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Welcome to Loveland Colorado 2021

Sharing a post from my friend Harrison Hand:

"Yesterday, in my second hour of sign waving, I saw it once again.

The raw, racist, misogynistic, toxic masculinity of a New Republican Party foot soldier.

“Is Jacki a Democrat?,” he yelled at Lynn Adame as he pulled his pickup truck to the curb.

“This is a non-partisan race,” she replied.

“Eff* you! She’s a democrat! You’re all effin democrats!”

As the light changed and he drove by me, he barely gave me a glance. But, as soon as he rounded the corner and saw Caitlyn Wyrick, his face turned an even angrier shade of red.

“Eff you!” He screamed as he barreled by. “And, eff you again!”

This is the evil that will triumph if the good people of Loveland fail to vote.

Please make sure the good people you know get out and vote for the good people who will give us government oversight, accountability, and transparency.

(*ya’ll know he screamed the real “eff” word, of course. He weren’t no pansy.)"


It’s time to VOTE!!!

Sharing from John Dixon:

10 days to go. What a race we have. A bunch of old white guys and their token and very loyal white woman. Rooted in decades of power, supported by the landed gentry, the rich local bankers, Developers and the new GQP better known as the crazy Cheeto Brigade.
Three strong women and a couple of independent white guys. That have been out spent 10 to 1 and they still hold the upper hand.
While these independent women and men talk about Solutions to the problems that face the everyday citizens of Loveland.
The crony capitalists are backpedaling trying to put a spin on all the bad news coming out of City Hall. They have had to resort to personal attacks, outright lies in their advertising and polluting the landscape with their signs on every piece of undeveloped land in Loveland. Their flooding of social media with accounts less than 90 days old and some really ridiculous fake accounts.
I am pretty sure that the voters of Loveland are fed up and are more than happy to get rid of that bunch of old white guys who are stuck in the past.
Replacing them with a new generation of leadership that will put the citizens of Loveland first.
Please vote for Jacki Marsh for mayor.
Caitlin Warwick, Penn Street, Doug Luithly and Rob Malloy for City Council.
A new generation for a new century.


I sure do miss you all….
Who would be interested in a outdoor reunion in September?

Sorry Bernie...

Sorry Bernie...

LoCo is no more, but the Free Toy Store is on!!!!Please donate if you can, and please sign up if your family needs a lit...

LoCo is no more, but the Free Toy Store is on!!!!
Please donate if you can, and please sign up if your family needs a little love this year.
Revolution by the cup.... always.
One Love



I’m still getting messages from folks about how to sign up to receive a gift for their children this year, so here is a separate post with that information. (Edit: I also made it a different color than the other one so that you can tell that there are two different images.)

I encourage you to click on the actual event, because it will have all of the information you need, including frequently asked questions.😊

Make sure to put December 12th on the calendar!

Here is the link to the event: facebook.com/events/374085720348158

Love, SS


Copied and pasted from my personal page.

I share this here to further extend the reach of my and my families experience. May it be helpful to others.

May we all unite in One Love.


Hello my Friends, my Family.

I Love you all dearly.

This is about my Dad, my family, and all of you.

This is about the COVID-19 pandemic, the systematic failure of this country’s “leadership” in response and preparation for a clearly forecasted global crisis, and a scream for fundamental change.

My Dad is currently in the ICU. He is at this moment being put on a respirator. He was tested for COVID-19 on Thursday- 6 DAYS AGO- we still have no results. He was tested a second time 3 DAYS AGO by a state run lab- WE STILL HAVE NO RESULTS.

Why does this matter?

Why should it matter to you?

First, neither my Mom nor I nor my sister have been allowed to see him.
We cannot enter the hospital because we have been potentially exposed.
That is the right call.
If you are not practicing social distancing and self quarantine practices right now I implore you to get educated and start.

Here is where it gets messy: we have no idea nearly a week since testing if my Dad is sick due to COVID-19 or complications from the common cold.

If he is negative for COVID
a) we could be with him right now
b) there would be so much clarity on what the correct course of treatment is.

Let me explain:
My Dad was conscious, communicative and lucid 3 hours ago.
His oxygen levels have been erratic.
He was on the maximum concentration of oxygen he could safely be given if he is positive for COVID-19.
If he were to crash or stop breathing it would take medical staff 2-3 minutes to get into his room after suiting up to prevent infection to incubate or resuscitate him.
In that scenario he would likely die.
But WE DON’T KNOW if he is positive because tests have taken nearly a week to get back and counting.

