Reframe Reframe is a Berlin-based creative network that specializes in high quality online videos. By combining top production value and online media expertise we deliver elegant films designed for an internet audience.

All of our projects are spearheaded and produced by our creative team, which consists of Simon Ruschmeyer , Otto Stockmeier and Moritz Dirks as consultant. For bigger projects we pull aboard colleagues from our large network of film professionals.

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Schreibtisch/e zu vermieten in Neukölln! Wir vermieten ab Mitte Okt. zwei Schreibtischplätze bei uns im Büro. Wir sitzen im Colonia Nova Space for Creative Arts in der Thiemannstr. 1 in Neukölln. Der Raum in dem die Plätze frei werden ist ein ruhiger Arbeitsraum, in dem noch zwei weitere Schreibtische stehen, die aktuell alles andere als täglich frequentiert werden. Im Gebäude gibt es eine kleine bunte Gemeinschaftsküche für alle und eine wunderbare Dachterrasse. Bei Interesse gerne einfache eine PN an uns. Und wer mag darf gerne Teilen.

Mitwirken für gelebte Demokratie

NEU. NEU. NEU. Hier die erste Folge unser neues sechsteiliges Format ZWEI FREMDE - EINE BANK, entwickelt für den Deutscher Integrationspreis. Gemeinschaft ist ein gutes Gespräch. Viel Spaß beim Zuhören. Danke an alle die dabei waren!

Gemeinschaft ist... ein gutes Gespräch!
Was passiert wohl, wenn zwei fremde Menschen gemeinsam auf einer Bank sitzen? Wir verraten es euch: Sie sprechen über die kleinen und ganz großen Themen im Leben. Über Gemeinschaft, Einsamkeit und Mut – so wie Hussein und Grazyna.

Unterstützt jetzt in unserem Crowdfunding-Contest auf startnext Projekte, die gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt stärken:

Food, People, Places

Last video from our Swiss Jura - Season! We went out on the lake, at 4 in the morning!!!!

When all you want is time and peace and some fresh air...
Go fishing and forget it all!🚤🌅🐟
Warning: this video might contain cats as well. 🐾

Shout out to Jura & Three-Lakes for supporting our journey in Switzerland!

Food, People, Places

A new Food, People, Places Video from our trip to Switzerland!

🔥Born to Eat Wild 🌱
Have you ever tried to feed yourself in the wild?

Thanks a lot to Maria-Luisa Wenger for teaching us and to Jura & Three-Lakes for their support!

Food, People, Places

Watch our newest food video production. It's epic!

DISCLAIMER: Everything in this video is made out of chocolate or other edibles!

Food, People, Places

Another video from our Swiss Jura-Trip, check it out! Beautiful cinematography bei our man Robert Staffl!

What is the secret of Absinthe? Why did so many countries forbid it and why did a small Swiss village risk it all to go underground and continue producing it? 🍸🧚Watch our video or visit Jura & Drei-Seen-Land to find out!

Food, People, Places

10 Foods you must try in the Swiss Mountains! The first video from our Swiss Jura-trip, check it out!

You know Swiss Cheese? 🇨🇭🧀 There are so many more Swiss foods (and drinks!) you should try... Thanks to Jura & Drei-Seen-Land for inviting us to their lovely region! #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND

Food, People, Places

Next we are starting a new series of videos on our channel Food, People, Places! We visited the Swiss Jura, stay tuned for some culinary stories!

How do the Swiss Mountains taste like? We've been invited by Jura & Drei-Seen-Land to visit their beautiful region and taste their amazing food. First video comes out next week!

Food, People, Places

We have a new web-series called "Street Food Talk" on Food, People, Places, have a look!

🏝️🥥 3 Foods to Rule them All... #RobinsonCrusoe🌴

Food, People, Places

New Reframe production, check it out!

You look like you need 13 Sandwiches right now🌭🌯🍔

Looking for Praktikanten

We are a young and active production company, working mostly in web video formats. We are looking for a new full time intern to work closely with us on our projects!

Our projects are mix of client work and our channels. A bulk of our work comes from our award winning food-video department. Architecture, design and politics are also themes we deal with often.

Here are some of projects:

Our interns get three months of hands-on experience with all steps in the process, from conception to production to distribution. If you have a specific area you want to focus on we’re happy to accommodate, but at some point you will have do a little of everything.


Pre Production:
Research for new clients / concepts
Organising shoots / running errands

Helping hand / set runner on bigger projects
Introduction to camera, lighting, and direction on small sets

Post Production (everything in adobe):
Editing lectures / simple interviews
Editing short clips for our channels
Introduction to After Effects (if interested)

Researching potential outlets and partnerships

We’re looking for engaged people who want a thorough introduction to our industry.

