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Museum of Now Museum of Now is home to a cutting edge collection and an international art exhibition exploring global trends in contemporary art. COMING UP: MON 2020 tba CLOSED : *BERLIN EDITION 17 OCTOBER 2019, 19 h: OPENING 18 - 27 OCTOBER 2019: 14 -20 h

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Thank you for joining the opening of our art salon in Vienna. We would like to invite you to continue discovering large ...

Thank you for joining the opening of our art salon in Vienna. We would like to invite you to continue discovering large and small scale wonders in our cabinet of curiosities, which is open for visit until the 10th of June. DM for viewing appointments.
Photo: Anouk Lamm Anouk on view at #MONsalon Vienna

The MON Salon Vienna is curated by Jan Fiedler & Alexander Winokurow and brought to you by our circle of friends the #MONcircle

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City as Museum | Denis Leo Hegic | TEDxMagdeburg

Our co-founding director Denis Leo Hegic delivered an inspiring TEDtalk about a museum, which is the city itself.
In order to understand the "city as museum", he took us from the 18th century Rome to Berlin of 20th century.

"At a time, when we are observing rising tendencies towards segregation and a time when wall building seems to be dominating the media more then our celebration of bringing the wall down (...) Art - and especially the one which is accessible for everyone - is one of the pillars of our democratic expression."

Watch the entire video now / link below

#denisleohegic #cityasmuseum #tedtalk #curatorsview #contemporaryart #urbanart #ideasworthspreading

Denis Leo Hegic has learned that art is the best non-verbal communication tool. Urban Art is the largest, global, contemporary art movement. Often it is crea...

Museum of Now

Museum of Now

For our Greek-speaking audience: A great insight into The Kranks work - in the LIFO interview with the artist himself, w...
Ο The Krank βιώνει την απομόνωση στο Βερολίνο και την κάνει τέχνη

For our Greek-speaking audience:
A great insight into The Kranks work - in the LIFO interview with the artist himself, whose performance work "un-safe" we premiered last week at MON.

"The Krank is experiencing isolation and turns it into art
Trapped in Berlin, The Krank narrates the agony of his daily life and describes how he managed to work with the Athenian artist Eliza Krikoni despite the quarantine."

#thekrank #performanceart #interview

Αποκλεισμένος στο Βερολίνο, ο The Krank αφηγείται την αγωνία της καθημερινότητάς του και τον τρόπο που κατάφερε να συναντηθεί με την Αθηναία καλλιτέχνιδα Ελίζα Κρικών....


In 2016 Dan Stockholm´s father suddenly passed away.
Subsequently, the artist methodically touched the entire house of his father. After the last part of the house has been touched, the artist created a number of negative plasters of his hands.
Finally, Stockholm presented two series of works - "House'" and "By Hand" - both of great emotionality and spiritual power, allowing us to wander through the house of his departed parent.

Dan Stockholm is part of our ongoing “Distant Bodies” virtual exhibition open calling artists and creatives from all over the world to explore the question what happens, when our bodies can no longer come together.

Curated by Denis Leo Hegic Michelle Houston and Jan Fiedler
and brought to you by the generous support of our circle of friends #MONcircle

#danstockholm #distantbodies #museumofnow #contemporaryart #digitalmuseum

Dan Stockholm at Museum of Now

Tune in tonight at 7pm CET as we show more about Dan Stockholm's two series "House" and "By Hand".

#danstockholm #distantbodies #museumofnow

In 2016 Dan Stockholm´s father suddenly passed away. Subsequently, the artist methodically touched the entire house of his father. After the last part of the...


We are proud to present the next artist in our “Distant Bodies” exhibition: Dan Stockholm
Digital vernissage opening: Today, April 13th, 2020 at 19h

#danstockholm #museumofnow #distanbodies #exhibitionopening #contemporaryart #flattenthecurve and #enjoytheart

“Distant Bodies" is curated by Denis Leo Hegic , Michelle Houston and Jan Fiedler
and presented by #MONcircle

More information about our ongoing open call for artists and creatives can be found on our website.

