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Dragons Den Gaming Dragon's Den of Ohio encompasses the Dragon's Den Armory, and Dragons Den Gaming.

Operating as usual


Dragons Den will be closed next Friday, August 12th. Locals will be cancelled that day. We'll be open for business again on Saturday the 13th at noon as usual.

Check out our profile on Whatnot. Sells online and live shows and games coming soon.
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Check out our profile on Whatnot. Sells online and live shows and games coming soon.

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Dragons Den Gamers!
Due to the Aelimor event this weekend, the Den will be closed this Friday and Saturday. We'll be back at it next Wednesday, March 23rd. Yugioh locals Friday, and Force of Will Saturday, will be cancelled.
We apologize for the inconvenience,
Dragons Den Staff


Super players! I'm sorry to say that our prerelease kit for UW7 will not arrive in time today. We were hoping, but unfortunately it's not going to. We're going to have to postpone the event until next week, either Wednesday in place of Locals, or next Saturday. Please spread the word around, I know some of you make quite the drive to get out here, and I'd hate for you to do that for no event.


The bad weather continues- with the level 2 weather advisory for Summit and parking ban in Barberton, we will be closed today, February 4. These are scheduled to end tomorrow morning, and we anticipate being open as normal tomorrow.


Due to the continued bad weather, the Den will be closed today, February 3. Well be keeping a close eye on the weather for tomorrow, hopefully it lightens up


Dragons Den Gamers!
In anticipation of the bad weather tomorrow, we are cancelling Dragonball Super Locals, and we anticipate we will be closing up shop early, likely by 7 o'clock.

Happy New Year everyone!One quick announcement before we get back into the swing of things tomorrow - we're extending ou...

Happy New Year everyone!
One quick announcement before we get back into the swing of things tomorrow - we're extending our holiday sales into the new year! All of these deals will be continuing on through Saturday, January 29th!

Sales this holiday season!

Sales this holiday season!


Updates to our Locals scene!
Seems lately the vast majority of our Yugioh players are preferring to play on Friday, and Wednesday has been rather scarce of late.

So! We're going to start hosting Dragonball Super on Wednesday evenings, starting on November 3rd. We're working on becoming a Bandai store, and checking out event formatting. We'll have postings with more details up as soon as possible, but the time will remain the same as current locals - 6.30 Wednesday evening.

Back to Duel!Konami put out a new promotion, celebrating getting closer to normal with events! We're attaching it to the...

Back to Duel!
Konami put out a new promotion, celebrating getting closer to normal with events! We're attaching it to the Locals on November 5th. Winner of the Locals takes one of these mats, the top 8 players get a field center, and another mat will be given away at random!


Dragons Den Gamers!
The Den will be closing up a little early next Friday 10/29, at about 6.30p. Yugioh Locals will be cancelled that evening.
-DDG Staff

There were go! Starlight Stardust Dragon!

There were go! Starlight Stardust Dragon!


Hey y'all! With Ohio rolling things back, we're back to full capacity today!


Dragons Den Gamers!
After reviewing the new CDC guidance, and the announcements from the State of Ohio and the Summit County Board of Health, we are revising our mask policy in the Den. It is strongly recommended, but not required for our customers to wear face masks. We encourage everyone to be as cautious and safe as they can be, and use all the tools available to continue the waning of the pandemic.
Dragons Den Staff


Force of Will players!
Unfortunately due to the plague and the weather across the country, shipping has been severely delayed. We will not be getting the prereleases in time for our events tomorrow, so we will be re-scheduling for next Saturday, same times and structure.

Pokemon has come to the Den!We're now starting to carry new sealed Pokemon, and working on the tournament scene is next ...

Pokemon has come to the Den!
We're now starting to carry new sealed Pokemon, and working on the tournament scene is next up!


Dragons Den Gamers!
Our hours are re-adjusting back toward normal with the curfew pushing back:
Sun-Tue: Closed
Wed-Thu: 3p-10p
Fri: 3p-11p
Sat: 12p-11p (12p-2p high risk)


We got our confirmation today that we'll be getting the prerelease for Blazing Vortex- more details later today!

Dragons Den Gamers!We've got some new support for remote TCGs, starting with Yugioh Remote Duel. We've gotten in hardwar...
Join the Dragons Den Gaming Discord Server!

Dragons Den Gamers!
We've got some new support for remote TCGs, starting with Yugioh Remote Duel. We've gotten in hardware to facilitate a very simple Remote Duel setup, where you only need your phone. The fixtures will suspend your phone over your play field, using your normal camera to show your opponent your field while using your camera's screen to show theirs. All you need then is the Discord App and to join our server (

We have several of these fixtures on hand to loan out to players. To sign one out, we will need a valid ID and contact information (like checking out a library book). Or if you prefer, you can use one while at the Den instead of taking it home. If it happens that Locals matchups are both Remote Dueling from the Den, they can at their option use the transparent screen setups instead. In accordance with the governor's order however, no more than 10 players can be accommodated in this way.

Check out the Dragons Den Gaming community on Discord - hang out with 3 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


Dragons Den Gamers!
We're taking pre-orders for the next Force of Will set, The Magic Stone War! The set releases in February, but we need your pre-order by Tuesday, December 15th. This part is noncommittal, we just need to know how many boxes we will want to reserve from our suppliers.
Box Price $90 if paid by the end of the week before release (February 20th). They'll be $100 on the shelf on release day.

