XJAZZ XJAZZ - Jazz, Electronica, Neo-Classic & more XJAZZ online festival April 29th & 30th 2020, Berlin www.xjazz.net On its debut in May 2014, XJAZZ Festival instantly became Berlin’s biggest Jazz festival.

XJAZZ incorporates already existing structures and venues, whilst bringing together musicians who collaborate on and perform joint projects. Internationally renown for its strong vibes, Berlin is predestined for a bold program, which is why the focus of XJAZZ is above all on the Berlin music scene; 75% of the line up consists of local artists, which is unique for German festivals. A contemporary understanding of jazz music also covers electronically improvised music, new classical music, as well as singer/songwriter. Poland has been chosen as the partner country XJAZZ Festival 2017. XJAZZ wants to build a musical bridge and reach out to music lovers of all ages. Furthermore, the festival has been widely praised by the media, “XJAZZ seems to be able to enthuse audiences who otherwise hardly come into contact with the world of jazz” writes taz newspaper, and “[…] the marvelous concept of XJAZZ, which should definitely be issued: Music for models and freaks alike, only a stone’s throw away.” - the BZ. As a club festival, XJAZZ will again centers on the heart of the scene – Berlin Kreuzberg. All locations are within walking distance of one another. In addition to the regular clubs such as Lido, BiNuu, FluxBau, Privatclub, Prince Charles and Monarch, special concerts will also take place at Emmaus Church until late into the night. For the XJAZZ Festival 2017 we're happy to announce:

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Deniz Mahir Kartal @ XJAZZ sessions 2020

Deniz Mahir Kartal's XJAZZ session is one of the concerts you have watched the most so far. We think that is very understandable. Deniz uses electronics, loops and improvised live instruments and brings different cultures closer and together. The whole performance is going to be streamed on June 12th 9pm on our FB and YT channels.
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About last nights XJAZZ radio show on @fluxfm with ⁠⠀@daniel_w._best and @studnitzky. If you missed it, you can find and...

About last nights XJAZZ radio show on @fluxfm with ⁠⠀
@daniel_w._best and @studnitzky. If you missed it, you can find and listen to it on our Spotify playlist.

🔥🔥 Link in Bio ⁠⠀
Pete Josef @petejosef | Jorja Smith @jorjasmith_ | Key Elements @key_elements030 | Kurt Rosenwinkel @kurtisrosenwinkel | Michael Olatuja @michaelolatuja | Zara McFarlane @zaramcfarlane⁠⠀
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About last nights XJAZZradio show on FluxFM with Daniel W. Best and STUDNITZKY. If you missed it, you can find and liste...

About last nights XJAZZradio show on FluxFM with
Daniel W. Best and STUDNITZKY. If you missed it, you can find and listen to it on our Spotify playlist.🔥 Link in Bio

Pete Josef | Jorja Smith | Key Elements | Kurt Rosenwinkel | Michael Olatuja | Zara McFarlane

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- monday's XJAZZ talk - "Behind the Stages: How Do We Feel?" -⁠

Yonca Lina Çopuroğlu from our XJAZZ team had a talk with Şebnem Keseroğlu who works on festival productions and Wanja Hüffell who is a sound technician. This XJAZZ lab gives an interesting insight on how people behind the stages are doing right now. Watch the full talk on our Youtube channel. ⁠

Just follow this Link ⌲ ⌲ ⌲ https://bit.ly/2YXOJWJ ⁠🌎💫

Àbáse & Ziggy Zeitgeist @ XJAZZ online Festival 2020

Àbáse is producer, keyboard player and DJ creating a blend of westafrican, brazilian, hip hop, jazz and club music. He focuses on a heavyweight rhythm section (being a percussionist himself) and drifts between funky riffs and silky smooth chord structures. The word “àbáse” comes from the westafrican Yoruba language and stands for “collaboration” - which is the key element of Àbáse’s music.

