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Get Reel Get Reel is a program founded by Actress/Writer/Producer Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl. It is a Six Week On-Camera Film and TV Acting Intensive designed to train young, aspiring actors interested in film and television how to reach their full potential.

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Part of building an #acting career in the entertainment industry is having a superior work ethic. It’s not only about yo...

Part of building an #acting career in the entertainment industry is having a superior work ethic. It’s not only about your performance, it’s also about how prepared you are. Casting Directors or the Director or Writer (if they’re in the room) may give you specific direction or they might just ask you for “something else.”
So have you really prepared?
Your talent can carry you through a lot but it can’t seal the deal. If they ask you for a completely different read do you have one prepared? They might even ask you for two or three choices. Have you thought those through?
Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You want to get cast, of course, but regardless of the immediate outcome, what you really want is to be remembered.
Surprise them.

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You’ve Got Cmail!

So yes, we are still in the midst of a Pandemic. The TV and Film Industry is still floundering and these days most of my time is spent holed up, working on my latest script, but I have really been missing acting...
So when I opened my email to an invitation from Casting I was beyond excited!
And I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with my students, a little of my process when preparing for an audition. So grab a coffee, get comfy and join me for some tips and tricks that will help get you off the page, out of your head and on the right track to nailing that audition!
#acting #actingtips #audition #beprepared #actorslife #script #film #actingcoach #shevauncavanaughkastl #shevaunkastl #shevaunfullfocus #fullfocus #filmmaker #actress #performer #womeninbusiness Shevaun Kastl

Even at 17 I loved my students.

Even at 17 I loved my students.

Student of the Semester!

Tyler Koch is one of the most incredibly talented and dedicated students I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has such a wide range of characters he can play. From the good guy who never quite gets the girl, to the kid from the wrong side of the tracks to the maniacal villain you never saw coming! Here is his final scene of our Late Summer Semester - From the movie Primal Fear.

#actor #youngtalent #actingcoach #class #scenework #actingclass @broadwayboundcfp @tylerk118


Working with Tyler has been an absolute privilege! Obviously, he is incredibly talented, but far more than that. He is one of the most intelligent, instinctual, dedicated and professional young Actors I have ever worked with. He is prepared every single time, comes early, stays late and embraces every scene I give him with such ferocity. And perhaps my favorite quality Tyler possesses is that he checks his ego at the door; he remains humble and teachable and always strives to challenge himself. He is certainly one to look out for! #actor #talent #oncamera #studenttestimonial #actorstofollow #proudteacher


So here is Part 2 from the final class of last year’s Fall Semester. I chose material intended to help each student to venture out of the their comfort zone. As this was our last class I am making several videos to give each of these incredibly talented young actors a chance to shine. Hard to do in 60 seconds. LOL! Featured in this video are two exceptional young actresses. What impressed me the most is the level of commitment and focus. You DO NOT NEED tons of dialogue to tell a story. The expression of an emotion, the stillness, the depth of character that comes through the eyes is every bit as powerful than a bunch of words explaining “why?” So here are Miss Sara Rankin and Arianna Guerreiro. Stay tuned for Part three! #acting #oncamera #actingclass #coach #actingworkshop #lyndhurstnj #kidsacting


So here is Part 1 of clips from our final class. I challenged the students with material that was intended to help them venture out of the their comfort zone. These are incredible kids. And until now, they were given material that I knew they could handle. I gave them scenes suited to their strengths. But as we all know, you MUST keep pushing yourself. Take a character very different from what you normally play and explore that. It is a very useful skill. The more facets of your life you can bring to a character, the better. Try to find the connection. You may not relate to a character, but you can understand how they got to where they are by using your own memory bank and emotional anchors. As this was our last class from our Late Summer Intensive, I am making 3 videos to give each of these actors a chance to shine. Hard to do in 60 seconds. LOL! So featured in this video are @morgan554 @jacob_stillson @arianna.guerreiro @arigdancer .
Stay tuned for Part Two! #acting #oncamera #actingclass #coach #actingworkshop #lyndhurstnj #kidsacting


Well this darling came in as a guest partner and she was incredible. So much maturity, so much positivity and so much talent! I look forward to working with her again someday soon! Emma is simply lovely! Peter A. Cuccino Thank you!


Well this darling came in as a guest partner and she was incredible. So much maturity, so much positivity and Sooo much talent!


Student Testimonial Miss @eloize_apiado #youthacting #acting #studenttrstimonial

In accordance with Governor Murphy, Get Reel is complying with all the mandatory AND suggested guidelines to keep studen...

In accordance with Governor Murphy, Get Reel is complying with all the mandatory AND suggested guidelines to keep students safe! We will resume acting Intensives in the middle of August. More info to come, so stay tuned! Can’t wait to get back to classes and working with my students again!


