Flowtoys Creators of the world’s favorite glow poi, batons, juggling clubs, and martial props, innovators of the flow-wand, and makers of the first rechargeable LED glowstick, flowtoys is a pioneer in providing glow toys loved for play, practice & performance.

Get a peak of who we are + what we do:
Read more about us here:
Check out our history here:

>>> Where we sell and share our creations:
flowtoys website:

Get a peak of who we are + what we do:
Read more about us here:
Check out our history here:

>>> Where we sell and share our creations:
flowtoys website:

Operating as usual

Registration Open! May 2022 Poi for Seniors Virtual Course

Amazing opportunity for the right peops! Kate Riegle van West is hosting a Poi for Seniors course and registration is now open!

⭐️ ABOUT: This course will support you in learning how to work with poi as a therapeutic tool for older adults. Through hands-on training you will learn how to facilitate poi sessions for seniors across all levels of care, and upon course completion, you will become a Certified SpinPoi Instructor.
⭐️ WHEN: Course sessions are Saturday May 28th and Saturday June 11th from 2 - 6pm PST via Zoom. (This is Sunday May 29 and June 12, 9am - 1pm New Zealand).
⭐️ REGISTER: For more info and registration visit:

This will be the last course in a U.S. friendly time zone for a while, so if you live that way, get amongst it! 🌎

Flowtoys is hiring for a position that hasn't been open for many years :: we're looking someone to help with ecommerce &...

Flowtoys is hiring for a position that hasn't been open for many years :: we're looking someone to help with ecommerce & content management, as well as produce graphic/media assets for various projects.
This role is ideal for someone with outstanding organizational and asset management skills, who takes pride in wearing many hats and staying on top of things. It requires tech savviness, a good aesthetic and branding sense, solid writing skills that are honed towards clarity and helping people, a love of focused work and enabling more awesome in the universe. Experience with e-commerce desired, willingness to learn is more important.
You will be working directly with the founders of the company, and be an integral part of a dedicated, motivated and fun team in a company that is regarded as the best in its niche industry, and has a well-loved workplace culture.
>>> Web content management & sales channels optimization
• Manage, update and maintain website content
• Assist w/ our Amazon, etsy sales channels, including adding and managing product listings
• Manage product catalogs across all of our channels (website and 3rd party sellers) to ensure consistency in pricing and branding
• Assist with SEO optimization, Google and Facebook ads,
• Assist with creating ad assets for online marketing

>>> Graphics & other media
• Help design/produce digital and print flyers, banners, in-person events, catalogs etc.
• Assist with creating and maintaining product support documents
• Assist with basic videography and editing needs

Bachelor’s Degree in communications, marketing or graphics design preferred; though we will consider community college or technical school certificate, with relevant experience
2+ years experience in relevant fields

>>> Work habits
• First-rate organizational, asset management and problem-solving skills
• Consistently follow through on tasks and communications
• Effectively juggle, prioritize and plan work activities, and use time efficiently
• Possess strong attention to detail, while being able to see the big picture
• Friendly and upbeat with a positive attitude, and willing to pitch in to help achieve the company’s mission
• Effective, accurate and articulate in speech and writing, listen carefully, and proactively seek clarity
• Ability to work independently and in a team environment

>>> Skills
• Strong ability with graphics and digital asset management, web content management
• Experience w/ html; css and Shopify a bonus
• Strong abilities with Adobe suite, especially photoshop and indesign
• Comfortable with word processing, spreadsheets and other office applications
• Interest in flow arts, personal transformation, making awesome in the universe

Starting $23/hr, DOE
Part time / full time
401k after first year
Health, dental and vision benefits for FT

If you're interested in working at flowtoys, we'd love to hear from you! Please start by filling out this form:, or email us at [email protected] to get a link to our application form.

Application deadline: 15 May 2022

how to charge anything off a power tool battery

Want to charge almost anything off a power tool battery? I posted a pic of me at Lucidity Festivals using a RYOBI TOOLS USA 18V battery to power my laptop, and several peops asked us how we did it ... so here's a how to video :)
Sean has so many lifehacks like this, we should start a video blog


Feast on over 2 minutes of The Throw Zone: Juggling with Jeremiah jammin' with his vision clubs! We're excited to announce that we'll be working with Jer on 1 and 2 club tutorials for poi and staff spinners who want to start their club journey, as well as 3 club juggling tutorials. Stay tuned!
>> If you've been thinking of getting vision clubs, we're doing a sale this weekend on all vision props. You can use code "arise" for 12% off through end of Sunday (Pacific Time). We don't do vision sales often - just sayin' :)


