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Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer✨| Water Signs 💧

Someone’s been back and forth with the legal system! I feel an offer coming & being able to walk away or move forward from an conflict or agreement with the judge!


Pisces,Scorpio,Cancer💧 | WATER signs ✨

Somebody getting ready to embark on a new journey, but this what you asked for! Decided you wanted to explore something new… You were practical and took the steps! So what’s the consequences to that?? Getting new offers, traveling, learning and going back to school, or simply doing something you’ve never done before!

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Libra, Aquarius, Gemini | AIR signs 💫😌
Collective Message ✨💗

_There may was something came up that prevented you from traveling or getting away,.:: had to overlook the situation and make sudden changes & decisions from a situation that you have no control over ; You may have had plans to do something, but I feel it happening with a little more time and patience! It could’ve been a move you was working hard to expand work, business, or overall finances…

**Moving forward from unexpected situations that resulted in losses’ w/ a relationship or marriage, being tied to evil people & their repeated cycles ; but clarity and truth made you aware of everything that was going on in the past from a person that was trying to hide their actions and lying about it 🤫🤔

You could still be trying to heal from a situation where people were doing things behind your back’ very competitive energy ’ talking mess about you but watching you, possibly two or more people ( from family ) that has a conflict with you, … they like attention and may go back and forth… continue to stand strong with a positive attitude! Just because they family don’t mean you have to be around and tolerate them!!

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FIRE signs 🔥 | Collective Message 💫💛
Aries ♈️ Leo ♌️ Sagittarius ♐️

People doesn’t have your best interest right now, finding everything in their power to mess something of yours up! Putting in extra work to see it fail too:.. day in, day out looking to see what you up to! & Of course, you know this person(s)… there’s been problems with them in the past’…couldve ganged up with other friends or group of people!! You may give to this person or bought this person a gift; or received one! But I wouldn’t give or take anything else because theres a bigger agenda that involves taking what you have 💫✨

Someone trying to figure out what’s next for them, making adjustments and decisions to make money! Could be working to do your own thing, going back to school, studying, or teaming up on an oppurtunity! Stepping into a new direction, working hard and being dedicated to what keeps you grounded! Someone may feel the best decision for them right now is travel & get away from everything, reconnect back to self & determine what fulfills or need to be implemented to bring you full circle & in alignment with the desires of your heart & path ✨💫💛😌

🗣🗣Stop sacrificing for the wrong people just to suffer in Silence! If it ain’t both ways, it shouldn’t be NO WAY 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Earth Signs| Collective Message ✨
Ta**us, Virgo, Capricorn 🔮💫💛🪶🌎

_Happiness never felt better, not letting anything or anyone stop it! And they’ve definitely tried and low key in competition, it’s SAD 🗣they don’t wanna see you happy 🫣 or the recognition you get! They wanna throw you off your grind, and see you struggle! It could be your money, relationship, or
Job ; watch your close friends, it’s jealousy- so if it feel off or they acting weird it’s not to be trusted😒!

_ a person thats very aggressive and shows a lack of emotions’ may be around or was causing emotional strain or feelings of you being alone and left out… misunderstood.. emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive! leave immediately, or if you have I feel a new love that will come your way, 💗 when you reach that certain level of peace or through a travel trip!

_A lot of you still in your healing phase ❤️‍🩹 from a painful situation w/ someone in the family! Had to learn lessons and make big changes, ending negative actions and people! Lies turning to truths, triggering feelings and emotions to be all over place from the things that surfaced ,& you’ve felt to always been true! One lesson here is to always trust your gut feelings, even if their actions show different🤷🏽‍♀️

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WATER signs 💧 | collective message ✨

There may be a need to get back on track with health &‘ finances.. I feel a lot of you may be feeling weak or tired! Health wise & emotionally..: In bed all day, worried, or taking days off to improve and build your strength!

_There will be alot of you choosing to walk away from drama & not indulge in the messiness from people that’s always chatting or worrying about others business! removing people & telling people the way it is …cutting off friends; family ; & partners! Because they grimy and always watching on some sneaky! Over & tired of wasting energy on selfish humans … starting to focus on what’s genuine & reciprocated ✊🏽😌

Re evaluation is needed sometimes to prevent hurtful or bad situations …even though you may feel deeply connected, the tie can be so toxic! The people you feel closest to have hidden agendas & may need to be judged for further approval 🥴!!