2020 Holiday Sales!Active now through December 19th, our last day of the season.

2020 Holiday Sales!
Active now through December 19th, our last day of the season.


Dragons Den Gamers,
Our store hours will be temporarily reduced in accordance with the state mandated curfew. We will be closing at 10pm on Friday and Saturday for the duration.
DDG Staff


Quick update for this evening - the Den will be closing at 9pm tonight for a private event.
--DDG Staff


Dragons Den Gamers!
Pre-orders have just opened up for Alice Origin 4: Prologue of Attoractia! We need to let our supplier know how many boosters we want by June 15th. If you will be wanting whole boosters or cases, make sure you let us know by then!
Interesting to note, it looks like they're moving back to the old structure of boosters: 36 packs to a booster, 6 boxes to a case.


Dragons Den Gamers! An update!
For limited-attendance events, since not everyone can make it to the Den very early, RSVP on the event page to hold a spot. The first 10 people to RSVP with a post will have their spot held until 20 minutes prior to starting. It does need to be a post as well; clicking the 'Going' button will not tell us who the first ten were. 20 minutes prior to the event, any unclaimed spots will become walk-in first come first served.


Dragons Den Gamers!
Next week we will be attempting to restore some sense of normalcy, while respecting the regulations and recommendations of the Governor's office. Locals will begin again, and the Alice Origin III release next weekend will be held.
However, we will have to impose some new rules to make this work. First, all of these will be limited to 10 participants. Second, we will be erecting transparent barriers on the tables, and spacing everything out to support Social Distancing. There will be a few more, but we don't want to get into the weeds too much right now. Keep an eye on the Events tab; we will be making updates today.
-DDG Staff


Today, we are opening for Retail Operations only. We have set guidelines in place that will be aligned with the order from the Governor and we ask for everyone’s patience as we continue to fully reopen.
We also will have modified hours until we are back to full operations. Wednesday- Friday 2-3 for At- Risk (by appointment) 3 pm - 9 pm for the general public; Saturday 12-2 for At-Risk Customers and 2-9 for general public.
Current Limit is set to 10 Customers at a time, we while masks are optional inside, they are not optional when looking though singles.

Thank you very much for your continued support and patience.


Dragons Den Gamers,
Looking over the regulations for re-openings in Ohio, the soonest we will be able to reopen is the 12th, along with other retail businesses. We are not certain yet if we will be able to host tournaments when our hours would resume Wednesday the 13th. Event dates will be changed to anticipate the 13th, but these may be pushed back as we find out more information.
--Dragons Den Staff


Dragons Den Gamers,
With the Director's Stay at Home Order today, we will now be closed through at least April 6th and events between now and then cancelled. This includes the Aelimor event that was scheduled for the 5th. We will keep everyone up to date on any other changes to the Den as the situation continues to develop. For now, please focus on staying safe and prepping your decks and character sheets for when the dust settles.
-Dragons Den Staff


Dragons Den Gamers,
In light of the announcements today, the Den will be closed and all events cancelled starting tomorrow, Saturday March 21st through Tuesday March 31st. As new developments arise, this could extend further into April. Please bear with us as we navigate through this uncertain time.
-Dragons Den Staff


Dragons Den Gamers!
We are continuing to monitor the situation with COVID-19. For the time being, we will be open normal hours and will continue as planned with scheduled events. As the situation develops, this may change.
In the meantime, we will be taking some extra precautions at the Den. We are re-organizing the tournament area to create gaps between each table to increase the distance between players. Please do not pick up or touch other players' cards wherever possible. There are several hand sanitizers available, please use them, and please exercise the cautions recommended by the CDC. If you are not feeling well, please stay home. There will always be more events, more tournaments.
While we want to continue to provide a place for fun and relaxing, the safety of our players is more important to us. We will keep going as planned for as long as is practicable.
-DDG Staff

Even more God Pack pulls for the new set!

Even more God Pack pulls for the new set!

Pulled three Kitchen Dragonmaids in a row! Looks like his friend is a little jealous....

Pulled three Kitchen Dragonmaids in a row! Looks like his friend is a little jealous....


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Looking for a yugioh group to hang out and duel
Dragons Den Gamers! We're still keeping an eye on the weather, but so far it's looking alright for the afternoon. We'll be open at noon as normal, but playing it by ear after 4pm
Just got My Will My Game, Cheshire Cats sweet.
As Force of Will has taken off so well in the community of Dragons Den. I was wanting to start a "The Den Of Dragons" Force of Will team. If we can get 4-10 people to team up and start practicing regularly, getting decks, and meta down. I think we could have alot of fun and do relatively well at these upcoming GPs. I can provide the car, with gas and hotels being split. We could keep the price of travel low overall. The entrance fee and food would be self paid, but again the entrance fee per person is rather low, and a sign up prize helps offset the cost. These are the two most reasonable, the one in Toronto is also viable for those whom own a passport. ( Doing all three is also an option as it drastically ups the chances of doing well.) Each player receives a play mat the image below is the mat. 1st Place win get all expenses paid trip to worlds in Tokyo, Japan. 2nd/3rd get invites to World's. Force of Will GP Collinsville Gateway Convention Center Address : One Gateway Drive Collinsville, IL 62234 Date : Jun 30th and Jul 1st Registration time : 9:00 am Regulation : Constructed (New Frontiers) Entry fee : 20USD Force of Will GP Minneapolis Minneapolis Convention Center Address : 1301 Second Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55403 Date : Apr 7th and 8th Registration time : 9:00 am Regulation : Constructed (New Frontiers) Entry fee : 20USD
jammie or chris can you forward the picture of wands and wand tree and staffes to me my phone lost all my staff pics