If he is negative he could be on more oxygen through a face mask, he could be attended to immediately if he were to crash, and my Mom, his partner of nearly 50 years would be by his side.

I applaud and respect the measures health care professionals are taking.
You are hero’s and the only functioning part of this country’s front line response. Thank you.

We also feel the decision my Dad made to be on a respirator was the right one, but here is a sobering fact: at this point in the pandemic the mortality rate for a COVID-19 patient on a respirator is 80%.
Why is this important?
Dying on a respirator means you can not speak.
Dying on a respirator in quarantine for COVID-19 means you can’t look into the eyes or hold the hands or hug your loved ones.
And you can’t speak to them on the phone. You are alone.
And your family is left feeling impotent and helpless as me and mine are feeling right now.

With an 80% mortality rate choosing to not be incubated and spend the likely end of your life able to communicate with loved ones is a choice many would make.

But if my Dad is negative for COVID the option of a respirator will very likely be what is saving his life right now.
My Dad didn’t get to make an informed decision tonight.
He had to make a roll of the dice.

We are praying.
Please join us.
I am doing deep shamanic work.
Join me in any modality you practice to send LOVE & HEALING to my Dad, Greg Ritter.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of him touching your life read some of the comments that are sure to follow.
My Dad is a generous, compassionate, loving man.
He is my hero.
He is an active and relatively healthy 73 year old man. He was skiing in Telluride two weeks ago. He swims in the pacific, he hikes mountains... he volunteers. He has touched thousands of lives.

I am writing this at 4:00 AM because in the last conversation I had with him tonight he implored me to speak out.
This is his wish and it is my mission.
Our healthcare system is broken.
Our current political “leadership” is floundering.
Drastic Revolution is necessary on both fronts.
Had the White House payed attention to experts months ago; had a proactive position been adopted early and aggressively; had the public been led by example and with honesty before this week we would be in a much better place.
If we did not rely solely on pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies to guide or nation’s healthcare system steered by profit and not care we would be in a much different place.

If testing were readily available and being completed instantaneously or within 24 hours my Dad’s situation would be very different. My family’s situation would be very different. The situation of our entire nation would be very different.

And it should have been so. It could have bern so. It is not because the president of this country and his entire staff ignored reality and chose to try impotently to keep the stock market from crashing. Whelp...
You all fu**ed up.

I just had what I had to accept could potentially be the last conversation I ever get to have with the most important man in my life... My Dad.
I told him how much I Love him, that he is the greatest man I know and that he is my Hero.
I was able to coach him into accessing the infinite Love and Healing energy that is God, the Creator of all and to keep his intention and energy focused there as we do the same.

He told me he Loved me and then he told me to RISE UP, SPEAK UP AND FIGHT.

Join me.

If you know of an avenue for activism, a situation that needs advocacy or any place I can help in anyway I am here to serve.

My Mom and the rest of my family are very scared and very heartbroken. I know we are not the only ones....

Together, with Love, Community, Honesty, Compassion, Gratitude and Unity we will rise into a New Earth.

The time is now.

Take this time to slow down; look deeply within and without; connect deeply to Love and Connection and what truly matters....
Take care of each other.
Take care of yourself.
Take care of your families and of your community.
Take this time to say “I Love You”.
Say ALL the things you need to say to those you Love.
Don’t ever waste a moment.
Create. Heal. Share.
The time is now.
We are IT.
One Love.

“Don’t let these waves wash away your hopes....”ONE LOVE, always...
Listener Wooden Heart

“Don’t let these waves wash away your hopes....”
ONE LOVE, always...

This is the video for the song Wooden Heart by the band Listener. It was shot and directed by Nathan Corrona for www.dustbrandfilms.com

Ween - A Tear For Eddie (Live at Stubb's)


One of my favourite guitar performances ever, and since nobody had put it up I took it as my duty to. From Ween's album Live at Stubb's, originally from Choc...


We will be closing LoCo Artisan Coffee House at it’s current location on the 29th of February.
We Love you Loveland.
It’s been an amazing 2 years, but 6th & Cleveland is not the right place....

“Take a sad song and make it better...”
Hey Jude

“Take a sad song and make it better...”

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Hey Jude · The Beatles Love ℗ 2006 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group) / Apple...

Barista Magazine- Thank you. This is important.If only our business neighbors, landlord and more of our community had th...

Barista Magazine- Thank you. This is important.
If only our business neighbors, landlord and more of our community had the kind of empathy real coffee culture exudes.
We tried....
We’ll miss being a safe place in the town named for Love.
One Love

Morning bliss at Lake Loveland before opening the shop today... Where is your bliss today?Revolution by the cup....One L...

