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Téchne's cover photo

Téchne's cover photo

Margarita Tsoukarelas shares her thoughts and music today at 7pm EEST, interviewed on-air by Alexis Kostas for The Voice...

Margarita Tsoukarelas shares her thoughts and music today at 7pm EEST, interviewed on-air by Alexis Kostas for The Voice of Greece-ERA5 (Η Φωνή Της Ελλάδας-voiceofgreece-ΕΡΤ).

Η Φωνή Της Ελλάδας-voiceofgreece-ΕΡΤ

Broadcasted worldwide!



Η ιστορία της Λαρισαίας σολίστ λυρικής σκηνής (soprano), musical performer και vocal coach Μαργαρίτας Τσουκαρέλα (Margarita Tsoukarelas) ξεκινάει από την Πολωνία, όπου γεννήθηκε από μητέρα τη Δήμητρα Στραγαλινού-Τσουκαρέλα, γνωστή σκηνοθέτη και παιδαγωγό θεάτρου και πατέρα τραγουδιστή και μεγάλο λάτρη της μουσικής.. Σήμερα στις φωνές και μουσικές της Ελληνικής καρδιάς στις 19.00μμ ζωντανά ..με τον Αλέξη Κώστα!https://www.facebook.com/MargaritaTsoukarelasOfficial

Leonard Cohen - Moving On (Official Video)

Note to self: A Poetic Mind in the Poetic Light of the Aegean

Moving On

I loved your face, I loved your hair
Your T-shirts and your eveningwear
As for the world, the job, the war
I ditched them all to love you more

And now you’re gone, now you’re gone
As if there ever was a you
Who broke the heart and made it new
Who’s moving on, who’s kidding who

I loved your moods, I love the way
They threaten every single day
Your beauty ruled me, though I knew
Twas more hormonal than the view

And now you’re gone, now you’re gone
As if there ever was a you
Queen of lilac, queen of blue
Who’s moving on, who’s kidding who

I loved your face, I loved your hair
Your T-shirts and your eveningwear
As for the world, the job, the war
I ditched them all to love you more

And now you’re gone, now you’re gone
As if there ever was a you
Who held me dying, pulled me through
Who’s moving on, who’s kidding who.

Thanks for The Dance Leonard Cohen
Remembering, Honouring and Celebrating the Life of Leonard Cohen (born on September 21,1934)


Leonard Cohen – Moving On (Official Video) Stream it or buy it here: https://smarturl.it/ThanksForTheDance Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leonardcohen In...

Οι Σύντροφοι στον ΑδηΝήπιοι, οι κατα βούς Υπερίονος Ηελίοιοήσθιον αυτάρ ο τοίσιν οφείλετο νόστιμον ήμαρ~ΟδύσσειαΑφού μάς...

Οι Σύντροφοι στον Αδη

Νήπιοι, οι κατα βούς Υπερίονος Ηελίοιο
ήσθιον αυτάρ ο τοίσιν οφείλετο νόστιμον ήμαρ


Αφού μάς μέναν παξιμάδια
τι κακοκεφαλιά
να φάμε στήν ακρογιαλιά
του Ηλιου τ αργά γελάδια

που το καθένα κι ένα κάστρο
για να το πολεμάς
σαράντα χρόνους και να πάς
να γίνεις ήρωας κι άστρο

Πεινούσαμε στής γής τήν πλάτη
σα φάγαμε καλά
πέσαμε εδώ στα χαμηλά
ανίδεοι και χορτάτοι

The Comrades in Hades

…fools who ate the Hyperion Sun’s cattle
for this he deprived them of their return

Since we still had some hardtack
what a stupidity
to eat by the seashore
Helios’ slow moving cattle

that each was like a castle
you’d had to fight for
forty years until you turned
into a hero and a star

We hungered on the back of earth
but after we ate well
we fell down to the low levels
of being fools but satiated

The above poem is translated in English by Manolis for his 2012 collection titled “George Seferis – Collected Poems”

Giorgos or George Seferis (/səˈfɛrɪs/; Greek: Γιώργος Σεφέρης [ˈʝorɣos seˈferis]), the pen name of Georgios Seferiades (Γεώργιος Σεφεριάδης; March 13 [O.S. February 29] 1900 – September 20, 1971), was a Greek poet-diplomat. He was one of the most important Greek poets of the 20th century, and a Nobel laureate. He was a career diplomat in the Greek Foreign Service, culminating in his appointment as Ambassador to the UK, a post which he held from 1957 to 1962.