If you would like to join the #MONcircle, support art and culture and enjoy all the advantages of our circle of friends, please email us at [email protected]

#danstockholm #museumofnow #distanbodies #exhibitionopening #digitalmuseum #contemporaryart #flattenthecurve and #enjoytheart . .

un-safe / Art performance by The Krank & Eliza Krikoni

Today we premiered the art performance "un-safe" - realized by two artists in over 2.000 km distance to each other.
The Krank and Eliza Krikoni´s art performance is part of our "Distant Bodies" exhibition, in which we are exploring the question what happens, when our bodies can no longer come together?

The Krank und Krikoni embark on a journey into a shared space of proximity and intimacy, yet thousands of kilometers apart. They are meeting in a world of digital exchange of bits and bytes, in which geography and physical bodies become irrelevant.

We are thrilled by the artist´s speed of conceptualization and realization, when developing this piece. It is another proof, that in times of crisis, artists are the most important connectors. Our appreciation & love go to The Krank and Eliza Krikoni for bringing us this work of art.

#museumofnow #artperformance #distantbodies #liveperformance #thekrank #elizakrikoni

"Distant Bodies" is curated by Denis Leo Hegic Michelle Houston and Jan Fiedler

Produced with kind support of YAP YES, AND... productions


Join us tomorrow, Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 6 pm CET (Central European Time) for a live performance act by The Krank and Eliza Krikoni.

The two artists developed a performance, in which they will come together despite the 2000 km distance between them. "un-safe" is part of our exhibition "Distant Bodies"

Un-safe / performance by Eliza Krikoni & The Krank

Curated by Denis Leo Hegic Michelle Hundertzehn and Jan Fiedler
Supported by YAP YES, AND... productions Berlin

Davids Brief an die Berliner

Ich heiße David.
Ich bin 516 Jahre alt.
Aufgewachsen in Florenz.
Wo ich immer noch lebe.

Ich habe vieles gesehen.
Kriege und Plagen.
Sie kamen mit Wucht
Und doch gingen sie vorbei.

Mein Körper ist aus Marmor.
Meine Hände wurfbereit.
Aber meine grösste Stärke
Liegt in eurem Geist.

Oft wart ihr vorm Untergang
Habt dem Tod ins Auge geschaut.
Und immer Wege gefunden
Mit Liebe und Verstand.

Manche Stolpesteine
Sehen riesig aus.
Aber denkt immer dran
Was der kleinste Stein ausrichten kann.

Auch ich
Habe meinen Goliath
Den ich täglich
Aufs Neue besiegen muss.

Ihr seid nicht allein.
Gemeinsam sind wir stark.
Ihr habt mich erschaffen.
Ich bin immer da.

Ich bin ein Italiener.
Und blicke stets nach Rom.
Doch wenn dies alles vorbei ist
Komme ich nach Neukölln.

aus "Davids Brief an die Berliner" / Museum of Now, März 2020

#berlinerkulturlebt #digitalmuseum #museumofnow #davidsletter


MON Mobiles Museum
Du kannst nicht ins Museum? Dann kommt das Museum zu DIR!

Wir rufen den Open Call “MONmobile” für Künstler und alle kreative Berliner aus, um gemeinsam Kunst und Kultur weiterhin zu den Menschen zu bringen. DAS MONmobil wird durch Berlin fahren und Hauswände zum leuchten bringen mit Kunstprojektionen auf den Hausfassaden. In Momenten der Dukelheit brauchen wir am meisten licht. JETZT ist die Zeit, in der Kunst uns stärken und vereinen kann.
In dieser ausserordentlichen Zeit haben wir die Pflicht, den Menschen Kunst und Kultur näher zu bringen und das kulturelle Leben vor einem Stillstand zu bewahren. Da das Publikum nicht mehr zu uns kommen kann,m werden wir eben zum Publikum fahren und einen physischen und digitalen Raum bieten, in dem sich die Community gemeinsam engagieren kann. von Multimedia-Kunstwerken und der Kommunikation der Bewohner als Reaktion auf die aktuelle Situation der Berliner Gemeinde und darüber hinaus präsentieren.


