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Jaguar Jungle Music Music collective / Record label Exploring mysterious sounds ranging from italo - minimal - dark disco. Demos, mixtapes, premieres, bookings and info: [email protected]

House, disco and all that's in between.

Gerente General: Levy Schools

Silvestre - Back To Hometown

Jaguar Jungle Music.

"secretsundaze has changed the face of daytime clubbing" (Time Out) Over its 11-year history secretsundaze has gained a reputation as one of the most innovat...

Jaguar Jungle music.
PREMIERE: Kolter - Don't Kill My Groove [Nuances De Nuit]

Jaguar Jungle music.

The fledgling Nuances De Nuit imprint continues to make its mark this February following a critically acclaimed inaugural release with DJ Steaw, Armless Kid, E.Wanand T. Jacques and it’s second releas

Jaguar Jungle Music's cover photo

Jaguar Jungle Music's cover photo

PREMIERE: Unknown - Do You Know [PXU White]


Do you know the moment at the party when vocals that everyone recognizes kick in? Hands up in the air, collective screaming, true euphoria… ‘Do You Know’, the latest edit of Whitney Houston’s ultimate

Brian Summers debut release on Feelings London.#Trackoftheday
PREMIERE: Brian Summers - Girl In The Dark [Feelings]

Brian Summers debut release on Feelings London.


Be in the dark no more, the illusive Brian Summers is here! Unleashed to the wild, riding a fat rocket into space finally crash landing on Feelings Worldwide. Following in the footsteps of Kasra V, D



Wer von euch hat seinen Ahorn in der Bahn vergessen?



New podcast on Mixcloud.

Stream below.

JUST IN: DJ Tennis & Red Axes - Redrago [Life And Death Recordings]

Life and Death’s next album project finds label boss DJ Tennis working with Israeli duo Red Axes to express themselves with total freedom, exploring the similarities and differences between their respective sounds.

A psychadelic floor-filling cut from two powerhouses, DJ Tennis and Red Axes on Life And Death Recordings. Out October 11. Life and Death’s next album projec...

Way to go!

Way to go!

This was our campsite 2 hours after it closed.
Thank you to all the campers for respecting our "leave no trace" policy. Step by step we're heading towards a brighter future.

just in time for summer.
Podcast 1993

just in time for summer.

Just in time for summer. Funky oldskool newskool disco tech groovy boogy disco vibes over here.

In case you missed it...New podcast out right in time for summer.Funky oldskool newskool disco tech groovy boogy disco v...
Podcast 1993

In case you missed it...

New podcast out right in time for summer.

Funky oldskool newskool disco tech groovy boogy disco vibes over here.

Just in time for summer. Funky oldskool newskool disco tech groovy boogy disco vibes over here.

Cortex - Chanson D'un Jour D'hiver

hanson D'un Jour D'hiver by Cortex off their 1975 album Troupeau Bleu.

Chanson D'un Jour D'hiver by Cortex off their 1975 album Troupeau Bleu.


Don't forget the inside mate!

Think you missed a spot there, mate.


Crazy vibes last sunday on the secret rooftop party!

Live @ Wanted DJ Radio

Live @ Wanted DJ Radio

Lefalini in our studio today with his groovy tech house beats! 🎶🎉

Darkside Belgium

This guy 🙌🏻

LESS Donald J. Trump... MORE Techno Music!


Dope ass vinyl

The man who invented this is a genius...

[1991] Don Carlos - Alone (Sax Ambient)

oldskool vibes.

Label: Calypso Records - CPS 014 Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM Country: Italy Released: 1991 Genre: Electronic Style: House, Deep House

Really need to go back to Berlin soon.
Berlin set to unveil techno museum -

Really need to go back to Berlin soon.

Berlin is trying to capitalise on the best of its art and nightlife scene without losing the spark that made it so unique in the first place.

Den Tros

Den Tros

Join us tonight for Some groovy house beats by mister LEFALINI! Because in our house there is only house music tonight! 💃🎉



I don't believe in Facebook. Have no enthusiasm to work on it. As you can see there is not so many things I share last time. Because I see no reason. I don't know what interesting or worthy should be under your attention, and as more far away I go from sharing, as less I see the reason in all these things. Why do you need that?
Something what is interesting for me is not interesting for most of you. Mostly likes are on the pictures - esy to "get", but when there is something about music or vinyls - sometimes results shock me.
Maybe I have a terrible or just super ordinary taste.. Maybe I don't understand something in it because I am too silly.. I will think about it.
I hate posting the events or posters of upcoming parties if they are not crazy original-made. It's not interesting for me first of all and I wish promoters could find a better way to promote their events, otherwise it doesn't get attention at all and I totally understand that.
I can't post only pictures - I am not a model and in the end too much is killing.
I am not a journalist to write an articles to read - this is not me because I am not the one to pretend on high intellect and put some more information in already too informative world. I am absolutely stucked and I feel like instagram is the only more or less interesting social thing for me. Because watching and collecting photos is my passion, probably because my father used to be a photographer and all my childhood long I was watching him shooting and working in the laboratory making pictures..
Too much trash everywhere. I am depressed.


Live on Beachgrooves Radio !


Now live On air! Beachgrooves


Great warming up set at La Rocca.
Thanks to Hermes Antwerp !

North Base

about last night

Meanwhile! Down the road in Stockport....... LOL!




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