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The Next Million

Dear friends of Little Sun,

We started Little Sun back in 2012 to deliver a safe, healthy and affordable light source to the people who need it the most, as well as to raise awareness about the unequal distribution of energy. Today, seven years later, we are incredibly happy to celebrate with you all the distribution of a total of 1,100,941 Little Sun solar lights!

This is a huge achievement, not only for communities living without electricity, but for everyone fighting for an end to the fossil fuel era, global climate justice and a better future for us and our planet.

We are sending a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this major milestone. Because of you, we have provided 659,554,119 hours of clean solar light, reaching 2,826,661 people living without electricity worldwide. We have replaced the equivalent of 628,147 kerosene lamps in Sub-Saharan Africa. A total of $130,654,530 have been saved by families on their energy expenditure. Through our Solar Schools Program alone, 36,078 children have benefited from a clean study light and increased their chances for better education.

To celebrate the one millionth lamp distributed by Little Sun, we will be launching a donor community in early 2020 with the aim of bringing the next million lamps to off-grid communities all around the globe. You can be the first to join! Go to and find out more.

Enjoy our special Year in Pictures at! We are looking forward to continuing to spread solar energy around the world with you.

Olafur and Frederik
Founders of Little Sun

Image: ‘Your uncertain shadow (colour)’, 2010
#ConnectedByTheSun #1millionlights

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Quizás mi comentario jamás llegue a usted. Me encantó su capítulo en Abstract de Netflix y se ha convertido en uno de mis arquitectos favoritos. Si alguna vez lleva obras a Venezuela, espero ver su proyecto.
#World as you have never seen it before | El #Mundo como nunca antes lo habías visto | ‪| #Worldwide | #Photographer | #Fotógrafo | #Creative | #Creativo | #Artist | #Artista | #JFK
It's GREAT !!!
Dear Mr Eliasson, My name is Imanol Gómez Martín. I teach Philosophy and I´m a writer too. Now I´m writing a book on the sculptor Malcolm Poynter and have some translations on English poets. Casually we share pages in the same magazine: El Cultural 26/07/19. My translation on Robert Nye´s poems is on page 17, and a wonderful article about "In real time" on pages 22-23. I´m working with an Erasmus + school project with this slogan: "Make water great again" with schools from Turkey, Denmark, Italy, Romania and my own country: Spain. Last November we went to Denmark and I saw your "Cirkelbroen" . It was fantastic. Now in the didactic unit Philosophy and esthetic I´m going to study with my students your work related to climate change, and that was the "motiv" of these words. I know that next week your work "In the real life" will be on display at the Gugenheim Museum Bilbao. I´m from a town next to Bilbao called Portugalete but I live in Santander. I´ll visit the exhibition with my students next month but I´d like to be there on the opening day and talk with you (I guess that is not possible). Thanks for bringing your philosophical and inspirational work to Bilbao. Best wishes, Imanol Gómez Martín.
"Symbiotic Seeing"... I carried out this installation project in 2015 called "ATMOS", at the ISDAT school in Toulouse in France with less means than those of Studio Olafur Eliasson ... However it is the same thing, the public was able observe a vault of clouds evolving above him. Ladders also made it possible to cross the light rays to reverse the point of view.
Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm truly inspired by your work. I'm an emerging artist who's work has been primarily in commercial graphic design and I'm finally taking the leap from 2d print and web to real world space through the use of light, shape, material and color. I can only hope that one day I'm able to help change the world for the better as you have started doing in your work.
Schöner zeitgeistiger Müll
Your episode on #Abstract was very interesting. Consider: Some of us, when museums over verbalize art and artists consider the fact it is they who do not understand and are stupid, not us. While real artist may articulate what they have created, the creation says it better than words. Creation is primary, over-talking it, unnecessary .😉
You are maising