As part of the famous Australian nu-soul and future jazz collective "30/70", drummer Ziggy Zeitgeist has become a staple ingredient of the Australian jazz potpourri. As the leader of his eponymous band the drummer creates a unique, club culture-driven sound, nourished by influences from breakbeats, house and 70s jazz funk.

If you like what we are doing please become our patreon on www.patreon.com/xjazz or support us on our website: www.xjazz.net
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- XJAZZ session with Àbáse & Ziggy Zeitgeist -

This was honestly an extraordinary XJAZZ session! Hungarian composer, keyboarder and DJ Àbáse together with drummer Ziggy Zeitgeist who is also part of the famous Australian nu-soul and future jazz collective "30/70". Both are based in Berlin and you all should definitely keep your eyes and ears on them. The full session will be available live Sunday night on our FB + Youtube channels. July 4th, 9:00 pm (Berlin T). Stay tuned!! 🚀✨

Link to all channels in Bio 💫

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange
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- friday's XJAZZ interview's - ⁠Bugge Wesseltoft and Studnitzky -

You´re interested to know how other artists used their time during the lockdown? Watch Bugge Wesseltoft & STUDNITZKY talking about Corona, Streaming, Social Media, Practicing and more...
Due to slow internet in Berlin during COVID-19 lockdown the quality of the Zoom Interview is not the greatest, but since the vibe of the talk was so nice, we still wanted to share it with you. XJAZZ lab

You can find the full Interview on our youtube channel.
Follow this Link 💫🌏🎶 https://bit.ly/2NQM4rn

- thursday's - artists @home performance - ⁠ Joram Feitsma -

Ever since the Dutchman Joram Feitsma first came into contact with the entrancing beauty of neo-classical music in his youth, it has been a thread running through his life. More than that, he finds himself in the abysses of his minimalist harmonies. The warm, soulful melancholy of his compositions.

Joram recorded this beautiful performance during the lockdown at his home and shared it with us. Thank you Joram Feitsma.
Listen to the full recording on our Youtube channel.

Follow this link 🚀✨ 🎶⁠ https://bit.ly/2YS1our


About last nights XJAZZradio show on FluxFM with ⁠DJ Daniel W. Best and STUDNITZKY with the focus on the exciting Russia...

About last nights XJAZZradio show on FluxFM with ⁠
DJ Daniel W. Best and STUDNITZKY with the focus on the exciting Russian jazz scene. If you missed it, you can find and listen to it on our Spotify playlist.

🔥 Link to playlist: https://spoti.fi/2YLMaXD

Makar Kash*tsyn | Sasha Mashin (Sasha Mashin) | Komasaxo | Y-Otis | Glass Museum | RYMDEN | Claire Parsons Music | JZreplacement | Olga Amelchenko | Ezra Collective | Kamasi Washington

#xjazzradioshow #xjazzmusic #jazzmusic


Rainy Days Records is a Saint Petersburg-based record label that is changing the global perception of modern Russian music in the global music landscape. Founded in 2018, the label has released six albums that demonstrate the stellar musicianship and vibrancy of today’s Russian jazz scene. Acting as a platform for Russian and international musicians, Rainy Days facilitates the creation and presentation of innovative new works and fosters unique collaborations of the finest musicians that Russia has to offer. Featuring #SashaMashin #HappySynapse #MakarKash*tsyn #MakarNovikov #JoshEvans #RosarioGuliani #DmitryMospan #BenitoGonzalez

Richard Koch Quartett

check out this wonderful performance in the woods from the amazing Richard Koch:

😀Join our LIVE session straight from the woods 💚 featuring our favourite tunes 🚀 AND talks about how nature can inspire musicians to take part in a significant shift in the worldwide crisis we are facing today 🌳!
Richard Koch - trumpet, composition
Valentin Butt - accordion
Matthias Pichler - double bass
Moritz Baumgärtner - drums
David Thibaut - camera
Antje Volkmann - sound

XJAZZ online festival 2020 - Aron Ottignon - teaser

Aron Ottignon played a mesmerising improvised solo set a few weeks ago in an empty church in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We will stream the full session live tomorrow night on our FB + Youtube channels. June 28th, 9:00 pm (Berlin T). Stay tuned!!

