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It'd be great if the people that have been spamming us would take a moment to research our firm and realize we're in direct competition...

HBO Intro - Behind the Scenes

Life before digital 3d modeling. You have to respect the amazing craftsmanship put into the practical effects.

This was shown between features in 1983 on how they made the HBO Starship in Space logo sequence. Very cool.


If anyone's interested in testing out the Texas Hold'em segment of our new game, we'd love some notes on it.


How's your week going? We're knee deep in combinatorics.

During the development of our newest title, we wanted to make sure there was an updating option built in if we later nee...

During the development of our newest title, we wanted to make sure there was an updating option built in if we later need to fix errors, add features, etc. Many distribution platforms such as Steam, Apple Store, Google Play, etc, already have an update feature built in. We were interested in adding a solution that allows our game to be published via other means.

After hours of digging through samples and documentation on programming an Auto-Updater for our Adobe AIR 17.0 based project (from Flash CC 2015 in AS3) We’d like to share the solution in simple, easy to follow steps for other developers looking to add this feature to their application.


STEP 1: We need the some files in the latest Flex SDK. This can (currently) be found here.


STEP 2: Once it’s downloaded, navigate to frameworks\libs\air. Copy the applicationupdater.swc and applicationupdater_ui.swc somewhere on your computer (either in your project directory, or somewhere in the flash system folders).


STEP 3: Include these .swc files in your flash project by clicking on “ActionScript 3.0” settings. On the “Library path” tab, click the “browse to SWC file” button and add your newly downloaded files.


STEP 4: Create an update configuration .xml file to be included in the package. Change the ‘visible’ parameters to “false” if you’d like the application to update without prompting the user for any reason.


STEP 5: Include this xml file to your package by visiting the publish settings of your AIR application. On the “General” tab, click the + button on the included files section. Then navigate to your newly created .xml file.


STEP 6: Add this AS3 code to your project:
import air.update.ApplicationUpdaterUI;
public var appUpdater: ApplicationUpdaterUI;
public function onStatusUpdateError(evt: StatusUpdateErrorEvent): void {
public function onDownloadError(evt: DownloadErrorEvent): void {
public function checkForUpdate(): void {
trace("checking for new application");
appUpdater = new ApplicationUpdaterUI();
appUpdater.configurationFile = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("update_config.xml");
appUpdater.addEventListener(UpdateEvent.INITIALIZED, updaterInitialized);
appUpdater.addEventListener(ErrorEvent.ERROR, onError);
appUpdater.addEventListener(StatusUpdateErrorEvent.UPDATE_ERROR, onStatusUpdateError);
appUpdater.addEventListener(DownloadErrorEvent.DOWNLOAD_ERROR, onDownloadError);
public function onError(event: ErrorEvent): void {
public function updaterInitialized(e: UpdateEvent): void {
trace("checking for updates");


Step 7: Don’t forget to call checkForUpdate(); whenever you initialize the project (or whenever else you’d like the project to check for an update.)


Step 8: Create your update_descriptor.xml. This tells your project where to find the .air file.



Step 9: Add your update_descriptor.xml and new .air file to the server location defined in the update configuration .xml file (STEP 4).


NOTES: Make sure your new file’s version number matches the one in the update_descriptor.xml or it won’t install.

Clandesdyne | FontStruct

We just created a few pixel fonts for our new game and are publicly available on FontStruct.

FontStruct. Build, Share, Download Fonts

What if I told you that everything you've ever said, or ever will say is already written?
Library of Babel

What if I told you that everything you've ever said, or ever will say is already written?

A project towards a universal library. By this art you may contemplate the variation of the 23 letters.


Calling all PC gamers! Do any of you have a preferred controller?

The MoveRPG overworld map is now integrated with the fitbit data!  You'll be able to select your destination and physica...

The MoveRPG overworld map is now integrated with the fitbit data! You'll be able to select your destination and physically walk to that location.


Who said that OAuth 1.0a had no AS3 (Flash to AIR) support or documentation? The internet, that's who...