-Block people out that like to go back and forth, talks crazy and wanna argue through phones and social media. These people wants attention and have nothing but time on their hands! Where is it really getting you? 🤔

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Lighting this ”Brown” candle for MYSELF today! Grounding my energy / Balancing Vibration & Connecting/Centering to Earth...

Lighting this ”Brown” candle for MYSELF today!
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Pisces.Scorpio.Cancer ( Collective 💕)
WATER signs 🔮💕

-I feel there was a loss taken! Now youre trying to build something back up that fell’ Working hard or implementing different ways to manifest! Being more careful with choosing what’s important for you & not letting one wrong decision cost EVERYTHING! There was a change that caused an unwelcoming shift in your life’ …. Leading to isolation and shutting people out! Constantly battling how things use to be & scared of change! But now is the time to have courage to step into a better situation’ where new opportunities are presented and waiting for you!!

-You’re waiting on something to come to fruition! The seeds has already been planted and started showing signs of life’ all that’s needed is a little more time and patience because every day takes it a step closer in the growth process! I do feel a decision has already been made when it comes moving,traveling, or taking this new adventure’ making new moves for family and it was straight from the Heart 💚 it takes a strong person to make big decisions and stick with it! It was a matter of balancing desires with emotions,feelings, & using your intuition and inner guidance🔮👁 …. Now you’ll soon be giving birth to success 😌💫

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Libra.Aquarius.Gemini (Collective MESSAGE💕)
AIR signs 💫💛 ( 44, 111)

-I feel silent sufferening, someone may be healing or trying to release burdens and let go! Lighten a heavy load….Making decisions & choices to bring stability to a situation, r/ships, or money! I feel a lot of you taking more action/being practical with your work or going in a whole new direction! Trying to figure things out, being creative, & resourceful to manifest your desired outcome!

-Theres really bad trust issues with a child’s father’ repeated actions of hurt, rushing at you crazy trying to fight or argue….. someone could’ve gotten an injury ( hands or head may were injured and had to get wrapped or covered) I feel the need to always watch and be guarded! They are watching you close as well, STALKING!!! Very unstable situation, where you had to make quick judgement and decisions…. because all hell broke lose & this relationship or marriage has to end!!! There was a fight or disagreement that cause this as well! But you made a decision to stand strong and not be caught up in the repetitive hurtful actions & left!!! I feel you needing to get more rest, to rejuvenate & refill your power! Don’t give in because a lot of deception is around you & power is needed to balance and make strong decisions! So choose wisely because there’s some people hiding or doing hidden things in the shadow/ operating out of the dark!

-Someones pregnant 🤰 or going to find out that they are! & there may be some drama & looking for answers! I do feel an ex partner thats trying to come back in the energy but it’s NOT good whatever it is/ it was a karmic connection… But I feel communications & misunderstandings or somebody being scared about the consequences of the situation! Congrats on your little

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Ta**us,Virgo,Capricorn / Collective💕
EARTH Signs 💫💛 short messages !

_You left em out & kept it kicking!!! Not once looked back & Ain’t giving another Cent😌✊🏽

_Move forward from back and forth situations, they don’t want to commit! Let em go!

_They stalking you, it’s okay if they sad or hurt’ you’re tired of the drama & not putting up with the BS! Let the wheel keep on spinning’ ….it’s consequences to every action, so let KARMA take this one off your hands!!!

_Now that the drama is ending’ it’s time to work on yourself’ flow with the change instead of resisting! There’s a group of people that you’re around that doesn’t care for you/running their mouth… & you need to accept the peace that comes with getting away from this! Yes it may be hard because it’s family’ & you care for them but they don’t have anything good for you! Giving you every reason to side eye when they around 😒

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Aries,Leo,Sagittarius ( FIRE message )
Collective, Won’t Resonate w/All ✨

I feel a struggle & someone having to make up for hard times! Could be financially, or relationship related! -Connected to a person that is a negative influence with back and forth energy ’ or needing to get away from negative patterns and cycles because I feel someone feeling like they have control or power over you! So there’s a need to go in solitude to re-evaluate life,situations,& people ! Someone needs to find balance when it comes to sleeping/ I feel stress, and being up all night alone having thoughts of everything coming down on you & its affecting overall emotions! Within a group of friends’ there’s jealousy or someone watching you close’… & some action needs to be taking because there’s feelings like you can’t get away or out of this situation with 2 or more other people that’s very confusing, corrupt and dishonest! I feel there’s an issue with sayin NO or just constantly giving to these people that may be expecting something all the time🤔 which is feeding the situation and making you more accountable for it but I see a point where there will be judgement, self-evaluating, learning lessons and
making better decisions for your future😌💚

