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with all the new games coming out this year i think gray zone might be the scratch wee need! steam players show 62 percent worth it
warzone stil has not brought bacxk verdanks
escape from tarkov is ripping players off after lieing then removing posts!


with all the new games coming out this year i think gray zone might be the scratch wee need! steam players show 62 percent worth it
warzone stil has not brought bacxk verdanks
escape from tarkov is ripping players off after lieing then removing posts!


with all the new games coming out this year i think gray zone might be the scratch wee need!
warzone stil has not brought bacxk verdanks
escape from tarkov is ripping players off after lieing then removing posts!


yoooooo its phill whats goody? were getting into some marauders come have fun a chill with us! I respond to chat # dads


Had another thought to share. One time my car broke down, I was 350 miles or so from home at the next city close to where I was from.

It was dead of winter.
I was going to visit someone, my travel budy ended up not being nearly as charming of a friend sober as he was when we tossed back drinks, go figure lol.

We got in a heated conversation and he said something that triggered me and I hit a patch of black ice. I lost control of the car and slammed into an ice bank on the side of the road, it was snow storming out and the bank was hard packed from plow trucks.
We had made it around 280 miles of the trip.

My front bumper was scratched up but my car when it hit the bank , it hit it like a large speed bump. My radiator was toast, there wasn’t much liquid on the ground.
We drove it the rest of the way and hopped for the best.

When I got to the city we got a hotel room and went our own ways. He basically realized my car was broken down and all the coolent had drained out. I was broke, stranded and didn’t really know what to do.
It was around -40 degrees F. Not extremely cold for most Alaskans but very dangerous still.

I remembered my dad and I were not really on the best of terms. I called my parents and explained the situation. With out hesitation, they drove down, rented a uhal truck and trailer and towed me all the way back then my dad helped me pay to get it fixed. He would have fixed it but I told him I didn’t want him to after what they just did but he insisted on paying, it was the first and only time my dad ever spent my moms cigarette money.
There was one rule for my dad to live by, never ever ever let mom run out of ci******es.
Food was less important, some times he would starve for a couple days to make sure she had them. She was very unhappy and unpleasant when she was going through withdrawals.
I love my mom, I know she has gone through a lot. But that was one of the hardest things for my dad.

He tryed to quit many times. Her smoking made him want it so bad it was hard, eventually he quit but long after permanent damage was done.
But I’m proud of him for quitting permanently.

I understand the need to have some way to cope with life and while addiction is incredibly hard for some of us ,I’d rather someone smoked ci******es then completely dump their anger at life at me or someone else.
That generation was pressured so hard to smoke.
I don’t judge them.

Anyway my parents even though they were/are very difficult people have/had some of the biggest hearts.

They could have just said kick rocks. I was no angel of a child/young adult.

But they let me make my mistakes and that was the best gift they ever gave me. Letting me learn and then helping me fix it. So kids some things your parents lie about and some times you really will understand when your older.


Give people grace. There is no such thing as “common sense “ or it would actually be common for everyone to know about it.

The first real problem I remember was…I was 3.5 years old, I remember i had a bunch of old bikes left from my brother. My mom had run him off, told my dad he hit her. I don’t know if it was true or not, doesn’t really matter. My dad as a result of send his only other blood son and his eldest son emotionally shut down. “Ether I send my son to live with my ex or I lose my wife, your mother “.

As a young man I was afraid to talk about these things as I didn’t want to put myself people in a bad light,

My mother has and had so many insecurities. Many got passed on to me. I think she made it up to get a rebellious son out of the way of her wanting to do her own business. Maybe he found dirt on her and threatened her? Again it doesn’t matter, my brother as an adult has completely forgoes the responsibility as an adult and big brother as he got totally screwed by all adults as a child(figuratively )

I loooked up to this particular brother like he was an angle, because he didn’t talk to me like a child. He didn’t treat me like I was anoying. (I was so bad I use to head butt him in the privates to get him to stop talking to girls and he totally used me as a chick magnet lol for years I resented this for him but as I got older I got over it mostly because I realized just how selfish we as humans are)

Anyway my childhood was destroyed as what might be considered a normal child hood as a result of this matter.

As a child i thought part of growing up was figuring things out.

Now for the actual hardship i endured to my ego lol. I had all these bike parts left around after my brother Mario was run off.
I built a Picasso of a bike, I wasn’t very strong as I was 3-4 years old.

I remember fighting the bolts and putting the front wheel on, I got the chain on and the back wheel secure and even used a bar for leverage like my dad had showed me indirectly. (He had me jump on some bars to loosen up lug nuts on an old flair side Chevy he was fixing up)

The front tire I got bolted on, I then road the bike and the front tire flew off. My bike flipped about 2-3 times as I recall. It’s harder to now that im in my 30s but I use to even remember things from my 2-s and early 3s.