Proficient in German and English
Internship must be mandatory for your studies or in preparation for you studies
Fast learner

Nice to haves
Experience with Adobe Suit (specifically Premier)
Experience with DSL Cameras
Drivers license

Compensation: 400€ per month


Please send your resume to [email protected] with “Reframe Internship” as the subject.
Please include a Facebook or Youtube link to web video you thought was clever or effective and explain why (auf Deutsch or in English, oder both!).

Fürs Drehbuchschreiben nach Portugal fahren bringt Super Bock. Otto Stockmeier Simon Ruschmeyer Moritz Dirks

Fürs Drehbuchschreiben nach Portugal fahren bringt Super Bock. Otto Stockmeier Simon Ruschmeyer Moritz Dirks

The Lighting Channel

Our very own The Lighting Channel has embarked on a second season: 10 Ways to Light Yourself, simple DIY lighting for all your selfie needs!

Season Two: 10 Ways to Light Yourself! Skype Interview, Profile Picture, Christmas Card, Youtube Channel, Selfies for selfies sake, these days there are lots of reasons to photograph yourself. And with the right lighting you can look awesome!

In the upcoming weeks we will release "behind the scenes" tutorials for each of these looks, stay tuned!


NEW Episode of our WIR WENN NICHT JETZT. series is out there!
This time Johanna Maria Knothe is on the move in the streets of Berlin to get a feeling from the people how democracy works these days, what the people what from it and how they use it.
Spoiler: Its not that easy.
(Only german language)

Wir waren endlich wieder auf der Straße und haben ein Experiment gewagt: Den ABRISS DER DEMOKRATIE.
Wieviel Demokrat steckt in Dir?

#WIRJETZT #DIYdemokratie

We need a new office!

We're looking for a new office space! We would love to either join an existing co-working space, or start something new. We need 8-12 desks (for us and friends), two rooms (office and editing), and 50-150qm. We're flexible for timing, however we would like to be in Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Treptow, Friedrichshain, or Mitte. Anyone know of anything?

Food, People, Places

We chose Cheese as our newest food subject!

Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese. Swiss Cheese!

Reframe sucht Produktioner/in

Wir suchen eine/n Produktioner/in für unsere Reframe Produktionsabteilung.
Wir produzieren hochwertige Webvideoformate und suchen Jemanden der Lust und Spaß daran hat in jeglichen klassischen Produktionsaufgaben inkl. Konzeption/Entwicklung aktiv zu sein, der eigenverantwortlich arbeiten kann und sich im kleinen Team wohl fühlt. Eine gewisse Berufserfahrung setzen wir voraus, als junge Firma setzen wir aber auch auf gemeinsames Entwicklungspotential. Optimal wäre eine Festanstellung, die aber nicht zwingend 5 Tage die Woche sein muss. Freie bzw. selbständige Bewerber/innen sind aber keinesfalls ausgeschlossen. Bewerbung bitte per mail mit Vita und Gehaltsvorstellung.
mail: [email protected]

Food, People, Places

We made a video about biodiversity together with Naturschutzjugend NAJU, check it out!

Bored by the ever same Vegetables? Potatoes, Tomatoes, Carrots, boring? Well, it turns out all of these vegetables have some sexy siblings, which you can find at your local farmers market, go check them out!

In order to give you some inspiration how to bring some change to your diet we made a video about it!

This video is part of the #KeinEinheitsbrei campaign by Naturschutzjugend NAJU. Check out the other videos of the campaign from Space Frogs, ItsColeslaw and manniac!

If you want to know more about the sexy siblings we show in our video head over to our blog to learn more:

The Lighting Channel

Introducing The Lighting Channel! Our new youtube channel dedicated to improving the world one light source at a time. Check it out, lots more to come!

Our pilot video! "10 Ways to Change a Lightbulb", for all of you who are sick of single hanging lightbulbs and want to do something creative about it! Subscribe, like, share, more coming soon!

Food, People, Places

Tada! Our new Food Series goes online, check it out!

Who knew Chocolate could be so mysterious... Here is the first episode of our new series "Food Facts"! More info on our blog

Food, People, Places

This summer we made a trip through Italy & France. For our food series Food, People, Places we made a stopover in Bologna to shoot some videos. Be prepared, the first one might make your mouth water!

Forget Roma or Naples, Bologna, Italy is THE Italian city of Food! Here are the 10 Must-eats you cannot miss during your trip. Hint: it was hard to pick only 10...

