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FUZZ Game Team FUZZ is an elite team of Game Developers dedicated to making awesome games. Our flagship title; the infamous "Guitargonauts: Rock 'N' Rumble". Our mission?

From their secret underground moonbase in a volcano at the bottom of the ocean:

FUZZ, the game team that were to make the most epic games in history, heroes devoted to spreading joy and awesomeness throughout the land. We here at FUZZ are dedicated to creating memorable and inspiring play experiences. To rock your world, baby! FUZZ's flagship game is the Untitled Rock Game (URG), a rock'n'roll ro

mp through the World of Rock for you and your friends. Grab your guitars and drumsticks and gather your allies, you'll have to jam your way to victory over the forces of metal. Can you help free the Genres and bring harmony to the World of Rock? Come on, feel the noise; It's time to get wild, wild, wild, and crazy!

The Weary Sailor's Remedy

We know all you salty sea swabbies out there are ailing, and we're here to do what we can. Enjoy two soul-soothing shanties from our mobile project, Tappy Tappy Tip-A-Ship. Search hard and you may even find a bonus track recorded by the FUZZ founding members! https://soundcloud.com/fuzzgameteam/sets/the-weary-sailors-remedy

FUZZ, the creators of "Unititled Rock Game", bring you the ROCK AND ROLL vibes from our original soundtrack, podcasts, soundclips, and more. on twitter:


Project Kraken has become so fearsome that Poseidon himself would abdicate his throne and make our game the new emperor of the ocean... or at least the emperor of ocean-related jam games. We're working toward an official mobile release, and more news will be coming on that front very soon!


Introducing Project Kraken! Stay tuned for updates as FUZZ takes to the seas! We'll be singing shanties and striking out for new territory!

FUZZ_Episode1 - Google Drive

It's the start of the holiday season! And we here at FUZZ would love to share with you, our adoring public, the greatest celebration of all! A polished and pristine new build of Guitargonauts: Rock 'N' Rumble! http://tiny.cc/FUZZ15oo


1. A new build of Guitargonauts: Rock 'N' Rumble is rocking your way TOMORROW NIGHT! Stay on the lookout!
2. Next week, FUZZ is planning a game jam! In just 48 hours, we're gonna be jamming out a totally new project from scratch! We don't even know a thing about it yet, other than that it's gonna be full of that good FUZZ mojo! More news soon!

FUZZ_Episode1 - Google Drive

It's finally here, Fellow Rockers!
Follow the link below to download our newest build of Guitargonauts: Rock 'N' Rumble! Try it out, and don't forget to look at the readme and take our playtest surveys so we can make an even more face-meltingly hard-rocking experience for our next build!
(Note: Sorry to harsh your mellow, Apple users, but we don't have a Mac build stable just yet. Stay groovy, we'll have that ready for you soon enough).


Hey Fellow Rockers!

We are back here on Facebook! But don't think we have been slacking off as we have spent ALL SUMMER working on GUITARGONAUTS! With a new build along the horizon, and a new plan to increase interactions with YOU, our fans, expect a lot of new information coming out to you soon!


Guitargonauts Trailer

Here's the trailer for our Indiecade submission and many other submissions from here to eternity! Get hyped!

FUZZ is making their first united game, Guitargonauts: Rock'N'Rumble. Full of Rocking, Rumbling, and Real Guitar-Action. The METAL has invaded the Glamlands ...


Public Alpha is wrapping up! We're aiming to release next week, so go find your guitar controllers and get psyched, it's gonna be FUN.


FUZZ's Official Website is now online. That's right, Rockcadets, more signs of the coming Alpha.

The Greatest Video Game Team EVER


243 S. Wabash Room 920
Chicago, IL


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