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Operating as usual


Just had and passed state fire marshal inspection, 2 down one to go, next is parish once pools epoxy coating is finished, 1 week if we dont get RAIN.... then we stock w food and play, Soon guys, your amazing


We have a young lady taking and processing applications, please send your info via messenger

As you have seen, if you drove by, we are refinishing slides w gel coat, painting metal, and of course we are re-epoxying pools, and river

We have a re-inspection thurs by fire marshal, on our recent yearly, the inspector wants us to add to painted handicap parking lot, skid proof strips on ramp on bride for river, some labeling of panels etc

Next the local parish inspector comes out, then were done

Parking lot will be turf, w gravel in drop off areas and soft spots, i love the LSU parking lot at ball fields when it was turf and rock, cool to feet to walk on

Thanks all, we have def been challenged and we all kept w it, yes we had to drop back and work problems out which takes time w govt, we will send out special invites for A sneak in day 🙂


Applications being taken in Lake Charles for all positions, 4324 Lake Street, applications are counter, we will interview starting mid week

OR you can send a resume to FB in box


Please go to LC Fitness on lake st and fill out application at front counter, the attendant there has no info on park, we will call you for interviews
4324 Lake St


Pushing for July 4th opening, tomorrow we will announce application process, by all means if interested, send us a notice and state what area you desire work

Still setting up ways to apply easily , by all means message us your letter of interest

Park will stay open into fall


Sorry for delay guys, lots going on, we have the clean up about finished, we are doing the final paperwork on slides w state fire marshal, new procedures they have, we should have all done in a week, soon guys, very soon...been a battle, we never gave up, your support has been loved and appreciated !!! Will post in a week where applicants can go, will be in lake charles


Waiting on health dept, in 30 min we will know if this “special attention” inspection process will be finished, we worked the minor items off list, have a copy signed off, wonder what surprises await? Stay tuned, we caulked the floor boards, added mop holder, have all new freezers/cooking equipment, refers, building can be operated in its so clean, ok so we wait for the “new” punch list, we had 3 already, will see....


Our water well motor shorted out two days ago and it’s deep ... pulled today and pick new one up in Houston at 10am.... better now than later, I promise to be more organized in day or so

Any commercial painters out there want to knock out some epoxy work, let me know, this will be third coat on river and pools, takes about 4 days


We will set up a application process today is plan, need help and have a lot of interest, hard to answer all of you and still work. Thank you all, still waiting on heath dept to do paperwork, should be today or tomorrow then we’re good to go...


Jd parish emailed me today saying they have the LSFM release so I can buy a permit to build the required hall w door to employees restroom, a month that took, so tomorrow I will get permit and build in a day, then get two inspections for our release to get certification to occupy, a month it took ...


I get asked a question that really makes me think "really, are you serious" and that question being "are the slides safe after being in the sun"

1. Yes, they are 3/8"!thick fiberglass and it takes a special drill bit or you will burn one up to drill through it, very tough
2. They are built for being in the sun
3. Being in South Louisiana, we have several fiberglass boats that are 20 plus years old and are half as thick
4. Other waterpark have same slides for 30 plus years
5. The average cost of a water slide is over $ 150,000 each and are not changed every couple years.
6. We have a NARSSO inspection yearly, they check every part of every "toy" on site

I hope this ends the few people who post comments about the safty of my park, it's only a few, however after all the non sense I've been through with red tape, these comments about my parks safty flare me up, I was told we were the "safest" park on I 10 !! Just not open because of govt red tape and ??

God bless all of you wonderful people that have supported us and all the drama we have been through, I know NO ONE else w a venue like this one went through what I have endured and I never quit !!! Never will, I do have another business and I get frustrated at the LA Politics, I drop back and study the issues and work them out, but why so many, we will be exposing a lot soon of what we went through and NO ONE SHOULD deal with unfair directions from the government, according to the law

Thanks to all of you and I promise the wait will be worth it, we are not your typical venue, as you will see, our prices on entry and food/beverage is not typical for the venue

I prey we can get to permit the wave pool, we have the machines on site, Same manufacturer as Disney used, really high tech stuff, was told we couldn't permit prior due to short 3 men's room toilets, we have 6 men's toilets and 5 urinals 50' from pool location ? I'm asking for consideration to allow


Update... LA Fire Marshal approved the "hall" in kitchen that we were told we needed by La DHH for a second door needed from employee restroom, so we should be able to buy permit for that $600 project this week, then repair the walls w epoxy paint as latex is not allowed (?) and thennnnnnnn ???


