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Lifestyle vom 25 November 2016 Teil b

Get a sneak peak of the amazing apartments realised by Ch(Fe)2, Bivio Architettura and Julia Wagner.
Michael Brehm, founder of the EichenGlobal ArtBattle, explaining the idea behind the interior design competition.

Im zweiten Teil war Raquel beim EichenGlobal ArtBattle der Designwettbewerb. Designer aus 65 Ländern haben mit 300 Entwürfen am Design-Appartements Wettbewer...


We reached 10.000 Likes! Thank you for your support :)
We wish you all a great start into the week!


You have voted for your favorite design: team 3ARCHItects from Bosnia and Herzegovina has won the People's Choice Award - Congratulations!


If you like one of the designs from the following teams: EWAN, jltg architekts, Keshta and Kosina; like or share the photo to vote for them! All votes until 16 o'clock Berlin time today will be considered.


The last few hours you can give your voice for the following designer teams: 3ARCHItects, annette barz.interior architecture, Daniela Freygang Interior Design & Group 6000. All votes until 16 o'clock Berlin time will be considered.


Vote today for your favorite team among 9910, AH-Design, Buro 19.1 and Evgenia Poleshuk & Galina Nalimova. All votes until 16:00 Berlin time will be counted!


Today the 3rd wave of design proposals is posted. Vote for your favorite design each day this week!


We reached a new milestone: 9.000 Likes! Thank you all so much!!
Right now you can give your vote to the best design and help one of our amazing participants win the People's Choice Award of the AlterEgo ArtBattle 2016!


This week is the People's choice week! What does it mean?
Since we've received so many amazing designs, we want to share some more of them with you and let you decide which one you prefer the most! The winner will be invited to the AlterEgo ArtBattle award ceremony and will receive the 'People's choice award'.


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