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NaVera Farms Home & Gardens As a private residence, we consider our home to be one of the most wonderful, relaxing, and peaceful farms in America. A place where our mind, body, and soul become one with nature.

A natural, environmentally committed, smoke-free, chemical free, private residence with gardens. EMF/EMR managed. Cell & Wi-Fi free. A quiet, serene "Safe Place" for all life to live in harmony, safe and protected from modern society.

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The Pros and Cons of Owning Chickens in the Suburbs
The Pros and Cons of Owning Chickens in the Suburbs

The Pros and Cons of Owning Chickens in the Suburbs

Owning chickens in the suburbs might not be for everyone, but please consider it. Here's a long list of both the benefits and detriments of keeping chickens in a not-so-rural area.


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. "Mahatma Gandhi


Children learn by example...

Life without the technology was indeed "Life."

Life without the technology was indeed "Life."

Rooster got a "make-over."  Thank you, Susan and Sheri, for rejuvenating an old, rusty mascot of NaVera Farms!  He looks...

Rooster got a "make-over." Thank you, Susan and Sheri, for rejuvenating an old, rusty mascot of NaVera Farms! He looks magnificent with his new colors!

Mobile uploads

Mobile uploads

Spring Images with
Dogs, Cats &/or Horses.🌷

Artist: Don Crook

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Mobile uploads

Artwork by Ladybug Art

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Mobile uploads

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Mobile uploads

Everyone is happy about Spring!

Everyone is happy about Spring!

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

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Heather wants you to know that goats are very intelligent, inquisitive, and curious animals.🐐💟

They are just as clever as dogs and are capable of building emotional relationships with humans, much like other animals we've let into our hearts and homes. 🏡

"If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn't we?"

Mobile uploads

Mobile uploads

Please sign.  Thank you.

Please sign. Thank you.

Chickens boiled alive. Pigs dying from heat and lack of ventilation. Animals still alive and aware as their process of mutilation and dismemberment begins.   

Farmhand 8am to 2pm weekdays (Callahan)Looking for a happy, dedicated Farmhand.W-4 paid employee.Must be of legal age,Re...

Farmhand 8am to 2pm weekdays (Callahan)

Looking for a happy, dedicated Farmhand.

W-4 paid employee.

Must be of legal age,
Retired animal lovers also encouraged to apply.

Able to lift up to 50 pounds of feed and hay, walk, run, climb, bend and twist. Must be able to relate to the gentle, trained animals and honor them by name.

Looking for a dependable, reliable, accountable person who can feed and care for farm animals from hens to equine, alpacas to goats.

Includes working outdoors, cleaning the barns, fields, feeding, watering for four-legged animals and hens.
Prefer those who have worked outdoors and with animals and have a full respect and love for all animals.

This farm is holistic and environmentally friendly using no chemicals etc.

We represent a smoke-free property, all cell phones remain off and stored in our vehicles during our working shift.
Our Bees and wildlife, thank you.

Standard feeding and safety policies apply and will be explained accordingly.

More hours may be available as needed for projects.

Please send an email with interest and introduction. We will send you an application!
A criminal background check is processed for all employees.

Excellent references of reliability "on the job" get priority.

Job Types: Part-time

Salary: $12.50 per hour

Monday to Friday 8am-2pm
Weekend hours available too!

This job is outdoors in the fresh air.

Animal care: 2 years (Preferred)
outdoor labor: 2 years (Preferred)

Contact us by email for a general application.


46480 Sauls Rd
Callahan, FL


(904) 879-9203


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Our Story

An Organically committed, Natural, Cellular Free, Wireless free, Smart meter free, Cable-free, Satellite -free, Chemical free, Smoke free, environmentally committed, Feng Shui, EMF monitored, Artesian watered, nurturing farm set in a pine forest. The farm residence is filled with the scents of essential oils and healing vibrational music. An environment void of all CFL or LED lighting dependencies. A few “landline” phones seen but rarely heard. All internet is hard-wired through-out the home to ensure a safe place for all. A Media Room offering a vast library of classic comedies and inspirational entertainment, books, and games only, no media news or TV drama enters this environment. Cell phones are kept in the vehicles or garage and powered off to honor all life forms.

Indeed, a quiet, serene, healthy place for of all animals, birds, bees, insects, friends and visiting guests who want to enjoy time away from the daily grind, the way it used to be, in one of the only “Safe Zone” and truly healthy locations in the country.

NaVera Farms is also registered as a “Certified Wildlife Habitat” by the National Wildlife Foundation and considered a “Safe Zone” from all chemical use in addition to no wireless technology. The health of all living forms. natural resources and Mother Earth are all paramount.

For the protection of our animals and guests, this property is gated, patrolled by Watch Dogs, and monitored live by SafeTouch Security.

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What a fun and educational place!
I posted a question a couple weeks ago about your infrared lights for prefer or control. What brand/s do you prefer?
Hi! Can you share the brand of infrared lights you’ve been using to keep out the predators? Are there some you’ve tried that didn’t work, or do you have a favorite? Thank you for your help!!
Social Distancing seems to have inspired Bill to Spring into Easter mode. What joy it brings. Well done, I say....
Support the local arts and get tickets for you and your friends. Come join us for a belly laugh. It will be a blast!
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Growing up my mom used to take us to upstate NY to visit the family farm. I have memories of baby cows suckling on my fingers. I didn't know at the time anything about the fate of those animals. As I continued to grow I started learning more and more and became a vegetarian in my early teens because I couldn't bring myself to eat an animal. Now as an adult I have learned so much about cows, pigs, goats, chickens, and horses. It is only because I have taken the time to get to know these animals better and understand that all things have feelings, personalities, and deserve to be treated as individuals. (Cows) like this one when grouped together in a herd all look the same and when we don't get to know them independently there is no emotion attached. We have been accustomed to view them as a consumable product rather than an individual living breathing being. Look at a large gathering of people, perhaps a group who are marching in protest. hundreds of people all in one place. We all look the same for the most part, a big glob of human beings moving together. BUT when you single us out individually and get to know us, there is a deeper connection, a personality, a human being who has dreams, desires, likes, wants, and needs. The same is true for that herd of cattle or flock of chickens. Single those animals out, get to know them and they have personalities that like to lick, cuddle, communicate with us, play, and they know the difference between each other, their favorite foods, and the sound of a vehicle or a persons voice. I (Jessie, the creator of EPIC Outreach) am so passionate about inspiring KINDNESS and COMPASSION for all things. This weekend I am going to visit NaVera Farms Bed & Breakfast to learn more about what it takes to care for farm animals. I cannot wait to share this adventure with you. Stay tuned for more fun farm animal pictures. #BeKind #ChooseCompassion
For the cattlemen out there... Saturiwa Trading Company NaVera Farms Bed & Breakfast Florida Farm Bureau Federation
Oh my gosh! You did an amazing job! Please thank Candy for us too--great shots! I love, love, love the photos!! It was a magical day. We are all huge animal lovers. Thanks for providing such a healthy way for the kids to interact with animals.
Many thanks to you and to your team, Bill, for our wonderful encounter with your farm family. The boys have not stopped talking about it and their delight in meeting all the animals. Your farm is a little piece of heaven on earth, a place where all living creatures are cared for with love and respect. Thank you for trusting us to share in it for a little while. --Debby McCall