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The Wuppertal Brothers, after a valiant yet failed attempt to produce a video of congratulatory song on the occasion of his birthday, (our neighbours are sadly somewhat envious of our talent), nonetheless wish their favourite composer, Moritz Eggert an excellent and refreshing birthday and much energy for the coming year in which, (we hope), he will finally get round to composing a fitting and appropriate work for this singular (not to say splendid) ensemble which we guarantee we will immediately perform without consideration for anyone's sensibilities. 🤩🤪🥰

Everyone in the World gets Married Op. 106 No. 1 by Sergei Prokofiev

Forced to change their place of living due to the neighbours' lack of understanding of the supreme goal of music, the Wuppertal Brothers have had to take a break in their activity.
The unstoppable team is now very happy to present you a duet by Sergei Prokofiev "Everyone in the World gets Married" Op. 106 Nr. 1, the topic of which is the danger of marriage.
We work very hard on the expression "Russian face", that can always be seen in the Russian subway ("Metro").
Please enjoy!

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The Wuppertal Brothers are very proud to have widened their horizons by taking part in a video production of the worst p...

The Wuppertal Brothers are very proud to have widened their horizons by taking part in a video production of the worst piece ever written (by the brilliant Moritz Eggert) along with the multi-talented actress and singer Esther Valentin - Mezzosoprano and the photogenicly indifferent cat, Finka 😃😺

Please read the article by Moritz Eggert before listening to this very special piece:

The Wuppertal Brothers sincerely thank Verena Barié for her impulse and inspiration! 🤗




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