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Immigration Office we make art until our visa expires. Camila Riveros || Daniela Reina Tellez || Lucas Odahara || Pau

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Language Is Migrant

monday thought xx

Language is migrant. Words move from language to language, from culture to culture, from mouth to mouth. Our bodies are migrants; cells and bacteria are migrants too. Even galaxies migrate.

Kiosk der Demokratie - Kiosk of Democracy

Kiosk der Demokratie - Kiosk of Democracy

an on-line platform featuring international artists. cosmo culture. with intense content and with an ethical as well as aesthetical position.

Dear all,we are so-very-happy with last Friday's book release!Thanks for everybody that stopped by and cheers to all the...

Dear all,

we are so-very-happy with last Friday's book release!
Thanks for everybody that stopped by and cheers to all the contributors that turned this book into such an amazing collection of messages.

everybody is more than welcome to write us if you'd like to have the book shipped to you. Or if want to meet for a coffee somewhere in Bremen or Berlin.. and we find a way to hand you the book in person ;)

we hope this finds you well,
Lucas, Paula, Camila, Daniela & Zhe

Dear all, Even though the Immigration Office seems to be closed and we don't physically exist anymore in Am Dobben 36, w...

Dear all,

Even though the Immigration Office seems to be closed and we don't physically exist anymore in Am Dobben 36, we have not ceased our operations.

We are happy to announce that since last year we have been working on a book together with amazing contributors. We've been concerned not only about the messages that keep on dropping in our inbox for help, but about communication itself, emails or messages we exchange everyday be it with colleagues, family, friends, institutions, companies, the government. Messages that regardless the topic, require the most basic principle to succeed in communication: the well being of both the sender and the receiver.
Under this tone, coming up on early November is the book We Hope This Finds You Well.
More information soon.
Enjoy the beginning of Autumn.
We keep you posted.

All our best wishes,

DEAR ALL,Since April 2014, the Immigration Office has been receiving messages from different countries via our email acc...
IMMIGRATION OFFICE / The Office / Letters on Immigration


Since April 2014, the Immigration Office has been receiving messages from different countries via our email account and page. Messages asking for help to immigrate to Germany. Some of them described scenarios which were difficult for us to grasp and dragged us into a wider political conversation, where we had to ask ourselves ethical and political questions concerning our responsibility and influence as artists and citizens. We reacted promptly by answering these letters with official information about asylum in Germany according to the country of origin or the context of the letter.

Nevertheless, we believe that one of our roles in this complex scenario is to give visibility to these stories that are dropped at us as messages, which easier than a human body, reach their existence among us in Germany.

Here in this page we open them to the public, an archive that unfortunately keeps on growing and which we believe must be visible. When an art project unintentionally enacts within a sociopolitical system and is asked to perform on demand. It is hard for us to measure the levels of change that we can bring to this wide topic, but we hope that by pointing out our unexpected contact with these stories and making them visible we may serve at least as a signal, a lighthouse that can be accessed by other structures with other kinds of influence on immigration concerns.

Art Gallery

Hej Hoj!It has been 7 months since the Immigration office closed in Bremen, and we are currently working on further proj...

Hej Hoj!
It has been 7 months since the Immigration office closed in Bremen, and we are currently working on further projects that will soon be out! But why not have a little revival meanwhile?
This Wednesday we will have a ONE NIGHT STAND revival at Kammer 36, former address of the Immigration Office. Lucas Odahara is showing. Komm Vorbei and have a beer with us.
As always, Wednesday, 20uhr, small room.


We are out. And we are thankful.For the artists that inhabited our space, the visitors that filled it up, and everybody ...

We are out.
And we are thankful.
For the artists that inhabited our space, the visitors that filled it up, and everybody that supported the project on different levels.

We are all still in Europe.
And we wish good luck to all the artists around working under the weight of a visa.

Immigration office.

After a long marathon of various exhibitions we go back to classics in I.O.this time One Night Stand with Luisa Eugeni!C...

After a long marathon of various exhibitions we go back to classics in I.O.

this time One Night Stand with Luisa Eugeni!

Come tomorrow to have a couple of beers and enjoy some warm wintertime with us.

We look forward to seeing you again!


Hopefully you are all having a nice first snow day in Bremen.

tonight at 20:00 Uhr is the Vernissage for our last big exhibition at the Immigration Office, a project that will soon leave the room Am Dobben 36.

