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'storming opinions but hell I the worst yea' an accumulation of sentiment and extremities basically behaving sincerely while they eat



'storming opinions but hell I the worst yea' an accumulation of sentiment and extremities basically behaving sincerely while they eat


The philosopher Gnerdel believed the purpose of life was to live as high on the food chain as possible. She refused to eat vegetarians, and preferred to live entirely on creatures that preyed on sentient beings.

black bricks and black broken hands cover charts and cataracts, cascading amongst circus clowns clad in covered cones--geneveva filipovic is very stupid. she has painted black bricks and pine cones with sprays and unguent, lazy oils. damaged clowns could have painted better bricks. the clowns would have painted better bricks. when one writes something like this, it is important or interesting to make it allegorical or to establish a connection, which i suppose i should not do, and you should not also do, or not refuse to do, or not do, then do, and then, to pause, and to establish another connection with what is now--oh f**k it, i am finished with this idiotic sentence. you can create higher dimensional spaces with more dimensions, if you are an architect (should i include some biographical details? geneveva filpovic might be around 25 ((i never asked) these nested brackets are absoluteness ridiculous) when she was writing this text, the clowns became bored. boredom is boring too. i should really try a little harder, but i will not, because i am both lazy and stupid, and this is easily the most sophisticated show in berlin, ever! genevave is very stupid. she has painted black bricks, which yoou can look at. he is the only lazy german i have ever met. i have met a group of damaged, unfashionable clowns, which would have painted better bricks. the clowns have no hands. the clowns would be more sophisticated and more attractive, despite the deformities and the fact that they are burnt alive in chemical drums whist f**king horses. then they just copy wyade gyton. i do see a lot of faces. both things at the same time. dont touch me. this is not about black bricks.

Typically, a demand is imposed upon the subject by someone who they respect (such as a parent, teacher or doctor) but the demand itself is inherently impossible to fulfill because some broader context forbids it. For example, this situation arises when a person in a position of authority imposes two contradictory conditions but there exists an unspoken rule that one must never question authority. but the you do anyway, then stop, then start again, but do not bother to finish anyway, as, oh, ok, whatever!

You don't have to have 100 people over and put pink balloons in a box for something to be special and you would like to be a teenager.

it is nice to have a double bind. i was trying to think of a way to screw this up (if this is is printed on paper, you could do this for me; take the paper, then crumple it a little, then, after doing so, twist your wrists and make a screw) but it is actually impossible, because it is made of black bricks. i am sort of a mess; i wish two people were here to give me a hug.

me: i need it soon
kierod: when
me: now
kierod: f**k off
me: just write crap

slow simplistic thoughts pass: that she was once better, more powerful; more sophisticated; less sophisticated; less beautiful; more attractive; blacker. she is talented but she does not try, as to try would be an abolition. it is nice to be so lazy. but it should also be about making something else, so i chose cake. i have no idea how to make a cake, so i will tell you how to make a cake: get food, make the food in to a cake. is cooking fashionable? i do hope so.

"i feel like this should have some dialog"

"self reference is awful, and what did you do last night?"

"i hate spelling and saying words"

"this is the first time with simple words and no referents"

"i like ion engines and i would like to own a sea lion"

"should we talk about the bricks again?"

i thought the allegory would go both ways and the we would have our hands taken from us.


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