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Forró Miudinho Berlin FORRÓ = Neue Leute kennenlernen + Tanzen + Spaß . Forró-Sambado project in Berlin. We organize parties, regular courses of Samba de Gafieira and Forró workshops.

Regular classes every week: - TUESDAY Samba no pé 18.30-20.00 @DançaFrevo - WEDNESDAY Forró 18.00-19.30 (Beginner) 19.30-20.00 (Intermediate) @DançaFrevo - THURSDAY Forró Intensive Course 19.00-20.00 @JustJuggling For more information, join our group Forró do Miudinho - Berlin:

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Due to the new COVID-19 restrictions, we have to interrupt all our classes from Monday 2nd to Friday 27th of November.
We will keep you posted on any changes regarding our classes.

Stay safe and healthy and hopefully, we’ll dance again soon.

Miudinho Forró Berlin

Dear dancers,We've come to the decision to cancel our 4th Anniversary (6-9th August) and postpone it to next year. We ar...

Dear dancers,

We've come to the decision to cancel our 4th Anniversary (6-9th August) and postpone it to next year.

We are announcing this news with great sadness since we have been working so hard over months in order to provide you with an amazing and memorable experience.
However, as organisers, our main concern and focus is the well-being of our forró community. Under the current circumstances, we can't guarantee a safe dance event.

We hope you will all stay healthy and ready to dance with us next year on the 6-8th of August 2021 ✨

Miudinho Forró Berlin


❗️Update 4th Anniversary❗️

Given the current situation, we decided to postpone the ticket sales for our event in August.
What we are experiencing is a very delicate and difficult time for all of us, and we think it is appropriate to wait and see how things develop.

We are optimistic that by August our lives will slowly return to normal and we can dance and celebrate together.

We'll keep you updated in the coming weeks!

Stay positive and safe!

(virtual) Abraços,
Miudinho Forró Berlin




Dear dancers,

Due to the new restrictions, all upcoming classes and parties until April 20th are cancelled.

Our first priority is the health and wellness of our community, and we believe it is our responsibility as event organizers to do our part in this time of uncertainty. There is no other way but to be proactive and careful.

We will keep you posted on any changes regarding classes and events.

Stay safe and healthy and hopefully, we’ll dance again soon.

A virtual hug to all of you!

Miudinho Forró Berlin

Next Saturday the ticket sales for our 4th Anniversary will be available from 1pm, don't miss it!

Next Saturday the ticket sales for our 4th Anniversary will be available from 1pm, don't miss it!


Dear fellow dancers,

as you all know, the world currently faces the spreading of the new Covid-19 virus. Obviously, social dance is an opportunity for the disease to be transmitted and we keep a close eye on the situation in Germany.
For our upcoming event, please adhere to the following precautions

1) If you feel unwell, if you have had interactions with people who are infected or if you have any suspicion about being affected yourself, then PLEASE STAY AT HOME!

2) Wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 sec. Do it when you arrive and at reasonable intervals during the event!

3) You will find a list at the entrance where you can leave your contact information. Only in case we learn about a potential infection, we will contact everybody from that list to let them know. Otherwise, this list will be destroyed after three weeks.

3) If a suspicion about yourself arises within three weeks of the event, then let us know immediately at [email protected].

4) Please take general hygiene very seriously these days. You can find information online, for instance at…/novel-…/so-schuetzen-wir-uns.html

Let's all be safe and share wonderful dances!

Your team of Miudinho Forró Berlin

@Tome Forró Berlin

Any plans for Saturday 21st?Ticket sales open at 1pm 👀6-7-8-9 August: come to Berlin!

Any plans for Saturday 21st?
Ticket sales open at 1pm 👀

6-7-8-9 August: come to Berlin!


6-7-8-9 August | 4th Anniversary Miudinho Forró Berlin

Don't miss it!6-7-8-9th of August BERLIN

Don't miss it!

6-7-8-9th of August



Save the date 👀6-7-8-9 August 2020

Save the date 👀

6-7-8-9 August 2020


We will take a break from Monday 23rd of December to Thursday 2nd of January.
We will be back with our regular schedule on Monday 6th of January.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Liebe Leute!

Ich möchte Euch zur Tanzparty einladen:
Samstag, den 07. Dezember 20-00 Uhr in der Prinzenallee 58
Samba de Gafiera und Forro!
Kommt vorbei!!

Weitere Informationen - Rahel Kruse!


Heute haben wir unsere Forróklasse mit unserem geliebten Lehrer Ayo Barbosa.
Ab 18 Uhr in Jablonskistr. 3 !!!

Geht's los ?


Programm der Woche! Kommt und habt auch Spaß! Es gibt eine zweite Klasse mit Tau Marcedo. Der Dienstag ist mit Hürseyin. Mittwoch ist mit Ayo Barbosa.


exceptionally on 04.12 our forró classes will be at this address, Jablonskistraße 3, 10405

ausnahmsweise am 04.12. werden unsere forró-Kurse an dieser Adresse, Jablonskistraße 3, 10405, stattfinden.