STATUS UPDATE...I think we have a plan to get moving, within he next two days we may be in the clear, I dont know who did what but THANK YOU !!!!!.....what a great day, THANK YOU ALL !!!!.....I will be hard at it and we will be hard at it, so now i have a question, I have NO PROBLEM with being open till it gets too cold to enjoy, the fall is the best weather, so I want to open for end of summer and fall on days off from school, weekends......what do yall think, I would think great weather in the fall would be amazing


City of Lake Charles issued building permit Nov 13,2012 to G Nugget And the La DHH authorized the construction w a letter of no objection to issue a permit Aug 15, 2014. Almost two years after they started construction, I need to say I'm a casino and not a waterpark, wow !!!! I had two letters of no objection to purchase building permits and I was shut down 4 months later because I didn't have the civil engineering submitted and that's when it all started, I wasn't installing civils, but LA law is you cant do any construction until all engineering is approved and permit issued.....unless your a billionaire?


Sorry if I dont respond fast to your messages, I do appreciate them, really do, thank you all and God bless you for looking out for local small business man.....this has just begun, I have more to tell you.....


Heres another fact.....I had to hire La Engineers to redo all my pool and filter drawings at over $ 80,000 in fees, but I have not seen any engineer stamps on the pool being built by the power center, owned by the city, I even asked the LA DHH and they said it "should" be designed by a LA Licensed Engineer, well it was NOT....but yet it is being built...I have more to share so stay tuned....UN FAIR ......EQUAL OPPORTUNITY DOES NOT EXIST IN LA


Here's another fact- we have all the engineering for our wave pool by a LA Engineer, the equipment on site from Scotland, same as Disneys, BUT, La DHH won't issue letter of no objection to build because we need to add 3 men's toilets, we only have 7 and 6 urinal 100' away, I went to a casino pool and they had 3 toilets, I said I'd put port o lets till we built more, was told illegal, but SPAR did that when the opened their lazy river ??? we have over 57 toilets on site, the LA DHH wanted us to have 96 for 2800 occupancy, as well as 50 drinking fountains and 70 showers, thats what had me shut down for over 2 years, but I fought that and won

Love to see you guys in my lazy river, I hand rubbed the stone, grinded and buffed, sealed ...this is crazy part, narrow...

Love to see you guys in my lazy river, I hand rubbed the stone, grinded and buffed, sealed ...this is crazy part, narrows to 12' here, but avg 16' wide, has 3 locations where motivation pumps are, total of 180hp pushing it, but the grass is growing and the pools are getting dirty by the day because of Political BS


Here's another fact-- about 4 +\-years ago I was told the manager of the health unit for the La DHH stated words to the effect of "they need to stop spending their money on the water park because they will never open it". That same person is the one who sign the letters of no objection I had to present to purchase the building permits by the La DHH......


When I designed our pool w a swim up bar, LA DHH said NO WAY as Title 51 of the sanitary code states it's against the law.....so we don't have one, Not allowed in LA

I think I seen one at another place? No maybe at three other places?

What's "equal opportunity" anyways ? I have pushed this so much in their face and they don't care that others have one and we don't, guess the others who have them ....... well....a judge needs to ask them why my little park has been held up and beat up so bad, I have 6 La licensed engineers designed it, NEVER WORKED without permit authorized by LA DHH


I'm just about at the point of posting the names and times of all harassment I have dealt with, it's sickening to get a plumbing inspection surprise visit on his day off to inspect you for a irrigation license, which is not enforced by the state plumbing board, it enforced by the dept ag and forestry, my irrigation license is 1257, so I called his boss and he told me he was contacted by the LA DHH and told to "keep a eye on us", wow in fact I have installed miles of irrigation as I'm a landscape and irrigation contractor who works from nola to lch, wonder why Baton Rouge gives us hell?

I have more examples but I need to try to relax, maybe time for court !


Update, 3 weeks of red tape to find out why we need to change the lavatory faucets again from lever handles to no handles automatic so people don't burn hands??? Seems a higher power down the road has friends in all the right places, this would be our 3rd time to change the faucets, I'm at a new restaurant for breakfast and they don't have automatic faucets?? This is the type of "treatment" we have dealt with for four years, I'm not giving up and I will fight this, all other inspections are done, just the DHH at it again


we are opening as Pirates Cove Water Park Summer of 2017. Now hiring certified life guards for the season, we offer highest pay in area and a season ending bonus, so please send your interest now to get a spot, will be posting job adds in Febuaray. We look forward in having a great fun season, see you soon........

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Pirates Cove Water Park's cover photo

Pirates Cove Water Park

Pirates Cove Water Park


20520 N Frontage Road
Iowa, LA


(337) 433-0515


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I ain’t believing after surviving 2 hurricanes back to back and they still won’t let this park open 🤦‍♀️
**update** the wave pool will be open
Will the park be closed this weekend due to Laura???
So is this ever going to happen?
Thought it was actually going to finally open
Really hoping that the governor announces phase 2 today, so y’all can open up this weekend!!
2019 is coming to an end🙌🏻 I hear 2020 is the year of pirates cove!
Please update on work being done and when you might open
Any new news or updates on completion?
Are ya'll open yet?