fixed Squad 28 Spare sirens
Added Wail/Yelp to Manual transition on PA300 sirens
Fixed lights on MCPD Crown Victoria
Fixed Lights on MCPD Impala
Fixed an EMS Call in BK being a house fire
Replaced traffic option in BK with a slider to choose max vehicles amount (Will apply to other maps in next patch)
Fixed Unlimited Item drops when holstered
Added Gunshot wound capabilities to patient template everyone! One of our most highly ant...
Steam :: EmergeNYC :: Update 0.9.2 Available on Staging Branch!

Hey everyone! One of our most highly anticipated updates is now live for you all to begin testing and reporting bugs on the unstable staging branch. This update is another major update for Montgomery County to bring a Mack Engine, 4 New Mutual Aid Units, MCPD units revamped, uniform customization new ems calls & More. Click the link for more info!

Major update to Montgomery County!


782 8th Ave
New York, NY


Manhattan Modification v1.0.0
Manhattan Modification v2.0.0 (2.0.3 latest)
Manhattan Modification v3.0.0 (14/09/13)
Brooklyn Borough of Fire Modification (WIP)



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Our Story

EmergeNYC is a genre-bending simulation of New York City's Emergency Services. The game is set in a fictional dynamic open-world recreation of Manhattan and gives the players the opportunity to step foot in the shoes of a firefighter, police officer, or emergency medical services worker in the Big Apple. They are also able to act as a dispatcher or incident commander with the ability to manage an emergency scene or operation from above in a real time strategy fashion.

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Fdny rescue 1 2021 emegenyc
I’m learning the game and am looking for people to jump in with every time I go to multiplayer the rooms are locked
Possible future addition???
Question i have the game and downloaded it. The thing i deal with is one all the truck lights are the same. 2 there is vehicles on the side but no moving traffic and when I get out of my truck my guy just spins in circles.
I hate to be “that guy” but any update on the update FlipSwitch Games?
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flipswitchgames emegenyc brooklyn keep crashing
Montgomery County needs serious optimization because it took 30 minutes to load and I can’t drive a vehicle more than 20 feet without the game freezing. Anyone else having similar issues?
Can you please fix the settings in Montgomery County Map. After entering the settings 4-5 times to figure out how to bind left right pitch it locks out being able to select “Vehicle” under categories settings.
I know and truly acknowledge I am a computer idiot but how do you get to play the game I got as far as hitting tutorial at the academy and then icons which are not explained showed up Help
2 issues I've found. Sometimes when pulled attack hose, the hose goes all out of whack. And when placing or dropping the vent fan, it bounces around instead of just falling to the ground.
Only issue ive had so far - trying to join a friends room, it immediately kicks me to the main menu and wont let me connect back to the multiplayer screen (continuously saying connecting to server). Thanks for the help