Reframe's cover photo

Reframe's cover photo

Karma Classics

Here is the intro to our new webseries "Give & Take Pakistan 2016". A big thanks to Team Karma Classics and Team Ethletic for taking us on this fair-trade adventure!

Wo entstehen unsere Schuhe? Wer fertigt sie? Und wer hat eigentlich wirklich was von Fairtrade? Findet es heraus in unserer ersten eigenen Webserie GIVE & TAKE! Gemeinsam mit Ethletic und Reframe waren wir eine Woche lang, auf den Spuren unserer Classics, unterwegs in Pakistan. Ab heute werden wir bis zum Ende unserer aktuellen Crowdfunding-Kampagne alle paar Tage einen Teil der Serie veröffentlichen. So habt ihr Pakistan noch nicht gesehen!
#KarmaClassics #GiveAndTake

Video Credit: Reframe

Team Reframe in Pakistan 1

Team Reframe in Pakistan 1

Team Reframe at work. Safety first. Otto Stockmeier Robert Staffl Moritz Dirks Shai Hoffmann startnext DÖRRWERK

Team Reframe at work. Safety first.
Otto Stockmeier Robert Staffl Moritz Dirks Shai Hoffmann startnext DÖRRWERK


Here it is! Our first episode of #streetphilosophy the webseries which we realized together with the wonderful Weltrecorder team. It was a blast. We love it!

Make Love & Philosophy! Bevor ihr heute feiern geht, schicken wir euch ganz viel Liebe... 💕 💓

NEWS. Reframe is teaming up with some boyz from the hood. Morgen mehr.

NEWS. Reframe is teaming up with some boyz from the hood. Morgen mehr.


We met Ai Weiwei and talked with him about his recent Exhibition "Post Resettlement" at the AEDES Architecture Forum Berlin.
What a great experience with an inspiring character.

Hurray! We won with Food, People, Places the BEST FOOD VIDEO 2016 Award #afba. Thanks to the AMA for including this new ...
Food, People, Places

Hurray! We won with Food, People, Places the BEST FOOD VIDEO 2016 Award #afba. Thanks to the AMA for including this new fantastic category. We are very excited!

So guess what... Last Friday our Potatoes ruled the world -or at least Austria! Thanks a lot to AMA for the wonderful night and to the judges for having chosen us as BEST FOOD VIDEO 2016 !

Hurray to Simon Ruschmeyer, Helena Friebel, Robert Staffl, Moritz Dirks, Otto Stockmeier, Henning Malz und Leïla About-nam!

Check out all the winners here:

And don't hesitate to watch all of our videos at

We are nominated for the prestigious SAVEUR Magazine Blog Awards 2016 as Best Food Vide of the Year. Please vote for us ...

We are nominated for the prestigious SAVEUR Magazine Blog Awards 2016 as Best Food Vide of the Year. Please vote for us here:

Hooray! We are nominated! Hold your breath, we are a finalist at SAVEUR Magazine Blog Awards 2016, nominated for Best Food Video of the Year!

Voting is open at, so please go there and help us. You can vote once a day so please make sure to visit the site regularly.

At the end of September we will be flying to New York City for the Award ceremony! Yeah!

Working hard in the office boat, with our newest team member Amandine! Welcome to Reframe!

Working hard in the office boat, with our newest team member Amandine! Welcome to Reframe!

Moritz has been shooting a new Video for De fofftig Penns, and it was raining Konfetti!

Moritz has been shooting a new Video for De fofftig Penns, and it was raining Konfetti!

Vier Jahre nach dem Dreh des LÖPPT-Videos war es mal wieder Zeit für ne große Tüte Konfeddi, filigrane Dance-Moves, Raps in einer Phantasiesprache und das Team von Reframe. Danke Mori, Michel, Chris, Anja, Lilli und Julian.

Ach ja: Der VVK für unsere Hafenrundfahrt im Dezember ist schon gestartet. Wir spielen alle Hits. Also den einen. Und natürlich den restlichen Krams. Karten hier:


Welcome to the action!
CROWD REPORT is online. In the first episode we visited a crowdfunding campaign for an international CHESS-BOXING league.
This new format is a co-production of, Shai Hoffmann and Reframe.

Chess Boxing Global will eine internationale Schachbox-Liga schaffen. #CrowdReport war vor Ort, um mehr über die Sportart, die Liga-Pläne und die Kampagne zu erfahren.

