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Little Pilates Studio Romanas Pilates NewYork Welcome, a dream came true: New sessions possible:pilates for performers, artists ... or everybody who wants to work for the next level .

a dream , a goal..... join the website and have a closer look

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The Gratz Small Arm Chair is the Apparatus of the Month. Do you listen to your chair like Brooke Siler Essapen? Here is whatBrooke said....No surprise here for me; my baby chair is letting me know that I’m sinking into my scoliotic dip on the left side of my thoracic spine.

Do you listen to your apparatus?

They’re there to support and guide you so paying attention to what they’re saying is an important part of the work you do on them.

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Gratz tags. Here is Reformation Starion Pilates on the Gratz Cadillac


von Frontal 21 das ist ein Regierungsorgan- also bitte nicht löschen Frontal 21 kann sich nicht irren

Die EU hat auf einer Geberkonferenz 7,4 Milliarden Euro für die globale Suche nach einem Corona-Impfstoff eingesammelt. Ziel ist, dass alle Kräfte für die Forschung an Impfstoffen gebündelt werden. Nun ruhen die Hoffnungen auf innovativen Start-ups, die bisher von wenigen reichen Investoren wie Bill Gates abhängig waren:

Robert Koch-Institut Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

...Microgym in Keithstr.14
Reclassification of Pilates studios and Micro gym

...Microgym in Keithstr.14

As a small business owner, my boutique fitness studio/ microgym employs numerous team members and supports clients to become healthy, a need more important now than ever. I have become increasingly concerned that my boutique fitness studio/micro-gym has been classified as a gym or fitness center, an...

Pilates Nerd

the perfect outfit for a method 100 years old...

Ideas for new Pilates outfits 😂🎀

🎥: The Women (1939)

1 Stunde pro Woche ist realistisch und reicht durchaus

1 Stunde pro Woche ist realistisch und reicht durchaus

Well if it's good enough for Beckham 😉😉

Psoas plus

Psoas plus

This video is about working with the Psoas plus more!


you have to stay committed...

I need a personal trainer like this... 😂

SHIFT Movement Science and Gymnastics Education

remember the hands in the pushups...?

🤸🏻‍♂️5 Step Shoulder Flexibility Circuit for Gymnasts🤸🏻‍♂️⠀

🚨Limited shoulder flexibility is, unfortunately, one of the most common, and most frustrating things gymnasts deal with. It causes many gymnasts to struggle with flat handstand lines, powerful tumbling or swinging, and can many times be a factor for shoulder, wrist, and back pain.

🤷🏻‍♂️Whether it stems from natural growth, lots of training, or strength imbalances, when left unchecked it can really limit an athlete. Like I mistakenly did as a younger coach, many people still jump to pulling on an athlete's shoulders or doing aggressive flexibility drills to help.

🤓After many years of reading the available research, talking with expert gymnastics coaches, and tinkering, I have found some really helpful circuits to use instead of just long duration stretching.

📚The steps in this circuit, shown with examples in the video are⠀

1️⃣30-60 seconds soft tissue work to lat, teres major, pec⠀
2️⃣x30 seconds specific stretching to lat, teres major, pec, and thoracic spine if needed⠀
3️⃣x10 reps strength work to upper back muscles⠀
4️⃣x10 reps active flexibility work with floor angles (can be scaled to wall or back as needed)⠀
5️⃣x5 reps eccentric chin up lowers with 5 second lower and 5 second pause

References if interested, and Pre-Hab download link below!⠀


Soft Tissue (Beardsly 2015, Cheatam 2015)⠀⠀⠀

Specific Stretching (Thomas et al 2018)⠀⠀

Shoulder EMG (Reinold 2009, )⠀⠀⠀

Eccentrics (O'Sullivan 2012, Zollnar 2012, Franchi 2014)⠀⠀…⠀ #gymnastics #shoulderflexibility #SHIFT #TeamChampion

so true...

so true...

Core Dynamics Pilates

was für eine großartige Idee...

The Human Movement Conference - special guest - Anna Woolley Shaffer.

Blog Pilates

interessant ...

Quer ver algo inédito? Este garoto com escoliose teve o prazer de ser tratado por nada mais nada menos que o próprio Joseph. Aquele vídeo para ficar admirado com cada movimento 😍 #BlogPilates


Meine Lieben , um schnell einen Termin zu vereinbaren ist es am sichersten , auf dem Mobiltelefon anzurufen. 0049 177- 425 64 37 ...

Little Pilates Studio's cover photo

Little Pilates Studio's cover photo

Little Pilates Studio's cover photo

Little Pilates Studio's cover photo

Little Pilates Studio's cover photo

Little Pilates Studio's cover photo

aus dem Pilates studio den Haag...

aus dem Pilates studio den Haag...

Learning is like swimming 🏊‍♀️ against the current,
the moment you stop paddling,
you drift backwards...🌊
(German Proverb)

Buzzing Friday moment: Romana’s Pilates teachers, apprentices and Masters teachers, all under one roof, supporting each other on the journey of growth)

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Damals ., am Anfang...

Ok but can we discuss his Horseback mount??? 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #slowclap #flawless #pilatesgoals #respect #josephpilates.
In this video he’s demonstrating exercises than can be done on the Wunda Chair, which he envisioned as a piece of furniture that transformed into an apparatus when needed.

Little Pilates Studio's cover photo

Little Pilates Studio's cover photo

so keep the faith....

so keep the faith....

Don't get discouraged if you're not seeing changes in your body yet! Keep at it and you'll see the results of all that hard work!



💟 this... Happy New Year & Happy New You! 👏🏻🎉😁

What a beautiful example of a transformation....

What a beautiful example of a transformation....

Pilates was designed by a man for men. We have a ton of men at our studio. This one has been with us for 10 years and has completely transformed himself. He started with us at 60, barely able to bend over past his knees, much less grab his hands behind his back, and many pant sizes larger. Pilates changes your body. And it’s “not just for girls”. It’s adaptive to any body, any age, any level. It meets you were you are, and challenges you to be better. You will always walk out taller, lighter on your feet and feeling better than when you walked in.

Pilates is for Every Body.

Call us at 305-453-0801 today.


so schön...

Instructors! What’s better than self practice? 🤔 Practice with your instructor friend! @jennhong and @tiffanyxstacey are showing us that working out together can be fun! As teachers, you give so much of yourselves to your clients! It’s important to pour into yourself just as much (If not more😉)! Working out together also helps keep you accountable and keeps the work in your own body. How many times a week are you making space for your Pilates practice? DROP a comment below👇🏾


as Pilates said...

These are the long-term benefits of regular exercise for your brain.

Watch the full TED Talk here:


Das Little Pilates Studio, ist mit allen Geräten ausgestattet, die es gibt . Wir arbeiten in Einzelsessions gezielt und geduldig . Es ist 100 % das Original aus New York auf den Geräten von GrAtz. Es ist möglich eine Schnupperstunde zu nehmen. Oder sich das Studio einfach mal unverbindlich anzusehen...




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