Uni+form A Logical Jungle / Wounds and Plaster / A Pleasantly Useful Function UNI+FORM is a new space in Berlin dedicated to fashion, art and music (opened since december 2012).

The concept of the store, which is divided into an exhibition room and a commercial space, is to put in relation works and forms of different fields of creation, around regular thematic events. UNI+FORM will also develop its own label of music and fashion specialized in limited editions. UNI+FORM is currently representing designers like Bernhard Willhelm, Roberto Piquera, Anntian, Vava Dudu, Tata Christiane, Maiami, Rene Gurskov, Andrea Crews, Masaho Anotani, Bombe Surprise, Sven Hoppe, Forfex, Superated, Aurelia Paumelle, Riyka, Mundi, Ambra, Ta-ste... We are happy to also work next season with: Kokon to Zai, Gina Melosi and Yazbukey. UNI+FORM also distributes music labels Minimal Wave records, Enfant Terrible, La Forme Lente, Tsunami Addiction, Weird Records. UNI+FORM is run by Bodo Volke, photographer and stylist, and Stephane Argillet, visual and sound artist (member of art collective France Fiction and music bands La Chatte and Peine Perdue).

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Berlin’s Fashion Week : Killerrr
Berlin’s Fashion Week : Killerrr

Berlin’s Fashion Week : Killerrr

Berlin’s Fashion Week budgets and sense of glamour have surely rose in the past few seasons; Berlin is slowly becoming a legit player in the scene despite the hegemony of the London/Paris/Milan high fashion triangle – good or bad, time will tell. As for this season, thank Tata Christiane and a few…

Mundi's new collection

Mundi's new collection

MUNDI + 66 NORTH Written & directed by Mundi Vondi Starring: Tómas Lemarquis, Salóme R. Gunnarsdóttir, Vigfús Þormar Gunnarsson, Heiða Skúladóttir, Harpa María Guðmundsdóttir DP:…


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