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I absolutely adore this sentiment and felt it was the perfect one to go with a disability book week post. 😊

I am very fortunate to know some pretty amazing disability awareness book authors and we have decided to offer our ebooks for free today and tomorrow. They are all available on Amazon. I will share a link in comments that should add all of them to your cart for free.

Here's what books are included...

- My two SPD books: Rosalee the Seeker and Alexander the Avoider

- This Kid Can Hyperfocus (about a goat who has ADHD and wants to make his friends smile)

- Mighty Mila (about a girl who has cochlear implants)

- Alice Eloise's Silver Linings (about a girl and her service dog)

I hope you will spread this post around like confetti so we can get our disability awareness messages out and in front of as many people as possible. 🥰

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Photos from Sensory Stories's post

Photos from Sensory Stories's post


As a dad of two autistic boys, I’ve known some ‘strange’ things lead to a meltdown over the years. This morning was a new one on me…

Our day started at 4:20 with Tommy leaping out of bed and bounding down the stairs. After grabbing his books, he got into bed with me, and for the next hour everything was ok.

At around 5:30 he went back downstairs, and I could hear him pacing about anxiously. He grabbed his AAC device and typed “bye moon, bye moon, bye bye moon.”

He pressed it again and again, tears in his eyes, and started running around the house. He looked out of the window upstairs and waved bye. He started stomping around, screaming, slapping the walls.

See, what Tommy wanted was for it to be daylight. He’d woken up too early, couldn’t understand that he’d been awake for an hour and it was still dark. It was sending him into a meltdown.

After 5-10 minutes of me desperately trying to figure out what to do, with at least another hour before it would be light, I grabbed his iPod and set a timer. This has worked in the past for when we’re going to leave somewhere and need Tommy to wait, but only ever for 20 minutes. Tommy would keep an eye on it, and each time the number of minutes changed, get me to say that number out loud.

Tommy understood the timer, but being so anxious, he was struggling to control himself. He frantically pointed at the second numbers, and I counted them down for him.

He stood over me, watching all the while, as I counted down a couple of minutes. If I paused for a breath, to swallow, or didn’t keep up he’d get anxious again, and so I tried to focus.

We ended up on the sofa, me half asleep, Tommy watching over me, flapping, bouncing his ball, and remonstrating every time I lost count.

And so we went on. For an hour, me counting every single second, until with about 5 minutes to go, Tommy decided it was light enough outside for him to relax, and everything was ok again in his world. As if nothing ever happened.

Meanwhile I had gone slightly stir crazy with all the counting 😆

So many thoughts went through my head during that time. How difficult life is sometimes for Tommy, when expectations and routine don’t quite match. How grateful I am that he was able to communicate enough with “bye moon” for me to understand what the problem was. If not we may well have had a huge meltdown until the sun came up.

And the thought of how some days I just wished life was a little bit more simple 🙃❤️


More Infra Red on the Canon R5 conversion . #canon #canonphotography #canonuk #nhm_wpy

‘I whipped around fast. ‘You leave him ALONE.’ He covered his ears, flapping his arms. The man snickered under his breat...
‘I whipped around fast. ‘You leave him ALONE.’ He covered his ears, flapping his arms. The man snickered under his breath.’: 70-year-old woman thanks special needs mom for opening her eyes to autism, ‘You taught me patience and kindness’

‘I whipped around fast. ‘You leave him ALONE.’ He covered his ears, flapping his arms. The man snickered under his breath.’: 70-year-old woman thanks special needs mom for opening her eyes to autism, ‘You taught me patience and kindness’

"There was a grown man in his 40s. Something was off about him. He didn't speak, but made a lot of noise. He was moving around, weaving in and out of the aisles. When he got to the checkout line, he got very animated about candy bars. An old man behind us snickered and under his breath said, ‘Hurr...

How we can help : Switchboard
How we can help : Switchboard

How we can help : Switchboard

We’ve put together a pack to help you feel supported, comforted and less alone during this uncertain time. We want to share some tips to help manage anxiety, suggestions on what to do when you’re feeling low, some grounding exercises and a wellness toolbox. It’s all personal and each of us are...

What you need to know about Long-Covid: mechanisms and potential treatments
What you need to know about Long-Covid: mechanisms and potential treatments

What you need to know about Long-Covid: mechanisms and potential treatments

After the public emergency given by Covid-19 acute infection, Long-COVID syndrome is emerging as the new public health challenge that requires additional efforts in terms of pathophysiological understanding and treatment approaches. Recent findings highlight the relevance of hyperinflammation and dy...

Something different, yeah
The FASTEST Way To Grow An Avocado

Something different, yeah

The easiest and fastest tutorial to grow an avocado from a seed!This video will answer all the questions you might have when growing your own avocado.Follow ...


It's #HiVis2021, a fortnight highlighting the world of accessible reading, We're celebrating reading in accessible formats. Our @Borrowboxapp has lots of ebooks available via your library card. The text and font can be changed to suit you, and it has loads of audio books too! Details on how you can access BorrowBox and all of our other electronic library services are here:

Sounds appropriate for most of us

Sounds appropriate for most of us


For so long people believed only boys could be autistic, but thank goodness we now know that autistic women have been there all along 🙂
Check out our Famous Faces page to see lots of prominent women (and men) on the spectrum:
#autism #aspergers #autismallstars #IWD2021 #IWD #celebratewomen

The Different Show
The Different Show

The Different Show

A podcast for you and the neurodiverse who excel in creativity, art and performance

Free wellbeing boosts that work for you
Free wellbeing boosts that work for you

Free wellbeing boosts that work for you

When you’re living with a mental health problem, or supporting someone who is, access to the right information is vital.


The priority is to help autistic people express their needs. Not to express their needs in one very specific manner of communicating.

For example: if a nonverbal child is never taught to signal "my stomach hurts!" in Makaton or BSL because spoken language is supposed to be better... they might become an adult who tells you in fluent words how they spent their whole childhood with persistent stomach problems and nobody ever knew. -Chris

Autism and Mental Health
Autism and Mental Health

Autism and Mental Health

Our popular one-day conference is back, this time available to live stream and watch on demand.

Such a relief to find a visual example of this.

Such a relief to find a visual example of this.

#differenthats #differentVoices #differentshow see you there...

#differenthats #differentVoices #differentshow see you there...

What is happening here...

What is happening here...


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After the Three Minute Theatre, life has changed but the skills of Gina and John haven’t.

We can now welcome with its talented audience who welcomes neurodiversity.

Gina has had Asthma since she was 21 amongst other things. She was diagnosed with Asperger late in life. She didn’t let either of them put her off carving a singing career. She has loved every minute she has spent on the stage singing and performing. It has helped her considerably with her communication, social and presentation skills.

She’s now 62 and John 63. They love to make music and create comedy plays. They also enjoy helping others. They are honing their skills and developing this new and exciting project. Manchester Shakespeare Company Barrier Busters are involved too. They will be performing MSC adaptations of W. Shakespeare classics. Please be generous with donations. They will financially support Different Voices projects now and in the future. Thank you

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