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The BoroCollaboratory We are creating a space for glass artists to come together, collaborate, lift up and build our community in a fun, laid back environment.


It has been awhile since I have posted on this page. I have been busy with other adventures but we are back up and running. The BoroCollaboratory has been holding regular gatherings where we invite other glass artists to come collab, learn, share knowledge and build the community. We are gearing up for some other projects and excited about where all of this is taking us. It has been a bumpy but amazing road! I will be posting pictures soon to catch up on this page!


It's been a busy week so I apologize for the delay in this status update but we, at The BoroCollaboratory, would like to thank Steve Bates for coming out and teaching such an awesome class! We'd also like to thank Me Xtra Crispy Glass, Whitney Harmon, Emmett Hollander, Jeff May, from Whidbey Glass Gallery, Jeff Rossi, Brandon, and Mac White for coming out to attend this class and play in the sandbox with us! A special thank you to Phyllis, from Trev's Glass, and Rita for coming out to visit and for all the wonderful goodies they brought for us! And I'd like to thank my amazing partner, Todd Hensley, for putting it all together! It was a great experience! Thank you all!!


We want to give a HUGE shout out and most gracious THANK YOU to Phyllis, from Trev's Glass Supply, for bringing out some goodies for the Steve Bates class!! Anyone need glass her!! She's AWESOME!


Getting all set up for the Steve Bates class going down at The BoroCollaboratory, starting Sunday! There are still some openings if you'd like to get in on this!! Contact Todd Hensley or Harmony McKenna to reserve your space in the class! It's going to be awesome!! Minimal cost for such an amazing opportunity! You won't regret it....unless you don't come! ;-) And once again...please don't let your skill level or what you perceive as lack thereof, hold you back from taking this class. Everyone of every skill level will take something away from this class!!


OK peeps!! 4 days left before the Steve Bates class and there are still some openings. This is an amazing opportunity for any glassblower of any caliber or skill level! 3 days, with Steve Bates, sharing his knowledge with us. Please don't let your thoughts of "not being good enough" or not being on the torch long enough to take this class, get in the way of you signing up! It's a very reasonably priced class, includes everything you could need or want, 3 days with Steve Bates and other artists. Come play in the sandbox with us and learn something new or a new way to do an old technique. Everyone, at every skill level, will gain some new knowledge in this class! So contact Todd Hensley or Harmony McKenna to reserve your spot!


Follow us on Instagram under: @theborocollaboratory. Pics to come from the Steve Bates class. Slots are still open to come to this class next weekend. Event info up on this page or contact Todd Hensley, Harmony McKenna or Steve Bates for more info and to reserve your space in the class!


It's been a crazy couple of months but pretty amazing things are on the horizon for The BoroCollaboratory! Look for more frequent posts of the happenings! The whole point of our shop is to continue to unite the local glass community and extend the invites to locals and out of towners to come play in our sandbox! Mad LOVE to you glass peeps!


Getting ready to do a HUGE pull of Todd Hensley's Milli with the help of Whitney Harmon! Thank you, Whitney for driving down to help!


Now you can also follow us on Instagram @theborocollaboratory!


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