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Latest Mary Pumkin anim.

Annaquadia ta yegando tòpi.

Annaquadia is a motion graphics cartoon in Papiamentu. Today I sent a few more episodes to the station. It airs on NOS TV Bonaire.
By the way, did you know that approximately 250.000 people on earth speak Papiamentu?
It is spoken on Bonaire, Curaçao and Aruba.


Finishing up the next episodes for the series of Annaquadia.
Annaquadia will air on Wednesdays and Saturdays on NOS TV Bonaire.
It’s a motion graphics cartoon with short episodes of the adventures of Anna who lives on an island.
The series is in Papiamentu the native language spoken on Bonaire.


The latest Mary Pumpkin animation.
It's about the rise of infections after the vaccination. Oh my, do you think what I'm thinking?


A little test for Pika Pika with Rita.
During the corona era the show can be watched on Tuesday and Thursday.
Hosted by RC Novel. All in uncensored #Papiamentu of course.

Continuing with some fun stuff in #Papiamentu for #MaryPumpkin.
Chepo su homenage na keda kas.

Continuing with some fun stuff in #Papiamentu for #MaryPumpkin.

Chepo a skibi su homenage na kedamentu kas. E tambe ta biba den Mary Pumpkin. #MaryPumpkin ta e kuenta gráfiko na #Papiamentu #MaryPumpkin ta un bario amisto...

Trying some fun stuff in Papiamentu.
Dr. Zizy ta Splika.

Trying some fun stuff in Papiamentu.

Dr. Zizy ke splika e kosnan na Papiamentu kla. Tur hende den Mary Pupkin ta klabá na televishon pa nan sa mas. #MaryPumpkin ta e kuenta gráfiko na #Papiament...

It took me a while to convert the interactive flash file of the adventure of Jack to video.The version on the Dragoonia ...

It took me a while to convert the interactive flash file of the adventure of Jack to video.
The version on the Dragoonia site is in Papiamentu and narrated by Sharon Altagracia Cicilia.
Have a look at


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