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Trek Eco-Adventures Trek Eco-Adventures is a unique organisation with an aim to provide affordable, bespoke wildlife wat

Trek Eco-Adventures is a unique organisation with an aim to provide affordable, bespoke wildlife watching trips around the world. As a company we set out to observe as many species as possible in their natural environments, whilst at the same time setting our sights on finding some of the most endangered and elusive creatures we have the honor of sharing our planet with. We are not your average to

ur company selling off the shelf package holidays, but a more exclusive company that tailor make trips, with limited spaces, to explore the wonders and wildlife of a variety of countries. We also take full advantage of modern day technological advances by utilising equipment such as thermal imaging and motion activated cameras in order to locate and capture images of wild species. As well as the wildlife spotting aspect of our trips we like give our guests a really ‘wild time’ by incorporating adventurous and adrenaline fuelled activities along the way, such as mountain biking, bungee jumping, scuba diving and hot air ballooning. It is of utmost importance to us to leave a lasting legacy in the areas we visit, by raising money for, and taking part in wildlife conservation projects. In the past ourselves and our guests have carried out fundraisers for various conservation projects and then delivered the proceeds directly to where these projects run. This has given our guests the once in a lifetime chance to see exactly where and how their donations are used in conservation, and has given them the opportunity to spend time with the people and animals they have played part in helping. We also only use accommodation where profits go back into the community for the greater good, rather than into the pockets of the ‘fat cats’ of this world. It is our aim to educate people about wildlife, support conservation, and promote conservation awareness.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

is sighted again! We receive weekly reports for him, and this time he showed off his incredible balance walking across a pipe over a ravine. He really is a stunt caracal!

Caracals, like all cats, rely on their agility and sense of balance to land on their feet when leaping to catch prey like birds in mid-air. They are also good climbers, regularly scaling rocky outcrops to hunt dassies. This makes it easier for Hermes to walk along this narrow pipe but it is no less impressive!
📷 Kris Marx

Catalin continues his search for a territory in Slovenia - Life lynx
Catalin continues his search for a territory in Slovenia - Life lynx

Catalin continues his search for a territory in Slovenia - Life lynx

After Catalin came very close to Nature Park Učka in Istria (Croatia), he turned northeast, crossed Gorski Kotar, and then returned to Slovenia. On the map below, we can see that he first headed towards Kočevsko, but then turned north again and continued towards the direction of Ljubljana. He made...

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

While at the beginning of spring, new life is usually at the forefront, death plays an equally important role within nature's .

Rewilding Europe, together with Dutch NGO ARK Natuurontwikkeling, wants to help Europe’s scavengers by encouraging a fresh look at how herbivore carcasses are managed across the continent.

In line with the Circle of Life approach, several of our local rewilding teams are currently working hard to boost the local availability of wild carrion and thereby support the diverse range of species that depend on it.

Read more about the Circle of Life project on our website:

📷 Jeroen Helmer / ARK Natuurontwikkeling

Photos from Birding Culture's post

Photos from Birding Culture's post


800 pixels é pouco para demostrar toda a beleza do lince-ibérico. Cerca de 800 corresponde também ao número de linces existentes na Península Ibérica, dos quais 107 em Portugal, segundo o Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas.

Hoje temos boas notícias: o Quinde e a Quisquilla vão ser libertados, estimando-se assim que a população de lince-ibérico suba para 109 exemplares!

Ajude-nos a proteger o lince-ibérico para que esta espécie aumente e dessa forma possamos partilhar esta imagem com melhor resolução!

O Serviço de Proteção da Natureza e do Ambiente (SEPNA) da GNR, que visa a proteção e conservação da natureza, do ambiente e do património natural, conta também consigo nesta missão!

Pode contactar a nossa Linha SOS Ambiente e Território, através do número: 808 200 520 ou e-mail: [email protected].

Photos from Sangha Pangolin Project's post

Photos from Sangha Pangolin Project's post

Photos from Oodles of Owls's post

Photos from Oodles of Owls's post

Eurasian lynx 'Goru' feeding on roe deer
Eurasian lynx 'Goru' feeding on roe deer

Eurasian lynx 'Goru' feeding on roe deer

Goru is the first lynx that was translocated from Romania to Slovenia to save local Dinaric lynx population from extinction within the LIFE Lynx project (htt...


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