Mehr Infos zur Seedrs Kampagne und zu CrowdReport:

Gründer: Iepe B.T. Rubingh, Moderation: Johann Angermann, Produktion/Konzeption: Reframe, Shai Hoffmann,


Reichenbergerstrasse 36


+49 30 54779154


Lassen Sie sich von uns eine E-Mail senden und seien Sie der erste der Neuigkeiten und Aktionen von Reframe erfährt. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht für andere Zwecke verwendet und Sie können sich jederzeit abmelden.

Service Kontaktieren

Nachricht an Reframe senden:


Kunst & Unterhaltung in der Nähe

Andere Kunst & Unterhaltung in Berlin

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15 Jahre Bandgeschichte in 1 Doku. Ab sofort hier: Regie: Moritz Dirks Co-Regie & Schnitt: Otto Stockmeier Produktion: Reframe
Dialogue Concert Series #5 Corporality Dialogue Concerts. Conceptual Research on Architecture and Music – kuratiert von #ChristopherDell 20. April 2021, 18.30 Uhr im Rahmen der Aedes Ausstellung HUMAN SCALE REMEASURED Kaum ein Thema hat heute solch eine Konjunktur wie das der Körper. Tagtäglich sind wir mit dem Präsentieren, Aus- und Zurichten der Körper befasst. Körper sind die medialen Schnittstellen, an denen gesellschaftliche Praktiken ebenso sicht- und spürbar werden – wie die in sie eingelassene Normativität. Besonders steht dabei das Sinnliche der Körper zu Disposition – die Körperlichkeit. Was aber ist unter ihr heute zu verstehen? Und wie etwa wäre Stadt neu zu denken, wenn keine Körperlichkeit repräsentativ wäre? Käme dann nicht die Vielfältigkeit und Heterogenität von Körperlichkeit neu in den Blick? Vortrag Christopher Dell, Komponist, Stadttheoretiker, Berlin Konzert ensemble mosaik Chatschatur Kanajan, Violine, Berlin Sarah Saviet, Violine, Berlin Karen Lorenz, Viola, Berlin Mathis Mayr, Violonchello, Berlin Diskussion Sarah Saviet, ensemble mosaik Mathis Mayr, ensemble mosaik Tabea Michaelis, denkstatt, Basel Ben Pohl, denkstatt, Basel Christopher Dell, Komponist, Stadttheoretiker, Berlin Video: Reframe #humanscaleremeasured #aedesberlin #aedesexhibition #dialogueconcert #architectureandmusic
EXHIBITION VIDEO | HUMAN SCALE REMEASURED – New spatial requirements, societal demands and economic values in architecture Exhibition, curated by ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory 16 January - 13 May 2021 Opening Hours Aedes Architecture Forum will remain closed until further notice Sponsors Hauptstadtkulturfonds, ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin, Henrik Frode Obel Foundation Video: Reframe #humanscaleremeasured #aedesberlin #aedesexhibition
EXHIBITION VIDEO | City of Refugees – Four Utopian Cities on Four Continents, @UnivUniversity of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design #cityofrefugees #utopia #aedesberlin #aedesexhibition #universityofhouston Of the 7.8 billion people on the planet, more than 70 million are now refugees and asylum seekers. With few countries willing to receive these displaced people, many refugees are restrained in tents, or makeshift cities. These temporary solutions often become permanent, which come with significant challenges. City of Refugees – a three-year research by the University of Houston College of Architecture and Design under the direction of the studio professors, Peter J. Zweig and Gail P. Borden – offers a provocative approach to the discussion of new solutions: Four imaginary cities on four continents were designed as prototypes for the accommodation of migrants providing facilities to meet their immediate needs and long-term opportunities for their self-empowerment. The exhibition at Aedes not only gives insights into the diverse aspects of these utopias, but also chronicles the plight and journeys of refugees in contemporary society. SPEAKING Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz, Technische Universität Berlin Prof. Peter J. Zweig, Prof. Gail P. Borden, University of Houston Video: Reframe
EXHIBITION VIDEO | Omer Arbel - Architectural Experiments in Material and Form: 75, 86, 91, 94 29 August - 22 October 2020 As always, free entrance Video by Reframe #aedesexhibition #aedesopening #aedesevent #aedesinthepress #aedesandfriends #aedesberlin #aedesmetrolab #omerarbel Omer Arbel Office
NOW ONLINE | Flat Lands & Massive Things - From NL to NYC & Beyond Archi-Tectonics/Winka Dubbeldam & Justin Korhammer, New York The exhibition gives an insight into the methodology and creative cogitations of Archi-Tectonics, combining the use of latest digital technologies with philosophical approaches that made the office one of the leading teams in the field of research and innovative building design worldwide. Video made by Reframe More information and photos here: #architectonics #winkadubbeldam #justinkorhammer #vidoftheday #archilovers