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Taswir Projects House of Taswir, a.k.a. Taswir projects is an international platform for artistic research and diasporic thinking founded by Shulamit Bruckstein.

Taswir promotes free association of artifacts and positions across disciplines and across geographies. TASWIR projects is a platform for artistic research and diasporic thinking. It works with a loosely associated faculty, creates its own topography, and develops the TASWIR atlas, an atlas of varying indefinite relations between artifacts and things, positioned through poetic documentation and artistic research.

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Proudly sold by MKMIndependent Artist Collective Artists supporting Artists Art Lovers join House of Taswir 💥💥RAZIYE KUB...

Proudly sold by MKM
Independent Artist Collective
Artists supporting Artists
Art Lovers join House of Taswir

Zuleyha and her daughter Sümer
Mixed technique on paper
30 x 21 cm

Thanks to the protagonists, their love of art and their creative power

#Repost Raziye Kubat] with @let.repost
• • • • • •
Çağrılmayan Yusuf / The Story of Yusuf

"Züleyha and her daughter Sümer"
Raziye Kubat] @house_of_taswir @thestoryofyusuf @robinsoncrusoe389 @artfullivingart @contemporaryuntitled


The à deux form with Wednesday Society seat of scribe no. 1 (table, chair, kilim, electric typewriter, infinity paper) with works by REINHARD GAGEL, Unschreiben (2021), ANA SONTAG, Eruv no. 4 - Four entered into Pardes (2001) and GILBERT HAGE
Hanna (2018) 🙏

House of Taswir
Exhibition and Apparatus for Scribes and Poets
Conceived by Shulamit Bruckstein/House of Taswir
October 28, 2021 - Feb 15, 2022 (in process)

#eruv #letters #pardes #geviert
#écriture #automatique

Wednesday Society's Wall7 Art Unlimited Chapters& Snippets by Karl Abraham, Simone Weil, Aby Warburg, Sigmund Freud, Lyd...

Wednesday Society's Wall
7 Art Unlimited Chapters
& Snippets by Karl Abraham, Simone Weil, Aby Warburg, Sigmund Freud, Lydia Marinelli

Istanbul Exhibit 》 Public Research
Dossier of Research 》 Exhibition Object / Mural Writing

"The Talmudic Way of Thinking..."
and Simone Weil

#karlabraham #simoneweil #abywarburg #sigmundfreud #lydiamarinelli
#WalidRaad @rebeccaraue
#apparatus of #scribes
ORANGEREI in #mainz
Until April 20, 2022

ORANGEREI [ab-riss]Apparatus of Scribes/House of Taswir Exhibition PerformanceNov. 21 - February 22, 2022BYEBYE ORANGERE...

ORANGEREI [ab-riss]
Apparatus of Scribes/House of Taswir

Exhibition Performance
Nov. 21 - February 22, 2022

It was a pleasure to host you, beautiful guests of the Orangerei, friends, scholars, artists, flaneurs
Fini - April 20, 2022, 6pm

Thankyouuuuuuuu ❤

To artists
@bruckstein_films 🙏

Photo: Vildana Hermann

Finissage ORANGEREI [ab-riss]Lecture Performance House of Taswir April 20, 2022, 6pmThankyou @orangerei_kunsthochschulem...

ORANGEREI [ab-riss]
Lecture Performance
House of Taswir

April 20, 2022, 6pm


@vildanahermann 🙏
@bruckstein_films 🙏

Photo: Vildana Hermann


Grammar of Forms at Taswir's Wednesday Society Istanbul: The Couch of Meret O. (2019)
A format of Meine Kleine Mnemosyne.

Snippets from the documentary "Wednesday Society. The Couch of Meret O." - a Taswir exhibition that took place at Artam Museum in the framework of the 16th International Istanbul Biennial 2019.

With Wednesday Society scribe JULIA GYEMANT.

The "À Deux" Form & Its incomprehensible murmur.

How is it being declined?

The sound piece you hear is part of the Steffi Weismann's, "Ho-o-Ho" produced in-situ for Taswir's exhibition LADY DADA KALAM in Berlin in 2017. The piece was restaged as a central piece of the Wednesday Society Artam exhibit.