Heute haben wir unsere Forróklasse mit unserem geliebten Lehrer Tau Marcedo.
Ab 19 Uhr in Jablonskistr. 3 !!!

Geht's los ?


Today we will not have class in the REDUTA Berlin space located at 41 Gneisenaustraße Street.

Heute werden wir keinen Unterricht in den REDUTA Berlin in der Gneisenaustraße 41 haben.


Dringende Informationen.

Ich wurde wegen eines unvorhergesehenen Ereignisses auf dem Stundenplan der Schule informiert, wir werden heute keinen Samba-Unterricht haben können.

Deshalb mache ich diesen Sonntag um 16:30 Uhr den Ersatzunterricht.

Urgent information.

I was informed because of an unforeseen event on the school's schedule, we will not be able to have a samba class today.

That's why I'm doing the replacement class this Sunday at 4:30 pm.

Ayo Barbosa


In the meanwhile in Brazil...🎶💥

Have a look to our NEW schedule starting from October 👀- 4 more Forró classes in Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg - new str...

Have a look to our NEW schedule starting from October 👀
- 4 more Forró classes in Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg
- new structure for Samba de Gafieira course: 30 minutes practice after each class

All classes will be live soon on Urban Sport Club and ClassPass platform.

TUESDAY Forró:https: //
WEDNESDAY Forró: https//
THURSDAY Samba de Gafieira:



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Our Story

We organize parties, regular courses and workshops of Forró and Samba de Gafieira in Berlin

For more information visit out website:

