CaptainSpank CaptainSpank = DJ / (Body) Painter... and more...! Music Styles as a DJ:
Ska + Balkan + ElectroSwing + Happy Funny (Dance) Music...
(+ Rockabilly + Punk + Flamenco +++...)

Werkend zoals gewoonlijk


Weer wat "Goed Nieuws", in het NL dus, ah-ah...!, over 2 weken, mag ik ook op 'Vurige Tongen' op 'Ruigoord' draaien, youpidoo...!!

Was mijn "Uitbraak" 2 jaar geleden, ik draai dan heel veel Poezie/Gedicht, heel "contrastich", en toch gigantisch dansbaar, ah-ah...!

Met dank and het Ruigoort Kabouterhuis voor het "Vertrouwen"...!
Ik kon geen Event vinden over "Vurige Tongen 2021" trouwens, post die Link als iemand die kan vinden, graag...


Goed Nieuws van de Dag/Avond...:
Ik mag weer op @Landjuweel 2021 draaien, youpidoo...!!

And ENG: I'll be DJ'ing again for 'Landjuweel 2021', my Favorite Festival..., => [Fr.20-Su.22/08/2021]...!

=> In the Ruigoort Kabouterhuis, the only place "there" with NOT Bonk-Bonk-Bonk Music, ah-ah...! (=> Ska/Balkan/ElectroSwing for me, and a bit of Reggae, and a mini-bit of Bonk-Bonk Tekno-Trance-Punk, ah-ah...!


Wanted to post some funny Pix (with 20 Swans (listening to my Music, and washing themselves "rythmically"!), =>currently doing a 2-3h DJ-Set on the IJ-Bank (A'dam-Noord), 200-300m from the Ferry behind CS, => on the Left, directly in front of the Waterpolitie Vedettes...


News June 2019: Upcoming Gigs:
- Su.09/06/2019: Vurige Tongen 2019: Troubadours Day (9h Set)
- Mo.10/06/2019: Vurige Tongen 2019 (7h Set)
- Tu.18/06/2019: Private Event.
- We.19/06/2019: Private Event.
- Su.20/06/2019: 24h-long Home/Street-Event.
- Sa.22/06/2019: Private Event. (Oops, I didn't go, ah-ah...!)
- Fr.28/06/2019: "Semi"-Private Event. (TBC)
- Landjuwel 2019 (Aug 2019) (Kabouterhuys).
- Su.09/08/2019: 'Noorderparfestival 2019' (TBC).
- Septb 2019: Several Gigs with Jet Black Pearl (Accordion/Singing).
- Novb 2019: 'Bandjedingetje iV' (Exact Date unknown yet).
- Sa.30/11/2019: DNA: Ska/Balkan Evening with Hoempa Trash ..


OK, and this one is really tomorrow, well today already...! (Fr.22/02)

=> Me as DJ + 3 Bands Live...
Style is NewWave++.

Got some mini-Fedback from some Friends I was trying to "seduce" to come to that Evening, and I noticed they were a bit "afraid" of the "Punk" part...!?
Pfff..., the Core-Style is just good-old NewWave (think of 'The Cure' + 'Echo and the Bunnymen' + 'Siouxie and the Banchies' + 'Joy Division' + 'The Cult' + 'Sisters of Mercy' for the Gothic part, and yeah sometimes a little bit rougher than in 1980, tja..!!)
But still melodic, and with new Influences 20-30 years later...!! (And I'll be playing a few Tracks from the "Classics", ah-ah...! No need to be scared, ah-ah...!)


And Ze_Place_to_Be tomorrow (Fr.23/11/2018) is The pizzza cklubp (again, ah-ah...!) for the very last Edition, with Dj Isis and DJ Krien Jozeph (from the Azart also) + the Rocknrollsailor + some Band Live that I don't know...
(I won't be playing normally this time...) I wouldn't be surprised if it gets pretty busy and sold out...


Hum, nicest Compliment I ever got I think, tonight, from some very nice Girl at The pizzza cklubp:
"When I'll get married, I want YOU to be the DJ at my Wedding-Party...!"
Oh-oh...! Hum, very nice to hear...! (Not sure if she had any "concrete" Plan(s) yet, ah-ah...!)


Oh yeah...!
Chance to win 2x Entrance for this coming Sa. at De Nieuwe Anita for some nice Gipsy-Balkan Evening, check the Event in some other Share from me or on the DNA Page...