MON Mobile Museum
If you can not come to the museum, the museum will come to YOU!
We are announcing an open call “MONmobile” for all artists and creatives to bring their art to the people. MON Mobile Museum will be traveling through the city of Berlin, illuminating building walls, bringing light and art to its residents through a series of projections onto the façades housing blocks. In Moments of darkness we most need light. NOW is the time we need to unify through art.
During these unprecedented times we have a duty to bring arts and culture to the people and not let cultural life come to a standstill. As the audience can no longer come to us, we will come to the audience and provide a physical and digital space in which the community can engage collectively. We will present MON Mobile Museum across the city, with artistic expressions of multimedia artworks, residents communication in response to the current situation from the Berlin community and beyond.

#museumofnow #opencall #monmobile #mobilemuseum #artinisolation #stayhome #berlinart #contemporaryart #urbanart #projectionart #digitalmuseum #seiberlin.


We welcome Vladimir Abikh, one of Russia’s most aspiring contemporary artists, to our digital exhibition “DISTANT BODIES”. .
After just a few weeks of human standstill, we experience the incredible regenerative power of nature: the air pollution over China is disappearing, the canals in Venice clearing. It's almost as if Mother Earth wants to send us the message to reset to zero.

00:00:00:00 is the title of Vladimir's work, with which he leaves the linear understanding of time and rather illustrates the circular convergence of all things. Abikh is taking us into the poetry of the sewers.

#museumofnow #distantbodies #vladimirabikh #contemporaryart #onceupontime #urbanart #projectionmapping

Our digital exhibition “DISTANT BODIES” displays submissions of our worldwide open call for artists and creatives and will be running for the duration of COVID-19. Join our virtual show, enjoy the art and contribute with your ideas. We must prevent art and culture from coming to a standstill.

9 TO 5 by Bojan Stojcic - Museum of Now

Traces of traces of traces: is it not this experience that is essential for artistic creation?
Our next artist presented in the digital MON exhibition "Distant Bodies" is Bojan Bojan Stojčić from Sarajevo, Bosnia with his work "Nine to Five".

Wordsworth called poetry "emotion recollected in tranquility", and Bojan Stojcic is creating from memory. And it doesn't matter whether the memory is of his own thoughts or that of an office scanner. The 6 “oily fingertips scans” are digital prints of finger traces collected from the glass surface of an office scanner.

Stojcic perceives his environment with a detective accuracy and translates the perception into precise and sophisticated concepts. Join us in exploring his art and in our quest of showing extraordinary talents - in spite of all lockdowns!
#bojanstojcic #museumofnow #distantbodies #ninetofive #contemporaryart #digitalexhibition #conceptualart #fingerprints #digitalmuseum

CRYSTAL by Julia Borovaya - Museum of Now

The next work presented as part of our digital exhibition "Distant Bodies" is the performance "CRYSTAL - The mental body of menthol" by artist-scientist duo Julia Borovaya and Edward Rakhmanov from SAVE LAB.

Artists and scientists often need to invent new concepts and technologies to accomplish their goals. With the performance “Crystal”, Borovaya and Rakhmanov courageously take on the relation between physical experience in the sense of a performative work of art and a scientific experiment.

It is therefore not surprising that their laboratory, in which the hybrid works are being created, is a former bomb shelter in the basement of Moscow University: a space for saving people.
#museumofnow #digitalmuseum #distantbodies #juliaborovaya #edwardrakhmanov #savelab #performanceart #artandscience #contemporaryart #aggregatestates #artperformance #humancrystals

Check out our webpage (link in bio) to see the full exhibition and learn more about Julia Borovaya and the work of Save Lab.


