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It Sounds Future Every week we handpick 3-5 releases. In a nutshell: Music reviews, artist interviews, tech reviews and the history of music – especially the future. What is this about? We also love to tell stories about Burning Man (Regional) events and experiences. Music is the sun and the center of the ‘it sounds future’ planetary system. Its mostly electronic. But because everything influences everything, we will have a meticulous and diligent look at the past, the history of music and these black holes which eats everything. Thrilling and auspicious new music reaches us at the speed of light, carried by no less than spirited and ingenious artists from all over the galaxy. Future technology used for making music is something we go nuts about! Therefore we send our bounty hunters to the remotest corners of the universe, to get the gear for the sluts we are. The future is bright, vibrant and euphonious – explore this deep space and sound at

Mission: We are already a team of several writers, and I am happy that I found this one wonderful and special contributor: she is a real Berliner, going to her first raves in the mid 90ties, seeing all the changes from the early 80ties and especially when the wall came to up to this day. She is the voice from a glory techno past, leading us into a golden age again, the age of aquarius. Of course you find already music reviews from my favourite artists, and every week we carefully pick another musical piece and analyze and describe it in our vivid and colorful verbiage. I also did the first interview with Eden Grey, hailing from Miami and now making waves in the UK modular scene - Dr. Modular as I call her, since she is in her 2nd year PhD in music composition. I am super happy to announce that in the 2nd part of the article we do a hands on experience on "How to build your first modular synthesizer", so follow us if you want to dig into this topic. Next I am going to interview 2 huge local stars from south africa, when I am going down to SA for one month to play and perform at the Africa Burn festival. Of course you will find a detailed and illustrated report of this wild event on itsoundsfuture as well... and talking about the burn, there will be a documentation for the Burning Bär Event which takes place next month in this freaking castle. As lucky member of its communication team, we went there last weekend and I took a host of pictures of this place of pure awesomeness - also very shortly on ISF. We will furthermore get in the hot desert of Portugal (Boom Festival), visiting our friends in California, playing our annual show at Burning Man with the Boring Art Crew and finally going to no less than exotic Honolulu to ride some bitchy ass waves to extend the summer! So get ready for the ride, follow us, we are in all your favourite social networks, write a comment, leave a feedback, be part of it or show some luv, we are happy to get in touch with you. cheers, Daniel

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Our Tuesday selection: Philip Adeon - Touched By The Soul (Adeon Records, ADEON001)ADEON RECORDS AIMS TO BRING A NEW ENE...
Philip Adeon - Touched By The Soul (Adeon Records, ADEON001) - IT SOUNDS FUTURE

Our Tuesday selection:

Philip Adeon - Touched By The Soul (Adeon Records, ADEON001)

Inspired by Japanese Cyberpunk and Transhumanism.

Launching soon is Adeon Records, a digital record label with a difference. Future- facing and musically enriched, it will express an exciting new way electronic music is conceived, curated and delivered through cutting edge music and visuals inspired by Japanese cyberpunk, human innovation and scientific advancement.

The time for the label could not be more perfect and for label head and founder, Philip Adeon, this is exactly when the world should hear the fruits of his labour. Sur- rounded by a studio full of amazing synths and drum machines comes his unique organic energy.

„Touched By The Soul“ is the label‘s first release, authored by Philip Adeon. The EP is packed with three original tracks and one remix by the legendary producer, Funk D‘Void.

„It is 2020, the future is here. After successfully navigating the tidal waves of ad- versity caused by an invisible enemy, humanity will rise to whole new levels of con- sciousness and prosperity, both socially, technologically and mentally, thanks to the empowering influence and massive adoption of Artificial intelligence, Virtual and Aug- mented Reality, Space Exploration and Quantum Computing. We will traverse an ever-increasing exponential growth until reaching the Singularity.
These are very exciting and unprecedented times for newly born Adeon Records to express this extraordinary paradigm shift through futuristic electronic music and visual content influenced by Japanese Cyberpunk and a touch of Matrix-like human- machine integration, by working together with top-notch electronic musicians and visual artists from around the globe.“


#Techno #TechnoMusic


Our Sunday selection: Tendts - Faith ( TAF recordings, TAF003)Tendts have been traversing the galaxy for over eight year...
Tendts - Faith (T.A.F. Recordings, TAF003) - IT SOUNDS FUTURE

Our Sunday selection:

Tendts - Faith ( TAF recordings, TAF003)

Tendts have been traversing the galaxy for over eight years now and from their first release “Slow Years” back in 2012 for Lower Parts (GR), up to “Cosmic Swimmer” for Public Release (US) they search and embrace the music of the worlds they visit.

