Haunted Murfreesboro

Haunted Murfreesboro Join the BoroTellers for the 14th Annual Haunted Murfreesboro--the original lantern light storytelli

Operating as usual


Hey, folks, we are not doing tours this year. Our group has gotten too small. Someone else is operating under the name Haunted Murfreesboro but it is not us. It is not the Borotellers and it is not the original, walking storytelling tour. Borotellers are still and always, interested in telling you stories so if you have an event, let us know. We do thank you for 15 wonderful years.


Hello, everyone! It has been a long while! Sadly, we will not be doing our tours this year. We had hope to but due to high COVID cases still and scheduling, we cannot. We are looking at ways to do it next year regardless. Also, some of us will be telling at Oaklands on Novemer 12th. Hope to see you then.


Hello, everyone! We have noticed an increase in folks checking our page and are very appreciative of your support. We put this off as long as we could hoping things would change but do not feel we can do Haunted Murfreesboro this year. This was not any easy decision. We do hope everyone stays healthy and we do plan to be back next year


Thank you all who came out for our 15th year! Looking forward to seeing you next year. And remember, we tell other stories too. Let us know if you need a storyteller.


Folks, we will be canceling tours tonight due to weather. We have not made a decision about tomorrow.


We are here at Sugarees as long as the rain doesn't get too bad and folks show up.


Folks, we closed a little early tonight. We have not done that before(except in really bad weather) and don't make a habit of it. We do apologize for any inconvenience.


It is here! This time tomorrow night we will be on the first tour of Haunted Murfresboro. Come out for our 15th year! Tours start at 7, run about every 30 minutes. We meet at Sugarees on Maple and still cost just $5. Hope to see you there or Saturday or next Friday or Saturday.


We were worried about doing Haunted Murfresboro in shorts and tshirts. Now we are trying to do it before winter sets what a difference a week makes! This Friday is the first night of Haunted Murfresboro. October 18. 19, 25 and 26. Tours start at 7 and run every 30 minutes. Cost us still only $5. We meet at Sugarees on Maple. Please join us for our 15th year.


Borotellers has felt so fortunate to do Haunted Murfreesboro. Last year we decided to donate the proceeds of our highest grossing nights. This year, in honor of our dear friend Boone Westfall, we will be donating a night's proceeds to one of his favorite causes- Animal Rescue Corps. Please join us in honoring our friend, storyteller and animal lover, Boone.


Get ready. Hauntings begin October 18, 19, 25, and 26. First tour leaves at 7:00pm and last one leaves at 9. Meet at Sugaree’s, 122 South Maple, to purchase tickets. (On the square a few doors down from Holden Hardware). Each tour takes approximately 1 hour.


In the 15 years we have been doing Haunted Murfresboro, we have given tours in perfect fall weather. We have also done them in freezing temps, drizzle, flurries and torrential rains(we no longer do that). This might be the first year to do it in shorts and


It might not feel like it but fall is just around the corner and so is Haunted Murfreesboro. Less than 3 weeks now.


The nights are getting cooler. Fall is just around the corner and so is Haunted Murfreesboro- October 18, 19, 25 and 26th. This is our 15th year and we are working on new stories as well as brushing up on old favorites. Make plans to join the original, walking storytelling tour of downtown Murfreesboro. We'll be posting updates in the days and weeks to come.


Hello, everyone. We are so looking forward to this, our 15th year, of Haunted Murfreesboro. Our dates are October18, 19, 25 and 26th. We are working on new stories but will be polishing up some of the old favorites. Stay tuned for updates.


Thank you all so much for a great season. We will be back next year to celebrate 15 years of Haunted Murfreesboro!


8:30 tour about to head out. Have to be here before 9 for the last tour of the season.


As we wind down this year's Haunted Murfreesboro we do want to say a couple of things: as we mentioned before, we feel so blessed to be able to do this. We are the BoroTellers and we love to tell stories. If you have a group or agency that might have a need for entertainment by way of stories, please contact us. We would love to tell for you- at no cost you! We tell personal stories, historical stories, folk and fairytales, children stories(and of course, scary). Message us here. Also, next year is our 15 th anniversary! And we are already planning. Come back next year!


Tonight's the last night of Haunted Murfreesboro. Tours start at 7 and leave every 30 minutes. Last tour leaves at 9.


We will NOT be doing a 9:00 tour. We do apologize.


Hey , folks- we are still on for tonight....for now. We will see how the weather goes. In the past we have said "rain or shine" but have found that difficult to do as we can't be heard over the rain. Please come early.


Tonight and tomorrow night are your last chances to do Haunted Murfreesboro this year! Tours start at 7 and last about an hour. They leave every 30 minutes. Cost is $5(cash only). We meet at Sugarees on Maple St.


Less than 3 hours and we will be heading out on our first tour. Looks like we will have perfect fall weather and the rain will hold off. Come see us at Sugarees. Pay them a visit. Shop local.


Tomorrow night is THE night- our first night of Haunted Murfreesboro- the original, walking storytelling tour of downtown Murfreesboro. Tours start at 7 and last about an hour. They run every 30 minutes. Meet at Sugarees
Cost is $5. Some mature themes for parents to consider. We go rain or shine(unless torrential- might not do torrential). Hope to see you there.


BoroTellers and Haunted Murfreesboro feel so blessed for the support we have been given the last fourteen years that we want to give back. We will be donating the proceeds of one night(going to go on a limb and say our highest attended night) to a different charity each year. This year, we will be donating to Our Underground Rescue- an organization dedicated to rescuing children from s*x trafficking. Please come and support us and this worthy cause.


This year tour dates are October 19, 20, 26 and 27 th. More information will be added so please check for updates.


Hello, everyone! We are busy planning Haunted Murfreesboro. We will be doing our tours the last two weekends in October. Stay tuned for more details.


Accept yourself ... speak your truth!


We would like to thank everyone who came out for Haunted Murfreesboro this year. Sorry the run was cut short but we will be back next year.


Thanks for coming out this weekend everyone! Circumstances permitting, we'll see you next Friday.


Next Saturday's Haunted Murfreesboro has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control and for the safety and welfare of others. We are still on for tonight and next FRIDAY(so far). Sorry for any inconvenience and hope to see you!

Tours have started. The Maple street side of the Square.

Tours have started. The Maple street side of the Square.

We're here! Where are you?

We're here! Where are you?

Haunted Murfreesboro

Haunted Murfreesboro
Fun, Engaging, inexpensive

Stories of the odd, ghostly, dark and not so dark
No one jumps out and scares you, except your own ghostly thoughts. Heh heh.

Tonight. 7:00pm is 1st tour. Leaving every 30 minutes till 9
Meet at Sugaree’s on the square in Murfreesboro

Tonight is THE night. Haunted Murfreesboro starts it's 13th year. We are the original walking, storytelling tour of downtown Murfreesboro. We start @ 7 with tours running every 30 minutes. Cost is $5. We meet at Sugarees. We'll be there tomorrow and next weekend too. Hope to see you there.


Murfreesboro, TN



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