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Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

International Deaf Tattoo Convention is canceled in May and is postponed to October or November. Official date will be updated soon. Thank you for watch and understand! 🙏🏼

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide
Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide


Our convention from 29. May to 31. May 2020 will NOT be canceled. We therefore recommend that you always wash your hands and use the disinfection gel. The government recommends that all organizers of 1,000 or more people cancel the event by the end of April and we organizers do not have 1000 visitors. Therefore we will not cancel our event and it stay absolutely SURE.

Ticket Available:
Now only 60 Combi ticket and 66 evening festival ticket


Notre convention du 29 mai au 31 mai 2020 ne sera PAS annulée. Nous vous recommandons donc de toujours vous laver les mains et d'utiliser le gel désinfectant. Le gouvernement recommande que tous les organisateurs de 1 000 personnes ou plus annulent l'événement d'ici la fin avril et nous, les organisateurs, n'avons pas 1 000 visiteurs. Par conséquent, nous n'annulerons pas notre événement et il restera absolument SÛR.

Billet disponible:
Maintenant seulement 60 billets Combi et 66 billets pour le festival en soirée

Tickets - Billets:

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

Soon the Saturday festival evening will be sold out, so order the ticket quickly and there is again a special price until the clearance sale!

Sale special price: 20.00 € for COMBI and for festival!

This ticket is now only available:

NOW only:

66 evening festival ticket
61 COMBI ticket

Bientôt, la soirée du festival du samedi sera épuisée, alors commandez le billet rapidement et il y a encore un prix spécial jusqu'à la vente en liquidation!

Prix spécial vente: 20,00 € pour COMBI et pour le festival!

Ce ticket est désormais uniquement disponible:

Seulement maintenant:

66 Billet festival
61 COMBI ticket

Ticket - Billets:

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide


SPECIAL HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY DISCOUNT only for today and tommorow: COMBI ticket now for only 20€ (completely together for Friday, Saturday plus festival and Sunday)!

RÉDUCTION SPÉCIALE HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY seulement pour aujourd'hui et tommorow: billet COMBI maintenant pour seulement 20 € (complètement ensemble pour vendredi, samedi plus festival et dimanche)!

(Ticket sales for men too!
Vente de billets pour les hommes aussi!)

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

New information about TOMBOLA!
De nouvelles informations sur la tombola!

Tombola for 10€:
Voucher-prize: 1st place: 250€, 2nd place: 150€ and 3rd place: 100€

Tombola for 5€:
Voucher-prize: 1st place: 100€, 2nd place: 80€ and 3rd place: 50€

Tombola pour 10€:
Bon d'achat: 1ère place: 250€, 2ème place: 150€ et 3ème place: 100€

Tombola pour 5€:
Bon d'achat: 1ère place: 100€, 2ème place: 80€ et 3ème place: 50€

Als die Kraft zu Ende gingwar`s kein Sterben,war`s Erlösung.Wir möchten dir lieber Dieter Lorenz alias Dilo unseren alle...

Als die Kraft zu Ende ging
war`s kein Sterben,
war`s Erlösung.

Wir möchten dir lieber Dieter Lorenz alias Dilo unseren allerherzlichsten Beileid gebärden! Die Liebe, Dankbarkeit und die Erinnerungen kann dir niemand nehmen.


When the strength ran out
wasn't it dying
it was salvation.

We would rather like to express our heartfelt condolences to Dieter Lorenz alias Dilo! Nobody can take away your love, gratitude and memories.

My dear deaf, hard of hearing and hearing friends from all over the world, dear supporters and dear sponsors!We wish you...

My dear deaf, hard of hearing and hearing friends from all over the world, dear supporters and dear sponsors!

We wish you all friends good, healthy, successful and happy new year 2020! Forgets you or reminds you beautiful on the 2019, whether good times was, whether bad times was, whether unfortunate times was, whether happy times was, whether successful times was, whether not successful times was, whether sad times was, whether joyous times was, or anything other times, you yourselves know, but from new year 2020, we will be happier, be cheerful, be healthier, be more successful , even if it is very hard, we should fight for it! Therefore, new start, new way, new target and not the other way! We should also remember loved people ones, that these people can not experience new year and we want to thank, these people are always in our hearts! So my dear friends, never give up!