In this short clip by Bruckstein Films a splinter of Ho-o-Ho's is combined with a visual splinter of Wednesday Society exhibit's documentary. 🙏

With thanks to @olgacartam
@artamglobalart and @bruckstein_films

#àdeux #mnemosyne #sprechen #thinkspace #chavrutha #grammar #taswir #epistemicarchitecture #nomadic #form #soundart @steffi_weismann 🙏
@santimetrestudio 🙏 golden #couch
#wednesdaysociety #scribe
#unverständliches #gemurmel #sigmundfreud @house_of_taswir remix: @bruckstein_films 🙏


Grammar of Forms in Meine Kleine Mnemosyne:

The "À Deux" Form & Its incomprehensible murmur.

How is it being declined?

#àdeux #mnemosyne #sprechen #thinkspace #chavrutha #grammar #taswir #epistemicarchitecture #nomadic #form #soundart @steffi_weismann 🙏
#unverständliches #gemurmel #sigmundfreud @house_of_taswir @bruckstein_films

EKİN SU KOÇ, 2020Altbau/Historic Dwelling XIIPlaster, embroidered fabric 50 x 35 x 4 cmPresented by MKM 💚Artist Collecti...

Altbau/Historic Dwelling XII
Plaster, embroidered fabric
50 x 35 x 4 cm

Presented by MKM 💚
Artist Collective
Market for Art & Intellect (non-profit)
Run by House of Taswir

Most works available for sale.
Set up your private visit.
Contact us at [email protected]

#berlin #contemporaryart
#mnemosyne #artspace

SHAQAYEQ AHMADIANah the red cakes are for love (2019)#lovenotwar @aarangallerytehran shaqayeq ahmadian] #ladypower #cont...

ah the red cakes are for love (2019)

#lovenotwar @aarangallerytehran shaqayeq ahmadian] #ladypower #contemporaryart #artlovers #taswir #favorite

#Repost shaqayeq ahmadian]
ah the red cakes are for love 🥀
Made by shaqayeqahmadian
2019_solo show at aaran gallery
Collector choice💥
#redcake #shaqayeqahmadian #love #aaranprojects #red #artist

New in MKMWALID RAADPreface to the third edition (Édition francaise)_Plate III (2013)Thank you Walid Raad.Also works by ...

New in MKM
Preface to the third edition (Édition francaise)_Plate III (2013)

Thank you Walid Raad.

Also works by
Ali Kaaf @ali.kaaf
Furkhan Akhan @furkanakhanstudio
Joseph Sassoon Semah @josephsassoonsemah
Patricia Lambertus @patricialambertus
Parastou Forouhar @parastou_forouhar
Alexander Polzin @alexanderpolzinberlin, a.o.

Meine Kleine Mnemosyne is a collaborative artspace run by Shulamit Bruckstein] and its artists,
an autonomous thinkspace, exhibition, market, and performative installation

Some works are available #forsale
Send a direct message to Shulamit Bruckstein] or @hudaaljanabi_
We welcome collectors by personal invitation to the space.

@artandcakela &


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TISCH University #12With WOLGANG HEGENER & Taswir FacultyOn Freud's Ghosts:  Talmud ToraFEBRUARY 20, 2022, 12pm Psychoan...

TISCH University #12
With WOLGANG HEGENER & Taswir Faculty

On Freud's Ghosts: Talmud Tora

FEBRUARY 20, 2022, 12pm 

Psychoanalyst and Freud scholar Wolfgang Hegener offers to share with us his recent and current research on Sigmund Freud's Eastern European background, tradional and rabbinic elements of his early education, and the way they resurface in methods and practices of psychoanalysis.   

The TISCH offers an in-depth reading of selected passages from Wolfgang Hegener's still unpublished manuscript Im Anfang war die Schrift. Freud und die jüdische Bibel which he generously agreed to share with us beforehand. 

We will thematizes the significance of not only biblical, but also rabbinic and talmudic traditions for the formation of psychoanalytic theory and practice. Special attention is given to the significance of the "Philippson Bible" for Freud's early education, to Freud's Interpretation of Dreams, as well as the architecture of the psychoanalytic space.   

Wolfgang Hegener's TISCH will be given in German. The discussion will meander freely and bilingually.  