Source: Wikipedia

Γιώργος Σεφέρης (George Seferis)
#greekpoet #poet

Téchne's cover photo

Téchne's cover photo



Closing “Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum” among friends turned to be a celebration of a successful week of contempora...

Closing “Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum” among friends turned to be a celebration of a successful week of contemporary Greek Art and most importantly, a celebration of friendships born within the Arts.
The director of Illuseum Berlin, Diana Karayanni together with Anastasia Argyropoulou and Alkistis Kafetzi of Téchne welcomed us in the Official Closing Ceremony, while Odysseas Zacharopoulos with his striking art performance “Happy Animal Zoo” (direction: Katerina Chiotini, sound design: John Stergiou), invited our audience to one (hopefully) last lockdown, daring us to recognise the illusions and accept the truth of the human impact on nature.
A week of Greek Art, and we would love to thank everyone who supported us:

Mrs Lia Rachel-Tsakona of the Greek Embassy and
Mrs Eleni Apeyitou of the Cypriot Embassy for taking the time to visit the exhibition and talk with our artists.
Mrs Barbara Papaspiliou for joining us on the evening of the Finissage, and spreading the word in the Greek Embassy’s social media.
Mrs Michaela Prinzinger and diablog.eu for visiting the exhibition and supporting us with her precious advice.
Mrs Angela Konti of Cosmo - Elliniko Randevou for inviting us to their studio.
Mrs @Gianna Triantafyli and Mr Alexis Kostas of Η Φωνή Της Ελλάδας-voiceofgreece-ΕΡΤ for inviting us to present Téchne to all Greek speakers around the Globus.
Alexander Kokx and Lilie Radius for the key-visual, Andreas Machairas for our website.
Sedef Seven, Eleonora Bruni, Diana Karayanni and all the great people of Illuseum Berlin for...everything!
The beautiful and talented people of Téchne-without their Art, there would be no exhibition:
Argyropoulou Anastasia, Petros Kolotouros, Alkistis Kafetzi, Aristoteles Chaitidis, Vasiliki Biska,
Asuka J. Riedl, Christina Fronista, Emmanouela Dolianiti, Giorgos Staikos, Konstantine Margaritis, Maria Salouvardou, Maria Tsormpatzoglou, Michalis Michailidis and Odysseas Zacharopoulos.
And last but not least the Three Members of our Org. Team Anastasia Argyropoulou Alkistis Kafetzi and @Charis Lm for all their hard work and their dedication to the project.
The pictures will tell you the rest of our story:
Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum: Finissage

Artillusions - Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum Berlin until September 2nd! Join us in a playful universe of modern G...

Artillusions - Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum Berlin until September 2nd! Join us in a playful universe of modern Greek Art!

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We are delighted to announce the release of Konstantine Margaritis’ new suite; A Quiet Place, Part II.A Quiet Place, Pt ...
Konstantine Margaritis // Classical Guitarist and Composer - A Quiet Place, Pt. II

We are delighted to announce the release of Konstantine Margaritis’ new suite; A Quiet Place, Part II.

A Quiet Place, Pt II
Five movements; a restrained ominous tone, yet with a slight speck of hope. A Quiet Place part II fluctuates within uncertainty and optimism.
i. A place to hide
ii. Singular
iii. A speck of hope
iv. In the half-light
v. Before our very eyes

We had the opportunity to enjoy part of A Quiet Place II during the Opening Ceremony of “Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum” on Thursday, August 28, 2020, only one day before its official release. Thank you Konstantine Margaritis for this honour! :)

Five months after the release of A Quiet Place, Margaritis searches for a comforting thread; as always he finds consolation in music.
"A Quiet Place Part II" is a subtle battle between darkness and light; unrest and peace.