With best regards

IDEAF - International Deaf Eventments Agency Federation's cover photo

IDEAF - International Deaf Eventments Agency Federation's cover photo

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

Tombola - We are giving away 5 free tickets for the final front seats worth 50.00€! On 6 October 2019, 19:30 clock we will raffle live hier in Miss & Mister Deaf Stars Facebook. Here go to raffle:

Tombola - Stiamo regalando 5 biglietti gratuiti per i posti anteriori finali del valore di 50,00 €! Il 6 ottobre 2019, 19:30 orologio sorteggeremo in diretta su Miss & Mister Deaf Stars Facebook. Qui vai alla lotteria:

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

Tombola - We are giving away 5 free tickets for the final front seats worth 50.00€! On 6 October 2019, 19:30 clock we will raffle live hier in Miss & Mister Deaf Stars Facebook. Here go to raffle:

Tombola - Stiamo regalando 5 biglietti gratuiti per i posti anteriori finali del valore di 50,00 €! Il 6 ottobre 2019, 19:30 orologio sorteggeremo in diretta su Miss & Mister Deaf Stars Facebook. Qui vai alla lotteria:

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars
Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

Our homepage is newly updated with photos of the participants, program for the finals and ticket shop.

La nostra homepage è stata recentemente aggiornata con le foto dei partecipanti, il programma per le finali e la biglietteria.

Twin brothers, Arne and Bobi

Twin brothers, Arne and Bobi

Happy Birthday, Arne and Bobi!

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

Deaf Tattoo Worldwide

Old but gold with Bobi and Lori, film and edit from Eyk Kauly

Troeber Casting

Troeber Casting

Jetzt brauchen wir wirklich Eure Hilfe : Für einen Weihnachtsspot einer bekannten Schokoladen Marke suchen wir deutschlandweit nach einem gehörlosen Schauspieler / Darsteller!
Du möchtest mehr Infos oder kennst jemanden? Dann schick uns doch eine Mail an: [email protected]
Der Dreh findet zwischen dem 02.-08.09. in Amsterdam statt und ist gut bezahlt ! #castingcall #troebercasting #thecastingagency #tvcommercial #schauspieler #actor #gehörlos #deaf #gebaerdensprache #spreadtheword #weneedyourhelp

Miss & Mister Deaf Germany

Miss & Mister Deaf Germany

Wir suchen deutschsprachlichen Bewerber/innen (Deutschland und Österreich) für das internationale Schönheitswettbewerb "Miss & Mister Deaf Stars"! Bewerbungsschluss ist am 31. Juli 2019!

Website renewed:

Website renewed:

I.D.E.A.F is a non-profit organization and society. I.D.E.A.F is a Event-Management/-Service and agency specific and worldwide for the hearing impaired and deaf.

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars would like to many thank the supporters, cooperation partners, co-organizers etc.!

Hint Fashion Magazine

Mens Fashion Show 1951

A cheeky London men’s fashion show from 1951. Clutch pearls!

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

Miss & Mister Deaf Stars

New info about International Deaf Fashion Week and Miss & Mister Deaf Stars 2019


Hello and welcome again to Miss & Mister Deaf Stars. I am Arne Blumeier (CEO of I.D.E.A.F and Miss & Mister Deaf Stars) I have some little news and new information for everyone.

I have a hearing woman assistant, Antonella Russo (Italian Representative and CEO Assistant) thank you very much and infinitely because three days ago in Italy she went to the south of Puglia to Gallipoli for a meeting and inspection of hotel, theater, sponsors, etc. ..

Yesterday there was the great final for the hearing of Miss World Italy in Italy, they chose a beautiful woman who will be present on December 7th 2019 to Miss World hearing impaired.

Antonella contacted them at this meeting and spoke for the program from 1 November to 11 November 2019 for deaf people at Miss & Mister Deaf Stars at the usual place in Gallipoli.

Gallipoli is a great beautiful city, like Rome which is a great city of Italy, like Paris which is a great city of love, instead, Gallipoli is famous for the great city of beauty, because so many years in that city many people participate Miss Hearing of Miss World, Miss Italy, etc ... and this year they have concluded two Miss events and now there is the Miss & Mister Deaf Stars event and I am very happy.