Informed by seemingly incongruous references the now three piece band (joined by Elias Smilios, a very close friend of theirs, over a year ago) started playing live shows and jamming together experimenting with sounds but mostly trying to capture the essence and purity of Cosmic Swimmer’s energy they previously discovered to be true. Thus what some have called “a Pleiadian Power Trio” was born and “Faith” their second LP was fabricated.

“Faith” forged between the bands’ jamming sessions and live shows flows effortlessly between the intimacy of a studio jam and the energy of a live show. Celebrating their first release on their own imprint, label & collective T.A.F. Recordings right from the start with the opening track ‘Rave Not Destroy’, reminiscent of an old electro track with broken drum patterns laid on top, it is clear that this record wants to intrigue us. The journey has just begun. ‘Faith’ the title track comes next to set the mood. Walking between the lines of obscure disco and cosmic euphoria as we witness the journey from losing faith to enlightenment. ‚Golden Hands Sunset‘ is more like a sun-laden exercise of some sort, acid basslines, synths in conversation with guitars and a steady drum pattern with few surprises. Closing Side A the energy escalates even more with ‘Omega’ a certified club anthem with heavy guitars, hard drums and playful synths that is bound to free you from the bodily prison you live in, or at least make you bounce like you’ve never bounced before.

Side B begins with ‘Spirit’ a slow moving electronica piece. Confession of an out of body experience? It’s up to you if you want to believe or not. Continuing on with ‘Yamblin’ the banger of this side. Infused with psychedelic guitars, African rhythms and driven by a rave mentality is like an elegy for the dancers. The closing track of the LP is ‘Body Muscle’, a moody jam in which three sets of instruments form a lan- guage, and start conversing until they come to a closure.

Three Aquarius preaching THE Pleiadian cosmic truth. We are ALL Cosmic Swimmers.


#Techno #TechnoMusic #DetroitTechno #Electronica

Tendts - Faith // Tendts have been traversing the galaxy for over eight years now and from their first release “Slow Years” back in 2012 for Lower Parts ...


Our Friday selection:

System 7 - Field Of Dreams (A Wave Records, AAW2CD724)

A Unique Double CD celebrating System 7’s relationship with Japan featuring Exclusive New Tracks, Remixes and Rarities

Pivotal and enduring international electronic music artists, System 7 return with a hommage to Japan on their new ‘Field Of Dreams’ double CD album. Continuing to push the frontiers of music, art, and technology. this project was created around a bespoke System 7 branded saké from the esteemed Aramasa brewery of Akita, Japan, which sold out immediately on its 2018 release.

Devoted sake connoisseurs for over twenty years having made extensive trips since they first traveled to Japan in 1994, System 7 created ‘Field Of Dreams’ by starting out playing a unique Live set to the sake as it was fermenting! The duo then wrote an inspired new track featuring elements blending traditional Akita folk songs and sounds sampled during the sake brewing process.

CD1 is a seamless blend of deep atmospheric tech beats and soundscapes across 11 tracks distinguished by their warmly distinctive psychedelic sound S7 head into tribal terrain on the opening title track ‘Field of Dreams’. Following on is a compilation of System 7 tracks personally selected by brewery head Yusuke Sato, and deftly mixed by System 7’s Steve Hillage. Encompassing all S7’s musical styles from the sleepy psychedelic ‘Love For The Phoenix’, to the brooding minimal tech of ‘PositiveNoise’ (Rising Mix) an Exclusive UK release and ‘Alphawave’ here in its Richie Hawtin classic; via the housey ’Chic Psychedelic’, and acidic tech workouts ‘Manic Shamanic’ & ‘On The Seventh Night’; rarities include ‘Ring of Fire’ (Volcaniq Mix) and the breakbeat infused ’Borobudur’ (The Art of Chill Mix).

CD2 features a selection of Remixes of ‘Field Of Dreams’ by well-known Japanese dance music artists and friends of System 7 including Ree.K, Artman, Ubar-Tmar, Funky Gong and Asteroidnos, encapsulating a multi-genre sound approach.

‘Field Of Dreams’ is accompanied by a video: featuring beautiful & haunting images from Akita’s Aramasa brewery (best known for their collaboration with famed techno artist Richie Hawtin on his own Enter Saké project).

System 7’s relationship with Japan is an ongoing creative and spiritual journey linked by a continuing series of events, co-incidences and ongoing collaborations which includes:

- Performing Live at The World Festival of Sacred Music at Miyajima Island, Hiroshima in June 2001

- Collaborating with Rumiko Tezuka, the daughter of the late Osamu Tezuka, one of the founding fathers of Japanese manga,whose iconic graphic novel series ’Phoenix’ was the springboard for the S7 album and off-shoot singles ‘Space Bird’ and ‘Hinotori’ (‘Bird of Fire’) in 2007-08.

