FSLAN FSLAN is a group of gamers in the Fort Smith area who host 40-50 man LAN parties. We also work to ke


Always a good time 2-26-2011

Held at the Ga***rd Texen

Held at the Ga***rd Texen


D&D and Star Wars Battlefront are the games of the evening on TS.FSLAN.COM
Come join us. :-)

FSLAN's Teamspeak server will be online 24/7. In an effort to get all my gaming friends together in the same place, to p...

FSLAN's Teamspeak server will be online 24/7. In an effort to get all my gaming friends together in the same place, to promote good gaming, we've setup this server for everyone to use!

If you don't have the client you can get it here:
After installing, just enter the following server:

Please share with your friends!

Another successful FSLAN! Thank you all for coming and we hope you had a good time.

Another successful FSLAN! Thank you all for coming and we hope you had a good time.

Fort Smith LAN - June 20th, 2015 - Checklist

Only 1 day to go!! Hope you're ready!

Here is a Checklist to help you:

In case you forgot THE LOCATION

Speaking of being ready, here are a few things you don't want to forget:
A signed Waiver - fslan.com/Waiver/waiver-june20th2015.pdf
And If you are under 18 - a Waiver signed buy your parents!
All your PC gear with cables
A power strip - I only have so many to loan out :-)
Console - If you want to bring a console it must be able to plug in to VGA for video, and a 3.5mm male audio jack for sound
Try to download or update your games before coming
Snacks - we will have a limited amount of snacks for free, but after those are gone, you're on your own

LAN starts at 2pm. If you want to come and setup early, you can come at 12pm noon.. but no earlier! If you show up before noon, the doors will be locked, and I won't be here to unlock them.. so just don't :-)

Arriving & Setting up:
When you pull in to GoldenLiving's parking lot go to the loading dock first, grab a cart, and unload all your gear. You'll have to go down a long hallway to get to the LAN, but we'll have signs posted to guide you. Once you are unloaded, please park your car. You are welcome to use the front doors, however we've been asked not to use the carts in the lobby.

Here is a image of the building and where to go:

Rules - You must follow these, no exceptions:
No Alcohol/Illegal Substances.
No Po*******hy, of any kind.
Please refrain from cursing.
Please clean up after yourself.
No Cheating or "Hacking"!
No Wondering around the building.
No Whining!
Respect each other. Trash-talk is allowed within reason.
Please label your stuff. We cannot not keep up with it for you.
Keep your name badge on and in a visible area at all times.
Have fun!

Be on your best:
Finally, we really like this location, we want to use it in the future, so please be on your best behavior!! That means following the rules, cleaning up after yourself, and being respectful and nice to everyone you meet. Please and thank you!

Please call or text me (Check your email for my number) if you have any questions. We can't wait to see you all there, and I look forward to killing you soon!!

- LightBringer


FSLAN Countdown!
Only 5 days 3 Hours 36 mins to go

Hope you're ready for a great LAN Party! 51 gamers have registered, 40 have pre-paid. Last minute registration will remain open until we reach 50 pre-paid attendees. Keep in mind, it is first come first served based pre-pay, so even if you've registered, and picked a seat, it's possible for someone to come in behind you, pre-pay and take your spot. If you don't want to use the Pay-Pal service, just let us know and we will do are best to accommodate your needs.

Here's a link to see who has registered:

And one to view the seating:

Let us know if you forgot to pick your seat. Also, if you have registered and don't think you'll be able to make it, please let us know, so we can free up your spot for someone else.

We are really stoked, and cant wait to see you all there! Let us know if you have any questions.

I'm looking forward to killing you soon!
- LightBringer


>>>>>>>>>FSLAN 2015 GAME LIST

Registration is open!What?: FSLAN 2015 Pre-Quakecon LANWhere?: Golden Living - https://goo.gl/maps/tVMUsWhen?: June 20th...
Fort Smith LAN - June 20th, 2015 - Registration

Registration is open!
What?: FSLAN 2015 Pre-Quakecon LAN
Where?: Golden Living - https://goo.gl/maps/tVMUs
When?: June 20th 2pm-midnight
Cost?: $15 pre-pay only
Food?: Pizza and Snacks will be provided

League of Legends
Warsow (Instagib)
Fistful of Frags

Space is limited so register, grab a seat, and pre-pay with a quickness! Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you all there!