Kunst & Unterhaltung in der Nähe


Poderia faltar o nosso orgulho "feito na Italia" no Italia Roots 2020? Absolutamente não! Quem fez a Padaria de Itaunas dançar, quem rapidamente se tornou conhecido nos festivais brasileiros e europeus ... forrozeiros e forrozeiras, estará conosco o Digei Caciassa! Saude! Ps. Para quem já está no resort, o 3 de junho haverá um esquenta com seu set de DJ! 🍹🍹🍹 Could our "made in Italy" pride be missing at Italia Roots 2020? Absolutely not! The one who made the padaria of Itaunas dance, who quickly made himself known in Brazilian and European festivals... forrozeiros and forrozeiras, will be with us Digei Caciassa! Cheers! Ps. For those who are already at the resort, on June, 3rd there will be an esquenta with his DJ set! 🍹🍹🍹 All'Italia Roots 2020 potrebbe mancare il nostro orgoglio "made in Italy"? Assolutamente no! Colui che ha fatto ballare la padaria di Itaunas, che in poco tempo si è fatto conoscere in festival brasiliani ed europei.... forrozeiros e forrozeiras, sarà con noi Digei Caciassa! Cin cin! Ps. Per chi sarà già al resort, il 3 giugno ci sarà un esquenta col suo DJ set!
Hi there Berlin! An awesome concert will take place in Wroclaw on 25th of January. Join us!
Gente, chegou a hora de revelar o primeiro professor que participará do Italia Roots 2020. Teremos a honra de dançar com HUGO SILVA: diretamente de Belo Horizonte, este maravilhoso dançarino nos transmitirá suas habilidades de estilo roots! 👣👣👣 Guys, the time has come to reveal the first teacher who will participate in the Italia Roots 2020. We will have the honor of dancing with HUGO SILVA: directly from Belo Horizonte, this wonderful dancer will transmit his roots style abilities to us! 👣👣👣 Ragazzi, è arrivata l'ora di rivelare il primo insegnante che parteciperà all'Italia Roots 2020. Avremo l'onore di ballare con HUGO SILVA: direttamente da Belo Horizonte, questo meraviglioso ballerino ci trasmetterà i suoi insegnamenti di stile roots!
Tem Forró hoje em Berlin?
Forró & contemporary dancer, teacher Ricardo Ambrózio is in town! Last chance to see him perform TODAY at @Acker Stadt Palast Berlin at 20h! Curious? Take a glimpse: See what more he's got than Forró, see you there! #contemporarydance #Portraits #performance #Berlin #Kultur #Kunst #artexchange #Ackerstadtpalast
🏆 Jogue e GANHE UM INGRESSO pelo paraíso forrozeiro do Italia Roots 2020: é fácil! 🏆 1º 👍🏼 CONFIRME sua presença no evento 2° 💌 COMPARTILHE o evento de forma pública em sua timeline: MARQUE pelo menos 5 amigos e ADICIONE #ItaliaRoots2020ThisIsThePlace 3° 🎶 PUBLIQUE na página do evento a música (uma só!) que você gostaria de dançar no Italia Roots: se sua música receber o maior número de "like" até o 8 DE NOVEMBRO, você ganhará seu ingresso (individual e intransferível)! Jogue agora: você tem mais chances de ganhar 😉 🏆 Play and WIN A TICKET to the Italia Roots 2020's forrozeiro paradise: it's easy! 🏆 1º 👍🏼 CONFIRM your presence at the event 2° 💌 SHARE the event publicly on your timeline: TAG at least 5 friends and ADD #ItaliaRoots2020ThisIsThePlace 3° 🎶 POST the music (just one!) you would like to dance at Italia Roots on the event page: if your song gets the most "likes" until NOVEMBER 8th, you will win your ticket (individual and non-transferable)! Play now: you have more chances to win 😉 🏆 Gioca e VINCI UN BIGLIETTO per il paradiso forrozeiro dell'Italia Roots 2020: è facile! 🏆 1º 👍🏼 CONFERMA la tua presenza all'evento 2° 💌 CONDIVIDI l'evento pubblicamente sul tuo profilo: TAGGA almeno 5 amici e AGGIUNGI #ItaliaRoots2020ThisIsThePlace 3° 🎶 POSTA nella pagina dell'evento la musica (solo una!) che vorresti ballare all'Italia Roots: se la tua canzone ottiene il maggior numero di "like" entro l'8 NOVEMBRE, vincerai il tuo biglietto (individuale e non trasferibile)! Gioca ora: hai più possibilità di vincere 😉
🇬🇧 3. edition already, and more and more is about to come (this Forró is damn good)! This year we‘re gonna have many parties in wonderful locations, live music, workshops, top dance teachers, Djs and more .... Will be 4 days of parties 3 days Live Music and 20 Workshops in 3 Days with the best teachers and musicians of the world of the lining, here some names. Forró Bands. Forró de Ka - Karlsruhe/ Brazil Zeu Azevedo - London/ Brazil Trio Forró á Gogo - Lille/ Brazil Forró Teachers. Anax Caracol - London/ Brazil Sarah Collings - Brüssel Cacau Moutinho - Lille/ Brazil Valmir Coelho - Brazil Heitor Libanio - Dortmund/ Brazil Matheus Antunes- Düsseldorf/ Brazil DJs. DJ Swingueiro - Lisboa/ Brazil DJ Boró - Münster/Brazil 🇩🇪 Bereits in der 3. Edition und wir haben noch viel mit euch vor (dieser Forró ist so VERDAMMT GUT!)! Dieses Jahr werden wir viele Partys an wunderbaren Orten veranstalten, Live-Musik, Workshops, Top-Tanzlehrer, DJs und vieles mehr. ja estamos na 3. edicao, e a cada vez mais (Este Forró ta danado de bom) este ano teremos muitas festas em locais maravilhosos, Musica ao vivo, Workshops, top professores de danca, Djs, e muito mais.... Nao percam, as vendas dos Full pass já começaram Overview: Thursday: Forró Connection Friday: Workshops and Pyjamas Party Saturday: Workshops Black and White Party Sunday: Workshops Crazy Party Monday: Workshops and Carnival Party Overview:
Olá, grupo. Peço gentilmente a divulgação e compartilhamento da pesquisa abaixo, referente a minha dissertação de mestrado. Muito obrigada! Estimados, Sou Nathalia, estudante de mestrado em Patrimônio Cultural da Universidade de Jaén (Espanha), e estou pesquisando o forró mais especificamente na Europa. O forró está sendo analisado para que seja registrado como patrimônio cultural imaterial brasileiro. Este trabalho tem como objetivo examinar o ritmo musical e de dança, além do mercado que movimenta, incluindo os festivais de música, lugares de dança, shows, classes de dança e instrumentos utilizados no forró, e outras atividades desenvolvidas nos países europeus, tentando entender quais são suas dimensões. A pesquisa está neste link Pesquisa sobre "Memória visual e sonora do Forró na Europa" (PT) - "Memoria visual y sonora de Forró en Europa" (ES) - "Visual and sound memory of Forró in Europ" (EN) e agradeceria se pudessem compartilhar com os grupos dos quais você faz parte. Para mais informações, estou à disposição. 📷📷 PESQUISA SOBRE "MEMÓRIA VISUAL E SONORA DO FORRÓ NA EUROPA" Atenciosamente, Nathalia Alves
📢📆📝🖋 [email protected]! ✈️🚄🚌🌎 🇧🇷 Setembro é o mês ideal para planejar os festivais nos quais você deseja participar: marque as datas do Italia Roots 2020 na sua agenda! A partir deste ano, você pode chegar no resort também de trem (assim como de avião e de ônibus!) 🇬🇧 September is the ideal month to plan the festivals you want to participate in: mark the dates of Italia Roots! From this year the resort can also be reached by train (as well as by plane and by bus!) 🇮🇹 Settembre è il mese ideale per programmare i festival a cui si vuole partecipare: segna sull'agenda le date dell'Italia Roots! Da quest'anno il resort è raggiungibile anche in treno (oltre che in aereo e in bus!)
İstanbul is calling! Only 3 days left for the second lot of the early bird tickets for Forró a la Turca Festival 2019 (25-28 October). We plan to make it amazing with great teachers and performers, so don’t miss your chance to reserve your place with discounted price! To register please fill in the form on our webpage and afterwards stay tuned with our page for news. page: Website:
Alô Berlin! Bin dieses Wochenende (30.08.-01.09.) in der Hauptstadt beruflich unterwegs. Läuft denn Forró bei Euch? ;-)