Callush DJ. Based in Berlin. BOOKING: [email protected]

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Paris, see you on 24th of july !!! Can't wait!!  🤩👊
Une grande friche accueille 10h de techno en open air avec Xperience Paris

Paris, see you on 24th of july !!! Can't wait!! 🤩👊

Samedi 24 juillet, le collectif Xperience Paris va prendre le contrôle d’une grande friche proche de Paris de 22h à 8h le lendemain, avec un line-up techno emmené par l’étoile ukrainienne Nastia. Né de la rencontre entre professionnels du domaine musical et professionnels de l’événement...



RAW Agency and RAW exist for more than 5 years now and we are proud to be part of this incredible scene. We started as a simple booking agency with a strong desire to experience everything. Over the years, the RAW crew has grown as a strong and united collective alongside the agency through numerous events in Europe, a prolific label and the production of all kinds of audiovisual creations.

We are very grateful to all the artists with whom we were able to work and we want to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their contribution across our different projects.
They are all part of the crew's history.

Like most of you, we grew up with a true love for this music and the people who compose it. We started from nothing and learned everything, still building the ones we are now.
It was therefore obvious for us to restructure our ambitions and assert ourselves as a multidisciplinary crew.

That’s why RAW will take the place and continuity of the RAW Agency roster that you know well, remaining true to what has made it successful: discovering tomorrow's talent, supporting the most experienced ones and bringing techno to the light of its audience.
All our activities of booking, management, event production, label, studio, design and video will be now reunited on this page and on our website to provide easier access to our ecosystem.

We are resilient and we still believe a brighter future is coming.
We will continue to highlight new artists, propose events, music, streamings and innovative projects in the next weeks, months and years. With always one goal in sight: to push forward our great family of producers, DJs, VJs, designers, directors, photographs, managers, agents and promoters…

We also want to give a shoutout to all those who are still trying to propose something to let the scene survive from the isolated bedroom producer to the well known artists, without forgetting the promoters, labels, venues, collective and other contributors.

See you on the dance floor, whenever it will be!

My Podcast for the SYNOID Crew is online now!Enjoy and happy raving! 🤘

My Podcast for the SYNOID Crew is online now!
Enjoy and happy raving! 🤘

The Berlin based DJ Callush is known for her rebellious and dynamic journeys. Inspired by the energetic nights in the techno scene, Callush combines her dark and industrial selection with elements of EBM, Acid and Trance – usually from 140 BPM till open end. She has played in different clubs around Germany, such as Loft Club and Griessmühle, and will attend her first international gigs in future.

Callush - HMH Livestream - Istanbul "One Hour Set"

You can now fully rewatch my livestream for HMH from Istanbul on YouTube! Enjoy 🤘

Special set for HMH from the German amazing "Callush" who touched our heart and got us closer to feel the #music

New Podcast for my dutch friends from Frenzy. Enjoy!

New Podcast for my dutch friends from Frenzy.

FrenzyPodcast.061 Callush

For our 61st podcast we’ve invited a rebellious lady from Berlin, Callush. ‘From 138 BPM till open end’ defines her uncompromising style, with influences from the darker sounds. Callush already made name for herself with her dynamic sets, having played in clubs such as Griessmuehle and Loft Club. This time she gave it all for the FrenzyPodcast Serie, enjoy!

21.03. in Hof! See you there!!🤘🤘🤘

21.03. in Hof! See you there!!🤘🤘🤘

Line Up Lolas supernova:
Callush aus Berlin
Tanzt euch schon mal warm für eine Künstlerin, die uns musikalisch in eine neue Dimension bringen wird. In letzter Zeit hat sie bereits mit ihren Sets in der Griessmühle oder bei Hallo Werner (Teufelswerk) auf sich Aufmerksam gemacht. Umso mehr freuen wir uns nun, dass sie am 21.03. zu uns nach Hof kommt. ⚡️🔥💥




!!! Raise your hands riots !!!

Friends, we must act now. It might be our last New Year's Eve...
Please share and spread the word.

Neues Set für KŌYA! 🤘😈Samstag dann in Augsburg bei der Teufelswerk-Crew!

Neues Set für KŌYA! 🤘😈
Samstag dann in Augsburg bei der Teufelswerk-Crew!

Callush verschiebt Dimensionen, gemeinsam ihm.
Dem der er dahin zieht, es lebt und spürt.

KŌYA - die Legende, der Mythos, das Erlebnis
Callush - der Künstler, die Musik, der Moment

"In heiße Wüsten ziehn
Dimensionen verschieben
Von innen sich selbst."

My Podcast for the selected crew is online now! Thanks for having me! 🧡
[selected] podcast 016 w/ Callush

My Podcast for the selected crew is online now! Thanks for having me! 🧡

Podcast No. 16 with some female power by Callush!


This Friday at Halle02 in Heidelberg! Who‘s in?! 🤘🏼🧡

We're back with our first Day & Night event during the summer break this Friday (June 14). This time with a fantastic line-up featuring Callush, Mina Taurus, Mirella and Olivia, four absolutely brilliant DJanes from our regional circuit, who will deliver the electronic goods at our beautiful open-air area during the day and later at our club until very late. Join us!

RSVP for all details here:

What‘s next? 🤘🏼

What‘s next? 🤘🏼


If you don‘t make it now, you won‘t make it there.

Mainfloor closing at Loft Club, 15.03.2019 with Adam Beyer© Picture by Ruben Schmitz

Mainfloor closing at Loft Club, 15.03.2019 with Adam Beyer

© Picture by Ruben Schmitz


DANKE an alle, die mit mir auf dem Mainfloor getanzt haben, für die Stimmung und das viele Feedback! ✊🧡

Video by Loft Club

Callush's cover photo

Callush's cover photo



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From 138 BPM till open end.

Industrial Techno with EBM, Acid and Vocals. BOOKING: [email protected]

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You were absolutely amazing last night. Such a talent! We fall in love with you