All music composed by Konstantine Margaritis
Produced by Konstantine Margaritis
Engineered and Mastered by Konstantine Margaritis at the Soulstone Studio, Berlin during August 2020
Artwork by Matthias Jun Wilhelm („Singular“, 2014)
Layout by Matthias Gustav Pan & Matthias Jun Wilhelm
Fonts by Studio Triple
Repro-edit by Stefan Schacher & Matthias Jun Wilhelm
Matthias Jun Wilhelm: matthiasjunwilhelm.com
Matthias Gustav Pan: instagram.com/matthiasgustavpan
Studio Triple: studiotriple.fr
Stefan Schacher: stefanschacher.de
Released on 28 August, 2020

“Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum” Glimpses of the Opening Ceremony - 27.08.20Planning a Group Exhibition and its Form...

“Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum”
Glimpses of the Opening Ceremony - 27.08.20

Planning a Group Exhibition and its Formal Opening in “coronated”2020 ... and on top of that, a Formal Opening of made-in-Berlin contemporary Greek Art... Challenge Accepted! Yours truly, the members of Téchne 🙂

Due to the restrictive measures of social distancing, the Opening Ceremony took place in a lovely circle of close friends of both Illuseum and Téchne.
We were welcomed by Diana Karayianni from Illuseum, and Charis Lemi from Téchne.

Then, we had the opportunity to dive in Aristoteles Chaitidis’ powerful monologue “Goddess,garbage and Gewalt”, performed by Christina Fronista with the support of Chaitidis. The unique costume of the Goddess Hera was a creation of Maria Salouvardou.
A small break gave time to our friends to start exploring “Missing Nature”: an exhibition we mostly own to the dedication of the artists but also to the Org. Team and especially Anastasia Argyropoulou:

An installation by Maria Salouvardou, a Dance-Music Video (HiMiKo) by , Konstantine Margaritis and Alkistis Kafetzi. Paintings by Anastasia Argyropoulou, Michalis Michaelides and Giorgos Staikos. Photography by Maria Tsormpatzoglou. Video Art by Petros Kolotouros, Alkistis Kafetzi and Vassiliki Biska.
And while the guests were in different spaces of contemporary Greek Art, the music of Konstantine Margaritis gathered us once more in the central area of the museum to enjoy this second, music-dance performance of his composition “A Quiet Place”. Like an illusion, the dance duo “HIMiKo” (Emmanouela Dollianiti, Asuka Riedl) transformed the space into an artistically mystical initiation hall, where the only languages spoken were those of their bodies, along with the strings of Margaritis’ guitar.
“Goddess, Garbage and Gewalt” was performed for a second time so that the guests who arrived a bit later to the Opening could have the chance to see modern Hera’s frustration with the way we, the human kind, take nature for granted. The illusion of a never-ending life is not our finest one.
But “Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum” was a fine start for great Greek Art moments, made in Berlin. 🙂
We are grateful for everyone who worked for this exhibition, for everyone who supported us in any way, and of course for all of our close friends who attended the Vernissage.

And don’t forget: “Missing Nature,Techne in Illuseum” is welcoming you to explore modern Greek Art made in Berlin!
Téchne will be at the Illuseum until Wednesday, September 2, 2020!

Téchne, a Goddess is rebornLike vestiges of the past,A Goddess has fallen.In a world of garbage, I sink…and I stink! Thi...

Téchne, a Goddess is reborn

Like vestiges of the past,
A Goddess has fallen.
In a world of garbage, I sink…and I stink!
This nose, like a caged animal, maybe a happy one, eventually, perhaps?
My new dependence on time,
A nameless nightmare,
A mortality I cannot seem to endure,
Whispers from a light far away…
Himiko is love,
A quiet place, yet my home.
A shuttered mirror,
My pain is somehow creative…
bearing a new life,
Diving in dreams I didn’t knew they exist,
The Illusions of this strange life I have received,
Made by mortals missing nature,
They somehow grasp an image of immortality,
forever Unplugged from Time... grateful I am.
A self-portrait but she barely resembles the past me,
Returning to myself, a beauty of inspiration,
My desire To be Another Day in Paradise,
A step closer now.
And for the time being, during this new forever present,
My name is ...“Téchne”.