We are happy to open our digital exhibition "Distant Bodies" with the fascinating work “Chronoscope” by the artist Sara Bonaventura. @bonaventurasara
“Chronoscope” is an instrument for accurate measurements of very brief intervals of time. Sara Bonaventura's work with the same title, is of an exceptional contemporary value. The artist is transferring her own desire to slow down. At the same time, Bonaventura lets us experience a transformation of a Kafkaesque beauty – however, a process that is only possible in harmony with nature.

We are currently experiencing a global standstill like never before. The artist, who is in a lockdown in Venice herself, observes how nature is currently recovering the canals of the city and regenerating them in a chronoscopical motion. Bonaventura´s "decelerated" work was screened in one of the worlds busiest harbors in Hong Kong.

We warmly welcome you to our digital exhibition. The full experience and further insights into the exhibition and the artwork by Bonaventura on our website

#museumofnow #distantbodies #sarabonaventura #chronoscope #digitalexhibition #contemporaryart #artistinlockdown #mondigital #nowisthetime

Duration: 60 seconds
Directed by Sara Bonaventura
Soundtrack by Marco Giotti

OPEN CALL: Distant Bodies - What happens when our bodies can no longer come together?

Open Call / DISTANT BODIES: What happens when our bodies can no longer come together?
MON is going digital. The current COVID19 outbreak is forcing all of us to distance our bodies while looking for alternative spaces of coming together. This is shifting the relationship between technology and culture in general. Before this crisis, technology seemed to be the panacea, the bearer of all utopias. But, at this moment it is hard to believe in the great digital redemption. The big technology hype is over - and yet - we all have to go digital now. Together with you, we want to turn our attention to the questions: What does it mean to be human? What are we for each other?

Submit your artworks now - we will be displaying the submissions on our digital exhibition webspace, our social media channels and the ones of our partner institutions. We are in the process of learning-by-doing and have to allow us to experiment together with you, including any errors that may go along with it. We can do this together and avoid the art and culture coming to a standstill.

#stayathome #create and #flattenthecurve

#createnow #opencall #distantbodies #museumofnow #artistcall #digitalexhibition #contemporaryart #multimedia #exhibition

DISTANT BODIES: What happens when our bodies can no longer come together?

Digital exhibition - OPEN CALL for artists and creatives

#flattenthecurve create from home and send the right impulse

Our most important concern is not to bring art and cultural life to a standstill. That's why we announce the open call DISTANT BODIES for artists and creatives worldwide, dealing with the question: WHAT HAPPENS IF OUR BODIES CAN NO LONGER COME TOGETHER?
The Museum of Now is developing a digital platform, on which we will present the submitted works as a digital exhibition and enable communication with the audience and each other via streams and real time interaction.
Submit your work now. Details available on our website - link in bio.

#museumofnow #distantbodies #cultureisthekey #opencall #stayhomeandcreate #artistcall

DISTANT BODIES: What happens when our bodies can no longer come together?
Open Call "Distant Bodies" / Museum of Now

DISTANT BODIES: What happens when our bodies can no longer come together?

Since last night we received a huge number of inquiries from you regarding our "Distant Bodies" open call for artists and creatives. You can now read all the specific information about the call directly on our website.

In this extraordinary time, it is our most important concern not to let art and cultural life come to a standstill. We are therefore developing a digital platform in which we want to show your work along with video streamings and real-time communication with the audience and each other. We want to work together on the question of what happens when our bodies can no longer come together?

We will keep the Distant Bodies project running as long as the virus is around. Therefore, there is no specific deadline and we will be accepting the submissions continuously.

Maybe we can not come up with an instant vaccine for the virus, because most of us are not scientists. But we can adapt to the changed situation and grow together.
We can continue contributing to the most important thing in times of crisis: culture

#distantbodies #opencall #museumofnow

Open Call for artists and creatives worldwide


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