After several hours of wrestling with it, we now have full access to Fitbit user information. We're on our way to fitness gamification!


Does anyone have a recommendation for an LED style font that's also fixed width? I need something that has the '1' character right justified in the character space.

"What's in the box?", he asked, knowingly.

"What's in the box?", he asked, knowingly.


Oculus Rift DK2 is on the way!


FLV & F4V are deprecated‽ If this is the case, then why haven't you supported a more standard video format in Flash CC 2014, Adobe? If I need to embed a video into Flash, you need to give me a decent tool to convert it.

CSS - Imgur

This is a hilariously accurate illustration of how I feel about working with CSS.

The most viral images on the internet, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.

Captivate 8 and communication with Flash Widgets via AS3.This post is for the frustrated Captivate/Flash developers out ...

Captivate 8 and communication with Flash Widgets via AS3.
This post is for the frustrated Captivate/Flash developers out there that need a quick fix.

I recently upgraded Captivate to build some rapid development e-learning for a client. So far I’ve been very impressed with the new, solid UI. Adobe’s done a great job with polishing up the interface and cleaning up some of the bugs I experienced before. However, there seems to be a void of documentation on creating Flash “widgets” for Captivate. The existing blogs and forums recommend using a 3rd Party API called widgetfactory. I have two issues with this… first, it’s made to export as a .jQuery UI which isn’t what I’m looking for, and secondly, it’s broken. When I integrate widgetfactory code into a new Flash project (CC 2014), I get a few errors more than I care to troubleshoot. My other recommended option is to use the “Create New Widget” feature directly from Captivate 8. However, this also throws an error: “A JavaScript error occurred. At line 8 of file “data-1624473173812.jsfl”: Error: exportPublishProfile: Argument number 1 is invalid.”… comon Adobe, get it together!

So are you ready for the good news? You don’t need those complicated APIs to pull data into your Flash widget to display them in a more creative way that Captivate natively allows.
Just drop these few of code on the first frame of your .fla file, publish, and insert it as a widget!

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
function isStatic(): Boolean{
return true; //denotes that this is indeed a Captivate Interactive Learning Object
if (ExternalInterface.available == true) {
ExternalInterface.addCallback("isStatic", isStatic);
function onEnterEveryFrame(aevent: Event): void {
var captivateVariables:Object = Object(parent.parent).getMovieProps().variablesHandle;//Here’s where we grab the Captivate variables.
//slideNumber_txt.text = captivateVariables.cpInfoCurrentSlide +" of "+captivateVariables.rdinfoSlideCount; //Here is an example of how you can pull said variables.
this.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onEnterEveryFrame);

You can grab system and user defined variables with this. Here’s a list of system variables that still apply (as far as I’ve found):

Something to consider, if you ‘preview’ your project, the widget will display properly. Do to local system security precautions, if you run the fully published project from a local folder, it will not be able to communicate with the parent Captivate file. It needs to be hosted on an LMS or a web server to display properly.

Hopefully you found this information helpful. Give us a like here on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out some of our projects at!


Getting started on animations for VGHS Season 3. If you haven't seen seasons 1 & 2, check them out on Netflix!


1. Beauty
2. Intelligence
3. Immunity to any physical sickness/illness/disease

You can only choose one, which one do you choose?




In honor of May the 4th, I listened/watched all six Star Wars films while I was working.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

We need to get into visually displayed mind-reading!
Scan a brain, read a mind?

We need to get into visually displayed mind-reading!

Scientists have made significant strides in being able to decode thoughts based on brain activity.

This is good news.  I appreciate that Microsoft designed windows 8 to be optimized on touch devices, but the UI is a mes...
Windows 8 soon to be more like Windows 7

This is good news. I appreciate that Microsoft designed windows 8 to be optimized on touch devices, but the UI is a mess for the average mouse-wielding PC users.

Microsoft is drawing inspiration from a past icon, but it isn't stuck there


Incredible news everyone. Google has just offered to acquire Clandesdyne for $15.5 million. We accepted, of course!


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