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Here's the thing, if you been asked to mod *any* page I own, it wasn't on a whim. And not without asking. So I'd appreciate it if, upon a time you decide ur unable to be productive or don't wanna help these great pages, that u show me respect by asking that I remove u and not take it upon urself. It's not gonna stop my curious and nosy nature/questions. I'll ask regardless, if the mood suits me. But if u decline to answer... I won't press. Can't force it. But it's gonna surely irritate me to no end. That's not a very nice thing to being doing during the best of times. Why can't we all just do a little extra everyday, and "Pay it Forward"
Can be as simple as a smile. Does wonders. Trust me.
Well, that's enough belly aching for now.
It's Xerox's bday today, so preparations gotta be checked, rechecked.. Well, y'all get it.


Sorry for canceling the party on you guys, but things have been really crazy lately, and a party was not something I could not plan alone. I hope to be able to celebrate or at least see you guys anyway. Thanks for understanding.


Well, I know I said a while ago I'd give you an update soon on the B-Day party.. Sorry for the delay.. But I have found the perfect spot!!! Not a club or bar, not a warehouse. It's referred to as the dungeon lol

Anyway, I am not doing the 42o theme with this as originally intended.. There's some rad ass fkn events already, and I don't feel like competing.. The competitive side of me is exhausting and more fkn annoying than my over inflated ego. So, it's gonna be a B-Day celebration for not only myself but a couple good friends.. The list will probably grow, as ppl tell me their own birthday... But has to be within a week of mine...
But have no fear!!!
Keeping the Ta**us ♉ celebration theme.. So, get ur asses out of the house, my fellow Taureans.. We are by nature, usually homebodies. F**k that.
The last year of my 30s, bi***es better be there in mass lol

To close up this update... I am obv gonna need some DJ's, who out there loves me enough to donate their time for my birthday? Level 39 is gonna be a bitch, but what a great way to start it off, with some killer ass fkn music and good people?

I've asked a good friend to come out of s**tty ass retirement to play. And got a couple other DJ's secured..

There's a couple more I want to ask.. But if you would like to play, lemme know... The spot for this shindig has multiple rooms...

So hit me up if you wanna spin. There are no restrictions on hours, so we can get down as long as we want!!! πŸ’–Β©οΈπŸ’―


I know I haven't made mention of my show, like I promised...
It's taking a little longer than expected, but will be worth it.


Come on fellow Ta**uses.
Our sign is NOT fkn known for bashfulness.
Get ur asses here and let's talk. It's a party for us!


OK, where's all my Ta**uses ♉ at?
How does a Ta**us party sound, possibly on the most magical of days...


I decided yesterday that it was time to get back on the horse, and plan another show. So that's exactly what I'll be doing. Actually started yesterday, as soon as the idea came to me, I secured my first DJ. He's fantastic. He's not a one genre kinda guy either. He loves and enjoys playing many different ones. He's not a household name in Tampa Bay, so it will be my great honor to not only promote his career and not with just my show, I'll be promoting him in every way.

I'll be lining up more DJ's soon, gotta get some other things taken care of before I'm able to do so.

Pay close attention over the next few weeks... Never know when details will start being released.


A dj was approached while working by a young girl and asked for the first time, "Is Angela working tonight?" - having read about the #AskforAngela initiative He knew instantly what she was referencing, said yes, told her to jump in the DJ booth with him, (she was extremely nervous...) and in turn asked the nearest security guard the same question. Luckily, he too knew, and the young girl was escorted through the back of the venue and into a taxi immediately. Her "date" upon returning from the bathroom was asked to leave by management, he without delay turned violent and security stepped-in.

Basically, #AskforAngela is a scheme in place (established in the UK) which aims at reducing sexual violence and vulnerability by providing WOMEN and MEN with a subtle phrase to assist getting them out of potentially dangerous and helpless situations. First-dates, Tinder-dates or frankly getting home alone after a night out can unfortunately (history-proven) be a risk. I urge all DJs, venues, those in hospitality/night-life to look into the concept and educate yourselves and your staff. It may seem extreme, but sometimes you may be someones only option,
Thanks & feel free to copy and paste to your wall


I'm desperate. Maddeningly so! I have stuff in Sarasota that I need to move asap like tomorrow. Was informed last minute. I need help! Plz? If I don't get my stuff tomorrow, I lose it all. 😭😭😭


OK, so I was really getting into my groove, planning earlier this wk. So, I'm gonna plan a new event. What shall my theme be?


I am tired of being harassed over an event to celebrate a friends life, so there will no longer be a celebration of life for 1200cc


OK, after some serious consideration, I've decided to give some details for my next event. It will be a 3 day celebration of life for 1200cc.
I also ask at this time, for any volunteers to play the event. Whether u knew him or not, is not a prerequisite. Coming with some banging music is what is demanded tho. The dates of the event are August 24-26th 2018. Please do not dawdle, and let me know asap if u want to be considered. Remember, this is to mark the passing ofna friend and fellow musician, so I asked that you be respectful. If u have any questions or there's something I did not cover, feel free to message me. Lastly, this is an unpaid event, it's a charity event and all proceeds collected will go to his family.