I am very much looking forward to finally resume our sessions today.

A.S. Bruckstein

#wolfganghegener #talmudtora #freud #traumdeutung #tisch #tischdergelehrten #wohnzimmer #university #guests


STEVE SABELLA38 Days of Re-Collection (constellation of 25 artworks)2014 - Unique - Sizes vary - FramedB&W white film ne...

38 Days of Re-Collection (constellation of 25 artworks)
2014 - Unique - Sizes vary - Framed

B&W white film negatives (generated from digital images) printed with b&w photo emulsion spread on color paint fragments collected from Jerusalem's Old City house walls.

"In this old-Jerusalem house-wall project, Steve Sabella works through layers of paint, layers of life, layers of memory, and layers of injuries, quite materially taking down, inverting, and reversing the occupation. This way, Steve Sabella literally inscribes into his work his own specific law of return."

Shulamit Bruckstein at the Institute of Critical Inquiry, ICI in Berlin, as part of launching my memoir, The Parachute Paradox.


Sabella took the photographs in an occupied Palestinian house since 1948, which I managed to rent for 38 days, becoming like a visual investigator to decode the house's history.

#SteveSabella #experimentalphotography #digitalphotography #finearts #abstractartwork #artphotography #artcollectors #artcollection #photoartist #contemporaryphotography #conceptualart #visualartist #visualarts

JOSEPH SASSOON SEMAHTracing Heidegger's Hut and Paul Celan's Clouds: [...], 2010Tracing paper, black ink, white thread, ...

Tracing Heidegger's Hut and Paul Celan's Clouds: [...], 2010
Tracing paper, black ink, white thread, Richard Wagner sheet music
39 x 49 cm

Presented in MKM with many thanks to the artist.

Artist Joseph Sassoon Semah (1948) was born in Baghdad, where his grandfather, Hacham Sassoon Kadoori (1885–1971) was the president of the Baghdadi, Iraqi, ancient Babylonian Jewish community. Together with his parents, he was “resettled” to the state of Israel in 1950. Sassoon Semah has lived and worked in London, Berlin, and Paris, and since 1981 lives and works in Amsterdam. His large oeuvre of paintings, drawings, extensive visual notebooks and large architectural installations are shown in leading art institutions worldwide.
JOSEPH SASSOON SEMAH was a participant in the Berlin Taswir exhibition and we are proud to host his work in Taswir's art space Meine Kleine Mnemosyne in Berlin. Sassoon Semah's work engages classical rabbinic sources in unique and brilliant ways. Many of Sassoon Semah's important shows are curated by Linda Bouws.

@josephsassoonsemah @stedelijkmuseum @meltkekrk @lindabouws #josephbeuys #howtoexplainharehuntingtoadeadgermanartist @gerhardmarckshaus @olavhart #exile #galut #guest #talmud #meinekleinemnemosyne @house_of_taswir #favorite #artwork


Schillerstraße 15



Time and methods how to translate non-linear associative ways of thinking into public frames of knoweldge;
Exhibition concepts;
Coaching for artists, students, curators, thinkers, journalists, museum directors, scholars, political activists, and other creative agents.