- Working with leading digital animation team Mood Magic whom have produced four striking videos including the System 7 original version of ‘Hinotori’, Gong’s ‘How To Stay Alive’, System 7’s 2011 single ‘PositiveNoise’, and Rovo’s full-band version of ‘Hinotori’.

- Being introduced to the Tenkawa Shrine, dedicated to Shinto goddess Benzaiten (an equivalent to the Hindu goddess Saraswati, goddess of music, arts and all that flows, including water). System 7 have twice had the honour of being invited to play their music as a “hono” (dedication).

- Collaborating with Japanese rock band Rovo to produce the Phoenix Rising album (released in 2013) and laying Live together on two collaborative tours in Japan and one in UK/Europe. Rovo’s figure-head and electric violinist Yuji Katsui also guested on Gong’s ‘2032’ album and the System 7 album ‘UP’.

- Steve Hillage also made guest appearance with the late synthesiser legend Tomita at the Free Dommune Festival in Tokyo in 2014.

- In 2018 System 7’s strong connection with Japan saw the release of a special System 7 branded saké from the esteemed Aramasa brewery of Akita.

SYSTEM 7’s Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy have had a strong influence on the birth of psychedelic dance music and it’s journey up to the present, forging a unique and bang up-to-date identity on the genre map, in a space where techno, progressive and trance meet - and with the added element of Steve's highly specialised techno guitar.

#Techno #TechnoMusic #MelodicTechno #ProgressiveTechno #90sTechno #Goa #Premiere

New Release! Friday October 2nd. A double CD celebrating our relationship with Japan. CD and digital download (24bit) at Bandcamp:- https://system7.bandcamp....

Our Wednesday selection: Rhys Fulber - Resolve (FR Records, FREP01)Whilst working on the follow-up to last year’s highly...
Rhys Fulber - Resolve (FR Records, FREP01) - IT SOUNDS FUTURE

Our Wednesday selection:

Rhys Fulber - Resolve (FR Records, FREP01)

Whilst working on the follow-up to last year’s highly-regarded Ostalgia album, pro- ducer Rhys Fulber took an ambient detour from the dense soundscapes and harsh rhythms that have characterised his recent solo releases.

This tangent has resulted in the Resolve EP, the debut release on Fulber’s own FR imprint, which shows him revisiting and expanding the sonic palette he has touched on in his long career in electronic music with Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Conjure One and many more besides.

Resolve opens with Charleroi, a slow-burning techno ambient piece that reflects the beauty and despair of the Belgian city’s famous decaying factories.

It also finds a home for the gently insistent Disused, which combines old industrial influences with more modern sci-fi themes. and was recorded during the sessions for his Your Dystopia, My Utopia album, his first for Adam X’s Berlin-based Sonic Groove label.

The EP also contains the elegant shimmer of Meaningless Marker Of Mortality, and the sweeping Vangelis-like grandeur of Monolithic Myriad Manifold.

This is the first in what will be a series of EPs which give Fulber the space to explore a range of different styles based on current moods in an increasingly complex world.


#Techno #TechnoMusic #AmbientTechno #Industrial

Rhys Fulber - Resolve // Whilst working on the follow-up to last year’s highly-regarded Ostalgia album, pro- ducer Rhys Fulber took an ambient detour fr ...

Our Friday selection: Eduardo De la Calle & Varsoom Music - Our Planet (Nebur Recordings, NEBUR001)Nebur Recordings is a...
Eduardo De La Calle & Varsoom - Our Planet (Nebur Recordings, NEBUR001) - IT SOUNDS FUTURE

Our Friday selection:

Eduardo De la Calle & Varsoom Music - Our Planet (Nebur Recordings, NEBUR001)

Nebur Recordings is a brand new label that kicks off with a superb split EP from techno mainstay Eduardo De La Calle and Varsoom.

The gully prolific Spaniard De La Calle has long been serving up seductively deep and atmospheric techno on labels like the great Planet E, Turbo and Hivern Discs. He has worked under a wide range of aliases and is a critical thinker who imbues his music with spiritualism and wisely sought out samples. Varsoom, meanwhile, is a mysterious figure from Berlin who is only just getting started, but on the evidence served up here, already has a fully formed and fascinating sound.

First up is De La Calle with 'Losing My Cohn Mind 2', which is a tunnelling piece of hypnotic techno with dubby chords and deep, sonar like synth pulses. It draws you into its mysterious atmosphere and keeps you there while freaky vocals bring wonderful weirdness. Then comes 'Neoliberal Ideas', a darker and more intense track but one that is still spacious and inviting. Withering synths and occult sonic motifs drift about the mix to make it evocative and unsettling as well as groovy.

