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Now that we had some time to process the weekend, we're left with a feeling of immense gratitude. Balancing our love for the dance with trying to do the right and responsible thing has never been harder - but in the end we couldn't be happier that it happened.
None of it would've been possible without so many people helping us in making it a reality.

So a big THANK YOU is in order:

To the staff and volunteers who went the extra mile to make sure everything runs smoothly and who always helped out whenever and wherever they could. The circumstances of the event were extraordinary, and it took extraordinary commitment of everyone involved to pull it off. And you did!

To you, the community, who took the risk of coming from all corners of the world, stuck with us through the WSDC location change punishment, never complained where we had to change plans or improvise to provide that extra bit of safety. Who didn't just follow the rules, but voluntarily took care of each other by going beyond what was mandated and always wore a mask, be it in workshops, competitions or practice at 4am, no questions asked. Who provided such a warm, inclusive atmosphere that I think we all felt throughout the weekend.

To the person who anonymously reported us to the police on Thursday morning (!): We can't fathom how anyone could be so willingly destructive, but all you achieved was making sure that we could double-check and greenlight our safety policies with the authorities before the event. That really helped us during their routine visits, so... thank you.

To the weRK36 team that also took a risk and made the event possible by allowing us to use their beautiful dance studio and always made sure we have the best coffee and drinks in town with a smile on their face as well as the Schrittvermittlung team for hosting our traditional pre-party.

Seeing everyone's smiling eyes and just pure joy to reconnect on and off the dancefloor made it all worth it. We can't wait to see all of you again in the new year - sign up to Berlin Swing Revolution 2022 to stay in the loop of what we have planned for you next year. As always, we promise to closely monitor the situation and take all precautions necessary to provide you with a safe, comfortable space to dance with each other.

Your Berlin Swing Revolution Team

Meet the team - these lovely humans are making the event possible. So at the event give them a smile, a thank you or - i...

Meet the team - these lovely humans are making the event possible. So at the event give them a smile, a thank you or - if they want - a hug once in a while #berlinswingrevolution #lovelyhumans #westcoastswing #vaxxedonlyevent #dance


It’s only 3 weeks, or 23 days and 28 minutes until we start the pre party Schrittvermittlung


Dear dancers,

We feel more than grateful for all your messages of support in the last couple of days. It warms our hearts to know you guys have our backs. Of course, the WSDC's baffling decision to revoke our WSDC registry status instead of granting a one year exception still has us a bit unsettled and we apologize for the added insecurity. Over the last two days, a lot of you came forward to let us know that you would come anyway, including almost all of the Advanced and Allstar dancers already registered. That makes us happier than you can know.

We haven’t quite hit the overall numbers required to make the event economically viable yet, but we have enough to make sure it will be an awesome experience. Because of this, Dirk has decided to take on the risk of running the event at a loss and paying the difference himself. After two years of no dance events, there’s just no price tag you can put on creating an environment where we can experience the magic of WCS again, WSDC or not.

This means that Berlin Swing Revolution 2021 is OFFICIALLY and DEFINITELY happening!

Our goal now is to make sure that it will be an experience you’ll never forget. We’ve already entered brainstorming mode to provide you with the best socal, learning, and yes: competitive environment possible.

This also means that if you were still on the fence of joining or have friends you might invite over, now’s the time to pull the trigger! We need the support from all of you!

We can’t wait to welcome you all in Berlin for a weekend of dance and friendship.

Your Berlin Swing Revolution Team


Stephanstrasse 41


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I barely took any photos or videos of my weekend in Lyon, because I was so busy enjoying the experience. It felt coming home, in a way. Lyon was the first big international city I ever taught in, and it felt very fitting to be the first one back since COVID. I am so grateful for the conversations, connections, dances, and students willingness to go outside of their comfort zone. Thank you to @oliviermassartswing & @virginiemassart for creating such a beautiful environment 💜 Thank you to Igor for sharing this moment with me and teaching a class with me! You are such a wonderful soul. And a huge thank you to @rolfhegrand for recording this 🥰 I’ll be back in Europe in just a few weeks for Berlin Swing Revolution!! See you there 🖤 #dance #westcoastswing #modernswing #wcs #partnerdance #improv #solotravel #contemporary #movementflow
Hi westies, Someone looking for a roomie in hotel Niu Dwarf? Let me know:)
Tonight | West Coast Swing Northampton - Wednesdays - EastonSwing | 8-11pm | NN7 2NR Berlin Swing Revolution is always a great place to get into the Christmas mood. Had lots of fun dancing with everyone too =) EastonSwing Christmas Social | This Saturday BedSwing Christmas WCS Social | Friday 27th December WCS Beginner Bootcamp Workshop | 5th January 2020 Classes resume from 13th January
if anyone needs a leader, I' m going to do the registration this weekend
Wir befinden uns im Jahre 2019 n.Chr. Ganz Germania ist vom dumpfen Mainstream Pop besetzt... Ganz Germania? Nein! Ein unbeugsamer Berliner Club hört nicht auf, dem Eindringling Widerstand zu leisten. An jedem dritten Freitagabend öffnet der Frannz Club den Liebhabern bester Tanzmusik seine Pforten. Sie strömen aus allen Teilen der großen Stadt dorthin, um bis in den Morgen die Electro Swing Revolution zu feiern! So auch wieder an diesem Freitag. Frühes Erscheinen sichert die besten Plätze auf dem schnell überfüllten Dancefloor!
Does anyone travel back to Munich by car after the event and would be able to take an additional bag back?
Guys help!! I have to cancel my trip suddenly so I'm selling my room number! Hotel name: "Select Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie" (5 minutes walk) 3 nights (7th till 10th) I can pay for one if you need only two Let me know asap so we can change the name! PM Please please!
Hey! My Girlfriend and I are coming from the USA to this competiton and was wondering if anybody needs roomates or if any body has any suggestions on where to stay. Please let us know. Can't wait to dance with everyone!
Hallo! Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Privaten Tanzlehrer um swing tanzen zu lernen. Vielen Dank. Freue mich über private Nachrichten,mit preis Angebote. Schönen Tag noch! ☀️
Hi, I'm trying to register for the event & each time I try to submit my form I get an error message: something went wrong: API error (400): Incorrect features
hello guys... i m a french girl going to this event and im looking someone going too who can host me during this ll be fir me the best way to share this event with local people. if you need i can host you in exchange for the sea sun and swing event (i leave closed) or payed a littke bit to help you also..or cook etc etc.. if u are interested to share this event contact me. Marjorie is a not for profit, all for fun organisation. We are trying to get all the WCS Facebook events In the world in one place and so far have listed organisers in 18 countries. We are young and have lots to do, learn and develop but we need your help. Events must be 'Hosted' by an FB Publick Group or Page to feed trough to our site! Events hosted by an individual will not show due to FB privacy!!! Please make sure you read our help page if you are an event organiser... We really want to promote you for free!