I've got something big in the works.
Save the date:
Saturday August 25th

Hey all my DJ pals, what would u do for customized decks like the ones seen in these photos? Hit me up, and I can get u ...

Hey all my DJ pals, what would u do for customized decks like the ones seen in these photos? Hit me up, and I can get u those instrumental dreams!!!!


Hello, ladies and gentlemen!!!

Someone's birthday is just days away... >.>

That is all. Thank you for listening.

Original Decoy Productions

Original Decoy Productions


Just secured Clounsils downtown Bradenton pool hall for improv EDM / band open Mic jam style music. If in the area and interesred hmu.


Talent public announcement: when canceling an event with our company we prefer you speak with the associate that booked with you. Thanks for your cooperation.


Ok my dear friends, I'm sad to report that due to a certain individual thinking that had more clout in my vision and company, then had the nerve to ask if I was the right person for my own ideas, my own company, I was forced to tell him how it is. Hes no longer riding my coat tails..... I'm back to not having a venue. But fear not, dear ones... I will accomplish a new venue on my own. I didn't need him when he came knocking, and I certainly don't need him now.

However, doesn't mean I'm above accepting help, so with that in mind, if anyone has any ideas for a spot, please let me know.


I've made a critical decision about the video submissions required to be considered for the warehouse party. There is a deadline for submissions. All DJ's wanting to be considered must have a video submitted to myself, JR Schoneman or Shannon Toler by midnight December 20th

Artists will be notified as soon as a decision is made allowing ample time for travel and lodging arrangements.
The list will be released in the event page December 31st

Set times will not be posted.

As I posted earlier, one warehouse can't handle a get down like this, we needed 2 for a show this legendary!!! They're in an L-shape with a courtyard between them, easy for going back and forth. Therefore, I need 24 DJ's in total.

Please play on the equipment you're wanting to use that night. And don't be afraid to show us some style. Good luck to all who submit.

Sound is also needed, if you're able to donate the time to provide the sound, you'd be fabulous in my book.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!1πŸ’–
Click here to support Save my truck organized by Original Decoy

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!

I got in a pretty bad car accident today, and my truck was towed to an impound lot, and I do not have the money to get it out. They're closed over the weekend, and the storage fee is hefty, I need some help from some great people.


As I posted earlier, I am planning an event for January 27th 2018. The date is concrete, the venue is not set for warehouse or open fields.l, yet!
I already have 2 big headliners... All DJ's interested will need to email a copy of you live mixing. No live Facebook feeds please. Contact Riley Decoy JR Schoneman or Shannon Toler for email addresses.


Ok, a thought has occurred to me... It doesn't necessarily have to be a warehouse. Substantial land will be great also. Yes, I know land is limited in Pinellas, so Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota...
All viable locations. Message me if you can help me, please and thank you!!!🎢🎢🎢
Any and all help, I thank you in advance and you're help is very much appreciated!!!



I need a warehouse, that'll fit up to 500 people for one night. Pinellas County, preferably. Any assistance would be extremely helpful and very much appreciated.


I am planning an event for January 27th 2018 ....vinyl vs digital, old vs new. Maybe get some battles lined up. Got 2 names you will drop ya jaws for. If you think you're up for it, I need a video of you live mixing for approval. Not a live feed, just a video. I need them emailed, not sent on Facebook. Please message Riley Decoy for further information.

DJ Frantic and I at the best damn party we been to in a while...

DJ Frantic and I at the best damn party we been to in a while...


I plan to promote all types of artistry. Writers included... I'm not promoting myself, obv, but I would like to have ur feedback on the following poem:

~*~ The Pain Inside ~*~

Would you hear my cries from miles away?
Would you know that I'm suffering just by looking at me?
Words I cannot express,
pollute my mind, my soul, and my heart.

I'm the shadow of what I once was.
A shell of myself,
Hollow inside, and all I can do
is hide behind my facade.

Tears have fallen in darkness
Heartache a silent assassin.
There are no rainbows, no sunshine
Only cold, dark, hollows.

The pain eats at me.
The fear stabs at me.
I have no hopes of a better tomorrow.
Only darkness of the days past.


What's up, my wonderful followers? My event is coming up quick, so if u haven't marked ur calendar already, u need to do it now!!! Lol September 9th my pretties. And I've got a special guest dj coming out that night to spin. Done hate urself cuz u didn't go, cuz u will.


Sept 9th is coming up fast beautiful ppl, hope u have ur calendars marked for the most fantastic night of sin and debauchery. Gonna be a helluva night, and u def don't wanna miss it!!!


Keep your eye out my lovelies, I shall be posting soon about positions on the street team promotions that's under development I'm telling you, gonna be fantastic!!!

Rebel Circus

Rebel Circus


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