XJAZZ Interview with Aron Ottignon

After recording Aron Ottignon performing for our XJAZZ sessions, STUDNITZKY had a little talk with him. All about Jazz and changes due COVID-19. Aron's concert is going to be streamed live on Sunday night, June 28, 9:00 pm (Berlin T). Don't miss!

- thursday's - artists @home performance - ⁠ Nostalgia - "Holding The Line" - ⁠

The Trio Nils Wogram Nostalgia unites three absolute giants of the European jazz scene. Thanks for sending us this highly creative home recording of 'Holding The Line'. ⁠

Arno Kriger - hammond organ
Dejan Terzic - Artist Page - drums
Nils Wogram (official)- trombone

Check out the full recording on our Youtube channel. ⁠
https://bit.ly/3dwmDpD 🚀⁠ 🎶✨⁠

#xjazzberlin #stayhome #xjazz #xjazzfestival #xjazzonlinefestival

Resonanzen Festival

Our artistical director Sebastian Studnitzky is also in charge for the new Resonanzen Festival in Saarbrücken. They started the live season with a hybrid live event in collaboration with quasi.live.
listen and watch Me in the forest, Claire Parsons Music & Glass Museum here:

Zur Fête De La Musique realisierte quasi.live in Kooperation mit dem Resonanzen Festival einen ganz speziellen Event als Hybrid zwischen Live Konzert vor Publikum und Livestream.

Für alle, die am Samstag nicht live dabei sein konnten, gibt es hier nochmal das Video!

Im geschichtsträchtigen Pingusson-Gebäude traten Glass Museum (BEL), Claire Parsons Music (LUX) and Me in the forest (Saarbrücken) auf, und wurde dabei von Quasi.Live im Stile einer Musikvideoproduktion gefilmt und live ins Internet gestreamt. Das Publikum vor Ort konnte auf einer Leinwand den Livestream verfolgen, aber gleichzeitig durch die Glasfassade des Pingusson-Baus auch live am Making-Of teilnehmen.
Der Park bot ein wunderbares Ambiente und man konnte bei allen Beteiligten merken, wie schön es war, endlich mal wieder den Vibe eines Konzerts mit Publikum zu spüren.

Die nächsten Live Events sind schon in Planung und man kann sich schon mal den 19. Juli mit Bleistift in den Kalender eintragen. Corona bedingt muss die Planung deutlich spontaner ausfallen als üblich, deshalb gibt es die genauen Details erst in den Wochen vor dem Event.


Pour la Fête de la Musique quasi.live a réalisé, en coopération avec le Resonanzen Festival, un événement très particulier, hybride entre concert live devant un public et streaming en direct.

Pour tous ceux qui n'ont pas pu être présents samedi, voici la vidéo !

Glass Museum (BEL), Claire Parsons Music (LUX) et Me in the forest (Sarrebruck) se sont produits dans le bâtiment Pingusson chargé d’histoire, où ils ont été filmés par quasi.live dans un style digne d'une production de clip musical et diffusés en direct sur Internet. Le public sur place pouvait suivre la diffusion en direct sur un écran, mais pouvait également assister à la réalisation de cet événement à travers la façade de verre du bâtiment Pingusson.

Le parc offrait une ambiance idéale et on pouvait sentir avec tous les participants combien il était agréable de retrouver enfin l'ambiance d'un concert avec un public.

Les prochains événements sont déjà en cours de planification et vous pouvez déjà marquer le 19 juillet au crayon dans vos calendriers. Face au coronavirus, la planification doit être beaucoup plus spontanée que d'habitude, de sorte que les détails exacts ne seront disponibles que dans les semaines précédant l'événement.