Welcome to Exhibition 04 - Import/Export

Hope to see you all there!

We will have our beer for 1€, very nice company and really good works!


The last evening of performances of EXHIBITION 03! !! !!
We welcome you all to cylixe & Marius Roth's performance tonight.
see you then!


mit Meerblick
Die Ästhetik des Tourismus, der Hotel-Ressorts und Kreuzfahrtschiffe ist
die einer individuell erlebten Globalisierung. Hier wird eine
vorgespielte Authentizität von dem Einzelnen erlebt. Anhand von
Fotosammlungen und fiktionalen Reiseberichten erforschen wir diese
persönlichen Geschichten innerhalb artifizieller Grenzen.


and we are extremely thankful to all of you who despite the weather are coming to the performances of the Exhibition 03 - in times of conflict!

This weekend is our last 2 evenings, and we warmly invite you to stop by and check them out! We'll go on providing you with tea and art from the window.

Tonight at 20h,
it's SUIN KWON's turn!


Suin Kwon comes from Seoul, South Korea, where she has studied Photography. Currently Kwon studies fine Arts at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen under the guidance of professor Rosa Barba.
Her work entails video, installation and performance.
At the moment Kwon deals among other things, with the process of archiving, where she arranges selected elements (such as building materials) and simultaneously record them.

For the EXHIBITION 03 at the Immigration Office, Suin Kwon enacts on her own installation in order to set her own territory within the gallery.


Tonight at the Immigration Office:

Perform from ISAAC CHONG WAI.
Stop by, take some tea, watch through our window.

We are glad to host Isaac tonight.
at 20h!

see you!


ISAAC CHONG WAI is an artist based in Germany and Hong Kong, MFA student in an international awarded program Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar in Germany and received his BA in Visual Arts (Hons.) from the Academy of Visual Art in Hong Kong Baptist University.

He works with diverse media, including performance, site-specific installation, public art, video, photography and multimedia. Chong’s work, “I Dated a Guy in Buchenwald,” was selected to Moscow Biennale for Young Art 2014.

His video, “Equilibrium No.8 - Boundaries,
honorary mentioned at the Award of the 2nd OZON International Video Art Festival in Katowice, Poland, in 2013. He was awarded the first runner-up prize for the 2012 Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award. He participated in IAM (International Art Moves) in Dresden, Germany in 2012. Chong had also been shown in a solo-exhibition “An Unknown Artist” at the Academy of Visual Arts Gallery in Hong Kong in 2011.


Tonight the immigration office group take on the gallery space on the 4th performance of the exhibition 03 - In Times of Conflict.

We look forward.

See you at 20h!


Lucas Odahara, Paula Hurtado Otero, Daniela Reina tellez, Camila Riveros, and Zhe Wang are the group of artists that have been running the art space Immigration Office over the last year. During this period of time the group was contacted by different people from different nationalities through the project’s page. There they were asked for help to immigrate to the country or received desperate personal stories about asylum, war and death hoping for help from the page that carry the misleading name Immigration Office.

For the Exhibition 03 the group performs together a piece based on this unexpected messages that brings to the project a political aspect of Immigration in art that can’t be ignored. How much can art do in Times of Conflict?


Third night! The space is filled and the territory will be inhabited once again. Today Esther Adam will be our guest, reconquering the already twice used space.

Come and check our third Termin in Exhibition 03, In times of Conflict.
See you soon!



Ich komme in der Nacht nach Hause, mein Magen knurrt, ich schneide mir eine Scheibe Brot ab und beschmiere sie. Gesättigt falle ich ins Bett.
Ich habe verschlafen, greife mir schnell noch ein Stück Brot und Käse und bin aus der Tür.
Wir streiten uns, weil mal wieder kein Brot zu Hause ist.
Die harten Überreste sammeln sich im Regal unserer Vorratskammer.
Es taucht ein neues, frisches Brot auf.



After our first night, cold but cozy, we will have today Irene Strese as our secound performer from the EXHIBITION 03 - In Times of Conflict. Come around! we have beer, tea and art!

zum Performace:
"Ich bleibe an etwas hängen, an etwas kleben, als Spur, als Begegnung, als Konflikt und Auseinandersetzung. Wie viel von mir ist hierbei sichtbar, wie viel verbleibt."


Am Dobben 36


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