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Photos from Gas for Guitars's post

Photos from Gas for Guitars's post


Hello SNC Stores fans: I have sad news - SNC Stores will be closing up shop at the end of this week. You have all made this store a wonderful place, and this has not been an easy decision to make. I would like to personally thank each and every customer by offering huge discounts on EVERYTHING in the store for the remainder of the week. Save 30-50% on Strings, sticks, picks, and accessories!

Come in soon, it looks like Saturday will be the last day we're open. Stock up on all your favorite accessories, and wish us luck as we enter our next endeavor!


Don't forget to stop in this week! We're clearing out all drumsticks, brushes, mallets, and percussion accessories in the store at COST! This is an amazing opportunity to stock up, but act fast - items will move fast at these prices!


Once again, all week long I'm offering all DRUMSTICKS, MALLETS, BRUSHES, and PERCUSSION ACCESSORIES at COST. These are some AMAZING prices, and this is your one and only opportunity to stock up. Think major brand sticks starting at $6 a pair. I can't stress enough what a deal this is, and how important it is you act fast. Once these sell out, we will NOT be getting more in. In store ONLY!


We are officially sold out of the D'Addario NYXL strings! These have been such a raging success that we've got more on the way, and have now expanded our selection to include more gauges. These NYXL strings are the REAL DEAL, and have made such a great impression that the entire staff of SNC Stores have actually switched over to using these on all our own guitars. Great tone, stable tuning, and easy to stretch, these strings are wonderful.


Name the three most important items in your gig bag! Mine would be:
1) A checklist of all my stuff, so I can make sure I have everything at the end of the gig.
2) Nail clippers.
3) Duct tape/Masking Tape - for taping down cables, patching up broken stuff, labeling amps and settings, labeling pedalboards, and any other thing you could imagine! Must have.


Well, it's endorsement time again: I have to give another shout out to Phil's Clay Bar Detailing Kit. I have a beautiful guitar that I foolishly sprayed adhesive near. It had sticky residue, some scratches, and gunk all over it that had been there years. Yesterday while re-stringing the axe I gave it a 5 minute cleanup with the Phil's Clay Bar Detail kit - It looks EXACTLY like the day I bought the guitar now. Shiny, new, not a trace of the gunk that nothing else would remove. I will definitely start carrying these in the store, and will be buying a few for myself as well.

While on the subject of last night's re-string, I have to mention these new D'Addario NYXL strings. I've tried a LOT of strings since I started working here in our store with over 800 types of strings in stock. Some were GOOD, some seemed no different than others. Some outright stunk. These NYXL are the first string that have actually lived up to the hype surrounding them. they LOOK different. FEEL different. SOUND great. And they needed far less stretching once I put them on, a godsend if you're setting up a Floyd Rose.

So stop in sometime soon, and try out the new NYXL strings from D'Addario. Last longer, louder sound with a nice midrange bump, better tuning stability, and really great tone. This actually might be the next great step for guitar strings.


Today we're going retro! Suggest some favorite albums recorded before YOU were born! I'm starting it off with Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland, recorded in 1968, 8 years before I was born.


Left handed people: Which way did you go?
1) Left handed, plays left handed
2) left handed, plays right handed
3) I'm a drummer, I play with whichever hand isn't holding a chicken wing or beer.


What made you first want to pick up the guitar/drums/bass/microphone/keys?


You're on a desert island forever with a guitar, food, and amp. The amp has only ONE functioning channel. What amp/channel would you want it to be?


Looks like we'll be nearly doubling our Ernie Ball selection over the coming month! Including the new Alumitone strings, more extended range guitar sets (7 and 8 string), and even more gauges of the sets we already carry including the new M-Steels.


My question today: What is your opinion of Blue Steel strings by Dean Markley? I used to love these 20 years ago or so but switched to a different brand. Have you tried them lately? What did you think?


Let's finish up this last month of summer with a holiday sale. Now until Labor Day 10% off for any customers that come into the store and ask for 10% off. I call it the "ask me for 10% off" sale. While you're here, ask how to get FREE PICKS.

Okay everyone, like this post for a chance to win an entire box of Fender 150R strings! That's 12 packs of guitar string...

Okay everyone, like this post for a chance to win an entire box of Fender 150R strings! That's 12 packs of guitar strings, worth nearly $100! A winner will be drawn next week, and the strings will be shipped right to your door.

(This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We will select one winner at random and notify them in a private message.)


Guitarists: If you could jam with one rhythm section, classic or current, who would it be? Answer in the comments. My choice would be Fleetwood and McVie from Fleetwood Mac. Sure, Lindsay and Stevie might have gotten the attention, but Mick and John provided the thunder!