My short recall is horrible but long term I remember the most random things, I’m sure Lloyd will call me out for this in his head😂 love you bud. You come along way and were a great friend to me growing up and I salute you for still being a great person and father to your kids.

Anyway I remember later on after the injuries, I didn’t want to go ride bikes and my sisters really wanted me to go so they didn’t “leave the baby”

(I was already shoplifting gum at the gas station when my mom sent me to get her a soda it was the 90s ok..)
(Later my father ratted me out to the gas station and they asked me who I wanted to call, the cops or my dad and me being utterly terrified of my abusive father screamed call the cops my dad will kill me lol it wasn’t so funny then)

My sister begged me to go riding. I explained my bike was aPOS(I was a very graphic child). So she offered me to ride my bike. My sister was always getting me into trouble lol but she was secretly my best friend.
She became my hero for nearly a decade after this.

So finally we set off to go riding, we hit this really steep hill. And I was like hey you shouldn’t ride my bike up that it won’t handle it. She did and I road her bike, we made it. My elder sister by 10 years said we should enjoy the ride down and go as fast as we can. So we did. My younger but older then me sister went before me.
As happened to me the bike wheel on the front took an off as she got about half way down the hill. She got totally hurt and messed up from this. She never ever blamed me or used it against me.not to my face anyway.

Yet as an early adult I held her accountable in my mind for so many things she did to me. Some I caused and some she caused.

The bottom line I want to convey is, some times we’re just people and we do stupid sheet(Facebook is to snow flake for colorful language)
Don’t hate people because they make a mistake or mis judgment on a situation. This whole idea of people never change is totally insane, don’t just someone by what others say about them, make your own conclusions. Don’t take trash talk so seriously. People just flap their lips and run their mouths.

Just remember God loves you, even if your to stupid to understand He is real. I was once too.
Its ok,
I see you,

But know this, we are all human and make mistakes, don’t be so critical. God allows us to witness things for a reason, and it is not for us to bestow our great knowledge on someone else when they are down lol, I am just as guilty as the next one. God allows us to aberve things to speak to us often times about our own life’s,

I can’t tell you how many times someone drove me nuts then I thought about it and I did the same things they did😂 anyway I love you and thanks for reading. I’m not worried about my mom reading this, she’s off living her best life going her thing and as much as she messed me up I know she loves me too and wishes the best for me just like I do for her. S**t happens man, you can’t change the past only the future. Take some damn CBDS and get some air into your brain and talk to God, you’ll get your problems sorted out, there is nothing new today that God hasn’t worked out for someone, thanks for reading, cheers


im a dad gammer with ADHD . come talk about life! I love the gym,video games, my kids and self development. I grew up in alaska and now reside in florida lol....i love blowing things up IRL haha


You know what’s almost equally as challenging as being ADHD? Being dyslexic. I will often type something and it ends up bass akwards .


Who’s been playing rebirth?


Check him out. Good vibes


“Failure is not a destination “


il be trying out a new pc game called fractured veil today. its a survive, looter shooter builder rust type game. ill stream if anyone else wants to check it out or hang out. page link in the comments


This game has so much potential. I wish they could fix the cheater problems. It’s like the owner sells them himself it so bad. Put 4500 hours in in 1.5 years after watching thousands of hours. I was the guy saying “there’s no cheaters “ “we’re just bad” this game makes call of duty look hacker free. The game should be called hackoff. Who’s ever better at hacking and hiding it wins. This game has such advanced hacks there is no way on earth they are even paying for a half way decent anticheat, this game lets cheaters use dual pc cheats and even people having radar on their phones and then when someone who’s not part of the “good ol boys club “ calls them out bsg just bans the person who’s making the call outs. Huge cash grab. Game has so much potential, I hope some people with actual money and decent dev team buys it, guts it and makes it closer to its potential.


We are now YouTube partnered!

Out touching grass watching saw x with this gemstone

Out touching grass watching saw x with this gemstone


So today I discovered the best way to “get back” at a narcissist… when they say something passive aggressive or  sarcastically demeaning. Ignore their tone and act like they were excited or need more explanation. Their disbelief with how sneaky they thing they are and it going over your head makes them question their ability to communicate and they get brain flustered and arnt able to be witty anymore 😂😂😂

A pretty dope creator I watch posted an interaction we had and I just wanted to share it with you guys. Make sure you dr...

A pretty dope creator I watch posted an interaction we had and I just wanted to share it with you guys. Make sure you drop him a follow and thumbs up on his video and let him know I sent ya

Shout out to the homie for being such a good sport and helping me secure the content! Make sure to go give him some love as well! ...

So keep telling me there is not a bunch of cheaters on tarkov, but this is how my TikTok lives go while playing marauder...

So keep telling me there is not a bunch of cheaters on tarkov, but this is how my TikTok lives go while playing marauders


So who saw me kill a player with a fire extinguisher earlier on YouTube ?!!




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