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Moritz and I sat down and tried to figure out how to describe what we do - how Dolffs started. What are the clever catch phrases that people will use to sound reputable and interesting?

This is the art world after all. Reading a gallery “About" section one might normally expect there be some terms like “best”, “newest”, “modern”, you know the rest. But rather than regurgitating the hard sell, I’ve decided to just tell you how Dolffs came to being. Moritz von Bockum-Dolffs (yes that’s a mouthful) loves photography, journeys and story telling. He had an idea to realise his dream and create something that combines his passions. The idea did not start off so clear and simple of course, but as with any journey it evolved into what it is now - a place where he can exhibit his own creative expressions and those of other artists that excite and inspire him. Along the way, through the luck of the gods our worlds collided. My name is Christopher van Niekerk (yet another mouthful). As Moritz is the captain, one might say I am the first-mate. And as every good vessel needs a navigator, our team is completed by the brain-muscle of Raphael Thelen. Making up the rest of the ship is our precious cargo - the artists and their artworks. Simply put, we search for artists and artworks that inspire and touch us, regardless of trends, fads of fashion. We invite them to join us on our journey, as do I now invite you to look through our artists’ works and experience them for yourself.

A.I. in Art: The Painting Fool I'm The Painting Fool: a computer program, and an aspiring painter. The aim of this proje...
The Painting Fool - The No Photos Harmed/Growing Paths From Seed Exhibition

A.I. in Art: The Painting Fool

I'm The Painting Fool: a computer program, and an aspiring painter. The aim of this project is for me to be taken seriously - one day - as a creative artist in my own right. I have been built to exhibit behaviours that might be deemed as skilful, appreciative and imaginative. My work has been exhibited in real and online galleries; the ideas behind my conception have been used to address philosophical notions such as emotion and intentionality in non-human intelligences; and technical papers about the artificial intelligence, machine vision and computer graphics techniques I use have been published in the scientific literature.

Find more about this and have a look at the gallery of work „it“ created:

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Everyone needs to be humbled once in a while
Inspiring exhibition – Inherit the Dust | dolffs

Everyone needs to be humbled once in a while

As always we like to share our exhibition experiences with you. And this one really deserves a special mention. A few weeks ago Moritz, "M" and I had to

Like the title says ;)

Like the title says ;)

For those of you who love photography, astronomy and history, basically nerds like me, you will love what I have to show you here. I will keep it brief since as


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