Johanna Summer @ XJAZZ sessions

Johanna Summer is the shootingstar in Germany’s jazz piano scene. She just released her debut album “Schumann Kaleidoskop” on ACT music. For XJAZZ online Festival 2020 she played a quite free improvised inspired solo set with a perfect flow.
If you like the XJAZZ activities you are very welcome to become part of our family on www.patreon.com/xjazz
Follow Johanna on http://johannasummer.de/

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now live: livestream from the new Resonanzen Festival celebrating fête de la musique

Mit QUASI.LIVE bringen wir Musiker und Locations auf euren Bildschirm.
► Jeden Samstag um 20.30Uhr ◄
Unterstützt die Musiker, die Location oder einfach das Projekt auf https://quasi.live.

Diesmal zu Gast
Me in the forest
Claire Parsons
Glass Museum


Mit Quasi.Live will die Resarevoir Audiovisuäl zeitgemäße und solidarische Infrastrukturen schaffen, die es Kunst- und Kreativschaffenden ermöglichen, mit ihren Berufen ihre Existenz zu sichern – trotz des kompletten Shutdowns des kulturellen und öffentlichen Lebens in Zeiten der Coronakrise. Wir wollen der Kreativbranche SaarLorLux eine Möglichkeit geben, in der Krise nicht nur zu überleben, sondern sich eine eigene Öffentlichkeit im Netz zu organisieren, sich auszutauschen, sich gegenseitig zu supporten und zusammen neue Formate zu finden – über die geschlossenen Grenzen hinaus. Gemeinsam online statt allein daheim!


Schaut euch die anderen Konzerte an: https://bit.ly/2RJ43CE


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ResarevoirAudiovisual
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quasi.live/


► ABONNIEREN und kein Konzert mehr verpassen: https://bit.ly/2ynwAGO


XJAZZ online festival 2020 at Emmauskirche Berlin Kreuzberg

Johanna Summer is the shootingstar in Germany’s jazz piano scene. She just released her debut album “Schumann Kaleidoskop” on ACT music. For XJAZZ online festival 2020 she played an inspiring, quite free improvised solo set with a beautiful flow. You can stream her whole performance live on our FB & Youtube Channels this Sunday, Jun 21 at 9pm (Berlin T.). 🌏 💙 🎶 Johanna Summer Actmusic Jazz thing

- thursday's - artists @home performance -

- thursday's - artists @home performance -
Deeech Duo (Alina Sokulska + Rainy Days) + Isfar Sarabski

The Russian duo Deeech consists of drummer Sasha Mashin and dancer Alina Sokulska. In an ever improvised dialogue between sound and movement, both break up existing conventions and prejudices to create new liberties. When the filigree harmonies of the multi-award-winning pianist Isfar Sarabski, considered the most exciting musician in Azerbaijan, joins this sombre synthesis of sound and body, epochal harmonics and theatricality are guaranteed.

Thanks for sending us this amazing @home performance! We're gonna stream a XJAZZ international Russia special next Tuesday at 4pm (Berlin time). Don't miss!

Natalie Greffel @ XJAZZ sessions

Here's a heartwarming performance from Natalie Greffel. Her performance is so sincere and real that when she finished playing, our crew cheered as loud as a sold out Emmauskirche night. Natalie creates some kind of magic with her music. You will feel the same when you see her focused and united moments in this performance.
#xjazz #XjazzSessions #berlin #NatalieGreffel #Agogorecords #LiveStream #LiveConcert

Natalie Greffel live at XJAZZ online festival 2020

This is a beautiful performance by Natalie Greffel at Emmauskirche in Berlin Kreuzberg. It sure was a very special concert as part of the XJAZZ online festival. We will stream the whole recording on our Facebook and Youtube channels this Sunday night 9pm (Berlin T).

XJAZZ talk - "European Jazz Festivals: How Are We?"

- monday - XJAZZ talk - "European Jazz Festivals: How Are We?"

