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Get Ready!!! Big and cool things are in the works!!!

We have some exciting things in the works to be revealed very soon. In the meantime, we will be looking for donations for a FUNDRAISER this Spring. Put your thinking caps on and let us know if you can contribute or know a local business that might.

Details soon! (hint: BMX fans will dig it)


Livermore Area Recreation & Park District (LARPD) our community, the surrounding communities, and the BMX family want and need this project. There are so many people willing to volunteer their time and available resources to see this come to reality. Please support the children and their families who need another outlet to enjoy riding bikes. Bike parks and BMX is a huge need in every community and the city of Livermore definitely needs this. #ridebikeshavefun


Just an update. I got a response about the status of the new BMX track. Here it is:
Hey James,

We met with our GM and the Board about the BMX track and they are good to move forward but want to do a master plan and environmental site analysis for the area behind the skate park at Sunken Gardens. The good news is everyone is on board to have the BMX park moved to this location, the bad news is that this will likely slow things down some and require more planning.

Bruce is going to set up for the master plan and all that it entails.

As soon as we know more or if there are meetings needed for this, we will let you know.


Tom Doyle
Park Supervisor
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District


Update: cause I know you’re all patiently waiting ...obviously this is a process and dealing with the parks and rec can be time consuming but in this case they have been extremely helpful and supportive. I had a meeting on Monday at the Sunken Gardens site where we will be moving the track...GOOD NEWS they are fully on board and will start grading/scraping the area per the specs of my previous post of the proposal within a couple weeks. Then we can get dirt. In the meeting the big thing was how to pipe the water out there. They do not have a lot of man power and will pipe the water around the north end once we have turn 1 and 3 in that way if something happens to the pipes and they need to dig it up, they don’t need to rip up the track...thanks Tom Doyle and Kevin at LARPD for their suggestions! They even offered to help get a “water buffalo” out there so we can water as Brad Lovell gets to work. I told them water is paramount and a necessity. So here we go. Stand by for more info hopefully sooner than later. We are gonna need man power!


Livermore Valley BMX fans...I wanted to keep you all in the loop... Brad Lovell and I met Out at the Sunken Gardens site and mapped out the BMX track...A great vision from Brad ensued incorporating those big weeping trees as shade and a hang our area as people watch and take a break..100 yard first straight....oh and wait for the master to to bring you more food for’s going to be a bad ass site..we are finagling the plan requested by the parks department, and then it’s on...loook for earth movement to happen in a few months...we will need gas...who is going to contribute? $20 here and there is huge!!


Who’s got a 4 wheeler with balloon tires? I would like to borrow it when we resurface/reshape the track and make it all smooth?


So just a mini update:
I met with Brad Lovell and he is stoked to be involved in the track resurrection. We had a very productive meeting about the resurfacing and also about making it more friendly for younger riders to LEARN how to ride. To say the least I am very excited with his vision. That said we won’t be trying to bring dirt in until around February, pending city/LARPD liability approval. I met with the Parks Supervisor in his office, everything still looks good, we are just waiting to here about the liability Factory, which I informed him that we would wave and sign off on. Also we would like to have a work party out there to have all you guys come out, work on the track a little after the dirt is in, have a BBQ and celebrate a new beginning.


Followers of Livermore Valley BMX...GREAT NEWS! We have been given the ok to bring in new clean dirt to resurface! Yes WE!! We are a BMX Family and the powers that be have noticed the overwhelming support of what WE are trying to do out at 5800 Patterson Pass Rd in Livermore! Sooo what’s next? First we have to take care of some logistical mumbo jumbo, like liability, and safety worries, got that covered...concurrently I have been requested to get a volunteer group together, just a few guys to head the next phase of resurrection. Brad Lovell, and Jody Amos along with myself have stepped up to take that on...not sure we really need anyone else to go down to the city and give fingerprints...once that’s done be on the lookout for a post that gives possible dates of dirt delivery! Yes this is GONNA HAPPEN! We will need as many out there assisting. Things happen when you make it happen and are NICE TO PEOPLE!!!


So to update everyone on the meeting time this Thursday. I will be meeting the Parks Supervisor at 11:30 at the track. Anyone is welcome to join in. I know it’s in the middle of the week AND in the middle of normal people’s work day, but hey, that’s the time.


Meeting with Parks Supervisor next Thursday about the track!!! Hope it goes well! They like the support so far on here...that said we are gonna need an army to get the dirt down if they can’t support it. Who know how to work a Bobcat/skid steer to shape the track properly? We need you!!


Just to keep all interested up to date...I'm still waiting to here back from Tom Doyle at Livermore Parks and Rec about the dirt. Thanks to Tom Raven for asking his people about how much we has been forwarded and so we wait....

Great team! Great Cause. You can also visit the KDM GoFundMe page at
Dynamite Nation - NorCal

Great team! Great Cause. You can also visit the KDM GoFundMe page at

KDM NorCal Fans and followers!!! Visit our new web page and get some new Kid DynaMite Gear. You can also DONATE to these BMXers cause by clicking the Donate button. 100% of all sales and donations goes to providing equipment, training, fees to help achieve their goals! Thanks in advance from KDM NorCal!! Also, more gear coming soon like socks, more hats, and shirts!


So just a little update followers. I am looking at the possibility of getting new dirt out at the track to put a new surface (phase 2 of resurrection) on it. We may also get some wood chips to spread between straights to make it look much cleaner...Obviously this is gonna take some man power. If I can get this stuff who wants to do a work party/BBQ/riding out at the track? Gonna need the BMX community to show this city that we are a solid family! Let's do this!


I'm gonna be out at the track tomorrow if anyone wants to come out, ride, work on boys are out of town however but I will be there for awhile 😜


Open to the public. No RC cars or motorized vehicles please. If you see one, nicely ask them to vacate...if you do choose to rake/sweep a transition, jump/obstacle, or turn there is a rake and broom behind metal box along final straight...


5800 Patterson Pass Rd
Livermore, CA


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