Lucy's Land of Lights

Lucy's Land of Lights Animated Christmas display in South Riding VA that doubles as a canned food drive


And thats a wrap! Want to thank everyone for coming out this year. We had a ton of traffic and hope you liked it. Happy new year and see you next November!


Hey all, been quiet. We've had technical issues all year. Battling the wind but we're making it work! Come on by, Tune radio to 96.5FM!


TURN EM ON!!!! Starting tomorrow 5PM TO 10PM SUNDAY TO SATURDAY. 96.5fm on your radio. Not 100% yet but we will get there.


And thats it! Left the lights on the house for a little longer this year. Was happy to see the show had 1 last watcher on the last show before I turned them off for the year. Thank you all for the support. Take care and we will see you soon.


Merry Christmas! Lights are on!


Doesn't look promising for lights tonight.😔


Going to cut the playlist down to the main songs and let it go on friday and saturday. That way traffic keeps moving. During the week Mon-Thurs itll be christmas wrapping + clemson back in rotation.


thinking about going to pop songs after christmas this year, what do we think?


12/4/2020 6:00 we have rain incoming ---NO LIGHTS TONIGHT :( try again tomorrow.


Lights are on


No show tonight. It's ultra wet. Try again tomorrow.


Holy moly. Tonight's traffic resembled Christmas eve!! Good to see so many people enjoying the lights around the neighborhood!


New radio station. 96.5FM seems to happen frequently these days. lots of new stations popping up around here.


SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21ST 530PM LETS TURN THE LIGHTS ON!!!! 96.5 FM radio station, you know the drill come out. enjoy the lights. I miss you all

43034 tippman place
chantilly va

This might be the best mix I've ever created
October 2, 2020

This might be the best mix I've ever created



Theres a chill in the air. That can only mean one thing, will be putting lights up soon!! See you Nov 26th at 6pm!!


Lights are off for the rest of the year till Thanksgiving night. The wind tore a bunch of stuff off the house. I hope some of you were able to come out and enjoy them. Glad I could shine a little light during a weird strange time. I also hope everyone stays safe while we get through this chapter.


Lights are on. It's a beautiful night. Times are tough, and strange right now. Get out of the house and come listen to some 80s tunes. It will be ok in the end. And if it's not ok. It's not the end.


No lights tonight too wet. Tomorrow should be good!


Lights in March?!?! We need some cheer these days. Come out and see them!


Thats a wrap! We are done for the lighting season. Hope everyone had a great holiday and we will see you thanksgiving night!


Got the club mix songs on the lights if you're over Christmas songs. Come on by and boogy🕺💃🕺💃


What Christmas song would you like to see done next year? Just talked to a family whose song is Last Christmas by wham...give me what you got and i'll see if we can make it happen!


WE'RE BACK!!!! That was a disaster but we are 100% again.


Major technical issues happening. Not sure what's happening yet. But hopefully we are 100% as only half of the lights are working


No lights tonight. So tired of the dark ... forecast looks good for a while tho also will probably run them till after the first weekend of the new year


No go tonight. Anyone else over this rain? Going to try Saturday night.


We are on tonight !!! Weather looks decent for us these next few days to keep on shining!


no go again tonight :(


probably off tonight


43034 Tippman Pl
Chantilly, VA



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Orgins of Lucy’s Land of Lights.

A light display named after a dog that taught us everything it meant to live, love and forgive.

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Congratulations, you made Redfin's list of the best places to see holiday lights! Here's the link if you'd like to share:
Good Luck and Good Weather for the Lights.

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