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Founded in late 2014, TreasureHunt is a Berlin based games studio with a current focus on the prominently emerging mobile sector. The studio is composed of incredibly passionate and creative industry veterans from EA, King, Zynga, Rovio, Blizzard and many more. The team has a track record for creating successful premium quality games on multiple platforms.

Pet Paradise, which was released in mid-2017, is a F2P mobile bubble shooter with highly innovative progression features and the second game in the company’s portfolio. At this time, the marketing team felt it was necessary and imperative to plan all of their campaigns around the best possible traffic sources. They were initially skeptical of investing a significant amount of financial resources into an unfamiliar system, which was also exacerbated by the introduction of a unified product in the Google Universal App Campaign. Due to the highly competitive market for mobile games, it was necessary to be selective of which networks to use in order to ensure that the company would acquire and retain the highest quality users. This goal was defined through the main objective of a high return on ad spend within a 7 and 30 day time period.

The initial results with Google UAC had good CPI and scale results, but post install metrics such as ROI were underperforming compared to the company’s other media partners. However, the Google team remained open and transparent about the challenges of post install app optimization, which fostered a healthy partnership between the two entities. This partnership enabled the TreasureHunt team to succintely and effectively communicate their objectives and needs, while also giving them the ability to simultaneously suggest how Google could best assist them in reaching these particular goals.

In this particular case, it was decided that the best way in which to improve the campaigns would be to optimize them towards an important in-app event (purchases) and bidding on the exact value of a purchase based on historical data, which was then implemented and established as the best practice.

Once the new campaign structure was implemented, it took approximately one week for enough users to be trafficked through the Google algorithm in order to start properly optimizing. The platform focused on obtaining users more likely to perform a purchase action in-game, which increased the CPI, but also increased the revenue in turn, which more than compensated for the difference. In fact, TreasureHunt was able to successfully increase Day 7 Return on Ad Spend by 450% and Day 30 by 600%!

Although initially unsuccessful numbers could have ended this partnership in Pet Paradise early, the Google team was able to establish a strong relationship with the TreasureHunt team by remaining open and transparent about the challenges which would have to be faced throughout the post install app optimization process. This transparency and flexibility on Google’s side allowed TreasureHunt to reasses and optimize their campaign needs in order to fit their objectives and therefore were able to successfully increase their revenue in a way that was able to make up for any increased CPI rates. In the end, this partnership can all around be considered quite a success and continues to this day.

Pet Paradise has been featured as a Facebook Marketing Success Story. Special thanks to Facebook and Smartly. Check out ...

Pet Paradise has been featured as a Facebook Marketing Success Story. Special thanks to Facebook and Smartly.

Check out the success story below and don't forget to download Pet Paradise on iOS and Android! 😁

The mobile games studio worked with and used mobile app install ads and vertical video ads to launch its game Pet Paradise, bringing in players with a 15% higher lifetime value than previous campaigns.


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