- Lightbringer


It has begun!! We are now preparing for the next FSLAN party on June 20th, so mark your calendars! Gaming will be from 2pm Saturday until Midnight. Admission will be $15 prepay which includes Pizza for dinner. Space is limited, so when registration opens (hopefully within the next day or two) make sure you act quick! More to be announced soon.




Gamers, it's time for a LAN! How does June 20th in Fort Smith sound?


We've setup a text group for organizing the Quakecon 2014 plans. Let us know if you want us to add you so you can be in the loop regarding all things Quakecon!


Okay guys and gals, it's time to commit. Are you going to Quakecon? We plan on having a registration day gaming night on the 2nd of April starting at 6pm. We'll be using Paul's TeamSpeak server (arsrv.strangled)


Okay guys and gals, this is how Quakecon registration is going to work this year:
Round 1
March 5th 7pm - $175 Quakecon Done Quick + BYOC Select a Seat
Round 2
March 19th 7pm - $150 Swag Pack + BYOC Select a Seat
Round 3
April 2nd 7pm - $50 BYOC Select a Seat

So, those who intend on getting the round 1 (QDQ) will be first to scout out FSLAN seats. We would like to shoot for rows A16 & A17. Try to spread out and sign up with the clan name FSLAN. Same goes for round 2 registration and finally, what most of us will go for, round 3. If, after round 3, we are too spread out, we will attempt a move, altogether to an open spot (maybe A52 & A53). What will make this a success is good communication. I will do my best, but feel free to text me at 479-653-3440 if you have questions. :-)

qcon.io |

Okay ladies and gents, time to pick a few rows for our group to focus on when registering for Quakecon.


What are your thoughts?

Note: if you uncheck this you will still receive system notifications. If you don't want these turn them off in Settings once you've signed up.



Round 1 of pre-registration begins March 5th

FSL - Fort Smith LAN Site

Now that the LAN party is over, we would like to hear your feedback. Please go here: http://lan.fslan.com
Click on Survey, and let us know! The good, the bad, and anything you would like to see at the next FSLAN.

FSL - Fort Smith LAN Official Site

Check out FSLAN's L337 Gamers! (As it sits now...)

FSLAN will be hosting our winter LAN party on February 8th from 2pm to 2am at the Golden Living corporate office in Fort Smith. Due room capacity restrictions, this is an invite and pre-pay only LAN. We don’t like doing it like this, but we really have no choice. We have a total of 50 seats, 29 of w...

We've got to feature this at the LAN. You must download now!! :-)
Loadout on Steam

We've got to feature this at the LAN. You must download now!! :-)

Loadout is an outrageous new multi-player shooter that’s all about the guns, baby! Build a massive variety of absolutely insane weaponry - billions of combinations - totally customized, totally unique, and totally deadly.

I have 3 rooms already reserved. :-) Who's going with us?
QuakeCon 2014 moves to July! | QuakeCon 2013

I have 3 rooms already reserved. :-) Who's going with us?

QuakeCon 2014 moves to July!Posted on January 30, 2014 by gstaffReturning for its 19th year, North America’s largest BYOC LAN party returns to the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX — taking place Thursday, July 17th – Sunday, July 20th. For regular QuakeCon attendees, you’ll immediately notice that we’ve...


FSLAN Challenge Points:

The FSLAN challenge point system will allow each gamer to grow in the ranks of FSLAN. "FP" (Fslan Points) will be awarded as follows:

Attending FSLAN: 5FP
Playing in a Tournament: 1FP
Placing in a Tournament: 3rd=1FP, 2nd=2FP, 1st=3FP
Challenging another gamer to a dual: Loser=-1FP, Winner=1FP
Helping out: We may give some FP to those who really help us out

As well as receiving a Dog Tag with your rank on it, you will be listed on our rankings page. The over all top 3 gamers will be shown on our homepage, and be given the opportunity to use their status in ways we haven't quite figured out yet.

Please take a look at the ranking page and let us know if your handle has changed since the last LAN. We hope everyone has fun with this!



Pictures! Twas a great time.


Okay gamers, what if we were to choose one night a week and one voice server to be an official gaming night and meetup for everyone in our LAN/gaming community? It seem like, after our LANs, we should still meet up and play. Any thoughts/suggestions on how to make this happen?


1000 Fianna Way
Fort Smith, AR


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