Anastasia Argyropoulou Alkistis Kafetzi Aristoteles Chaitidis Christina Fronista Maria Salouvardou Konstantine Margaritis Giorgos Staikos Emmanouela Dolianiti @Asuka Riedl Maria Tsormpatzoglou Odysseas Zacharopoulos Vasiliki D Biska Michalis Michailidis Petros Kolotouros Alexander Kokx @Lilian Stathogianopoulou Illuseum Berlin téchne NETWORK Téchne

Γιάννης Πουλόπουλος - Το άγαλμα | Giannis Poulopoulos - To agalma - Official Audio Release

Giannis Poulopoulos (29.06.1941 - 23.08.2020)

The great singer and song-writer has left us with several hits from the 1960s-1980s,making him the 4th-biggest selling Greek singer of all times.
His voice has left his mark on both Greek music and film-music forever. His songs, now considered Classic Greek songs to accompany us in challenging moments in life. Is there a broken Greek heart that never listened to at least one of his songs? A Greek heart that didn't want to "drink the moon"?

RIP Giannis Poulopolos...
We have decided to share with you "Agalma" - "The Statue" for we are sure, statues are also mourning your loss.

The Statue
Album: The Road
music: mimis plessas
lyrics: lefteris papadopoulos
song: giannis poulopoulos

of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYVA0ztUlpw

Youtube Subscribe: https://bit.ly/GreekSongsYT Γιάννης Πουλόπουλος - Το άγαλμα από το δίσκο 'Ο Δρόμος' Βρείτε το στα: iTunes | Apple Music: http://apple.co/1...





Téchne's cover photo

Téchne's cover photo

Téchne in Illuseum. Missing Nature. 08.2020-02.09.2020 The first exhibition of Berlin-based Greek and Philhellenic Artis...

Téchne in Illuseum. Missing Nature. 08.2020-02.09.2020
The first exhibition of Berlin-based Greek and Philhellenic Artists.
The contemporary soul of Greek Art in the heart of Berlin!

A first multimedia group exhibition of Berlin-based, Greek and Philhellenic Artists. A first, collective and contemporary expression of Greek Art in the heart of the German capital.

Ντίνος Χριστιανόπουλος Μικρά ποιήματα 1975

Ντίνος Χριστιανόπουλος
Ntinos Christianopoulos
(20.03.1931- 11.08.2020)


Ἡ θάλασσα εἶναι σὰν τὸν ἔρωτα:
μπαίνεις καὶ δὲν ξέρεις ἂν θὰ βγεῖς.
Πόσοι δὲν ἔφαγαν τὰ νιάτα τους –
μοιραῖες βουτιές, θανατερὲς καταδύσεις,
γράμπες, πηγάδια, βράχια ἀθέατα,
ρουφῆχτρες, καρχαρίες, μέδουσες.
Ἀλίμονο ἂν κόψουμε τὰ μπάνια
Μόνο καὶ μόνο γιατί πνίγηκαν πεντέξι.
Ἀλίμονο ἂν προδώσουμε τὴ θάλασσα
Γιατὶ ἔχει τρόπους νὰ μᾶς καταπίνει.
Ἡ θάλασσα εἶναι σὰν τὸν ἔρωτα:
χίλιοι τὴ χαίρονται – ἕνας τὴν πληρώνει.

The Sea

The sea is like love, like Eros:
You wade right in,
You never know if you’ll come out.
How many youths have squandered their lives
Through fateful plunges or deadly dives,
Risked cramps or currents, rips and hidden rocks,
Sharks or vortex and Medusas...
Woe betide us if we should give up swimming
Because half a dozen people drowned!
Woe betide us if we reject the sea,
For fear that she will swallow us.
The sea's like love, like Eros:
A thousand people enjoy being in it,
And one pays the price.