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Art meets philosophy and culture: Adalet, our CCP Country Representative for Iraq brings everything together. Since 2020 he organises the Iraqi Alumni network and is always eager to meet up and enhance the network. In 2013 he was a CCP Fellow at the project “ha’atelier” by Taswir Projects in Berlin – a collaboration on philosophy, art and cosmopolitics. “I met so many people from the arts and culture scene in Berlin as well as other CCP Fellows. With most of them I still keep in touch.” After his Fellowship he also continued the collaboration with ha’atelier taking part in talks in Berlin and by inviting German counterparts to visit Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Being Syrian, Tammam Azzam’s works appear as reflections of the destruction of the towns and cities of Syria. But his cityscapes can actually be located anywhere, each city that has witnessed destruction through war and conflict or as a consequence of a natural catastrophe can be found in these images. Through their colours, they allow the viewer to imagine a new hope, a new life rising from the ruined walls. As part of our current exhibition, Naked Cities, currently presented online. Image: Tammam Azzam, Untitled, 2020, paper collage on wood. Courtesy Galerie Kornfeld. #contemporaryart #artinberlin #artintimesofcorona In collaboration with: GALERIE KORNFELD & Taswir Projects.
We are thrilled to be able to share this conversation between our curator Charlotte Bank and Shulamit Bruckstein, philosopher, curator and founder of House of Taswir. In the conversation, they discuss the work Oh Father of Youths! (2009) by Sherif El-Azma, which addresses the grievances and problems of the Egyptian youth, that would lead to the revolutionary movement of Tahrir Square in 2011. This work was also part of the exhibition "Taswir" in Martin Gropius Bau, curated by Shulamit Bruckstein in 2009, and now shown in our current exhibition, Naked Cities. #contemporaryart #artinberlin #artintimesofcorona In collaboration with: GALERIE KORNFELD & Taswir Projects.
“It is as if Cairo is my body, and my body is Cairo“. For Sherif El-Azma, the city of Cairo is closely related to his own subjectivity and, inspired by psychogeography, takes on a particular, highly personal significance, which is reflected in his installation "Cairo Out of Perspective". As part of our current exhibition, Naked Cities, currently presented online. Image: Sherif El-Azma, Cairo Out of Perspective, 2009, installation (detail). Courtesy Taswir Projects. #contemporaryart #artinberlin #artintimesofcorona In collaboration with: GALERIE KORNFELD & Taswir Projects.
In "Chalk Outlines", Rabih Mroué makes a very personal reading of war and terror, creating a different, subtle way of processing those atrocious events. Through some 200 drawings and collages as well as a video, the artist traces the recurring impressions of conflict, creating a homage to the phantom presence of the dead. As part of our current exhibition, Naked Cities, currently presented online. Image: Rabih Mroué, "Chalk Outlines" (detail), 2018-20. Courtesy Sfeir Semler Galerie, Beirut/Hamburg. #contemporaryart #artinberlin #artintimesofcorona In collaboration with: GALERIE KORNFELD & Taswir Projects.
House of Taswir shows Meret Oppenheim at Artam Antik Palace in Istanbul #HouseofTaswir #MeretOppenheim #ArtamAntikPalace Taswir Projects "Wednesday Society. The Couch of Meret O." Homage to Beral Madra. In collaboration with the 16th International Istanbul Biennial Artists: Meret Oppenheim, Rebecca Horn, Tony Chakar, Natela Iankoshvili, Gülçin Aksoy "Wednesday Society. The Couch of Meret O." takes place at Artam Antik Palace, a nineteenth-century Ottoman mansion in Istanbul's popular Maçka neighborhood that opens its doors to international positions in contemporary art. Addressing what Freud called the "dark continent" of female desire, the exhibition presents works of the legendary Swiss artist Meret Oppenheim and Georgian artist Natela Iankoshvili for the first time in Istanbul, next to a number of rarely seen works of Rebecca Horn from the Collection Peter Raue in Berlin. "Wednesday Society" exhibits parts of the digital archive of Beral Madra, curator of the first and second Istanbul Biennial, paying homage to a pioneering female contemporary figure in Istanbul's art scene and beyond. "Wednesday Society" combines digital and analog, private and public, holy and profane formats of white cube and museum, living room and house of wisdom, psychoanalytic chamber and Madonna's corner. The exhibition's inspiration is derived from a setting usually not associated with the visual arts, the gathering of intellectuals in Sigmund Freud's private reception room at Berggasse 19 in Vienna: (male) friends and colleagues convened there in the midst of Freud's idiosyncratic collection of ancient Middle Eastern artworks on Wednesdays to discuss new concepts, methods, and ideas related to the emerging field of psychoanalysis. Our "Wednesday Society" is the feminized version of that setting, an emerging place of power, exploring the "dark continent" of irregular, nonphallic, dispersed, poetic, and imaginary ways of thinking. "Wednesday Society" explores the spatial order of dreamwork, poetry, caress, and diplomatic coups. Centrally staged, the exhibition hosts a pop-up nineteenth-century salon, an in-situ scene in which the curator hosts special guests at regular hours in private conversation on her couch that are open to the public with two scribes projecting mural writings on the walls. (...)
appropriation and expropriation - absolutely shameless