Travellers of the Stars & Void

Travellers of the Stars & Void Neo-mythological cosmic rocknroll gypsy faerytale theatricks -Theatrical installations based around future mythologies and ancient folklores
-Set Design & Installations ~ using recycled materials
-Original Theatrical Costume Design ~ using recycled fabrics and ornamental fripperies
Entertainment Services include flexing the hologram

Travellers of the Stars & Void

Travellers of the Stars & Void

Tales of faraway lands..
Temples of Humankind

Tales of faraway lands..

The Temples of Humankind are an exquisite work of art, a complex of eight halls adorned with remarkable paintings, mosaics, sculptures and glass...


Musing on the the playful arcane, flexing the hologram, 18th Century glamrot, faerytales, urban environments and those glistening with the froth and debris of imaginary realms.

Weaving beautiful suspensions of belief into the here & now, threading costumes & installations using recycled materials, Travellers of the Stars & Void write their 5D enchantments into exhibitions, clubs & festivals.

Concepts include:

'Bed of Venus' '7 Gates' 'The Crystal Cavern' 'Quantum Psychics' & 'Phantasmagoria' & the 'Joies de Vivre'


Gottlieb-Dunkel -Straße


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