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Oakdale House Highland Square//Downtown Akron Akron D.I.Y. venue//Akron D.I.O. growth space

Operating as usual

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Skeleton Drive

Skeleton Drive

This Sunday, I will be streaming live from Oakdale House, along with the wonderful band, Angel Drive.
Big thanks to Black Squirrel Radio for hosting! Looking forward to this a lot! 🖤

Alternative Attic


Freedom Summer is not over yet! Here we have Free Black! take the floor here at Oakdale House!

Hey! Look whats happenin in the neighborhood!

Hey! Look whats happenin in the neighborhood!

HEY! Let's hear it for our CouchRokr bands! Floco Torres @HR3: Beats, Drums & Music Time Cat Hayden Gilbert and The Ruckus @Benny Lava and The Guavas @Alomar Zach & the Bright Lights Detention Live THE BIZARROS Stems The Beyonderers Acid Cats Red Rose Panic! You all rock. So hard. Thank you for being a part of this!

We also want to say a special thanks to the local businesses that opened their doors to let us record the sets! Oakdale House Square Records Yoga Squared Annabell's Bar & Lounge Zen Space by Yoga Squared and Mustard Seed Market & Cafe

Photos and Video by Alternative Attic


And now, Jordan Hamilton everybody


So here is the first of the rap videos from the last show before quarantine! Sorry it took so long everybody, your man was lacking, but right here we have, Sahu holding it down here at Oakdale! This night was so much fun! We are stoked to be able to have shows again someday, but until then enjoy this here, we will have the rest for y'all shortly!

Christian Prieman

Hey y'all hope the global pandemic is treating you well! So we are finally breaking our hiatus of not releasing videos because the overall weight of the world was just a bit too much, and we are doing it with none other than Christian Prieman! Christian is such a beautiful soul, it was seriously such a pleasure getting to meet them! We will have the videos from all the other performers

Y’all we will have a whole new sounds for you next time you swing through! Granted none of us know exactly when that is....

Y’all we will have a whole new sounds for you next time you swing through! Granted none of us know exactly when that is... none the less it will happen, and when it does it will be dank! HUGE thank you to Christopher Butler, Akron Music Awards, and the cool people Sweetwater! Everything will be put to good use! Y’all stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, and everything will be back to normal before you know it!

Melody Rae - 'One Sunny Morning'

Melody Rae swung by for The Tiny Desk Event we had. Melody brought the feels this time around. Check her out here, and wash your damn hands!

Alternative Attic

Alternative Attic

No one can control the room like King Buu! They are one of the most entertaining bands in the area, and if you aren't hip you're doing yourself a disservice!

S/O to The Devil Strip & Nichols DeCourville for showing our house some love! ❤️❤️❤️If you haven't read the article yet,...
The Devil Strip

S/O to The Devil Strip & Nichols DeCourville for showing our house some love! ❤️❤️❤️

If you haven't read the article yet, pick up a copy anywhere in Akron!

We're hosting three gigs this week.

Tonight: Christian Prieman/ Quitr/ Death By Wax// Alomar

Thursday: Jordan Hamilton // Chanelle Kazadi // Murky Waters

Saturday: The Bakers Basement//The Roof//Indre

Hope we see some new faces!


"We didn’t have a name for it, because we didn’t know what we were doing — we were just having parties with our friends who played music," says Kenny Averiett, who has lived in and operated Oakdale House for about six years. "I wanted to have music, but I didn’t want to just use a CD player, so I said ‘hey, could you guys play music? It turned out fantastic.”


Alternative Attic
Alternative Attic

Alternative Attic

Samantha Grace made a certified bop, and luckily enough we were able to see it during The Fancy Wine and Cheese night! It's always so great to work with Samantha! Keep your eyes peeled for another one of her videos later this month!

Empty Coats

empty coats swung by last week, and it was super chill! Check them out here, and swing by this Sunday for Christian Prieman/ Quitr/ Death By Wax// Alomar!

Tiny Hueman

The hits just keep on coming today! Now we have the homies in Tiny Hueman rocking out from the show Tuesday! Check them out!

So Nectar

So Nectar played their first show last week, and from what we saw their set was #ALLBANGERS!

The Wakemen

The Wakemen have such a fun and unique sound to them! This time around they slowed things down for us, and the result was great vibes! Tonight we have Past Life//Tiny Hueman//Empty Coats//So Nectar!

River Diver

River Diver stopped by and stole out hearts last Thursday! Check them out shredding right here, and stop by tomorrow for Past Life//Tiny Hueman//Empty Coats//So Nectar!


Alomar out here doing the dang thing!

Come through to River Diver//Simple Simon//The Wakemen tonight!


Evelyn Gray

Evelyn Gray put on such a beautiful and unique experience! Check them out here, and swing by Thursday for River Diver//Simple Simon/The Wakemen

Ruby - Mountain Soul Music

Ruby - Mountain Soul Music stopped by the house last week, and they were such a great experience! Check em out her, and stop out for River Diver//Simple Simon/The Wakemen l8r this week!

Wes Martian

Wes Martian put on an amazing performance for us last Tuesday. It's heart felt, raw, and was a great way to start off the night! We care about you so much, Wes

Reagan Hintz

So for Valentine's Day we have 2 fire acts for y'all! Reagan Hintz tells us about her trials and tribulations of love, and it really pulls on the heart strings. Buy yourself some flowers today, you deserve it! xoxoxo

Moon Cactus

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii is a species of cactus from South America. The most popular cultivars are varied mutants which completely lack chlorophyll, exposing the red, orange, or yellow pigmentation. These mutant strains are often grafted onto the hylocereus cactus, and the combined plant is called a "Moon Cactus ", and they brought the fricken noise last Saturday! Happy Valentine's Day xoxoxoxo


If you are ever trying to get the party started, and you need a band to get the crowd moving, Summer School is always the choice! They were so much fun! Check them out here, and stop by tonight for Evelyn Gray// Alomar// Ruby// Wes Martin!

Electric Guitar

Saturday night the whole house was vibin! Thank you to everyone who stopped out! Y'all made it a super special night for us! Electric Guitar got things started off for us, and they brought the sauce! Check them out here, and keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the gems from this show


S-EM-C brings the heat! 🔥🔥🔥


G-Blakk and his crew brought the energy last weekend! My dude seriously always brings the vibes, and if you missed out we feel sorry for ya. Don't make the same mistake twice, and check him out here!

Eighty-Sixed, Kid

Daniel Palmentera closed out the night last week, and it was amazing! He had everyone singing along, having a good time, and it's always a pleasure when he swings through! Check him out here! Also we have a certified banger tonight, that y'all should roll through to S-EM-C / G-Blakk / Mo Turk / LAWZ!

Vince Dynamic

We do a double upload today for a very important annoucncement! Vince Dynamic has the sauce!

Miss Monday

Miss Monday swung through our show last Friday, and she brought the vibes! Check her out here, and also swing through our show S-EM-C / G-Blakk / Mo Turk / LAWZ on Friday!

Death By Wax

So we are back in action here at Oakdale House, and we couldn't be more excited! Here we have Jack Johnson's new project Death By Wax! He was so great so if you didn't stop out check him out here!

Alternative Attic

Alternative Attic

Samantha Grace is so talented! If y'all aren't hip you should check her out! Here we have her performing her single, 'Clear as Day' which really pulls on the heartstrings.

Bonnie Clydeman

You can't stop Bonnie Clydeman, you can only try to contain them! They brought the jams last Thursday! Come watch some jams on Friday at the Fancy Wine & Cheese Night!


247 Oakdale
Akron, OH


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