Just finished The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten. Great book, and definitely a different approach than the typical music literature I've read. Check it out if you can. So what's YOUR favorite music related book? Let us know in the comments!

Check out  the black and Seven Day Curse in Plymouth at Michaels tonight!

Check out the black and Seven Day Curse in Plymouth at Michaels tonight!

This Saturday night...


Tons of video to edit tonight - built a new computer just for video editing when I started having issues/conflicts using my studio DAW for the task. I want to see some inspiring video of some of your own performances to get me in the mood! Please share your favorite videos of your selves or bands rocking out a tune, playing along with a favorite song, or just doing some meedly wheedlys on your favorite axe! One random video will be selected and awarded a prize of a FREE SNARK SN-8 clip on tuner worth over $20!


My first concert ever was Sha Na Na at the music tent, waay back in the 80's. My first customer today happened to be a member of said band. MIND=BLOWN.


It's raining, it's pouring. If you're planning on skipping the beach and doing some recording today, don't forget to change those strings! Come in to SNC Music Store today and get some fresh new strings and we'll give you 20% off our already great prices! Just mention this facebook post. (cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts)


Huge Dunlop order just arrived. Next person to mention this facebook post in the store gets a free Herco clip on tuner with their order. Come on in!


Lots of stuff in today. Replenishing out Elixir selection, Augustines, Savarez, new sticks, and much much much more!


Great day today! I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July (and managed to stay dry in the hurricane!). We are open today, and I am offering a 10% discount to anyone that comes in to the store before the end of the day! Not only that, but if you check in on Facespace while you're here, you get a free pack of Fender Moto guitar picks in your choice of gauge and color. NAAAH, make that TWO PACKS! I'll see you soon...

Lots of new stuff in the shop! New M-Steels from Ernie Ball, NYXL strings from DAddario, Super Bright bass strings from ...

Lots of new stuff in the shop! New M-Steels from Ernie Ball, NYXL strings from DAddario, Super Bright bass strings from Dunlop, Primetone picks, and more stuff on the way!


New products in-stock and even more on the way! We've got the new Dunlop Super Bright bass strings in 4, 5, and 6 string sets, New Primetone hand sculpted picks by Dunlop, and on the way, we've got the new M-Steel strings from Ernie Ball, and the new NY Steel strings from D'Addario! Make sure to stop by and try some out. And we've got even more great stuff coming in over the course of the summer!

First guess as to what I had for lunch wins one of these Korg CA-1s. (A $19.99 value!)

First guess as to what I had for lunch wins one of these Korg CA-1s. (A $19.99 value!)


If you didn't know, we do basic re-stringing and setup services in-house! Reasonable rates and quick turnaround. Floyd Rose/fulcrum guitars are $50, stop tails and acoustics are $30. Includes new strings! Includes a cleaning and polish! Includes action and intonation adjustment! Includes exclamation points! Call or visit us at our Hanover location 781-826-6801


Don't forget, only two more days to take advantage of our free Fender pick offer! Just come into the store and check in on facebook to receive a FREE pack of Fender Moto guitar picks of your choice. No purchase necessary!


This week's promotion: Come check in to the store on facebook and get a free pack of Fender Moto picks of YOUR CHOICE!

No strings attached!

No purchase required!

Perfect chance to check out the store if you haven't been in yet!

Come on by and let Pete or Chris show you our incredible selection of strings, sticks, picks, and musical accessories, and don't forget to check in to get your FREE Fender Moto 12 pack of guitar picks! OFFER ENDS SUNDAY, June 8th! Offer only valid on first check in!

Time to give my endorsement on this Phil's detailer kit. Just like the kits for cars, this clay bar detailing kit does a...

Time to give my endorsement on this Phil's detailer kit. Just like the kits for cars, this clay bar detailing kit does a great job of restoring a smooth polished finish. Just finished the free detailing included with every guitar setup here at SNC on a regular customers Les Paul, and the difference is shocking.

Do you need strings for that awesome Taylor 8 string baritone acoustic?  Howabout your 5 string banjo, tenor banjo, ukul...
America's Best Music Store

Do you need strings for that awesome Taylor 8 string baritone acoustic?

Howabout your 5 string banjo, tenor banjo, ukulele, dulcimer, autoharp, or acoustic bass?

Need flatwounds, roundwounds, semirounds, drop tuning, or 7 string sets?

How about 8 string sets?

What about strings for your resonator guitar?

Check out our amazing and HUGE selection of strings for instruments of all types. Visit us today at our store in Hanover, MA. Or take a look at our selection online at

SNC Stores is known for their low prices, great selection and fast delivery. In most cases, we can get your products out the same business day you order!


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