χριστιανοπουλος ποιηση



Η γραφίδα χαράζει πάνω στ' άσπρο χαρτί
κυανές, βαθυγάλαζες φράσεις

κι ενώ γράφω σκυμμένος, στο τραπέζι ακουμπώντας,
και οι λέξεις πυκνώνουν -ένα πέλαγος μπλάβο-
νιώθω τώρα να γέρνω σε μια κουπαστή καραβιού
κι αγναντεύω κοπέλες με στυγνή ομορφιά
να φωλιάζουν στα βράχια, να παφλάζουν στο κύμα,
να γλιστράνε στις πράσινες πέτρες, να βουτούν στο νερό
και να σβήνουν σαν λιωμένο ασήμι,
πρωινό, πλησιάζοντας σε νησιά ναρκωμένα
μες στα ρίγη της θάλασσας στην καρδιά του Αυγούστου

Στράτης Πασχάλης


In das helle Papier gräbt die Feder
blaue, tiefblaue Sätze.

Während ich über den Tisch gebeugt schreibe
und die Worte sich verdichten – ein Meer von Ultramarin –,
finde ich mich auf einmal über eine Reling hinabschauen
auf junge Mädchen von verstörender Schönheit,
die in Felsen nisten und mit den Wellen aufschäumen,
über die grünen Steine gleiten, ins Wasser tauchen
und verlöschen wie glühender Stahl,
morgens, während wir uns den schlaftrunkenen Inseln nähern
im Erschauern des Meeres mitten im August.

Stratis Paschalis

Deutsche Nachdichtung von Brigitte Oleschinski

Stratis Pashalis wurde am 4. März 1958 in Athen geboren. Er studierte Politikwissenschaften an der juristischen Hochschule Athen.

1977, im Alter von 19 Jahren, trat er mit der Gedichtsammlung Anaktoría erstmals als Schriftsteller in Erscheinung. Seitdem sind sechs weitere Gedichtbände erschienen, die seine Experimentierfreudigkeit, sein Bedürfnis nach Veränderung und die Ablehnung geistiger Lethargie widerspiegeln. Stratis Paschalis ist einer der jungen griechischen Lyrikergeneration, der mit seinem äußerst feinen Sprachgefühl und seiner tiefen dichterischen Bildung sich der Herausforderung stellt, gewohnte Pfade zu verlassen, um sich neue Spielarten der Dichtung zu erobern.

Source: lyrikline.org

Niemand kommt

Niemand kommt
alle sind dabei, so wie wir auch! ❤️

Téchne is also (not) coming to Niemand kommt, alle sind dabei ❤️

Only one week to go! Help us help Berlin art workers in need by purchasing a ticket to Berlin's (non) Festival of the year:

#niemandkommt #allesinddabei


Άλλο ένα καλοκαίρι

Για σκέψου να μην πρόφταινα
κι αυτό το καλοκαίρι
να δω το φως ξανά εκτυφλωτικό
να νιώσω την αφή του ήλιου στο κορμί μου
να οσμιστώ δροσερές και χαλασμένες μυρωδιές
να γευτώ γλυκόξινες και πιπεράτες γεύσεις
ν’ ακούω τα τζιτζίκια ως τα κατάβαθα της νύχτας
να καταλαβαίνω τους δικούς μου που αγαπώ
να μην αδημονώ μ’ αυτούς που με στηρίζουν
να σκέφτομαι κι εκείνους που θέλησα να ξεχάσω
να βρίσκω φίλους που έρχονται από μακριά
ν’ αφήνω κι άλλες ζωές να μπαίνουν στη δική μου
να κολυμπάω σε θάλασσες ζεστές
ν’ αντικρίζω φρέσκα σώματα γυμνά
ν’ αναπολήσω έρωτες, να ονειρευτώ καινούργιους
ν’ αντιληφθώ τα πράγματα που αλλάζουν.
Έτσι καθώς το πρόφτασα αυτό το καλοκαίρι
λέω να ελπίζω για προσεχή Χριστούγεννα
για κάποια επόμενη Πρωτοχρονιά
άσε να δούμε και για παραπέρα.