Need a laugh??? I know I sure do. Suspending in-room classes is taking a serious toll on us all. So I put this little project together in the hopes of spreading a little cheer! I present to you the first ever Blooper Reel from our Acting Intensives.
We have SO much fun in this Class that I couldn’t include all our silliness and funny outtakes or it would be a full-length movie. So more to come!
Enjoy and remember... “Laughter is the best medicine.”
Featuring @jsoul85 @tylerk118 @jacob_stillson @morgan554 @arigdancer @juliadellapena @bribrinooch @ant_finke26 @juliaalati_ @amy_linsalata @alexamcnulty @__smileyreilly__ #acting #oncamera #bloopers #laugh #follow #teenactingclasses


Who doesn’t love a good Villain? It’s SUCH fun to play the antagonist to the Hero we all root for. But the line that separates the “Good” guys from the “Bad,” isn’t always so clear. We’re all human, we are all capable of good and bad, right and wrong and the driving force that compels us to cross that moral line is the struggle for power. This puts a different complexion on how we see the Characters we embody. Villains are usually portrayed as holding the power or stealing it and they’re desperate to keep it. Heroes too fight for power and may take extreme and sometimes morally questionable means to take it. Which is why, when developing a Character, give some real thought to this idea of the Power Play. Because the only way to achieve a fully-formed Character is to acknowledge that we are all capable of good and bad - it just depends on who holds the Power, at what cost and does it serve a purpose for the greater good. Just some insight....
But Man is it FUN to play a Villain! #acting #playingthevillain #characterdevelopment #actingtips #teenactingclasses #wearebroadwaybound


Wanna a sixty second break from #allcoronaallthetime ???
Here’s a sizzle reel of Highlights from last Summer’s Acting Intensive. This class dealt a lot with pacing. Making a deliberate selection of an effective tempo for your character and the scene. We had some fun with this one! ENJOY!
#acting #class #oncam #coaching #youngtalent #casting #actor #actingclass #nj

So I coach kids, teens, young adults to “act.” I really hate that word lol. In any case, our On-Camera Acting Intensives...

So I coach kids, teens, young adults to “act.” I really hate that word lol. In any case, our On-Camera Acting Intensives are focused on film and television and so I am happy to share this news with them. I am so honored to be a part of this! @reelwomensnetwork just launched. This is an amazing platform for female filmmakers to share their work, to celebrate the unique voice, eye, and nature that female filmmakers bring to their work. And two of the films I wrote, produced and starred in are on the site. The Mourning Hour and Conversations With Lucifer! I am SO GRATEFUL to be a Spotlight Filmmaker for this important event!
The Art of Cinema has the unique power to stir the soul, challenge the mind, dare you to change, and to unify us all by reminding us of what it means to be human. I believe this is coming at the perfect time! We NEED to be creating right now. We NEED to continue writing OUR stories, Directing OUR stories, because they are rich indeed and only WE can tell them. So check us out @reelwomensnetwork It’s like Hulu for Women, 😉 Subscribe! #reelwomensnetwork #futureisfemale #femalefilmmakers #streaming #subscribe #brandonbarash #robertknepper #shevaunkastl


And with that LATEST NEWS... (check post above for the exciting news, I accidentally deleted the video news I initially had below!) 🙄
I present to you The Mourning Hour Trailer. The movies stars @brandonjbarash @robert_knepperofficial @shevaunkastl Directed by @therealsusancohen NOW available to rent or buy with a Subscription to @reelwomensnetwork #yay #subscribe #shortfilm #streaming #femalefilmmakers #daysofourlives #generalhospital #soapoperadigest #soapsindepth #independentfilm #periodpiece #katechopin #thestoryofanhour #wevegotthetime #quarantinesucks #letswatchmovies #mymovies #lol #thisiswherethestorybegins


I know we all feel lost and discouraged. Which is why we’re doing our best to keep everyone’s spirits up!
Alyssa Corino sent me this picture ...
All the scenes/material from my acting classes, laid out on her floor, just to let me know she was working on her acting. What an amazing young lady!
It brought the biggest smile to my face! We NEED one another everyone. So shake off the blues and rally! We will get through this! #staypositive #connect #phoneafriend #youarenotalone #wearebroadwaybound


So this is Part 2 of Week Four’s Highlights from last year’s late Summer Semester of my On-Camera Acting Intensive. This week was all about Comedy - mainly Dark Comedy and the kids were amazing. As usual, they went above and beyond to tackle some very difficult and distinctive material. I am proud to share this video with you! It offers just a small glimpse of some of the incredible work these kids are doing. Enjoy the video. #acting #oncam #comedy #casting #actingcoach #talent #kidsacting #classes #findthefunny #youngtalent #lyndhurstnj #rutherfordnj

Make ‘em LAUGH!

Well it took a little longer to edit this one-minute highlight reel from Class Four of our Six Week On-Camera Acting Intensive. This is Part One of Two. This class was all about COMEDY! And the kids did SUCH an incredible job that it was a real challenge to edit because there were so many great comedic moments. I’m so proud of these kids and I want to share as much of their performances as possible. And make sure to check out our Instagram page @getreel_actingintensive! Enjoy the video! Stay tuned for Part Two. #acting #oncam #comedy #casting #coaching #talent #kidsacting #classes #training #findthefunny

How to Nail a Commercial Audition!

