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Game On is ending this week! Only 5 days to go!!


Congrats to the 7th Winner!! William Lacey with 1 min 42.624 seconds! Only one week until the final! Overall winner wins €1000!!!


The 6th winner of the GT Challenge is Chris Sherlock with 1 min and 41.103 seconds!! Only two more weeks to go!!


The latest winner for the Gran Turismo Challenge is Paul Byrne with 1 min 25 secs!

Fight Like Apes get their Game On!

Fight Like Apes get their Game On!


The winner of last weeks Gran Turismo Challenge is Kenny Jones with a time of 2 minutes 22 seconds, Kenny wins a €100 for having the fastest lap time.
This weeks challenge is to drive the fastest lap around the Midfield Speedway in the Subaru Impreza Prototype 01. Don't forget to give it a go when you call into Game On.

Special Midweek Offer - All tickets to Game On in the Ambassador Theatre are now only €5 per hour Monday to Thursday.

Special Midweek Offer - All tickets to Game On in the Ambassador Theatre are now only €5 per hour Monday to Thursday.

Anyone out there a Gran Turismo PRO?! Well this is your chance to win €1000!! All the details on the homepage! The game ...
Gran Turismo Challenge - Win up to €1000!

Anyone out there a Gran Turismo PRO?! Well this is your chance to win €1000!! All the details on the homepage! The game is ON!

Game On is an interactive computer games exhibition.


We've listened to all those hardcore gamers amongst you and we're happy to announce that you can now buy an all day ticket for Game On. You can now spend as long as you like playing your way through decades of gaming greats (and a few that were always a little naff too). These all day tickets cost only €25.00 and are available at the Ambassador Theatre Box Office or at


Hey guys, anyone have any real blast from the past moments in at Game On, did anything bring back some childhood memories? My own personal one was seeing the Barcode Battler in the handheld display case, naff but brought back a few memories :O)


And the winners of a pair of tickets to Game On are:

Shane O'Brien
Mark Byrne
Fergal O'Doherty
Rory Hackett
Dave Green
Joe Reid
Zoe Hughes
Clare Byrne
Sean McCormack
And 80's heart throb Corey Haimes

Can you all drop us a mail at [email protected] to sort out your tickets


The first 10 people to change their profile picture to the current Game On profile pic and leave a comment will get a pair of tickets for themselves to Game On in the Ambassador Theatre. Winners are based on the time the comment is posted!


One thing we missed out on when announcing the games in the exhibition was the Mame Projector. This includes over 30 arcade classics projected on to a 12ft high screen. Pacman never looked so good.
The games on it include: Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Jr Pacman, Pacman, Ms Pacman, Dig Dug, Froggers, Galaga, Galaxian, BurgerTime, Carnival, BagMan, Disco No. 1, Amidar, Donkey Kong Jr, Moon Patrol and more


And we have our winners for the TV advert competition, they are Noelle Sousa, Numan Hasan and Olivia Dayle who all correctly answered that there are 15 games in the Ad. You all win a pair of tickets to Game On in the Ambassador Theatre. Thanks to everyone who entered.


The TV advert competition may run and run, no one who has entered has got it right yet, remember we're looking for how many different games you can see in the Game On TV Advert

Lego Pac-Man: The Movie

Some people have a lot of time on their hands

Note: This is a stand alone trailer. It will never be made into a real film. Firstly, I'd like to say a huge thanks to Scott Gairdner for letting me use the audio, titles and the idea from his movie. If you haven't already seen it, watch it here - Watch part 3 here -


Look out for the Gran Turismo Challenge when you're in at Game On. We have a Gran Turismo 4 unit linked up to a projector so that your mates can watch as you either scorch round a lap or make a complete fool of yourself.


Finally it's the Making and Marketing section. This looks at planning, the art of games and how they're sold
Playable games:

The Sims - Sony Playstation 2
Pokemon Yellow - Super Nintendo

There's also Tomb Raider which is included in the cinema section but which includes artwork and the actual Bafta the game won. Look out also for the GTA and Max Payne making and marketing, the games aren't included as they're +18

Check out the photos from our Game On Launch yesterday! Now running at the Ambassador Theatre!
GAME ON - Images | Collins PR photo agency

Check out the photos from our Game On Launch yesterday! Now running at the Ambassador Theatre!