We are so happy to work with hoop extraordinaire Amy Wieliczka to showcase our recently released collapsible polypro hoops. Amy is highly technical and discerning, so when she gives her thumbs up, we are honored :)

A big thank you and shoutout to Rion Fish for videography and editing


The Throw Zone: Juggling with Jeremiah having a sweet juggle session with his vision clubs at Lucidity Festivals ... keep watching it just gets better.
This was our first music festival since 2019 and we had such a great time. It was wonderful to connect with friends, community, get our dance on ... we had a terrific team and co-created a FlowZone with Nick Heyming. More pics and videos coming soon!

Hello all you Bay Area flowmies! Most of you may have heard this already however we recently brought back our indoor flo...
Flowjam DJ questionnaire

Hello all you Bay Area flowmies!

Most of you may have heard this already however we recently brought back our indoor flowjams!

Losing the ability to host jams was one of the hardest parts of the pandemic for us, since so much of what inspires us is our connection to our local community.

We're so excited to be able to host events at our lovely space again, and more than that - we're so excited to be able to offer beginner workshops to kick off our weekly jams :)

For those of you who are interested in volunteering to help get others started with a new prop, we have a form you can fill out here:

We're also looking for folks who are interested in playing live DJ sets at our jams too! We've had several folks ask about coming in to play live sets, and would LOVE to make that happen. For those of you who are interested, we have a sign up sheet here:

If you know of any potential instructors/DJs that this post may not reach, please pass it along.

Thank you for all the love and support, and we look forward to making some magic with you!

Thanks for your interest in DJ-ing a flowtoys jam - we totally appreciate it! They happen every Wednesday from 7-9pm. If you are available and interested, please fill out the brief questionnaire below. If you're a good fit, we'll schedule you in for a DJ set at an upcoming jam. If you have any quest...


Congratulations Erika Dennison! You have won the "watch podpoi TV" contest in celebration of podpoi's 10th anniversary!

Last chance to enter the "Watch fun podpoi videos" contest and stand to win a pair of podpoi  Contest deadline 28 Februa...
podpoi durability test - epic video

Last chance to enter the "Watch fun podpoi videos" contest and stand to win a pair of podpoi Contest deadline 28 February 2022
We'll do a draw in March for the winner - if it's you, we'll send you or anyone you want to gift a pair of podpoi v2. Feel free to be funny in your comments 🙂 Have a blast watching or re-watching these vids ❤

Podpoi are known to be extremely durable - we put the theory to the test in this video.Impact tests: 2x4, baseball, bulldozers, excavator buckets, flaming sl...


6315 Doyle St
Emeryville, CA

Use it as often as you can or bike!

Opening Hours

Tuesday 11am - 5pm
Wednesday 11am - 5pm
Thursday 11am - 5pm
Friday 11am - 5pm


(424) 704-3569


Design principles: We design products that are durable, affordable, rechargeable and modular with easily replaceable parts - all our products are quality, and come with a lifetime warranty. We believe that rechargeability is key for any illuminated product and do not support cheap disposable novelty items. We have designed our products such that a user can easily replace or upgrade any component rather than having to purchase a whole new product if a single part should fail.

Our products are designed to be interactive - while many flowtoys also serve as beautiful ambient lighting or fashion accessories, we seek to facilitate play, practice and a state of flow among users. Our designs are often influenced by the beauty of our natural world and seek to inspire reflection through interesting and beautiful aesthetic features.

Production principles: Our production is guided by resource, energy and material considerations. Durability is key with our manufactured products as we consider this to be a critical difference between sustainable and disposable products. Most of our parts and many of our products are produced in-house with great consideration towards material efficiency and re-use. Our packaging is minimal, recyclable and often made from recycled products or re-used materials. We suggest alternative uses for flowtoys that are no longer in use, and offer an end-of-life take-back program, re-using scraps in art and other projects.


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Our Story

Flowtoys seeks to help illuminate your life, and inspire and motivate movement.

Creators of the first rechargeable LED glowstick, innovators of the levitation wand dance, and producers of the world’s favorite glow poi, LED juggling clubs, juggling staffs, twirling batons and martial flow props, flowtoys has been a pioneer in producing glow props loved for parties, play, practice and performance since 2005.

All our illuminated creations are rechargeable, come with a lifetime warranty, and exceptional customer care.