Τίτος Πατρίκιος

Noch ein Sommer

Denk dir, ich hätte
in diesem Sommer versäumt
das abermals blendende Licht zu erblicken
die über meinen Leib tastende Sonne zu spüren
frische und faulige Gerüche zu wittern
Süßes, Saures und Scharfes zu schmecken
den Zikaden zu lauschen bis tief in die Nacht
die zu verstehen, die mir lieb sind
nicht unduldsam zu werden mit denen, die mir beistehen
auch an jene zu denken, die ich lieber vergäße
Freunde zu treffen von weit her
auch andere Leben in meins einzulassen
in warmen Meeren zu schwimmen
jungen und nackten Leibern zu begegnen
Lieben zu erinnern, von neuen zu träumen
Dinge, die sich ändern, zu begreifen.
Und nun, da ich nichts in diesem Sommer versäumte
will ich aufs kommende Weihnachtsfest hoffen
auf ein nächstes Neujahr –
und dann erst sehen wir weiter.

* 21.05.1928, Athens, Greece
lives in: Athens, Greece

Titos Patrikios (b. 1928 in Athens, Greece) was a resistance fighter during the Second World War, escaping execution in 1944 by a hair's breadth. In 1954 he started his own magazine, in which he published literary criticism. During the military dictatorship (1967-1974) he suffered political persecution, was forced to flee. He lived for several years in exile in Paris, where he had studied sociology from 1959-1964, and in Italy. After his return, he worked as a lawyer, sociologist and translator, including a leading position for the Institut Français in Athens.

"As long as memory lives in me, I will return," is how Patrikios describes working-out in his writing of his experiences of resistance, banishment and exile that have determined and marked his life and work. This committed political poet and sensitive explorer of the reality of everyday life and emotions combines in his poetry sharply-focussed critical observations with the dreams of someone who has suffered much but not lost courage.




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Home to Greek and Greek-speaking artists in Berlin. A community of Greek and Greek-speaking artists and creatives, living and working in the multicultural city of Berlin. We support and promote Contemporary Greek Creativity made in Berlin and all over the world.

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Kunst & Unterhaltung in der Nähe


Thank you to all for this wonderful start!
CREW & BACKGROUND ACTORS NEEDED Dear Fellow creatives, for the shoot of our low-budget short film VATHIKOFTO from August 3rd to August 7th we looking for: - COSTUMER (for some of the shooting days) - Background actors (for Tuesday 04.08 from 22:00 to Wednesday at 04:30, in a bar in Neukölln, in exchange for some beer :) ) Unfortunately it is an unpaid job. The shooting days are all quite short. VATHIKOFTO is a story of two best friends walking through Berlin on a summer night. An initially insignificant fight escalates and shakes their friendship to its ground. Thank you in advance!! All the best, Elina
Auto to afhnw edw...mexri 01.09.2020 einai h pro8esmia aithsewn....
Die Edition Romiosini feiert am Montag, dem 21. Oktober 2019, ihr siebtes #Bücherfest. Mit dem Autor Kostas #Kalfopoulos und dem Übersetzer Ulf-Dieter Klemm. In Abwesenheit der Autorin liest die Übersetzerin Birgit Hildebrand den Brief von Amanda #Michalopoulou an Anna Seghers vor. Es folgt ein Gespräch mit der Autorin per Skype-Konferenz. Im b-flat mit Sekt, Brezeln und Musik von #DJ #Sofronis. Eintritt frei.
Great workshop for actors, performers, musicians, singers, directors (cinema/theater), writers, dancers and poets of all kinds and levels of experience this September in Berlin! Check it out!
A portuguese taste of #melousmusic! Capture from our last concert in Café Plume, Berlin.🎶😉 #melousmusic #melous #greekcreativesberlin #portuguese #worldmusic #music #live #concert #berlin