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Pisces,Scorpio,Cancer ✨💛 WATER message 💫
Won’t Resonate w/All 😌
_i feel many opportunities being presented’ and carefully considering all options before taken any, because not all are coming from a good place at this time! I feel this with Love-gifts, money, friends. Hidden agendas, Coming from a person that may show care &deep feelings, making it sound good about what they wanna give you! Trust your true feelings about their actions, because I feel betrayal and heartbreaks coming. Some of you are Saying No & not taking any offers, because you already know it’s not sincere! I feel a mother main focus being family & stability foundation wise. Working hard, trying to make extra money, someone has 2 jobs trying to support family…

*Sacrificing with finances and material changes…A loss, of a job or home! A marriage trying to balance and improve finances, find their happy place & contentment, to better move forward! I feel sad emotions from an unexpected situation… a heated situation….fight/argument occurring between two masculines( jealousy or competition) and a mother….I feel there is a lot of lying and manipulation with the situation/bad back and forth communication….so distancing and getting away from the situation is best 💚💫

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Don’t Let Toxic People, Places, & Things Hinder You From Reaching Your Destiny 😌💚 You’ve worked too hard 🗣


Capricorn,Ta**us,Virgo.( EARTH signs)
A message for someone 💫🌟🔮

I feel a person from your past, ex partner or known from childhood ; you had turn away from’ start fresh & find balance’! Maybe trying to figure it out a little more’ and explore enjoying life and not having to take on the consequences and actions that comes with a relationship right now ’ could’ve been situations with outside people, consistently going through a situation where a person not showing trust, having to keep your eyes on a person, back and forth argument/with communication. Something was off & resulted an ending! This needed to happen’ because it was disrupting Power,self esteem & confidence! So don’t let the situation hold you back! I feel smart, secretive( people can’t figure you out), hardworking, in control of direction/success… Having will power! I feel a higher purpose 💫🙏 SO stand strong, have courage through these shifts, cycles, transitions, endings, beginnings! Alot of you may feel the need to get peace, distance, travel from overthinking’ or thinking on past.,., up all night…. I feel someone need to get some rest,, & a pregnancy!!💕💛💫

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We are open 🔮💕 Book your Readings ( General, Clarity, Love,Finance ) ! Send a message below for your request along with ...

We are open 🔮💕 Book your Readings ( General, Clarity, Love,Finance ) ! Send a message below for your request along with name! $10.10 for each individual request- send to $AnuLyfePalace ! Thanks 😊💫


We are open to schedule readings! Clarity, General, Love & Finance…. $10.10!Send a message to the inbox with requests please’! If there are any questions please feel free to inbox 💛💛


WATER signs 💫Pisces.Scorpio.Cancer
Message✨ May Resonate,May Not!

#36 #9

I feel many of you have a lot of wisdom and could be great leaders or teachers but may be conflicted or confused, scared to step out of your comfort zone! There may be high emotions’& more thinking than actually doing it’ but know that you’re on the right track! It’s just up to you to DO IT ! I feel New seeds being planted, and someone making bigger investments and securing and nurturing what they’ve built so far’ reaping BIG fruit gaining and increasing materially and spiritually having more than enough to provide! Also third eye chakras are activating, opening up so you may begin to understand and look at things on a higher level,seeing or feeling something differently than others around you receiving messages and downloads from the crown! Someone may need to communicate or talk to their sister or mother’ I feel an imbalance with foundations and family’ Spirit says this a time to GIVE rather than take! So if there is something that can be worked out through communication, call them’ talk about it’ reach out! It’ll do your HEART a lot of justice! It should be out of love ❤️ What do you need to release ? All negativity needs to be released to balance Spirituality and practicality! 💫✨


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Libra.Aquarius.Gemini (AIR signs)
A message for someone 💫

I feel someone taking a chance at love again’ maybe had an unexpected or unpleasant change or loss; a very toxic & wishy washy person in the energy that put you through a lot… I feel overthinking and reflecting on past moments and trying to find answers to why something happened the way it did’ ! I do see someone trying to explain but only stay true to what you feel’ this could be a past partner connection or person you grew up with! With patience and time I feel a foundation becoming stronger’ from a connection with a very caring and passionate person that will have deep feelings and offer you love💕 some of you could be stressing over some legal matters, court cases, and actions with family getting justice’ keep the faith because I do feel someone getting really good news and offer’ exemption or being let free.. followed by a gathering or celebration’ with an overflow of love & happiness!