Morning bliss at Lake Loveland before opening the shop today...
Where is your bliss today?

Revolution by the cup....
One Love.
One LoCo!!!

Good morning Loveland! “We’re not enemies, we just disagree... I think we should disagree” 😉Revolution by the cup...One ...
The Strokes - Is This It (Live)

Good morning Loveland!
“We’re not enemies, we just disagree... I think we should disagree” 😉

Revolution by the cup...
One Love.
One LoCo!

From February 2002 in Los Angeles.

One year anniversary DUBLAND party!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥It’s better than Netflix.

One year anniversary DUBLAND party!!!
It’s better than Netflix.

TONIGHT!!!Live@LoCo!!!7PM      ALL AGES!!! NO COVER!!!!suggested donation of $5Revolution by the cup....W/  &


suggested donation of $5
Revolution by the cup....
W/ &

We are STOKED.You should be too Loveland.

We are STOKED.
You should be too Loveland.

PUNKETRY!Live@LoCo.Feb 1st 7PMw/  ALL AGES.NO COVER.Open Mic.

Feb 1st 7PM
Open Mic.


A new batch of chai from our friends Sherpa was just delivered, HOT.
It doesn’t get fresher.
It doesn’t get better.
One Love

Do you know your farmer?Do you know how your product was extracted?Do you know the people extracting your product and th...

Do you know your farmer?
Do you know how your product was extracted?
Do you know the people extracting your product and the reasons they are doing it?
We do.
Locally grown. Organic. Absolutely top quality Colorado Cherry strain.
Cold extraction. No solvents. No ethanol. No CO2.
This process preserves the natural terpines of the plant, essential for delivery on the cellular level.
Available in green (unfiltered with chlorophyll still in solution) or gold (additional filtration step)
1200mg or 600mg concentration.
This is whole plant medicine.
This is proper.
This is Revolution by the drop....
Only at Lo Co Artisan Coffee House
544 Cleveland

This is “Cold Brew Warrior IV”What form are you perfecting?😉Thanks for the photo

This is “Cold Brew Warrior IV”
What form are you perfecting?
Thanks for the photo

We share your dream...Thank you Dr. King.Rest in Power, always...

We share your dream...
Thank you Dr. King.
Rest in Power, always...

PUNKETRY!!!In Loveland?Yup.For the first time in Northern Colorado,   is  house.This is   You’re welcome.

In Loveland?
For the first time in Northern Colorado, is house.
This is
You’re welcome.

Cortados are life....Single Origin Honey Process Ethiopia Yirgecheffe from Koke Farm.Bliss...

Cortados are life....
Single Origin Honey Process Ethiopia Yirgecheffe from Koke Farm.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Celery Lavender CBD Kombucha by  now  Savory and floral with 20mg Colorado grown       This is bliss...

Celery Lavender CBD Kombucha by now
Savory and floral with 20mg Colorado grown
This is bliss...

Transient Curse with Bad Decisions     ALL AGES*NO COVER               Live@LoCo!     Saturday January 18th 7PM    COFFE...

Transient Curse with Bad Decisions
Saturday January 18th 7PM


544 Cleveland Avenue
Loveland, CO


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Missing my favorite remote working spots.... :( It's just not the same at the other Loveland coffee shops.
I found this place on a walk when I was very distraught one day back in October. Since then I have visited several times. I even stood in line out there for almost 2 hours when they held their toy event in December.
Moms and Dads, treat your kids to FUN games of laser tag with favorite superheroes at Loveland Laser Tag TODAY 5PM – 7PM! A charity fundraiser for the kids of Emmadity! We'll see you all there! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️⚡️

⚡️For Tickets, and To Learn More -
Moms and Dads, treat your kids to FUN games of laser tag with favorite superheroes at Loveland Laser Tag TODAY 5PM – 7PM! A charity fundraiser for the kids of Emmadity! We'll see you all there! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️⚡️

⚡️For Tickets, and To Learn More -
So fresh you can still hear it echoing down 6th Street in Loveland.
Craving Loco Coffee and your patio views this gooOoooddd morningggg!! ☀️☕🙌
Very cool innovative people! I love your shop!
Big tunes🔥
Hey Hey Shane Ritter thank you (and your son!) for these stitchpirations 💗 Will drop them by LoCo next time I'm in town. Any other phrases pop to mind? Would love to whip out a few more so they'll be a nice selection collection🌻
As happens most nights at Lo Co, great art just happens.