The hotel is really beautiful and my assistant filmed the rooms of the restaurant, the swimming pool, the training room, the room to take pictures, etc ...
Antonella, the first time she made a mistake in filming with her cell phone vertically and then I asked her politely to shoot horizontally and she did it, really beautiful!
Watch the movie!

Wow! The hotel with the swimming pool is beautiful, you can also do sports, there is a tennis court, etc ... there are so many programs. There are two large training rooms and a large room for taking photos and videos. I'm very happy!

Antonella went to the great Miss World Italy final to see and talk about the theater. This theater will make the final on November 9th 2019, it is a huge and wonderful theater that has 1,200 seats and hearing people always participate to see the Misses in this great theater. Of course, even the deaf can go and see in this theater that there is a stage with a beautiful setting with spectacular lights, watch the video!

Wow! What a great emotion! It's a show with chairs and big screen perfect for the models, really exciting!

Do you want to come? Do you want to participate in Miss? Would you like to participate in Mister? Do you want to participate as a model? Do you want to participate as a designer? Yes, that is possible! Come all of you!
There is a site: where you can register by clicking Miss and Mister, or, Models and Designers and there are applications that you can download from your computer, compile it and send it to me. I'm available!

But the applications expire on July 31st, 2019, then there is work after, because those who have booked to sleep must ask you to send me your plane tickets with your names, which you can put on the list and then you can send a driver who comes to pick you up. You know that there are two airports: one in Bari and one in Brindisi that you can come and pick up at the airport. If you book for Naples, Rome or other different airports it is impossible to come and pick you up, you must come here directly to Gallipoli by bus or train, is that clear?I hope you book for Bari or Brindisi.

You know that July 31st 2019 the applications expire and after August 1st 2019 there is a meeting that then you contact on cam because I have so many people participating, there are three Miss Spain that it is impossible to take all three of them, so I have to choose a of you and to evaluate you with the jury observing your photos that we eventually choose a Miss and I send you a message of who we have chosen. There are Miss from different countries of the world and 2, 3, 4 Miss from the same country and that is why I have to choose a Miss. If you are sad about not being chosen, do not worry that you can also think of us as models for International Deaf Fashion Week.

On November 9th 2019 there will be the final in the evening at 19:00/20:00 opening time and there is a program for each country: 2, 3, 4, 5 Miss and Mister Stars of each different rounds, I have the program also including dance and design, and this is a new addition to International Deaf Fashion Design by designers to demonstrate their talent for a day at the theater with 1,200 people who will watch with two programs. If I organize one day only for the models there will be few people who will go to see, so it is better in one day only a complete event at the theater that is really huge that has 8 rooms to change clothes, make-up and wigs, etc. .. .and they will perform on stage, really beautiful!

If you have any questions or concerns about Miss and Mister, Model / Designer or Designer you can send an e-mail: [email protected] or

I will be very happy to see you all in Gallipoli in a beautiful city! Bye!

Nuove informazioni su International Deaf Fashion Week e Miss & Mister Deaf Stars 2019


Ciao e benvenuti ancora a Miss & Mister Deaf Stars. Sono Arne Blumeier (CEO di I.D.E.A.F e Miss & Mister Deaf Stars) ho delle piccole novità e nuove informazioni per tutti.
Ho un’assistente donna udente, Antonella Russo (Rappresentante Italiana e Assistente di CEO) la ringrazio moltissimo e infinitamente perché tre giorni fa in Italia è andata al sud della Puglia a Gallipoli per un incontro e sopralluogo riguardo hotel, teatro, sponsor, ecc...

Ieri c’è stata la grande finale per udenti di Miss Mondo in Italia, hanno scelto una donna bellissima che sarà presente il 7 Dicembre 2019 a Miss World udenti.
Antonella a questo incontro li ha contattati e parlato per il programma dal 1 Novembre al 11 Novembre 2019 per sordi a Miss & Mister Deaf Stars al solito posto di Gallipoli.
Gallipoli è una grande città bellissima, come Roma che è una grande città dell’Italia, come Parigi che è una grande città dell’amore, invece, Gallipoli è famosa per la grande città di bellezza, perché per tanti anni in quella città partecipano tante Miss udenti di Miss Mondo, di Miss Italia, ecc... e quest’anno hanno concluso due eventi di Miss e ora c’è l’evento di Miss & Mister Deaf Stars e sono molto felice.