Back in January, I taught a Master Class to commemorate the New Year. In addition to Cold-Reads, Character Development and a Seminar on the business of Acting, the students were also coached on Commercial Reads. Check out this latest video for a glimpse into how to nail a Commercial Audition, present yourself to Casting and make your delivery stand out from all the rest! #oncam #acting #tvcommercial #audition #casting #actingtips #coaching @ant_finke26

Emotionally-Charged Material

Last year’s late Summer Semester was the most challenging Intensive by far. Here is Part TWO of the highlights of our Third Class - This video isn’t cut like the rest. These three young actors were so impactful - their many layers were a slow but beautiful burn. So this video is to share their commitment to the “moment” with you! Enjoy the video! Stay tuned... Next class is Comedy! #acting #oncam #casting #actingcoach #talent #kidsacting #classes #training #allin #emotional

Finding YOUR Voice... in the Character!

It is CRUCIAL that you have a thorough grasp of what lies beneath the dialogue. If you are, in any way, unclear of your intent, the scene will fall flat. And your preparatory work should ALWAYS include an interpretation of the text in your own words!

Here is a remarkable young actress who took that direction and thoughtfully applied it. Watch this BEFORE and AFTER video to see the Transformation. Miss Eloize Apiado!

REMEMBER - you must find a way to make the character’s dilemma real for you… Otherwise you are just reading words on a page. So you need to ask the tough questions… You may need to sift through your memory bank for similarities… You must internalize and form a bond with the character you are portraying. You do that and your performance will be authentic and compelling. Ecolz Apiado
#acting #coaching #childactor #youngtalent #emotionalscenes #characterdevelopment #wearebroadwaybound


As I wrote before, last year’s Fall Term was the most challenging Class yet. It’s was our Fourth Semester of my On-Camera TV/Film Acting Intensive @broadwayboundcfp and I am RIDICULOUSLY proud of how much these kids have grown. These kids were given FAR more sophisticated material! Here is Part ONE of the highlights of our Third Class - These are ALL extremely emotional scenes and the kids held nothing back! They were open and vulnerable and BRAVE! Enjoy the video! Stay tuned for Part 2. It’s gonna blow you away! #acting #oncam #scenestudy #casting #actingcoach #tv #film #pushyourself #aimhigh #talent #kidsacting #actingclasses #digdeep #getreel #keeppushingyourself #training #riskequalsreward #bebold #passion #emotional #actingskills #divedeep #bevulnerable #stayinthemoment

2020 Master Class Commercial Reads Part Two

Earlier in January, I taught a Master Class at Broadway Bound to commemorate the New Year! Here is a sizzle reel of the kids performing Commercial Reads. *** NONE of these kids have read for a Commercial before. Amazing! Right? These are only a few of the students. More to come so STAY TUNED!
Featured in this video are Julia Dellapena, Anthony Finke, Tyler Vanterpool, Eloize Apiado and John Soulaine. #Masterclass #acting #commercials #coldreading #classes #talent #casting #kidactors #youngtalent #lyndhurstnj


Earlier this past Summer, I was asked to teach an abridged version of my On-Camera Six Week Actor’s Intensive to the younger kids at Broadway Bound. It was a BLAST. The kids are between the ages of 8 and 12 and worked for 4 weeks on #Comedy, #Drama, #Improv, #Characterization and Basic Script Analysis. Here is Part One of highlights from Weeks Three and Four. As usual, I am making several videos so not every student is in each one. Featured in this video are Sophia Fisicaro, Sophia Spiratos, Simone Kaden Mia Cubillas, Sebastian Cubillas, Sofia Hechavarria and Carly Konz. The students missing of this video will be featured in the next. Enjoy the performances! Stay tuned for our next video. You’re gonna love it!

Character Development - The Importance of Human Connection

I hate the word “act.” Because what we do as actors is so much more than Make-Believe. We have been chosen to represent REAL PEOPLE with REAL ISSUES. It’s a tall order! Life is hard enough without taking on imaginary conflicts, summoning deep emotions and totally immersing ourselves in an extraordinary life that is not our own. And yet, we take the leap and dive in head first. Why? Because WE can. It’s a calling. It’s a gift. We’re storytellers. Stories connect us... ALL. And if we do it right, we can make a difference in this world. Because the characters we bring to life on screen mirror every person who’s ever felt alone. Our humanity binds us together, but life moves so quickly and fiercely that we forget... and so it’s our duty to remind them. I believe it’s a noble profession but MUST be taken seriously. So always be mindful of what it means, feels, costs, to be human. That is our job. And it’s the most important one we have. #acting #oncam #actingintensive #character #scenestudy #casting #actingcoach #tv #film #talent #kidsacting #actingclasses #improvement #getreel #keeppushingyourself #training #wearebroadwaybound #actingskills #workshop #lyndhurstnj #rutherfordnj #kearnynj #cliftonnj #kidsactivities #njkids #kidsactingclasses #emotion #humanity





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