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Ta**us.Virgo.Capricorn (EARTH signs )
A message for someone 💫

I feel someone being undecided about stepping into something new; a job,relationship, or business! Or wanting to travel and seek success in a different area’ , looking in a new direction! There could be fear, sadness, & worry about struggling or being alone’! Which those feelings will only hold you back and keep you in that stagnant energy! Growth requires separation! & I feel this move is needed’ for better jobs & opportunities that will elevate you in life! Trust the process! I feel a lot of you need to figure out what you really want & be more careful with who you falling for’ I feel you taking on a lot of burden & long nights overthinking’ ! Someone could have recently got out a relationship & the person you were dealing with may be all over the place since you left but you chose peace and to remain distant and I feel a new start !! The relationship was off, very back and forth! So you guarded your energy & protected yourself’ learned your lessons & now making adjustment to not repeat the same cycle !!! 😌💫

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Aries,Leo,Sagittarius ( FIRE signs)
A message for someone 💫

Somebody was lying to you, but you’re going to get the truth! Whoever this may be has no regrets for their actions…There may have been an ending to this love connection with an ex’ walking away because this person didn’t wanna give you the answers you were seeking! It may was a fight that happened and you had to be strong in standing your ground! I feel new moves and positive changes coming with a lot of choices! And for whoever this person in your energy thats argumentative or like to pick fights may be under judgement’ learning lessons and being held accountable…carrying heavy burdens they’re trying to heal from! A lot of you have people from your past stalking & trying to come back and offer you something’ so trust everything you feel because you made a decision to move forward off the emotions you felt at the time & stood firm on EVERY word since!!! You don’t need any setbacks!!!! Continue to focus & pour into YOURSELF, because “SELF LOVE is the best Love “ 💚💛
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Cancer.Pisces.Scorpio ( WATER signs )
A message for someone💫

Very Joyous energy’ Foundation focused!! I see self care and nourishing. I feel security and stability when it come to finance & work related! …. Taking care of business and being about YOU! I feel a karmic phase going on, get out what you put in type deal! A lot of you have worked hard for everything you have now’ So you’re receiving a lot of GOOD in return 😌 I feel someone patiently waiting & reaping benefits!!! I see a completion date! Finishing a goal or reaching fulfillment! Getting outside recognition, rewards,collaborations,promotions,&pay raises! Also someone could be getting a degree or scholarship & celebrating these accomplishments! Preparing to walk down the aisle to join in marriage’ I feel all over emotions from a mother that may not know what’s next on her journey to success, or starting fresh, traveling, & taking new opportunities! I feel a big transition happening, making decisions & deciding how or where you want to move forward! You have many opportunities to choose, so carefully choose the cup that’s important for your growth! People are in your energy field that’s constantly watching or trying to see your next move or use you that need to immediately be cut off! If you feel this around you,… set those boundaries, then celebrate the PEACE 🎉✨😌 Congrats to Everyone 💕✨ LOVING THIS ENERGY 💚💚


Libra,Aquarius,Gemini (AIR signs)
A message for someone 💫

I feel a lot of you are manifesting new homes,cars, & a way of life! Being optimistic, open, & dedicated to starting fresh for your family, husband or kids! I feel a strong soulmate connection’ may be planning to go on a trip to bond and spend more time and share new experiences! I feel a renewal or awakening happening in relationships! I feel some of you are ready to walk away from something but overthinking the possibilities or what you may really desire! The emotional lack may come from this imbalance and instability with this father or person you have kids with that could be controlling or aggressive’ …. Like a strong toxic tie you can’t get away from’ but there’s something that’s constantly feeding this energy or it could be something you’re not giving in to, and continually falling for it! Time to get out of this energy🗣 !! I feel decisions, Big decisions for this person that may took the time to themselves, laid back, chilling, or healing, whatever the case may been’ for you to be to yourself… I feel a love offering coming in for you that will be taking to the next level! It’s being delivered straight from Spirit 💫✨



Ta**us,Virgo,Capricorn ( EARTH signs )
A message for someone 💫

I feel there’s too much thinking and not enough sleep! A lack of emotions or trying to balance and restore feelings’ to keep from walking away from a situation or being that you already have. There may be a disconnect within family or kids, a person thats very toxic in the energy that possibly was manifested!! I feel people giving offerings that you should avoid or keep your distance from! Someone may feel stuck about some decisions and stressing about a pregancy🤰 please focus on your mental health it’s not good for the baby 💕🎉Congratulations it’s a Blessing !!!! 🎈🎉 I do feel some relationships ending’ unwelcoming and unexpected things happening, where others will try to control the situation! But Spirit is in control’ & no matter how much they feel they can’ nothing can be done by them🗣 it’s not in their control😌 also theres a person to be careful or watchful in this group of people you call friends’ you hang with, there could be an situation or argument happened or will over someone’s baby father! It’s lying & sneakiness going on & the truth will come out!