L’hotel è veramente stupendo e la mia assistente ha filmato le sale del ristorante, della piscina, dell’allenamento, la sala per fare le foto, ecc...
Antonella, la prima volta ha sbagliato a filmare con il cellulare in verticale e dopo le ho chiesto cortesemente di girare in orizzontale e l’ha fatto, veramente bellissimo!
Guardate il filmato!

Wow! È bellissimo l’hotel con la piscina, si può fare anche sport, c’è un campo da tennis, ecc... ci sono tanti programmi. Ci sono due sale grandi per l’allenamento e una sala grande per fare le foto e video. Sono molto felice!

Antonella è andata alla grande finale di Miss Mondo per vedere e per parlare riguardo il teatro. Questo teatro si farà la finale il 9 Novembre 2019, è un teatro enorme ed stupendo che ha 1.200 posti e gli udenti partecipano sempre a vedere le Miss in questo teatro grande. Certo, anche i sordi possono andare a vedere in questo teatro che c’è un palco con una bellissima scenografia con le luci spettacolari, guardate il video!

Wow! Che emozione grande! È uno spettacolo con sedie e schermo grande perfetto per i modelli, veramente emozionante!

Voi volete venire? Volete partecipare a Miss? Volete partecipare a Mister? Volete partecipare come modello/a? Volete partecipare come designer? Sì, che è possibile! Venite tutti quanti!
C’è un sito:
dove poter fare l’iscrizione cliccando Miss e Mister, oppure, Modelli e Designers e ci sono le applicazioni che si possono scaricare dal computer, compilarlo e mandarlo a me. Sono disponibile!
Ma le applicazioni scadono il 31 Luglio 2019 poi dopo c’è del lavoro perché, chi ha prenotato per dormire devo chiedervi di mandarmi i vostri biglietti aereo con i vostri nomi che li segno in lista e dopo sarà possibile mandarvi un’autista che viene a prendervi.
Sapete che ci sono due aeroporti: uno a Bari e uno a Brindisi che è possibile venire a prendervi direttamente in aeroporto.
Se prenotate per Napoli, Roma o altri aeroporti diversi è impossibile venire a prendervi, dovete venire voi direttamente qui a Gallipoli con il pullman o il treno, è chiaro?
Spero che prenotate per Bari o Brindisi.

Sapete che il 31 Luglio 2019 scadono le applicazioni e dopo il 1 Agosto 2019 c’è una riunione che poi vi contatto in cam perché ho tante persone che partecipano, ci sono tre Miss Spagna che è impossibile prendervi tutte e tre, quindi devo scegliervi una di voi e valutarvi con la giuria osservando le vostre foto che poi alla fine scegliamo una Miss e io vi mando un messaggio di chi abbiamo scelto.
Ci sono Miss di diversi paesi del mondo e 2, 3, 4 Miss dello stesso paese ed è per questo devo scegliere una Miss. Se voi siete tristi di non essere scelti, non vi preoccupate che potete anche pensarci di partecipare come modelli per International Deaf Fashion Week.

Il 9 Novembre 2019 ci sarà la finale di sera alle ore 19:00/20:00 di apertura e c’è un programma per ogni paese: 2, 3, 4, 5 Miss e Mister Stars di ogni giri diverso, ho il programma compreso anche il ballo e il design e questa è una novità aggiunta per International Deaf Fashion Design degli stilisti per dimostrare il loro talento per una giornata al teatro con 1.200 persone che osserveranno con due programmi. Se organizzo un giorno solo per i modelli ci saranno poche persone che andranno a vedere, quindi è meglio in un giorno solo un evento completo al teatro che è veramente enorme che ha 8 sale per cambiarsi l’abbigliamento, trucco e parrucco, ecc... e si esibiranno sul palco, davvero bello!

Se avete domande o dubbi riguardo Miss e Mister, Modello/a o Designer è possibile mandare una e-mail: [email protected] oppure

Sarò molto felice di vedervi tutti quanti a Gallipoli in una bella città! Ciao!


Jenaer Str. 22


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