NO REPRO FEE. 20/9/2010. Game On Exhibition. Georgia Salpa dressed as Lara Croft is pictured with a a giant sized Sonic the Hedgehog (measuring a massive 45 ft) for the opening of the Game On Exhibition at Dublin's Ambassador Theatre. Game On is an action packed gaming exhibition with fun for all th...


The Futures section includes the following playable games:

Sega Superstars - (Sony Playstation 2)
Gran Turismo 4 - (Sony Playstation 2)
Wii Sports Resort - (Nintendo Wii)
Rock Band Beatles - (Microsoft Xbox 360)
Red Steel 2 - (Nintendo Wii)


Next up is the Multiplayer, with games allowing up to 6 player games, the games are:

Super Smash Bros Melee - (Nintendeo Gamecube)
Saturn Bomberman - (Sega Saturn)
Halo 3 ODST - 4 Player Lan - (Microsoft Xbox 360)


In the sound section we have two sound pods playing songs from the games, plus the following playable games:

Guitar Hero 2 - (Sony Playstation 2)
Rez - (Sony Playstation 2)
Chillingham - (PC)


The playable European and Independent Games are:

Burnout Paradise - (Microsoft Xbox 360)
Little Big Planet - (Sony Playstation 3)
Lego Star Wars - (Microsoft Xbox)

Yaroze Games (Sony Playstation)
Dux - (Sega Dreamcast)


Next section is USA and Europe, with area for Sports, US, European and Independent games. Playable games are:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 - (Sony Playstation 2)
Rockstar Table Tennis - (Microsoft Xbox 360)
Skate 2 - (Microsoft Xbox 360)
Viruta Tennis 2009 - (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Prince of Persia - Sands of Time - (Nintendo Gamecube)
Jak & Dexter - (Sony Playstation 2)
Uncharted 2 - (Sony Playstation 3)


Only 2 days to go, Game On opens at the Ambassador Theatre this Monday and watch out for a very BIG guest on the day.


What would gaming be without the Japanese influence and here's the Japanese section, with some games you may not have heard of before:

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 – (Nintendo Wii)
Go By Train 3 – (Sony Playstation 2)
Katamari Damacy – (Sony Playstation 2)
Sailor Moon Super S – (Super Famicom)
Dragonball Z – (Budokai Tenkaichi 3 – Playstation 2)
Warning Forever – (PC)
Steel Battalion - (Microsoft Xbox)


The winner of Wednesdays film quote competition has declined the prize. An extensive trawl through his massive games collection revealed he already had a copy of Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection and he kindly offered it up to the next person out of the hat, thanks Denis.
So we've gone back to the big bowler hat with all the correct answers in it and the new winner is ...... drum roll please ..... Stephen Campbell


The characters section looks at the two seminal gaming characters in Sonic and Mario and their impact on gaming. There's a playable game for each of them in this section and they are:

Sonic Mega Collection - (Nintendo Gamecube)
Super Mario All Stars - (Super Nintendo)


And the winner of yesterdays Flim Quote competition is Denis (with no surname) who correctly answered that the quote is from Wayne's World. The copy of Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection will be whisking it's way to you.

Thanks also to Simon who in great detail informed us of the actual differences between Pac-man and Ms Pac-man. :o)

Real Life Super Mario

Hey everyone, check out this youtube clip from about the 45 second mark, very funny.

A college does a super mario sequence.

Flags Flying High

Flags Flying High


We have a copy of Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection (PC) to give away. To win send us an email to [email protected] answering this question. What film is this quote from:
"I've always wanted to know .... what is the difference between Pac-man and Ms Pac-man really?
Well she has a bow in her hair.
That's it? Get right out of town."
All correct answers will go into a hat and we'll announce a winner tomorrow.


Playable handheld games are:

Alien Attack
Donkey Kong
Speak and Spell
Shark Attack
Puck Monster
Astro Wars
Donkey Kong Country 3 - (Gameboy Advance)
Denki Blocks - (Gameboy Advance)
Pokemon Ruby - (Gameboy Advance)
Gunstar Heroes Advance - (Gameboy Advance)
Spore Creatures - (Nintendo DS)
Nintendogs - (Nintendo DS)
Mario Kart DS - (Nintendo DS)
Little Big Planet - (Sony PSP)


Ambassador Theatre

Opening Hours

Monday 12pm - 7pm
Tuesday 12pm - 7pm
Wednesday 12pm - 7pm
Thursday 12pm - 7pm
Friday 12pm - 7pm
Saturday 11am - 7pm
Sunday 11am - 7pm

Website Visit the creators of Game On at


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