Varsoom steps up on the flip with 'Another Day,' which is melancholic and stripped back to a rolling drum line and haunting lead synth. Percussion joins the mix with an undulating bassline and locks you in a zoned out state of bliss. Closing out the EP is 'Our Planet' which has an end of days feel thanks to the roaming and sombre synth and rubbery drums. It's pensive, evocative techno for the thinking dance floors out there.


#Techno #TechnoMusic #DeepTechno #MelodicTechno

Eduardo De La Calle & Varsoom - Our Planet // Nebur Recordings is a brand new label that kicks off with a superb split EP from techno mainstay Eduardo D ...

Our Thursday selection: James Welsh - Pan/Sink ( Phantasy, PH99)Phantasy approaches it’s landmark hundredth-single relea...
James Welsh - Pan/Sink (Phantasy Sound, PH99) - IT SOUNDS FUTURE

Our Thursday selection:

James Welsh - Pan/Sink ( Phantasy, PH99)

Phantasy approaches it’s landmark hundredth-single release with another impactful single from one of the label’s key artists, James Welsh. Regularly played by producers from Midland to Charlotte De Witte, Welsh’s masterfully dense take on techno and electronica reaches new complexities on ‘Pan’, without ever-sacrificing his singular industrial groove.
The title track is a tunneling electroid roller layered informed by complex conversations seemingly taking place between man, machine, ghostly human speech and a veritable wind tunnel of noise. Perhaps Welsh’s finest connection yet between the blissful and the ruthless, ‘Pan’ demands submission.
On ‘Sink’, Welsh builds yet another perfectly-executed club weapon around an imaginative spoken-word sample, loosening up the tension of it’s more severe partner with a lucid and rhythmic trail of wide-eyed electro.


Dispersion PR #dispersionpr #Techno #TechnoMusic #ContemporaryHouse

James Welsh - Pan/Sink // Phantasy approaches it’s landmark hundredth-single release with another impactful single from one of the label’s key artists, ...


James Welsh - Pan/Sink (Phantasy Sound)

Just loving the James Welsh sound for Phantasy 👀✊

This is our favourite track on this release ... Check out the FULL TRACK + EP:

#Techno #ContemporaryTechno #TechnoMusic @jameswelshmusic @phantasysound

Our Sunday selection: Jon Hester - Converge Part I ( Rekids (Official), REKIDS164)Prolific American artist Jon Hester re...
Jon Hester - Converge Part I (Rekids, REKIDS164) - IT SOUNDS FUTURE

Our Sunday selection:

Jon Hester - Converge Part I ( Rekids (Official), REKIDS164)

Prolific American artist Jon Hester returns to Rekids for the first instalment of his new album, ‘Converge’, this September.
Jon Hester grew up in the Midwest US, living in Chicago and Minneapolis while taking musical cues from Detroit. Initially he was a dancer, and later transitioned to the decks with a refined understanding of what it takes to move a club. He progressed to hosting his own events, holding residencies, and working at a record shop, and now brings his physical rhythms and adventurous drums to his productions, with output on respected labels such as Transmat, Deeply Rooted, Dystopian, Klockworks, and LET Recordings, not to mention multiple appearances on Rekids.
Continuing to show fine form on his debut album, Hester now serves up eight of his signature house and techno fusions with plenty of his trademark directness across four sides of vinyl.

"’Converge’ encompasses my vision of techno and house with warmth, groove, and soul, and is steeped in my experiences in the Midwest US and around the world. The two-part album format provided me the freedom to stretch out and explore a wider range of sounds, instrumentation, and ideas, all the while keeping the dance floor in mind. I’m eternally grateful to Rekids for the opportunity to share this music with you."

The superb 'Sending Signals' opens the album with scene-setting synth modulations full of sci-fi atmosphere. It's the calm before the storm as 'Metropolitan' then immediately sets off on a cantering groove that is eventually run through with busy, jazzy piano keys that bring the soul. 'Haze' has excellently taught kick drums with hypnotic synth tones adding colour, and features Hester on saxophone. When 'Rain' comes, things grow darker and more menacing, with shakers and urgent stabs keeping you moving at a slick pace.

The second half of this compelling record features the loopy punches and pulses of the super smooth 'Dreamstate', beautifully cosmic and widescreen techno of 'Free' and pensive but urgent deep electro of standout cut 'Flex.' Last of all, 'Equinox' is lit up with distant chords which bring a far-sighted gaze to the rolling, robust kicks.


#Techno #TechnoMusic #MelodicTechno #ContemporaryTechno

Jon Hester - Converge Part I // Prolific American artist Jon Hester returns to Rekids for the first instalment of his new album, ‘Converge’, this September


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