OK, The "Principle" is SIMPLE...!:
Post (as a Comment to this Post or PM is OK as well) 1-2-3 nice Track(s) in Gipsy-Balkan-Folk Style that you like, from a Link from YL/SC/BC that I can check, and that's it...!

But try to be a "little bit" Original, 'Gipsy/Balkan' is already one off my "Core-Styles", so I already know quite a lot lot, ah-ah...!, but you never know, I didn't know this 'BrakkaBrakka' from the Event Description, hum, and I didn't know either The Man and The Lake either, 2 weeks earlier, oops...!

Oh...!, and sharing the Event would be nice...!

I will post the Winners on Friday (eveningish...), the Day before the Gig..., make sure you check your Inbox, because I'll have to send you some "special" Code for the GL...!


Oh-oh...!!!, Dubioza kolektiv that I play regularly (Happy Punkish Ska) playing 20h45-22h00 in the Flevopark closing the Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag / Cannabis Liberation Day Amsterdam 2018 Festival...!!
=> #Ze_Place_2_Be_Today_in_Adam...!!!


Veilig Advies ingetrokken voor de Cruise Inn Rock 'n Roll café, NIET naar de PA-System gaan kijken, anders wordt jij gelijk aangevallen door een 5-mannen knokploeg, ah-ah...! (I ben blijna blij ik nog leef, , gered door een leuke Jongen "meer nog meer spieren" dan die 5 klojos, pfff..!
(En 10-20 keer uitleggen dat ik ook DJ was en "Sorry" zeggen mocht niet baten (ik had alleen een Channel 0.2 sec Volume laag + weer terug normaal, zoals ik altijd doe om te checken welk Channel iets doet,,,)
Pfff, als ik die Trend zou volgen, was al 30% van Feestend Amsterdam in de Gracht beland en verdronken...!!


Hum, niet gigantisch druk nu at the The pizzza club (30-40 Mensen denk ik), en ik moet pas over 1,5 uur draaien, maar echt leuke Muziek nu, honest...! (Het is nu GRATIS-GRATIS Entree...!)
S**t...!!, ik zal straks ECHT mijn BEST moeten doen om mijn Plaats_3 op het Progrmma te kunnen "rechtvaardigen"..., ah-ah...!
Maar, pppfff, leuke plek, alles GRATIS (BYOD), leuke Menzen, "Ze_Place_2_Be_in_A'dam" right now...!!!

I'll be playing tomorrow (Fr.04/05/2018) some "Hooligan Tunes" at the next The pizzza club Edition (Klaprozenweg 65 in A...

I'll be playing tomorrow (Fr.04/05/2018) some "Hooligan Tunes" at the next The pizzza club Edition (Klaprozenweg 65 in A'dam-Noord).

Principle is simple: 10E Entrance including baking your own Pizzza + BYO Drinks + Art Performance or Live Music & DJ's... until late...!
(Well..., it's not exactly "baking your own Pizzza", in order to avoid any "Food-wasting", but you can watch the whole baking-process by a few experienced Pizzza-bakers, quite fun...!)

Next pizzza club:

friday may 4 2018 | 19-4h

captain s***k (hooligan swing)
dj vaaaaaaggg (matrix bonajo ghetto healing)
unyoga sound system (special k dub management)

+ all you can pizzza

= € 10 (cash or pin)

please mind the neighbours and be nice to the cat.

klaprozenweg 65 | amsterdam | ###


I'm looking for a 7m(+) VGA Video Cable I could use/buy/borrow/steal for the Event in De Ruimte in 2 weeks...

... as they only have an HDMI Cable there, and HDMI is always a complete pain in the ass as I use 3-4-5 VLC Instances for Video and Audio and HDMI wants to handle Sound directly to the Beamer and I lose Control from my Laptop and the PA-System about the Sound... (and I switch continuously between those different Instances, sometimes Sound comes from (one of) the Video(s) being played/beamed, and sometimes not even, or I often have 2 Sounds playing at the same time, OK, whatever...!!
=> I only want the Beamer to handle the Video part, and I want to keep Full Control over the Sound, so I therefore am looking for a long VGA Cable that I would like to be able to keep, it's not the first time I need one...




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DJ CaptainSpank was fantastic, and the music was absolutely bang on. Thanks for a great night at Café DIEP!