As a part of our online gathering, we want to bring you an update on how our European partners and friends are doing, improvising, and navigating their way these days. We would like to invite you to our discussion and share our experiences with you, especially about "how we feel". Follow the link to our youtube channel to watch the full recording.
🎥✨ https://bit.ly/2BFymVr

Francesca Cerretani Europe Jazz Network | Nadin Deventer Jazzfest Berlin | Harun Izer - Istanbul Jazz Festival | Eric Birath - Stockholm Jazz Festival & Fasching | Murat Sezgi - XJAZZ

XJAZZ talk - "European Jazz Festivals: How Are We?" After a first shock with the cancellation of all XJAZZ activities in 6 different countries the XJAZZ Team...

Studnitzky | KY Solo Jam @home.mp4

Since the beginning of the corona lock down I started playing live streamed solo-jams, almost every day at midnight on my IG page. From time to time I want to share collection of best of these jams on my FB live stream.�Join me tonight when I introduce you to my setup and share some music with you.
If you want to get access to an archive of these solo jams, follow me here : www.patreon.com/studnitzky
#studnitzky #kymusic #livestream #midnight #solo #berlin #athome

As an international festival for jazz we position ourselves clearly against racism, hate and violence. The murder of Geo...

As an international festival for jazz we position ourselves clearly against racism, hate and violence.

The murder of George Floyd and the repressive actions against the protests by the US government shake us deeply and show once again that racism is real and still deeply rooted in our society.

We want to fight for a world in which all people are equal. Independent of skin colour, origin and gender. We are aware that this is still not the case today and that change can only be brought about through constant, active, anti-racist action.

Currently we would like to express our solidarity for the family, relatives and friends of George Floyd, as well as all those who protest for equality and justice! Likewise, our solidarity goes out to all those who experience and/or have experienced racism and discrimination.

For our own work we plan to address these issues in our XJAZZlab online series in the coming weeks. More information will be available next week on our social media platforms.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos


Pascal Schumacher plays from his Home Studio a session with a special flow!

The second special for tonight! A beautiful streaming concert with Ameli in the woods at 20:00 - 20:45 (UTC+2)"Ameli in ...

The second special for tonight! A beautiful streaming concert with Ameli in the woods at 20:00 - 20:45 (UTC+2)

"Ameli in the woods" is an invitation to a dark and beautiful world full of many different forms: Dreamy and melancholic harmonies lie like a haze over the ramifications of the rhythm, which is home to warm, diverse vocals. Four musicians follow their artistic instincts in a quest for the possibilities of a completely unique, exceedingly modern understanding of jazz. To this end they embark on extensive explorations into the fields of electronic, classical and experimental music. Once you have heard the group, you will be thrilled by a voice that is so epochal and powerful and in no way inferior to that of past world stars of soul.

See you all later, online!

📸: ©Jan Potente


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We love it!
hey liebes Team. Wie kann ich mein Ticket zum FINK Konzert rückerstatten lassen ? Leider bekomme ich nirgendwo eine Antwort
Hello friends, 1.November 2019 we are renting out 2 office rooms each 16 sqm in Kreuzberg. We are looking forward to friendly office partnership in Kreuzberg Schlesisches Tor. Rent 400€/office. If interested pm to XJAZZ
30€ für das Ticket von Nneka und dann wird die Künstlerin nach 50min von der Bühne gekegelt? Tolles Festival.
Anybody 2 tickets left???:-))
I will buy 2 tickets for concerts on 11 of may at Emmaus Kirche/Hania Rani 😀
Na, da habt ihr euch aber einen Platz in illustrer Gesellschaft erarbeitet ...
Gestern noch beim X JAZZ und morgen schon in der WABE (bester Sound der Stadt) https://www.facebook.com/events/529478730836615/
Hi – I bought tickets online for Christian Löffler and I think I have to collect them from somewhere in Zoogarten. Does anyone know where exactly?
XJAZZ Festival 2018 is just days away! Make your festival schedule 🔊 Tickets & Infos → www.xjazz.net Thanks to Natalie Greffel and AR RI for the video! #xjazzberlin #xjazzfestival5
hope, to see you again ...
comming soon ;)