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If u think Annabelle is the scaries & most dangerous doll, then you haven't met Amanda the Doll. Amanda the doll is so demonic even the cameras that took her pictures would actually die & not work again, that's why there's no picture of the doll. All the pictures on social media are just claims, there's no real picture of the doll. But all the people that seen it describes it as "a very cute doll with cute blonde hair , but when u look at her face for more than 5 seconds , she'd actually change her facial expression, she might smile or change her eye sight, & you'd actually feel some chills on your body just By looking at the doll.


If you feel like something or someone is watching you but when you look left and right you see nothing, you forgot to look up.
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If you are about to die in your dream and you wakeup, that means your brain doesn't know what happens after death.
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