Bring your online event to a new, fully interactive level. People will be seeing each other, interact with each other, explore the digital spaces together, or just follow the event and meet new people.

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Moon Harbour Floor from LifeLive Festival II

Moon Harbour Floor from LifeLive Festival II

Moon Harbour Floor from LifeLive Festival II

Get in here
LifeLive Festival IV | LifeLive

Get in here

ACCESS TO FESTIVAL IV7 stages, 2pm (CET) till afterhoursSee each other, video chat and party togetherLimited tickets 3€All money goes to the artists


It's happening again! With

Dana Ruh
Emanuel Satie
Dorian Paic
on the Cocoon stage

Matthias Tanzmann
Black Circle
Sven Tasnadi
Dan Drastic
on the Moon Harbour stage

Klaudia Gawlas
Florian Meindl
Indira Paganotto
and more
on the BLAKKSHEEP stage

Daniele di Martino
Elvis Sabani
on the Eating People stage

Daniel Jaeger
Mike Book
Los Cabra feat Marvin Jam
MonoAbe b2b Vincent Marlice
on the Soundity stage

lisa luka
on the Paradies1 stage

+ Workshops
+ Virtual bar
+ Toilet floor!
+ And lots of rockets


Interactive clubbing with 5 dance floors, festival workshops and drink taxi

Starting to make waves 🚀Faze Magazin
LifeLive - neue interaktive Streaming-Plattform überzeugt mit innovativem Konzept

Starting to make waves 🚀
Faze Magazin

Streaming-Plattformen schießen seit dem Beginn der Pandemie wie Pilze aus dem Boden, doch sind wir ehrlich: Nur die wenigsten davon sind auch wirklich innovativ. Positiv überraschen konnte uns hingegen LifeLive – ein Berliner Tech-Start-up, das mit seiner gleichnamigen interaktiven Plattform ein...


Next party tomorrow
Oops! We do it again :D ! This time Staygold Music, We-Küyen, Soundity, and your LTMD monkeys join forces to bring the BASS to your PLACE. right in YO FACE! but through the computer screen ;-) ! Stay safe, stay home, and join our virtual waltz on Saturday between 18:00-02:00 ! All the infos in the event, just click the link above !'s cover photo
06/08/2020's cover photo

Some might remember the crowdfunding campaign for our streaming idea. Understandably at the same time every bar around t...
Team | LifeLive

Some might remember the crowdfunding campaign for our streaming idea. Understandably at the same time every bar around the corner started a crowdfunding campaign and collecting all the money became pretty tricky. But we decided to just do this anyway!

The founders. Daniel Breyer and Felix Reiter have been working together for years - as music producers and DJs within their project Acado. Hit by Corona as anyone else they decided to do their part in helping culture to survive. And luckily they have some non-music related experience as well: As a p...'s cover photo
31/07/2020's cover photo


Mariendorfer Weg 35


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Hi, today we join you again. But I didnt saw an Event link anywhere? Not in FB and on your website also not?
Danke für den guten Abend gestern, hat mega Spaß gemacht mit euch zu feiern:)
Hammer Event! Wir haben’s mega abgefeiert und ihr habt Fans gewonnen!
Concert assis LOL oublié de vivre et rester à votre place vous avais raison