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Pisces.Scorpio.Cancer (Water Signs)
A Message for Someone 💫

I feel a need for peace’ maybe a getaway trip’ travel a few miles a way! Just to get some alone time&pull back from people a little bit! I feel there could be people watching you or your social media!! A Very toxic and dishonest person’ or a person that causes chaos then run from it’! I feel you’re not accepting anything anymore, not picking up the phone, or going anywhere just over everything! A lot of you have to release alot of things you’re holding on from a connection that you were in, and I feel some connections with kids father! It has caused alot of trauma, anxiety, stress, sleepless nights - may had to endure abuse or a man that was forceful.. always argued or wanted to fight! I feel a mother that has been manipulated or had to struggle with all the things that she find power in’ but know there’s more to life & your kids are depending on you!! it’s better to learn and be more considerate and careful with the choices you make esp when you have several options available to you’ because sometimes we face unexpected events that will end something just as quick as it started then left dealing with the grief from it, though this message may not been so uplifting Spirit says to celebrate your lessons learned, Take the accountability & Use this for your future Judgement😌💚


It’s the 1st of DECEMBER😌💫 & The start of A New Day , to try A New Way !!!! Rejoice & Be Glad in It 🙏
Blessings & New Beginnings 🎉🎊🍾💕


If it still hurts you or make you feel uncomfortable but makes them happy & all good! It ain’t to be trusted 🤨 that’s your cue !!!


FIRE signs ( Aries,Leo,Sag)
11:11 Message ✨

I feel an ending to a very difficult period’ it was a lot to deal with & too much to keep carrying! So you felt the need to cut all ties and walk away !!! This is a person from your past that you were in a r/ship with’ that brought deep hurt & betrayal ! I feel that you may have thought you had everything under control or everything would eventually flow and go in the right direction but it turned out your world been turned upside down! I feel there may be a rush to trying to make a family or finding that person that completes your family! Spirit says slow down, what’s the rush? You have to let everything align for your good’ & this is according to Divines Timing ✨ let it come to fruition💫 you’ve entered a period that requires independency, self care, & taking care of everything that keeps the foundation going!! Stay consistent and dedicated & you will lovee the finishing product 💚💚

Open for General, Clarity , Love & Finance Insight 💛

Open for General, Clarity , Love & Finance Insight 💛


There’s a need to build your immune system or keep it well kept’ during this time and esp with the holidays coming up because something’s in the food & of course we probably don’t see it’ we can only feel the way it affects us!!!! & if you’re feeling some type of way after eating certain foods, make a better choice to not eat it again please!!! Listen to your bodies!!! I got a download last night which was only a confirmation!!! Something’s going on with the food heavy that’s making the people feel sicker & can’t explain certain reasons for it 🗣🗣 that’s it, that’s all !!! Take care of yourselves & don’t eat from just ANYBODY 🗣 yes it’s a time of love & family bonding & I’m here for it ALL😌 but something’s going on & of course y’all gone do what y’all want but I encourage making more of your OWN food at home because it’s a little safer & you will at least know what you’re putting in it but I’ll update if I receive more 💚💚💚
GrandRisin’ ✨


Aries,Leo,Sagittarius( FIRE signs )
A message for someone😌💫

There may be love and strong feelings for someone that you would want to be serious and start something new with! But wants it to be the right timing!!! I feel you’re the type of person that’s low key, to yourself, or just been pulled back not really doing much communicating or just loves you space!!!!! So this may be a change that you eventually wanna move towards or make! I feel that there is alot of things that may be going on around you or attached to you that you will take care & handle before you really choose & consider this step! Also you may come off as stubborn or an “ I’ll do it myself type of person”! So try to balance that energy’ because I do see things starting to align; and the blessings pouring! & this person will bring you joy, and a strong sense of belonging!!! New love & relationship is on the way…. & a possible soul mate connection coming in that will lead to recognition from family ‘ friends, & outsiders !!!💫💛

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