Our vision and mission

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#blooper from day 3 of 11 of my performance contract at Frost Festival Regina ❄️😜 Can always count on Amanda Panda Syryda for colourful commentary 😂 Vision Double Staffs from Flowtoys are the best 🌈🤗 use my code "theflowarrior" for a discount on your next order 😜 #lovemyflowtoys #findyourflow Day 34 of #traineveryday2022 #practicemakesprogress #frostregina #flowtoys #glowtoys #glowstaff #glowprops #ledstaff #flowarts #pixelprops #pixelstaff #staffspinning #flowartist #flowartseveryday #flowartistsofig #flowartistsofinstagram #flowartscommunity
Thanks for having me Hippodrome Circus! What a fabulous season. Special thanks to Play and Flowtoys for the props. Shout out to Jack & Ben Jay, Adam Roll, Brandon and or course Maddy for bringing the heat. Thanks Mat for filming as always. Hope to make a comeback to the Hippodrome one day! 🙏 bye for now 🙏💫
Consistent practice is POWERFUL 💪😁👍 Want to get good at something? Commit to practicing a little bit every day, even just for a few minutes. You'll be amazed at how much those little pieces add up to create BIG CHANGE. And it just feels good to be in tune with the benefits of your focus and commitment. Trust me! You won't regret it! Day 30 of #traineveryday2022 #practicemakesprogress #consistencyispowerful P. S. My Flowtoys Vision staffs are the nicest glow props I own, and that's saying something is you've seen my collection 😅🌈🤩 Use my discount code "theflowarrior" if you want to get some for yourself 😜 #flowtoys #lovemyflowtoys #findyourflow #flowartist #flowartistsofig #flowartistsofinstagram #flowartscommunity #flowartseveryday #doublestaff #staffspinning #pixelprops #pixelstaff #flowarts #doublestafftech #glowtoys #glowstaff
I love my Flowtoys Vision props. 🌈🤩 They are beautiful, bright, lightweight, and made by the best company in the business. Highly recommended as a staff spinner of 16years who has owned many different staffs (and has been using flowtoys products for 10+ years). You can use my discount code to get 10% off your next order 😉 Video courtesy of @panda.hoops At Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Fête 2022 last night. Day 15 of #traineveryday2022 #practicemakesprogress #lovemyflowtoys #findyourflow #visionprops #flowartist #flowartistsofig #flowartistsofinstagram #flowartscommunity #flowartseveryday #doublestaff #staffspinning #pixelprops #pixelstaff #flowarts #glowstaff #ledstaff #staffspinning
Day 10 of #traineveryday2022 with my #visionstaff from Flowtoys They are a small business that make arguably the best led toys in the world, backed by the best warranty, ethical/sustainable design, and huge supporters of the flow community! Check them out! Use my code for a 10% discount off your next order 😜 #lovemyflowtoys #findyourflow #visionprops #flowartist #flowartistsofig #flowartistsofinstagram #flowartscommunity #flowartseveryday #contactstaff #staffspinning #flowartist #glowstaff #ledstaff #pixelprops #pixelstaff
Fun to watch, and maybe not so hard to learn.
I TRANSITIONED A WAND THROUGH A MIRROR!!! I am beyond excited to release this video!!! I spent HOURS AND HOURS working on this project. I want to dedicate this video to YOU! To anyone who has ever battled with self-doubt. I know a relationship with yourself can be love hate. Don't listen to the harmful words you say to yourself. You are good enough
Juggling is often a religious experience. Clubs by Flowtoys 🙏🏽🎪🌁🕍🇮🇹 #NorthBeachJAF #NorthBeachJugglingAcroFlow #juggling #acro #flow🎪 #filmmakerfitness #circusarts #flowarts #flowstate #fitness #health #mentalhealth #screentimedetox #circusartsheals #flowartheals #flowstatetherapy🤸🏽‍♂️ #adocumentree 🌳 #mangelomedia 🎥
Love my staff! Won best dressed at the holiday party...thank you #flowtoys #adafruit for the idea!!!
My staff was AMAZING! I won best dressed at my Fire&Ice Christmas party...the staff was so amazing people were asking to take pictures with it! THANK YOU FLOWTOYS... (I got the staff idea from #adafruit
At midnight on Christmas Eve, my sister took out her camera and I took out my Flowtoys. Thanks F***ypphotos! 🤩🌙 A minuit le soir de Noël, ma sœur a sorti son appareil photo et moi mes flowtoys. Merci F***y ! o°o°o
Happy #doublestaffdecember! 🥳 My staffs are from Flowtoys